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Articles by LoyaltyandHonor

Answers to Questions I Frequently Get Asked   8/9/2005

Well I have had to change a few things… <br> I use to respond to winks and such from people but I have had to stop doing this. I have gotten far to many winks or random emails fr

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Sex and being lonely...   8/7/2005

Apart of me wonders how many people have sex when single because of the feeling of being lonely. I know that even myself I find that often when I desire sex it is not really the pleasure as much as

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Another book down and more depressed then ever!   8/6/2005

It is truly sad to see that this world never changes… <br> I think the Crusades are a perfect example of how the world still exists today. It was because of constant squabbles and

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Is Sex all Anyone Cares About?   8/4/2005

What ever happened to those people who just like to enjoy the company of another? <br> I really enjoyed the first few women that I got to know because it was not sexually based. We use

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Foreplay... what is it good for?   8/1/2005

“A man should always make a point of pressing those parts of a woman’s body on which she turns her eyes.” <br> Many of us men can become erect within 5 to 30 seconds

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Different Types of Female Orgasms   8/1/2005

Female Orgasms <br> Many people believe that women only have one type of orgasm. I do not see this as so! I have studied enough sources to not even have to actually answer this on my own.

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Treating Women Like the Goddesses that they Truly Are (Rough Draft)   7/30/2005

"Genesis 2: 18, 21-23" <br> The bible is without a doubt one of the greatest writings yet produced on this Earth. Not everyone that exists is a religious person, but millions of people are

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Setting the Stage... "Different Ways to Arouse Your Partner" (4th Edition)   7/30/2005

Setting the mood <br> (A few ways to make her hot) <br> As you have just seen there are a lot of big and even little things that you can do to show your appreciation and affectio

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Swordsmanship... The best thing on Earth!   7/5/2005

I do love martial arts a great deal… <br> Escrima stick fighting and bokken training is very tiring though. <br> I hate weightlifting in general… <br> W

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Natural Beauty   6/30/2005

Natural beauty… <br> I wish more women did not wear make-up. Please do not get me wrong, I love a woman who likes to dress up and such. I do love to see a woman who has some highli

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Delaying Ejaculation   6/30/2005

Delaying ejaculation is a tricky thing… <br> There are numerous ways in which a man can stop an early ejaculation… <br> <br> Most people who sleep wit

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Thou Shall Not Judge...   6/26/2005

I have always found this interesting… <br> “Thou shall not judge” <br> The reason I find it interesting is because it is human nature to judge another.

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Choices (2)   6/26/2005

How does one address the issue of sex with their ? <br> As I get older I have to think about this as some day I will have to face it. I would rather be prepared for it then have it sud

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Mouth orgasms   6/25/2005

Just to clarify something… <br> I posted a bit two days ago on the 7 different way a man can orgasm and the 10 different ways a woman can orgasm. <br> One of those ways i

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Trivia   6/22/2005

There is a condition that effects women… <br> If a man pressures a woman to have sex before she is ready she can develop a permanent vaginal tightening because of it. <br>

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Women on top?   6/22/2005

I saw on another article that a good number of men have agreed that a woman who takes control is a very good thing. <br> It shows a great deal of confidence on her part… <br>

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Foregiveness   6/22/2005

Many people seem to think that no one should ever be disowned… <br> How would you handle someone if you knew they intentionally did things with the intention of strictly bringing har

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Questions & Answers   6/21/2005

Frequently asked Questions and Answers <br> <br> Why do some women have trouble having an orgasm? Many women do not know their own bodies very well, and that is not completely the

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Starting it off........   6/19/2005

Ladies and Gentleman, <br> One must be careful how they initiate conversation… <br> Here are a few tips, mind you they are just my opinion and should not be considered an

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Gentleman...   6/16/2005

Why are guy’s so worthless? <br> Sheesh, my sister’s boyfriend is a real piece of work! <br> My sister really rushed into the relationship with him, which is more o

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Sexology Exam...   6/15/2005

Sexology Exam <br> Let’s face it… <br> In today’s society most people prefer to learn strictly through physical contact as it provides pleasure. Why would

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All I want... (Women)   6/15/2005

Where are all the real women? <br> I can not believe the women today… <br> Such a serious lack of passion… <br> All I want… <br> All I

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Researching sexual topics...   6/14/2005

For those searching for sexual material… <br> I buy all my books online… <br> In order to do so, one must know the proper words to look up… <br>

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An interesting idea.........   6/14/2005

An interesting idea was mentioned to me… <br> I have to run it past HornyWife… <br> A long time ago I thought of getting permission from a publishing company to use a ta

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Female Orgasms... Making love or fu**ing... They provide extreme differences!   6/13/2005

Many people believe that women only have one type of orgasm. I do not see this as so! I have studied enough sources to not even have to actually answer this on my own. However, I am not pleased wit

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The sexual/romantic fantasies of a "true" lover... (Part Three)   6/13/2005

I long for the chance to pamper a woman… <br> I want to bath her each and every night of the week. <br> To be able to draw a nice steamy bubble bath… <br>

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The sexual fantasies of a "true" lover... (Part Two)   6/12/2005

How sweet it is… the smell, feel and taste of a woman! <br> Many people such as myself believe that eating a woman out is more intimate then sexual intercourse. While during interc

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The Sexual Fantasies of a "true" Lover   6/12/2005

Mmm I would love to just lay a woman down… <br> To have her spread her legs right off so I can slide myself into her as deep as her precious vagina will allow. I do not want to thr

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My "first" time...   6/12/2005

I am 23, almost 24 and I have still never had the pleasure of asking a woman out on a date. I did in fact try to once… however, she said yes before I got it out of my mouth! I was actually v

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Romance...   6/12/2005

Romance is not about money… <br> It is about imagination… <br> The American way has spread across the globe, thankfully many of the countries are starting to p

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Lancelot   6/11/2005

I truly do not know why women like Lancelot… <br> He was not a knight… <br> The moment he took Guinevere into his bed… <br> He violated one of th

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Alone... forever...   6/11/2005

Parents can be a depressing thing… <br> I often have to question if my parents really are actually my parents because I am nothing like them at all. For that matter, I am nothing l

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Why I dislike getting a blowjob...   6/10/2005

A partial cut is not something that a doctor will normally do. My parents did not educate me very well; thus the foreskin ended up tightening too much and stopped the head from pulling back. You sh

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HornyWife Needs to Change it...   6/9/2005

HornyWife has been around for a long time now… <br> Out of all the things wrong here there is only one thing that truly annoys me… <br> It only asks if you are circumcis

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Orgasms... (Is there more behind the scenes?)   6/9/2005

There is more to sex then just orgasms… <br> There are some women who physically can not orgasm at all. I have seen men comment that it makes them very upset. <br> Sorry

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Phonesex...   6/9/2005

Mmm PHONESEX… <br> Phonesex can be a truly wonderful thing! <br> I guess I am not like many others… I prefer things left to my imagination… <br>

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A "Daily" gift for a woman I love...   6/8/2005

I can not help but dream of it… <br> To make every possible dream and fantasy come true for a “true” woman. <br> How much I desire a woman who will let me b

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Ice...   6/8/2005

I so long to be able to run ice along a woman’s body… <br> To suck gently on the cube and moisten it… then run it across her lips. Bringing my lips to hers after to

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Ooooooh.............   6/7/2005

Ooh! What I would give for a woman that liked kissing and teasing… <br> To run my fingers across her lips like a feather as I gaze into her eyes… <br> Inching my

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All I want...   6/6/2005

All I want… <br> Where are all the real women? <br> What ever happened to a woman that can kiss for hours? <br> A woman that would allow me to rub her down wit

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Sex Education... (Partial)   6/5/2005

In a more reasonable response… <br> What bothers me about sex education is the lack of following through! I am a firm believer that if you are going to teach anything, then you tea

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Darn work problems...   6/4/2005

Well yesterday kind of freaked me out… <br> I was about to leave work and was approached by a woman from loss prevention. Apparently my company is taking my harassment complaints v

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In The End...   5/30/2005

So many people in this world today care a great deal about purely physical things. <br> For a true knight… there is only one thing that really matters most… <br>

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Modern Laws for a Knight   5/28/2005

A knight shall not seek an education through public means and shall not attend “any” college. <br> (One expects a man or woman with a degree to be smart. For one to be jus

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A Modern knight (Part Three)   5/28/2005

Part Three <br> Being an outcast is never a fun thing! <br> After the rises and falls… I finally found a group of friends in which I got along with and accepted me. O

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Words a Knight should KNow...   5/28/2005

A knight should record these words for they are the only words that should mean anything to them at all. He should keep them by the bed-stand and read them and their meanings every morning when he

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A Blend of the Old and the New (tantric sex in the modern world)   5/26/2005

There are perhaps a lot of people within the world today that think one must be religious in order to be spiritual. One does not have to be religious in order to be spiritual! <br> Tantric

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Anything a Woman wants...   5/25/2005

A true gentleman allows a woman to have her own way. That sounds a little harsh doesn’t it? To think that a man should always allow a woman to have anything she desires? <br> The t

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Sir Gawain... A True Knight   5/23/2005

I still can not get over how much I use to despise the legend and tales of King Arthur. To grow up to believe in what he did does not sit to well with me. I guess it was my inner self-trying to rej

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A Hard Road Ahead...   5/22/2005

Choices are never easy… <br> I am suddenly realizing that true romance and passion as well as knighthood is a thing of the past. I am working on my relationship book… but

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Love at First Sight?   5/22/2005

She is so amazing! <br> I see her everyday, and the moment I look upon her face it feels like a direct beam of sunlight burning straight into my soul. <br> She walks past&

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Knighthood...   5/21/2005

Sometimes I hate studying… <br> The book I am reading currently… “The Compleat gentleman.” Keeps saying that in which I have been thinking and saying for nearl

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Arthurian Legend and Jousting...   5/21/2005

Arthurian legend is an interesting thing. <br> According to historians, the most accurate Hollywood depiction of medieval jousting is from the movie “A Knights tale.” <

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People and their misunderstandings of legal materials   5/21/2005

There seems to be some misunderstandings amongst people on various subjects. <br> While HornyWife does not allow the copying of written works, they do clearly state that they allow “fair

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The 10 Commandments...   5/21/2005

The 10 Commandments of Chivalry <br> Thou shalt believe all that the church teaches, and shalt observe its directions. <br> Thou shalt defend the church <br> Thou sha

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If you could be...   5/21/2005

If you could be a superhero… what would your outfit be? <br> What would you want your super-power to be? <br> I am not fond of superheroes, I prefer a plain old knight mys

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Interesting material...   5/20/2005

I see that there are some people who like reading about history. Some like reading about sex as well. <br> I obviously study both of those subjects although my primary studying of history

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An ancient Philosophy   5/19/2005

An ancient philosophy <br> “To ejaculate without purpose is a waste of spiritual energy.” <br> This is a Buddhist philosophy in which I think many are unable to u

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Erotic Terminology   5/19/2005

Terminology <br> Clitoris <br> The jewel terrace The jade pearl <br> Labia <br> The examination hall <br> Vulva <br> The golden cleft Th

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What is your...?   5/18/2005

Steering away from the topic of sex for once…. (Yeah I did say for “once.” <br> What is your favorite movie and why? <br> Mine is Braveheart… <

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Knowing and Doing...   5/17/2005

Some that can do… do it merely by accident. Thus if a problem arises, they will not have the wisdom, knowledge, or intelligence to be able to overcome those difficulties or problems. <br&

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Theories...   5/17/2005

To take ones theory and elaborate on it is honorable. To take ones theory and steal it, that would be criminal. <br> In today’s world everyone is out to make a name for themselves.

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Can someone help me...???   5/16/2005

This is in fact a sex; swinger and personals site isn’t it? <br> This would mean that we are all here for different reasons… <br> Some may desire to seek out numerous

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Webcameras... Hmm...   5/16/2005

Webcameras… <br> Didn’t they just do an update to this feature like a month ago or something? I think they were saying they were trying to make it faster or something to tha

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Fair Use   5/15/2005

In response to another comment… The Kama Sutra, Tao Tantra, Perfumed Garden, Ananga Ranga, and so on… are not legally covered under copyright laws. They were written thousands

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Is Penis Size Important? (Part One)   5/13/2005

Understanding the Penis (Frequently asked questions and general information) <br> While my main point is strictly on pleasing women in and out of the bedroom, I find it important to addre

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Tis about Time...   5/13/2005

Tis about time! <br> They have handled some of the issues at work, but not all of them. Last week I made it clear to them that they can either handle these issues or I can get the Labor B

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Women deserve the best...   5/11/2005

In the beginning... <br> Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to

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An interesting fact...   5/11/2005

An interesting fact… <br> Amazingly there are still states within the USA that do “not” permit any kind of oral activity even amongst consenting adults. <br>

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Women...   5/10/2005

“Women are peonies, spring flowers, lotuses and bowers. Women are pomegranates, peaches, melons and pearls. Women are receptacles, crucibles, vessels and worlds. Women are the fruit of life,

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Webcameras....   5/10/2005

Webcameras… <br> I am amazed at how many men are on webcam all the time… it is a very clear indication of how many more men there are here oppose to women. <br>

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Love at first sight???   5/2/2005

Love at First Sight <br> Does love at first sight really exist? <br> Ohh how much I desire just to run my fingers through that beautiful red hair. <br> To gaze into h

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Starting it off...   4/28/2005

Starting it off… <br> I saw another women comment on opening mail and I thought it to be funny, funny though only because it is so accurate. <br> I think a lot of guys

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Experience...   4/28/2005

I had never really thought about not having any experience being a good thing. <br> In today’s day and age there are a lot of men who mistreat women and thus those women either be

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Sexual Metaphors...   4/28/2005

Sexual Metaphors <br> Often times we can compare many different things to sporting events. For some reason a lot of people always compare sex to its baseball terms. Personally I prefer

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This is cute...   4/27/2005

A knight from another land who had come to live in our kingdom found himself increasingly dismayed by the behavior of our chivalry. Finally, he offered his complaints to a gathering of the chivalry

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Chivalry...   4/27/2005

The chivalric ideals--the code by which a knight was supposed to live--was hardly a fixed template of ideas; rather, it was a shifting kaliedescope of competing ideas put forward primarily by three

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Code of the Knight (Semi-Modern Translation)   4/27/2005

Prowess: To seek excellence in all endeavors expected of a knight, martial and otherwise, seeking strength to be used in the service of justice, rather than in personal aggrandizement. <br>

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One of Life's many Hard Lesson's...   4/27/2005

One of Life’s many Hard Lessons… <br> In the Zen tradition, they tell the story of a poor farmer who lost his only . His friends and neighbors bemoaned his plight, but he

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A Short Story...   4/26/2005

A Short Story… <br> Simon, a simple tailor, fantasizes night and day about great treasure he will one day find when he leaves his village and his family home and ventures forth int

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Internet Dating   4/26/2005

Internet Dating <br> <br> We all come to the Internet for something different; we all ended up here for a different reason as well. I think a lot of people here are strictly h

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Are Things Better?   4/25/2005

It would appear that things are happening here a lot faster. I have noticed that articles, blogs, and questions get submitted numerous times a day now where as just a month ago it seemed like it wa

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A Modern Knight (Part Two)   4/25/2005

The Birth of a Modern Knight (Part Two) <br> My aunt passed away (not by accident) and it tore my mother up. They were best friends and really were my mother’s only friend at the t

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Chivalry... From a REAL chivalrous man...   4/25/2005

Listen folks, if you don’t know the real philosophy behind chivalry then you shouldn’t even comment at all upon it. I don’t give a rats a** what the dictionary definition is on

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A Thank you...   4/24/2005

Thank you header… <br> I wanted to say thank you to a male member who has helped me on numerous occasions with my profile, my blog, and even general ideas and conversations. <

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Idols.. Who is or was yours?   4/24/2005

Idols <br> Who was your idol while you were growing up? <br> Is that person still your idol? <br> Why did you choose them as your idol? <br> Mine was El Ci

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The More The Merrier?   4/24/2005

I do write a lot of opinion pieces, however I always do my homework before I go off and write them. Today I would like to strictly ask what some of you others think about… The topic is

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Do a lot of guy's use romance only to get laid?   4/23/2005

A Fast Question <br> A lot of you women have probably been through a lot of crap when it comes to dating and relationships in general. A lot of counselors and doctors comment about the

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Most Common Orgasms for Women   4/23/2005

The most common orgasms experienced by women… <br> Making love: <br> 1) Uterine (Cervical) ‒ “Most” common, due to emotional connection <br>

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Another Day   4/23/2005

Another Day <br> Well today has certainly been eventful; I always love to see someone tell me I am egotistical. Here I am focusing on making love and relationships and there they are just

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Not All Guys Like Porn!   4/23/2005

Not all guys like porn! <br> Just so you ladies know, not all of us guys actually do like porn. I know that there are a lot of ladies that think we are full of crap when we say this, but

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A Short Comment/Response   4/22/2005

Mmm yummy! I got some homemade cinnamon rolls in the oven, some homemade Mac and cheese on the stove and a nice chocolate cake in the oven as well. <br> At least they finally accepted my

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Breast Feeding (A Current Issue) "People need to grow up"   4/22/2005

Breast Feeding <br> I want to say thanks for the advice and general comments a lot of you have been making over the past few days. I noticed that even some guys are posting comments, whic

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A modern knight (Part One)   4/22/2005

To be or not to be, That is the question… <br> This is just part one... and it is underworks. <br> “You can be anything that you want to be.” ‒ The bi

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Younger guys and articles/blogs   4/20/2005

I am still greatly troubled by the lack of younger guys who have high rated blogs/articles. The few I do see only focus on tales of masturbation and not really sex unless it is fu**ing like a porns

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Female Ejaculation... There Seems to be Some Confusion   4/9/2005

A lot of confusion <br> There seems to be a lot of confusion amongst people about various things when it comes to sex. It would appear that female ejaculation is one of those things gre

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Setting the mood (getting more sex)   4/8/2005

Setting the mood (A few ways to possibly make her hot) <br> As you have just seen there are a lot of big and even little things that you can do to show your appreciation and affection t

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Serious sex, group sex, random sex?   4/7/2005

Sex in Today’s World <br> <br> In today’s society many people seem to want to sleep around and party. They party either by means of going out to bars and such, o

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Virgins In Today's World (A few pointers)   4/6/2005

Virgins in the Modern World… <br> I know there are a lot of frustrated virgins in the world as well as on this site. Most women who only want to fu** would not want a virgin. As se

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Sex Today   4/6/2005

Kama Sutra and sex in the modern world <br> “While the woman is lying on his bed, absorbed in conversation, the man should loosen her undergarments, and when she begins to protest,

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Thanks guys...   4/4/2005

Another Day <br> Well it has been a long week; I wasn’t in the greatest of moods last week. Thankfully I am through it thanks to the advice of some people here. Luckily I have met

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How to get a woman's attention!   4/4/2005

Acting like a gentlemen <br> In today’s times many cultures are mixed, this seems to have resulted in some very good effects and has also resulted in some very negative effects.

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Sex, Swinger, and "personals"   4/1/2005

Time and time again I see people complain because of the women who do not want to jump right in the sack with them. They state that this is a sex site and people shouldn’t be here if that is

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Younger men = Better Lovers?   4/1/2005

Younger Men A Better Lover? <br> I saw this in the advice line and I have to rave it! <br> “Do older women find younger men to be better lovers?” <br>

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Erotica and Men?   4/1/2005

I saw a comment on one of yesterday’s posts that said, “I didn’t know guys liked erotica”. <br> Most guys do not like erotica, they like full nudity, I however

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Thank you...   3/29/2005

I would like to say thank you to the many of you who have left comments and votes on my articles. I am somewhat saddened by the fact it is mostly older women or couples though. I am happy for it, b

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Delays are sometimes a good thing   3/28/2005

Innocent Fun <br> There are a lot of guys out there who don’t like eating a woman out, and there are millions of guys out there who don’t believe in treating women like the

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Erogenous Zones (Revised Edition 2) Still Needs More Work   3/25/2005

I have touched this up a bit, but I still have one more draft to go. I keep feeling like I am missing something important but I can't put my finger on it. What am I missing??? <br> <br&g

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Oral Exercises   3/24/2005

Oral Exercises <br> Having a strong tongue is a very important part of cunnilingus. While your tongue does much of the work, your lips can also do work of their own. Here is a list of exe

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Erogenous Zones (Being worked on)   3/21/2005

There are always numerous ways that we can go about doing things. Take a vacation for example, some people may prefer to jump on a plane when traveling so that they may get there as quickly as poss

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The Morning After Pill...   3/19/2005

The Morning after Pill <br> This is by far the worst invention I have ever heard of in my entire life. It sends an image of “I can have sex with whomever I want and no longer hav

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Different Places To Have Sex   3/19/2005

Different Places to Have Sex <br> There are numerous places that you can have sex. If you are bored and can not think of something new for your sexual encounter then you could try one of

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A Helpless Romantic's Guide To Sexual Ecstacy (Being worked on)   3/18/2005

In the beginning <br> When I first hit maturity and began to have sexual attraction to women I noticed my natural point of views were different from many of the other guys I knew. Every t

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Finally other people are proving my theory to be 100% accurate...   3/17/2005

I am Ohh so Very Happy! <br> A long time ago I posted a few blogs and articles were I mentioned my theory of the most intense of uterine orgasms. I clearly said that a woman’s brea

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Frequently asked questions... (Being worked on)   3/16/2005

Frequently asked Questions and Answers <br> <br> For those seeking quick answers to some commonly asked questions… here is a list of them with some short and basic answers.

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Something That Every Woman Deserves From Time To Time   3/16/2005

“Something that every woman deserves” <br> It never hurts to take a moment from your day to give a gift to your loved one. Many people seem to think that all gifts require m

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Being A Gentlemen   3/14/2005

In today’s times many cultures are mixed, this seems to have resulted in some very good effects and has also resulted in some very negative effects. One of these negative effects has come to

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Why Were Women Created?   3/14/2005

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; the

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Tasting Your own Juices... (Complete Revised)   3/13/2005

Fair Is Fair Is It Not? <br> Many people today seem to think that tasting their own sexual fluids is a naughty or bad thing to do. When you perform cunnilingus or fellatio on someone th

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Tasting Your own Juices... (Part One)   3/12/2005

Fair Is Fair Is It Not? <br> Many people today seem to think that tasting their own sexual fluids is a naughty or bad thing to do. When you perform cunnilingus or fellatio on someone th

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A Word We All Hate...   3/9/2005

A Word We All Hate… <br> I know many of us hate certain words when it comes to sex. I am about to address one of those words! <br> How many ladies out there hate the

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Is It Too Much?   3/7/2005

Is It Too Much? <br> Ohh I can not avoid it! <br> I can not help but dream it! <br> I wish I could say I could give you the world! <br> To do so would be

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The Nine Levels Of Female Orgasms   3/5/2005

It is debatable as to how many actual levels of female orgasm there are. Many women I have spoken to do not actually notice a difference unless it is a drastic change. Modern sex therapists claim t

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Initiating Conversation (Opening Emails)   3/5/2005

I don’t know about this… <br> <br> I have seen it posted a few times about what a man or woman should say when initiating contact with women/men… <br&

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Anal Play For Men   3/5/2005

Anal Play for Men!.. <br> I do not understand why so many men out there are so skeptical over this issue. Is it because you are afraid that people would think you are bi-sexual or homos

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The 5 Virtues Of The Penis...   3/5/2005

The Five Virtues of the Penis... <br> A penis having virtues? Hmm that is without a doubt an interesting concept! <br> To balance the male body Taoists believe that the pen

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Yin-Yang Sex   3/5/2005

The Yin-Yang of Sexual Responses <br> I once again continue my sexual crusade through the past and into the present. Olden days relished on philosophy and basic beliefs while modern day

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A Romantics View On Swinging...   3/4/2005

While it may seem that us helpless romantics are only into basic sexual stuff, I would have to say that is a bad assumption. I would love to meet a woman who would be open minded enough to be hamme

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Isn't It Strange??   3/4/2005

Isn’t It Strange? <br> There are great deals of things that effect us in a great many ways. Gravity seems to not only hold us down in a physical sense but in a spiritual sense as w

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Sexual Hope...   3/4/2005

I keep watch everywhere I go… No matter how often I look or how far I look I do not see anyone like me. <br> I have always believed that women are the most beautiful things in t

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Dating With No Hope...   3/4/2005

Has anyone noticed that in today’s society philosophy is a thing of the past? <br> I keep wondering why “us” mystic writers are so rare. I have taken numerous tests

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Sex, Honor, Religion, and Modern Society   3/4/2005

Sex and Marriage <br> I saw this question posted on the advice line section and figured I would offer some insight on it since I seem to be a little to intellectual for my own good lol.

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Cunnilingus (Complete List)   3/4/2005

Cunnilingus (Part One) <br> <br> The following section is a look at cunnilingus in the 21st century. (It would appear that even today many people still do not know or like cun

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Rule #2 For Men......   3/4/2005

Rule #2 For Men <br> At the end of each day a man should go out of his way to show mild or heavy affection for his wife or girlfriend (partner). This is a wind down time for the two of

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Mmm, A Nice And Naughty Dream....   3/3/2005

Nice and hot!!! <br> How many men out there have tasted their own semen? <br> I was always shied away from it till I was doing a cam show when I was 19. The gal asked me if

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Rule #1 Rule For Men...   3/3/2005

Rule #1 For Men <br> At the beginning of “every” day all “men” should pleasure their wife or girlfriend without expecting anything in return. &

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I am Lost Without You!   3/3/2005

Lost <br> I am so hollow inside, just an aging puddle of fuel that does not increase in value like wine. <br> Where is the match that will set me ablaze? <br> L

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The Sword In The Stone...   3/3/2005

The Sword in the Stone <br> Yet again I lay sleepless and drained, my mind wandering to places in which normally only dreams achieve. <br> I have to wonder… was it Ar

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The INFJ   3/2/2005

The INFJ <br> The following is a combined list of the INFJ, which my personality tests have proven me to be. We are not very well known or understood, I would like to thank Header for poi

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Articles Switching Over To The Blogs, Sorry...   2/25/2005

In order for me to control some current issues I have moved my articles to the blogs area. This gives me the ability to remove some of the possible harassment that takes place from time to time. Th

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Everything You Want To Know About The Penis (Complete List)   2/25/2005

Does Size Matter? <br> In today’s society it appears that men have an ever-growing concern about the size of their manhood (penis). I am very sad to see such a thing taking place

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Sex Music...   2/23/2005

Sex Music <br> What is your favorite sex music and why? <br> I favor classical cause it doesn’t create a picture as easily as a song with words does. The tempo change

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Younger Men/Women Looking For Older Men/Women...   2/23/2005

Younger Men Looking For Older Women <br> I see this little bit come up off and on, lots of younger guys looking for older women and complaining because they can not seem to attract them

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Why Some Women Might Not Let You Eat Them Out   2/23/2005

“Why Some Women Might Not Let You Eat Them Out” <br> Even though oral sex is well known and popular, there are still some women who won’t let you eat them out. There

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The Sexual Catch-22   2/23/2005

The Sexual Catch-22 <br> It is very saddening to see the results when it comes to names applied to people who are or are not sexually active. <br> When a woman does not give

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The One Night Stand? (Good or Bad?)   2/23/2005

The One Night Stand <br> What is the point of a one-night stand? <br> To most people in today’s times a one-night stand is often done for physical relief without emot

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Why Does Slower Sex Result In Better Orgasms For Women?   2/22/2005

Why Is It That Women Can Only Experience More Intense Orgasms Through Slow Sensual Sex? <br> The only truly intense orgasms a woman can experience are through “making love”.

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Vaginismus (Something Everyone Should KNow)   2/22/2005

Vaginismus <br> <br> This is something that many of you men should be aware of! Mistreatment of women sexually or none sexually can affect them in very serious ways. (Fu***** a wo

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Female Orgasms (Complete List)   2/22/2005

Many people (especially men) do not know the different types of female orgasms. I have found that there are great deals of women who also do not know much about what their body can or can not do. H

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Fu***** or making Love? What Is The Difference?..   2/20/2005

The Difference Between Fu***** or Making Love <br> A great deal of people in today’s society f*** each other’s brains out and “claim” they are making love. I fi

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Sexual Education In Schools... A Modern Issue?   2/20/2005

Sex Education <br> In today’s society it is very alarming to see such high numbers of younger people sexually active. Sex is a very pleasurable thing without a doubt, but engaging

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Masturbation (Part One)   2/20/2005

Masturbation <br> As of the late I have gotten a few comments about the fact I know so much about sex considering the age I am. I wish I could say I was some amazingly talented person, bu

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Sponge Baths? (Royal Treatment Every Woman Deserves)   2/18/2005

Sponge Baths <br> For me I like to do this daily if a woman will allow it. Some may not allow it at all and others may allow it occasionally. We all have our different preferencesȂ

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Eat Her Out "Every" Day!   2/18/2005

A Morning Treat! <br> Women are undeniably the most sensational and beautiful things in existence! Every woman deserves to be treated like a real woman and pampered to her hearts conten

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Penis Facts (Part Three) Does Size Matter?   2/18/2005

Does Size Matter? <br> In today’s society it appears that men have an ever-growing concern about the size of their manhood (penis). I am very sad to see such a thing taking place

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Kama Sutra (Part One) A Brief History   2/17/2005

The Kama Sutra <br> The Kama sutra was invented between 1st and 4th century AD. The intention was to help people (specifically noblemen) to get the most out of sensual pleasure and expe

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How To Avoid Unwanted Sexual Pressure   2/17/2005

Dating <br> In today’s society many men and women get pressured into sexual situations that they do not actually want to be in. Unfortunately it is because of lack of imagination

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Female Ejaculate (Ejaculation Part Two)   2/16/2005

Female Ejaculate <br> Female ejaculate is a clear liquid. Its consistency is akin to that of a Very light lubricant, but it is watery rather then slick. It is not the same as vaginal lu

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The Rarest Of Known Male Personality Types   2/15/2005

The Mystic Writer <br> <br> The personality type referred to, as the mystic writer is by far the rarest of all male personalities. <br> Why is it so rare? Well it

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Erogenous Zones (Part One)   2/15/2005

Erogenous Zones <br> <br> Many men think that there are only a few focal points on the female body in which bring pleasure. As women have been saying for a very long time, men nee

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Cunnilingus (Part Two)   2/15/2005

Cunnilingus (Part Two) <br> <br> “A man should always make a point of pressing those parts of a woman’s body on which she turns her eyes.” <br>

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That Time Of The Month? (A Little TLC Never Hurts Anyone, Specially A Women!)   2/15/2005

Menstruation <br> <br> A woman’s monthly cycle can cause havoc for both a sex life and for her body and mood in general. One of the things that truly bothers me about

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Fellatio (Blowjob)   2/15/2005

Fellatio <br> <br> Fellatio is the proper term for sucking a man’s penis, “blow job”. <br> Many men demand women to perform fellatio on them.

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Cunnilingus (Part One)   2/15/2005

Cunnilingus (Part One) <br> <br> The following section is a "brief" look at cunnilingus in the 21st century. <br> Kama Sutra does not appear to consider cunniling

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Deep Penetration Positions   2/14/2005

Deep Penetration Positions <br> There are several hundred sexual positions to choose from and try. For those looking for basic positions that offer the deepest possible penetration, here

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Five Reasons "Not" To Be A Penis   2/14/2005

Five reasons "not" to be a penis: <br> <br> #1 You're bald your whole life. <br> <br> #2 You have a hole in your head. <br> <br> #3 Your

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Terms For Masturbation   2/14/2005

How many different sayings are there for masturbation if you are a male? Here are a few just to give you a idea. <br> <br> Wrestling the eel. <br> <br> Beati

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Enough Blood To Run Both?   2/14/2005

"God gave us a penis and a brain, but only enough blood to run one at a time."

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Flasher   2/14/2005

Did you hear about the flasher who was thinking of retiring? He decided to stick it out for one more year!

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Reducing Tension During Intercourse   2/14/2005

Enhancing Penetration <br> <br> “For those who enjoy making love and not rough sex”. <br> Making love is about both emotional and physical connection in an

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Female Orgasms (Part Four) The Uterine Orgasm   2/14/2005

The Uterine Orgasm <br> <br> The third and “rarest” of female orgasms is the uterine orgasm. Rare meaning: You have better odds of meeting Elvis then you do giving

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Female Orgasms (Part Three) The Blended "G-Spot" Orgasm   2/14/2005

The Blended Orgasm <br> <br> The second known type of female orgasm is the blended one. Most people would know this type of orgasm by it’s nicknamed “the g-spot

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Sexual Aggression (The Leading Cause Of Early and Pre-Mature Ejaculation)   2/13/2005

It has become a known fact over the last ten years that women play a significant factor in the sexual aggression of men. One of the largest reasons that men are constantly in heat (so to speak) is

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Female Orgasms (Part Two) Clitoral Orgasm   2/12/2005

In 1974 it became a proven fact that there are three known types of female orgasms. Most women and men do not know or are unable to identify these types of orgasms, what they do, or how they are ac

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Is There A Difference In Female Orgasms?   2/12/2005

Because of the complexity of the human sex organs, and the muscles, nerves and brain that support them, orgasms and arousal can provide full-body sensations of intense erotic pleasure plus a wide r

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Female Orgasms (Part One) Sex Toy Creation   2/12/2005

A close look at the Female Sexual Response Cycle and Orgasms. "Part One" <br> <br> The Hidden Truth About Sex Toys <br> <br> Many people do still not

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The Penis (Heavenly Delight or Curse From Below?)   2/11/2005

The Penis... <br> <br> It's hard to imagine that something tinier than a chihuahua can stir up so many emotions, escapades, steamy page-turners, phone sex businesses, visits

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Big Nose, Big Hose?   2/11/2005

Big Nose, Big Hose? Not necessarily. While we've all heard tales about beefy hands, noses and earlobes being surefire signs that a huge dick is waiting in the wings, thousands of measurements over

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Sweet Revenge   2/11/2005

Sweet Revenge. The shorter a guy's penis, the bigger it blossoms. Many chaps whose member is in the three inch range when flaccid can look forward to organs that double in size when fully erect. Th

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Enlargement Surgery Anyone?   2/11/2005

Enlargement surgery anyone? Don't be rediculous. Phalloplasty can lead to scarring, erection discomforts and impotence. Love your weenie the way it is!

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Penis Tattoo's Anyone?   2/11/2005

Penis and full body tattoo's anyone? <br> <br> They're called Irezumi, a rather secretive group of Japanese men and women, often drawn from the underworld, who transform the

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Is There Actually Such A Thing As A Totally Straight Penis?   2/11/2005

The Straight Penis? No matter what, straight or queer, every penis enters the backdoor! <br> <br> Ah, the lure of eager labial folds, welcoming the hung hetero in their mois

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Why Wouldn't A Woman Enjoy Giving Head?   2/11/2005

"Hey, hop on over to my pad and I'll give you a blow job." <br> <br> Fellatio, from the Latin verb fellare, "to suck, " has been around forever because it's such a simple a

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What Would You Do Without Your Penis?   2/11/2005

If I didn't have a penis... <br> <br> I know it sounds strange, but I'd probably become a better lover. Sex wouldn't revolve around my dick like it does now. I'd spend more

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The Bigger The Better?   2/11/2005

Do women prefer big dicks? <br> <br> SURE, plenty get totally turned on by size... a real-life "fill'er up" fantasy. However, the majority of women prefer the comfort of a a

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Guranteed? Turn-Ons   2/11/2005

Guranteed? Turn Ons: <br> <br> A fabulous home cooked meal (with you for dessert!). <br> <br> A quickie in a elevator. <br> <br>

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Dance   2/11/2005

"Then Bahoul inserted his member into the vagina of the siltan's , and she, settling down upon his engine, allowed it to penetrate entirely into her furnace till nothing more could been seen of it,

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Predicktions   2/11/2005

Virtual Intercourse: <br> <br> Blow-up dolls are so--what's the word?--tacky. The ultimate joyride will soon be as close as your (extremely) friendly laptop and fabulous mem

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Hotel Lobby   2/11/2005

A guy's in a hotel lobby, waiting to check in. His cell phone starts ringing, and as he fumbles to retrieve it from his pocket, his elbow accidentally bumps into the breast of the woman standing in

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Penis Facts (Part Two) Size Issues, and The Modern World   2/11/2005

The #1 said thing in today's society is that African-American men have larger penises then American men. This fact is not actually true and that is why it is not a fact at all. <br> <

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Modern Penis Facts   2/11/2005

Penis facts from around the world: <br> <br> The average erect penis is 4 to 6 inches in length. <br> <br> The average thickness is 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 whe

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Different Terms For Masturbation   2/11/2005

How many different sayings are there for masturbation if you are a male? Here are a few just to give you a idea. <br> <br> Wrestling the eel. <br> <br>

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Urinal Etiquette   2/11/2005

Urinal Etiquette: <br> <br> Refrain from whistling "The Man I Love" while peeing. <br> <br> Avoid the temptation of saying: "Nice watch you got ther

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Circumcision (The Truth About The Foreskin)   2/11/2005

Ever wonder what happens to the foreskin of the penis? Well the truth is hospitals do not actually throw away the foreskin. Instead they "sell" it to medical researchers to be used in various medic

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Penis Facts (Part One) Circumcision   2/11/2005

25 years ago almost 90 percent of American males were being circumcised at birth. It was rumored that circumcision reduced medical issues and diseases, this fact has been proven to be un-true. &l

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The Older The Better?   2/10/2005

I see and hear people say rather often that older men or women make better lovers or partners. I think it is true in very few ways meaning it is mostly wrong. <br> <br> The

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Tease and Please Anyone?   2/10/2005

I do not know if it is just mainly people my age or if it is people and sex in general. I have had horrible luck finding anyone my age or slightly younger/older then me who knows much about sex. Is

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Female Ejaculation (Fact or Fiction?)   2/10/2005

In today's times female ejaculation is still new territory. The actual fact behind it is that the Japanese were one of the first people to discover it. It is proven that female ejaculation dates ba

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Soft and Slow (The unknown orgasm)   2/9/2005

Sometimes in relationships and life we forget to take our time and enjoy what that slowness has to offer. It seems to be that way more and more in society when it comes to sex. "It's about the ride

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