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Articles by rm_tiffany1234

Birth control methods   12/13/2004

Hi-- <br> Can the ladies tell of experiences with newer birth control methods (low hormone pills, patch, shot, etc.). Also, does anyone have an IUD and have there been complications fr

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Safer oral sex   12/13/2004

To avoid risks during oral sex it is important to: <br> Keep semen and vaginal fluids out of your mouth. Make sure that your mouth is healthy and that you don't have bleeding gums, cu

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People who don't respect preferences <<<Rant   12/13/2004

I think it's really rude to IM people or e-mail people whose preferences you don't meet. Esp for people who do standard searches. On chat rooms, it can't be helped sometimes, but why do you think

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Kegel exercises: Not just for women   12/13/2004

Kegel exercises serve to tone and strengthen the pubococcygeus or "PC" muscles which form the floor of the pelvis. The health of these muscles plays a vitally important role in sexual arousal and c

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Tips for meeting online, esp. for the ladies   12/13/2004

When you do decide to meet someone whose company you enjoy online, meet in a public place and bring your friends. Your online buddy will understand and accomodate your wishes if they are honest abo

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Background check   12/13/2004

Would you invest in a background check for someone you met on here? It's probably best, esp. for the ladies. <br> professional service providing background investiga

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Safety tips from dating sites: intro   12/13/2004

Following are some basic, common sense safety tips, to keep in mind when dating online. Follow these tips, and you will be perfectly fine. <br> You'll be fine anyway, but by following so

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Doorway   12/13/2004

Do not enter me. <br> I am not ready, <br> To entrust you yet, <br> With my secret. <br> <br> Place your fingers around my knob, <br>

0 Comments, 33 Views, 0 Votes
Locks   12/13/2004

Come to me; Lay with me. I want to take you all in, Deeply, <br> To steal your air, And smell your skin, Tempting in silent darkness, Bare. <br> Hover over me, Sk

0 Comments, 39 Views, 0 Votes
How to please your man - Secrets   12/13/2004

(CosmO_) <br> Scorching Sex Tricks If there's one absolute must-have when it comes to claiming great-in-bed status, it's a signature move -- a completely original carnal maneuver that

0 Comments, 96 Views, 0 Votes
Fast love   12/13/2004

Hot Spots for Fast Love Let's face it: You and your guy aren't always near a bedroom when desire strikes. So what do you do when you've just got to have it this minute? Scan the scene for an excit

0 Comments, 31 Views, 0 Votes
Sexy words in other languages   12/13/2004

Mappa tassie (Australian slang, n.; sounds Like: MAP-a-TAZZ-y): the vagina. Abbreviated version of: "a map of Tasmania." <br> Gummihatt (Swedish slang, n.; sounds like: GOO-me-hat): a con

0 Comments, 17 Views, 0 Votes
HOT SEX TIPS   12/13/2004

(Cosm <br> The Hottest Sex Tips on the Planet Sure, we American chicks know how to give and get toe-curling thrills in bed, but there are still a few frisky things we could learn fro

0 Comments, 94 Views, 0 Votes
office romance   12/13/2004

The Affair <br> Another row at home, Feeling all alone. Her name's Pearl, She's the office girl. <br> A twinkle in her eye, A glimpse of stockinged thigh. Take a ch

0 Comments, 46 Views, 0 Votes
Harrassment   12/13/2004

A man walks up to a woman in his office each day, stands very close to her, draws in a large breath of air and tells her that her hair smells nice. <br> After a week of this she can't st

0 Comments, 31 Views, 0 Votes
cheerleaders   12/13/2004

Three horny cheerleaders decide to take their boyfriends to a hotel and get fucked. So they check in at the hotel and go to their rooms. But their parents get worried for them and go looking for th

0 Comments, 152 Views, 0 Votes
hill billy first-aid   12/13/2004

Two hillbillies walk into a bar to wash the dust from their throats and grab a beer. They are standing at the bar drinking their beers and talking about current cattle prices when all of a sudden a

0 Comments, 52 Views, 0 Votes
fun with friends   12/13/2004

3 friends are travelling in a car to go to a friends birthday. <br> All of a sudden the car breaks down - they try to fix it to no avail <br> So they decide to walk and fin

0 Comments, 30 Views, 0 Votes
Twinkie   12/13/2004

There was this husband and wife who were celebrating their honeymoon on the 6th floor of this nice hotel room. They had this ritual that they always used their yellow lucky condom. So after they go

0 Comments, 24 Views, 0 Votes
mafia and pussy   12/13/2004

What does Pussy and the Mafia have in common. One slip of the tongue and your in deep shit.

0 Comments, 14 Views, 0 Votes
Take your choice   12/13/2004

A husband, one bright sunny morning, turns to his lovely wife, "Wife, we're going fishing this weekend, you, me and the dog." The wife grimaces, "But I don't like fishing!" "Look! We're going fis

0 Comments, 34 Views, 0 Votes
buzzzzz   12/13/2004

One day a young man and woman were in their bedroom making love. All of a sudden a bumble bee entered the bedroom window. As the young lady parted her legs the bee entered her vagina. The woman

0 Comments, 51 Views, 0 Votes
Holiday sex   12/13/2004

Home for the Holidays: Sneaking in Sex by Trisha Hurlburt <br> Whether you're married or dating someone special enough to bring home with you, the next thing to think about, is how yo

0 Comments, 90 Views, 0 Votes
Fetishes: Thin line b/w healthy and unhealthy behavior   12/13/2004

An obsessed person will find him or herself pre-occupied with a specific object or act that they feel is of utmost importance to achieving some form of gratification. The man who sneaks into his ne

0 Comments, 12 Views, 0 Votes
For the married people looking for extramarital affairs   12/13/2004

Frigidity, properly known as sexual arousal disorder (SAD), is a condition where a woman or man is unable to achieve or sustain sexual arousal. It is characterized by unresponsiveness, rare experie

0 Comments, 51 Views, 0 Votes
Pick up lines to use on the HornyWife ladies   12/13/2004

I wish you were a door so I could bang you all day long. <br> Nice legs...what time do they open? <br> You've got 206 bones in your body, want one more? <br>

0 Comments, 35 Views, 0 Votes
Uncut penis   12/12/2004

I am FRIGHTENED of non-circumcised members. They are heinous looking as opposed to circumcised ones which as sleek and functional. Why don't people circumcise their anymore? If for nothing else

0 Comments, 403 Views, 0 Votes
Ode to oral   12/12/2004

Penis breath, a lover's dread Is what you get when you give head Unpleasant as it tends to be Be grateful that he doesn't pee It's times like this, you wonder why you bothered reaching

0 Comments, 106 Views, 0 Votes
Hilarious   12/12/2004

This is the tail of Daniel Morgan, Who had a tiny sexual organ, It was just one inch when fully reared, When lying down it disappeared. It was just by chance they called him Danny, Half

0 Comments, 24 Views, 0 Votes
Christmas poem for you   12/12/2004

It was the night before christmas, <br> When all through the house, <br> Not a creature was stiring, <br> Not even a mouse, <br> With mom at the ho

0 Comments, 97 Views, 0 Votes
The two ants ***   12/12/2004

There are two ants living in a girl's pair of panties. One day they decide to go exploring in the caves. They said to meet back in the same spot in and hour. So, one ant went in one cave, and

0 Comments, 29 Views, 0 Votes
Steamy Hollywood Movies   12/12/2004

The Dreamers Sex and Lucia The Secretary Chasing Amy at times Amelie at times Y Tu Mama Tambien Tie me up, tie me down <br> Any more good ones?

0 Comments, 3 Views, 0 Votes
To bisexual, bi-curious, or formally bi-curious women...   12/12/2004

How did you explore this side of your sexuality and what are your experiences, advice, etc.? Do you regret it? Are you satisfied?

0 Comments, 19 Views, 0 Votes
Racial Preferences in Dating   12/12/2004

By Leonard Steinhorn Young whites who date across racial lines feel comfortable doing so because their boomer parents say they have no problem with it. Yet for older white Americans, who in survey

0 Comments, 58 Views, 0 Votes
Ten Things Not To Say To Your New Girlfriend's Parents   12/12/2004

1. My parole officer thinks Sara has a calming effect on me. 2. Did you see that saucer that flew over town yesterday? 3. Which one of you taught Sara to give such great head? 4. Can you bel

0 Comments, 21 Views, 0 Votes
small penis, big penis   12/11/2004

Is there anyway to tell the size of a man's penis without a) asking or b) feeling/seeing/touching? I am really turned off by small ones or bent/slanted ones. I'm already really selective as to wh

0 Comments, 299 Views, 0 Votes
Saying no thanks   12/11/2004

The men on here get really pissy when you turn them down. To the men, if a woman was not interested in you, how would you like her to express it? Is there a nice way to say no thanks?

0 Comments, 108 Views, 0 Votes
Tantric massage/sex   12/11/2004

I am really interested in this. Is anyone experienced in this and provide explanation of it. Are there classes?

0 Comments, 74 Views, 0 Votes