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sexxxx   12/25/2010

Pinocchio talks to Gepetto: - Daddy my dick is all jagged and crooked so I have no success with girls. - You know, my , I didn’t care too much about that detail, but that should not be a problem. Go to the shop, take a sandpaper and fix it. After some time, Gepetto asks Pinocchio: - Well, did you resolve the problem with the girls? - Daddy, since I got the sandpaper who needs the girls anymore.

1 Comments, 230 Views, 11 Votes ,4.66 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
7 must-know sex secrets   12/24/2010

A good talk is a great aphrodisiac Many women find talk a great turn-on. For them, talking and feeling loved are very important. Good conversation during walks or while the couple is relaxing can be a great aphrodisiac. A man could tell his woman how much he loves her, which acts as a reassurance that he is with her mentally during those intimate moments.

Many women are anxious about ...

5 Comments, 532 Views, 29 Votes ,5.65 Score
Leela1978 45 F
12  Articles
Love Making & Plain Sex   12/23/2010

After marriage I took to sex like rabbits learn multiplying or fish take to water. We just couldn’t have enough of it, not me in any case. We did it in bed, in kitchen, in drawing room, on all sofas and couches, in the lawn, open air on roof top, in a railway train coupe, of course on the back seat of car and still exploring.

And then one day he came home with a crestfallen face . ...

7 Comments, 682 Views, 30 Votes ,5.20 Score
ahappycpl 54 C
24  Articles
bisexual encounters   12/23/2010

I have attended a bookstore in our area and met with a friend there he has fucked me good its hard to keep it a secret but we both are married

5 Comments, 1432 Views, 28 Votes ,1.49 Score
10  Articles
what do you do when your girl ask that she wants 3sum me an anothere guy   12/17/2010

she wants a 3sum 2guys and her.

10 Comments, 459 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
mileage......   12/16/2010

Scientists have determined that the average time of intercourse lasts 4 min. The average number of strokes is 9 per minute, making the average intercourse 36 strokes. Since the average length of a penis is 6 inches the average girl receives 216 inches or 18 feet per intercourse. The average woman does it about three times a week, 52 weeks annually. 156 x 18 feet makes 2808 feet or just over a ...

4 Comments, 241 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
Wheelbarrow Position   12/16/2010

After hearing a couple's complaints that their intimate life wasn't what it used to be, the sex counsellor suggested they vary their position. "For example, " he suggested, "you might try the wheelbarrow. Lift her legs from behind and off you go." The eager husband was all for trying this new idea as soon as they got home. "Well, okay, " the hesitant wife agreed, "but on two conditions. First, if ...

0 Comments, 228 Views, 5 Votes ,3.47 Score
adi_cool1991 33 M
13  Articles
adi_cool   12/15/2010

i head done sex with sexworker any time?

1 Comments, 66 Views, 0 Votes
adi_cool1991 33 M
13  Articles
adi_cool   12/15/2010

i have don sex any time?

0 Comments, 16 Views, 0 Votes
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
exotic recipes   12/15/2010

Here are some exotic recipes that will get you in the mood to swing.

Seafood Alaska Ingredients 100 gm Mirepoix (onion, garlic, celery, leeks, carrots, bayleaf and peppercorns roughly chopped)), 100 gm prawn shells, 50 gm tomatoes, 50 gm tomato puree, 500 ml fish stock, 1 whole shrimp, 10 gm butter, 10 gm flour, 100 gm roux (mix together equal amounts of flour and butter to form a paste ...

0 Comments, 160 Views, 8 Votes ,5.33 Score
The special delight of “edging”   12/11/2010

What is edging? Well it’s a technique for sucking a mans cock but with the goal of NOT just sucking him to get him to cum but doing so in a very prolonged manner. I am a bi man and I take special delight when I suck a mans cock – or dick. I love precum, and I know I will get a lot more if I keep the man from cumming until I am ready to taste his sperm – and yes I do swallow (but I am ...

1 Comments, 169 Views, 3 Votes ,4.41 Score
The sweet art of rimming…   12/11/2010

What is rimming? Well it’s a tongue pressing into an anal entrance, and for those of you that haven’t tried it you have no idea of the pleasure it creates. For those of you that know what I mean, then know I am VERY good at it, and I love to get it! A little common-sense should be exercised in rimming. Human fecal matter when orally taken into the body is the leading cause of Hepatitis A. ...

0 Comments, 80 Views, 0 Votes
BoiseBim 62 M
1  Article
How to convincing wife to have a threesome ...   12/8/2010

My sexy wife isnt a prude... not by a long shot - but ever since she confided in me during a hot sex session she had a hot threesome & fucked four guys in one day in college - I have been going nuts with hot visions of my sexy wife fucking other cocks. Now I want to share her in a threeway ... she says it was years ago in college and she isn't going to do it today (we are in our early 40s). By ...

8 Comments, 795 Views, 15 Votes ,3.59 Score
rm_Mixamgrrl1 34 F
1  Article
scenes   12/8/2010

scenes in movies most often turn me on. Im always on edge when watching a movie with scenes with other because i feel the need to act like im disturbed when really im getting wet between the legs hearing the struggle and brutality of it.

29 Comments, 910 Views, 40 Votes ,6.51 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
you may have thought your sexual pleasure was the one thing that couldn't get any better. Think agai   12/7/2010

Woody Allen once said about orgasms, "My worst one was right on the money." Though you may not get to bed the likes of Julia Roberts and Mira Sorvino--as the Woodman does in his movies--it's safe to say that most guys are pretty happy with the way sex feels. And yet, if we told you there are ways to make it feel significantly better, wouldn't you want to know about them? We thought you would. ...

3 Comments, 137 Views, 7 Votes ,5.59 Score
for girls   12/6/2010

for you girls

1 Comments, 87 Views, 0 Votes
ahappycpl 54 C
24  Articles
addicted to cock   12/5/2010

My wife loves it when I suck her pussy after her lover is done with her. Then she want that cock of his back in her sometimes he can't get it up so I have to suck him till he gets hard and ready then he fucks her again I don't know who is more addicted her or me

11 Comments, 1288 Views, 40 Votes ,7.55 Score
sexycouple7659 41 C
5  Articles


15 Comments, 979 Views, 40 Votes ,6.11 Score
ahappycpl 54 C
24  Articles
how to become ¥ a cuckold   12/1/2010

Number one get married Inaw for reals it took me over 5 years to finaly convince my wife of over 20 years to fuck other men infront of me 1. Talk to her about other men 2. When having sex tell her its someone you knkw or someone you saw earlier in the day 3. buy her some toys and name them. Names of men you know she think are cute 4. When sahe plays with the toys encourage her get a ...

14 Comments, 971 Views, 16 Votes ,3.72 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
How to Enjoy Your Breasts During Sex   11/30/2010

Your breasts are not there just to enchant your lover; they are also a sex organ. When used appropriately they can enhance the pleasure of sex for you as well as your partner. Read the article below to discover some interesting ways through which you and your partner can enjoy your breasts during lovemaking.

Cuddle up

If you pay attention to your breasts, you can use them to ...

3 Comments, 258 Views, 20 Votes ,4.66 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
The Great Sex Secret   11/30/2010

Why do some couples get bored with sex after a few months while others continue to enjoy making love throughout their adult lives? The conventional wisdom is that the way to stave off sexual boredom is variety -- that "great sex" consists of different positions, different techniques, different routines, different times of day, different venues, different toys and devices, different perfumes, ...

2 Comments, 282 Views, 19 Votes ,4.84 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
Sexual Intercourse - How to Make Love Whole night   11/29/2010

You may know these already but read it has you are doin it first time, Then you feel difference

Love making is the most magnificent celestial experience. While making love, we forget about our past and feel absolutely no worries of our future; everything freezes to time and we live in the very moment. But unfortunately for some people; love making do not last longer and they are not able ...

1 Comments, 300 Views, 17 Votes ,3.69 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
Finding the G Spot: A Guided Exercise   11/28/2010

We are often asked for help in finding the g spot. To support you around this, we've created a simple, step-by-step exercise that takes about an hour and a half. Be sure to try it when you have space and time to do it fully.

You'll notice that much of this exercise deals with the time and set up BEFORE you actually try to find the g-spot. This is intentional. It is so important that a ...

2 Comments, 319 Views, 15 Votes ,3.13 Score
Ababix3 35 M
8  Articles
Any voyeurists around   11/28/2010

How many people here have participated in voyeurism and actually got a thrill from it?

4 Comments, 150 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
Be his 'sexy' always   11/27/2010

Early morning 'sex' surprise: Begin your day by surprising him! How about turning the table and you playing the initiator in an early-morning romp before turkey and trimmings stuff you two?

Massage time: The early morning steamy action must have left him tired. It's time to pamper him a little. Go ahead turn your bathroom into a spa and arrange for a sexy massage ...

2 Comments, 50 Views, 7 Votes ,2.53 Score
rm_jinxforp 47 M
1  Article
How To Blow A Girl's Mind The First Night You Have Sex With Her—Guaranteed!”   11/25/2010

Most of the men have absolutely no idea on how to get a girl like you a lot the first time and need some help. Here are some guidelines.

1. Get your new girl very comfortable and relaxed.

2.Take things very slowly and communicate all the way.

3. Make sure you have a shower first put on some sweet scented perfume or use a good bath oil or soap. Alternatively you can try ...

7 Comments, 509 Views, 20 Votes ,5.04 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
20 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life   11/24/2010

1. Pretend you just met him "When our sex life started to slow down, I started thinking about how another woman would see my husband if she just met him -- and this made me want to impress him. I did things like buying new lingerie, getting up just a little earlier than usual to join him in the shower or making time to play later in the tub. We totally rediscovered each other's ...

3 Comments, 224 Views, 18 Votes ,5.03 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles

A Lesbian buys real estate. A Dyke rents.

A Lesbian drinks out of a wine glass. A Dyke pops a top.

A Dyke owns a Harley. A Lesbian owns a 10 speed Schwinn.

A Dyke's tattoos don't rub off. A Lesbian's don't show.

A Lesbian brunches. A Dyke drives-through.

A Lesbian has acquaintances. A Dyke has buddies.

A Dyke buys 'Hustler' over the counter. A ...

2 Comments, 94 Views, 6 Votes ,5.36 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
......the third boob   11/23/2010

And God created woman. And she was good. And she had two arms, two legs, and three breasts. God asked woman what she would like to have changed about herself. And she asked for her middle breast to be removed. God removed her middle breast. And it was good. She stood there with her third breast in her hand and asked God what should be done with this useless boob?..... And God created Man.

0 Comments, 126 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
is sex work?   11/23/2010

A man questions if having sex on the Sabbath is a sin because he is not sure if sex is work or play. He goes to a priest for his opinion on this question. The priest says after consulting the Bible, "My , after an exhaustive search I am positive sex is work and is not permitted the Sabbath."

The man thinks: "What does a priest know about sex?"

He goes to a minister... a married ...

2 Comments, 83 Views, 7 Votes ,4.31 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
The Art of Female Oral Sex   11/21/2010

The key to performing good oral sex as with any sexual experience is to communicate with your partner. I don't just mean that the person performing it should be the responsible party in doing all the checking in about what feels good, what she likes and does not enjoy, because it is just as much the receiver's responsibility to communicate that information as well so get to chatting!


6 Comments, 229 Views, 25 Votes ,4.46 Score
carlos_grafen 32 M
10  Articles
What would you Prefere   11/21/2010

Would you prefere to take it in the bum or in the vagina - Girls Response Only

0 Comments, 108 Views, 0 Votes
rm_bighottysam 39 M
2  Articles
if you have huge niplles just say yes I have   11/20/2010

many man love to suck huge nipples and enjoy playing nastly with their tongues any women can be proud with puffle or pointed or big nipples ; is not a shame to got that

0 Comments, 75 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rm_sexydanny777 21 M
6  Articles
what do girls like the most   11/17/2010

do girls like being cum on or inside

3 Comments, 271 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
BigGuy6910 44 M
2  Articles
Tao of Sex   11/15/2010

I was reading a cool passage from a Tantric Sex book recently. I love getting blow jobs and giving oral sex. The ancients knew about the power of this practice. Its just as important for the male to be enriched by female secretions as the female getting benefit from the male's sperm.

Ideally, by mingling the male and female ...

0 Comments, 188 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
rm_trcl9891 28 M
4  Articles
swinging?   11/15/2010

IS swinging worth it. Does it cause problems Im just wondering kind of curious?

2 Comments, 106 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
ahappycpl 54 C
24  Articles
a happy cuckold   11/12/2010

I have ben cuckolded. A few times now. I want it more I'm addictive. To watching my wife. With other men personally I can just watch her moan and moan some more. I love it when she flirts we havve gone to casinos and she's taken her underwrear off and showed her pussy to men looking at her I love it does anyone have a wife as horny as mine

25 Comments, 1707 Views, 32 Votes ,7.93 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
Doggie Style Harness   11/10/2010

The doggie style is one of the popular positions for having sexual intercourse. Mention this position and images of both partners on all fours, having wild sweaty sex swirl in your mind. The images are not far off the mark. The ‘doggie style’ makes for some wonderful sexual fun.

The Doggie Harness

This isn’t a review of the doggies style but a review of the Do it Doggie ...

7 Comments, 355 Views, 13 Votes ,3.14 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
The Great Sex Secret   11/10/2010

Why do some couples get bored with sex after a few months while others continue to enjoy making love throughout their adult lives? The conventional wisdom is that the way to stave off sexual boredom is variety -- that "great sex" consists of different positions, different techniques, different routines, different times of day, different venues, different toys and devices, different perfumes, ...

0 Comments, 160 Views, 7 Votes ,3.80 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
The Great Sex Secret   11/10/2010

Why do some couples get bored with sex after a few months while others continue to enjoy making love throughout their adult lives? The conventional wisdom is that the way to stave off sexual boredom is variety -- that "great sex" consists of different positions, different techniques, different routines, different times of day, different venues, different toys and devices, different perfumes, ...

0 Comments, 44 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
Sexual Intercourse How to Make Love Whole night!   11/10/2010

Love making is the most magnificent celestial experience. While making love, we forget about our past and feel absolutely no worries of our future; everything freezes to time and we live in the very moment. But unfortunately for some people; love making do not last longer and they are not able to enjoy every bit of it.

Normally people can stretch love making to an hour long activity, but ...

0 Comments, 122 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
harikishore83 38 M
1  Article
G-spot   11/9/2010

G-spot The G-spot was named after a researcher called Grafenberg, who first located the spot inside a woman's vagina. It's a sensitive area just inside the front wall of the vagina, between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. Many women feel intense pleasure when it's stimulated. Others feel nothing, and still others have the urge to urinate. Find yours, massage it a bit and see which ...

2 Comments, 288 Views, 11 Votes ,6.16 Score
cpldaizy 39 C
31  Articles
5 Little Known Female Orgasm Secrets   11/9/2010

The biggest mistake when it comes to “giving women orgasms” is focusing on the “how-to” techniques without paying proper attention to the best mind-set and strategies to make her climax.

In reality, the strategies are the key to unlocking the power of the techniques.

You’ll understand that while the techniques by itself can be effective, the mind-numbing, noisy, wet, ...

4 Comments, 521 Views, 29 Votes ,6.85 Score
rm_noguat3 35 M
8  Articles
insight into what my partner was taught abt sex   11/8/2010

my FB is from SE Asia.

She is the most explosive sexual partner I have had, yet she is relatively young and inexperienced. It helps that she has a larger clit that normal and is very sensitive to kisses, but what really got me interested the first time she told me was that her own mother gave her good advice on sex:

1 - if sex is good your relationship will most likely be good. ...

2 Comments, 329 Views, 11 Votes ,2.98 Score
i get a lot of guys asking me to wear a school uniform   11/7/2010

hi my name is meena and i am 33 my body type is as follows small breasts 32a slim hips tight little bum tiny waist very smooth pussy oh and i forgot to say that i am indian with long black hair dont get me wrong i enjoy the attencion but one partner told me as we were having sex that it was like having sex with an school girl without the danger of being called peadofile. since that encounter i ...

4 Comments, 322 Views, 14 Votes ,4.90 Score
nonprobbwtranny 32 T
15  Articles

Total bottom means-- You can't suck me I won't fuck you Don't ask me for either. Don't tell me what "others" have done. Don't come at me with your philosophies and ideas about pleasing your partner.

After all, im only looking for a total top!

1 Comments, 208 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
iuryzinn 29 M
2  Articles
How to Make Oral Sex Better   11/5/2010

First of all get relaxed and enjoy the women.

Spend some time and get your lover excited before making the plunge. Tease her whole body before you head south. When having oral sex with your lover, it's not all about her clitoris. Let your mouth and tongue explore her whole labia, clitoris and vagina. Slowly lick up her thighs and kiss her vulva. Spread her legs and open her lips with ...

0 Comments, 59 Views, 3 Votes ,4.90 Score
Duo next   11/4/2010

A week after I had done the bartender mom she called to let me know her had arrived and asked when to bring her over? didn't remember that part but since it was on a weekend I would give it a try. Mom showed up around 5 with a young blonde with a super set of firm 38's , a cute bubble butt and good looks.t was hard to imagine that she had litle experience and never had an orgasm. After a ...

1 Comments, 480 Views, 11 Votes ,4.10 Score
Duo next   11/4/2010

A week after I had done the bartender mom she called to let me know her had arrived and asked when to bring her over? didn't remember that part but since it was on a weekend I would give it a try. Mom showed up around 5 with a young blonde with a super set of firm 38's , a cute bubble butt and good looks.t was hard to imagine that she had litle experience and never had an orgasm. After a ...

0 Comments, 220 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Accidents !   11/4/2010

in the front seats of cars can cause accidents.

Accidents in the back seats of cars can cause .

1 Comments, 58 Views, 17 Votes ,1.00 Score
sman2k.01 45 M
4  Articles
Finding your G-Spot   11/1/2010

well, it's not the clit, thats for sure, its in your pussy, nowhere near your clit, deep enough that you need long fingers, a cock or a toy to reach it. let me see if i can help you here, since i can't just reach down and just show you, at least not at this minute

first off, location. its inside you, like i said. if your laying on your back its on top, if your standing it's facing ...

5 Comments, 217 Views, 9 Votes ,4.28 Score
weforsurerock 43 C
2  Articles
Is it Fantasy or is it a Secret   10/27/2010

So when we first meet it's a lot of fueled ego's running and embellished tales of such that we don't stop to think the damage control in case this is "the one", so if it is there has to be room to set it straight. Then comes the fun stuff of dating, figuring each other out the does and don't etc, etc. Then the real fun one. "What is your sexual fantasy's?" This is where it can get tricky if this ...

4 Comments, 184 Views, 19 Votes ,4.31 Score
weforsurerock 43 C
2  Articles
Is it Fantasy or is it a Secret   10/27/2010

So when we first meet it's a lot of fueled ego's running and embellished tales of such that we don't stop to think the damage control in case this is "the one", so if it is there has to be room to set it straight. Then comes the fun stuff of dating, figuring each other out the does and don't etc, etc. Then the real fun one. "What is your sexual fantasy's?" This is where it can get tricky if this ...

0 Comments, 43 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
incognito294 43 M
3  Articles
My ex neighbout Milf   10/26/2010

Had a blind-date the other day through the internet. As she rang the doorbell...i opened the door and .... my ex neighbour Milf was standing in front of my door. She turned red and was very embaressed. I used to life nextdoor to her as a little boy but moved out a few years ago.... She did not know how to react but i told her everything was ok... she was concerned because she is married and was ...

13 Comments, 1399 Views, 41 Votes ,7.47 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
A tight skirt !   10/26/2010

A tight skirt is like a barbed wire fence. It protects the premises without restricting the view. ...

4 Comments, 75 Views, 17 Votes
nonprobbwtranny 32 T
15  Articles

How many people actually take the time to read profiles? Youcan even do a quick skim/scan to see if you are what that person is looking for.

I think that it is very rude and inconsiderate to reply to profiles after reading them and you see that you are NOT what that person is looking for. If a person specifies they are looking for a certain age, race, or body type, let them have their ...

2 Comments, 51 Views, 12 Votes ,3.51 Score
Making Out With Mary Jane   10/21/2010

I will try to describe one of my all-time favorite sexual activities to do BAR NONE! I call it “Making Out With Mary Jane”.


0 Comments, 285 Views, 10 Votes ,2.39 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
New survey !   10/20/2010

According to a new survey, women say they feel more comfortable undressing in front of men than they do undressing in front of other women. They say that women are too judgmental, where, of course, men are just grateful....

2 Comments, 62 Views, 14 Votes ,1.22 Score
nonprobbwtranny 32 T
15  Articles

So, I thought it would be a great thing to write about this topic. It is something that prevails among men who like TS/TG women and the TS/TG women ourselves.

That is escorting among trans women.

I am blessed to have "Passing Privaledge". That is what we call it when we look very much like a natural born woman. I am a musician and perform live all the time. I have a real job as ...

3 Comments, 77 Views, 8 Votes ,3.94 Score
nonprobbwtranny 32 T
15  Articles

So, I thought it would be a great thing to write about this topic. It is something that prevails among men who like TS/TG women and the TS/TG women ourselves.

That is escorting among trans women.

I am blessed to have "Passing Privaledge". That is what we call it when we look very much like a natural born woman. I am a musician and perform live all the time. I have a real job as ...

1 Comments, 67 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
kelvinchk 45 M
4  Articles
How many guys or gals out there that still sleep with their ex'   10/18/2010

How many of you are still sleeping with ur ex even after u have divorce or break up? Is it acceptable to most of you? Just wanted to know.

6 Comments, 218 Views, 10 Votes ,3.19 Score
purpleOil 34 C
2  Articles
my favorites   10/18/2010

i love the dirty dangle....if u dont know it look it up and try it AWESOME and i have a littlething where i like to be choked but dont over o it im not asking to die here just enought pressure to hold me up or down but i can still take a breath when i need to and careful with the brusing ppl think bruises from fingers are actually hickeys but i guesss thats better than sayin oh no its no hickey i ...

1 Comments, 297 Views, 15 Votes ,3.59 Score
bluebell68 49 F
1  Article
SEXUAL NATURE   10/16/2010

S.E.X. What is sex, and what is it all about?why is it such a big issue for such a little tissue?. why is it a taboo subject for most.Why do we have a problem with sex? Why do we hide it, yet it is such a part of us.we feel shy to talk about it, and the stores go on about this thing called sex. Makes me think of Adam and Eve, what was their sex life about.did they have sex all the time.what kind ...

4 Comments, 244 Views, 18 Votes ,3.40 Score
iuryzinn 29 M
2  Articles
dirty talking tips   10/8/2010

So, you want to talk dirty, do you? The most important part of talking dirty is to become comfortable with it. The more comfortable we are in talking dirty to our partner the more intimate it becomes and with that your inhibitions will drop.

Dirty talk is like a secret with your partner, a secret that only the two of you know and that is a very powerful and intimate thing in itself. As ...

0 Comments, 124 Views, 9 Votes ,3.21 Score
nonprobbwtranny 32 T
15  Articles

Of course, the most common type of Interracial lover is the black guy with a white girl.

But, as a black/mixed race girl who is happy being mostly attracted to white and latino guys, I find the discussion with those guys interesting.

I have found out that many white and latino guys are actually very attracted to black girls (and some also to black TS, as long as the TS/TG is ...

4 Comments, 272 Views, 17 Votes ,5.39 Score
nonprobbwtranny 32 T
15  Articles

Of course, people talk about this alot. This is more of bullet points than an article.

Small framed women will be with a large framed/chubby guy. however, for the most psrt, slim and average built guys will not be with a big woman. For the most part is the key part of that. (most guys i am with are usullay slim, average, medium or thick built. and im a very big woman)

Caucasian ...

3 Comments, 75 Views, 3 Votes ,4.90 Score
nonprobbwtranny 32 T
15  Articles

It was completely hot. We were compatible, attracted to each other, and both really horny. Within minutes of seeing each other, we were fuckin. But i guess my walking in the room out of the shower naked was a catalyst lol

2 Comments, 318 Views, 10 Votes ,3.98 Score
eojb 49 M
3  Articles
what just happen ?   10/5/2010

this is my fist time with a guy.i was about 13 mike was 14.we was friends for a while and one night he ask me to spend the night at his house. we played around the hood for awhile then went inside to his was mike his brother and i.we started to play we was playing i notice he had touch me kinda funny but i just shook it we got ready for bed he told me i can just sleep in ...

3 Comments, 1345 Views, 34 Votes ,7.19 Score
fun4her1981 42 F
2  Articles
Take Me   10/5/2010

You creep up behind me and I feel your warm breath on my neck. I’m instantly aroused as you press up close to me. I smile with delight when I feel you become erect; it pleases me to know I can do that to you. You gently kiss the back of my neck as you work your hands around my waste and up my shirt. You slowly turn me around so that we’re face to face. Sliding your hand up to my throat you ...

6 Comments, 462 Views, 32 Votes ,7.55 Score
What is your favorite sex position   10/3/2010

Ours is 69 and dog.

7 Comments, 179 Views, 10 Votes ,4.18 Score
surferstanman 64 M
0  Articles
Bsexuality, doubling potential sex partners   10/2/2010

Although primarily attracted to girls then women I found myself becoming bi=curious as a and the curiosity increased as the years went by. I was not bothered by the sexual fantasies just kept them secret knowing that someday the opportunity would arrive to fulfill my fantasies, start having sex with men who represent 1/2 of the population therefore doubling my potential sex partners. Finally 15 ...

3 Comments, 618 Views, 25 Votes ,5.90 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Interesting piece of history !   9/30/2010

In 1872 Muslims invented the condom, using a goat's lower intestine.

In 1873 the British somewhat refined the idea by taking the intestine out of the goat first.

7 Comments, 163 Views, 14 Votes ,3.14 Score
Sharing   9/30/2010

My beautiful lady and I have a wonderful sex life. She is a fantastic lover and pleases me in every way. I do my best to please her but sometimes I cannot tell if she has climaxed or not. I have asked her to let me know when she climaxes.... but for some reason she doesn't.. Can anyone tell me how I can get her to be more open??/

6 Comments, 443 Views, 11 Votes ,3.17 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Breast implants & Viagra!   9/26/2010

There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer's research.

This means that by 2040, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.

4 Comments, 84 Views, 9 Votes ,3.00 Score
chopper6921 55 M
11  Articles
Foreplay secrets ?   9/25/2010

I love at times. My balls to be cupped to arouse me more or re-arose me, right after an orgasm. Doing this I have no doubt would just enhance me much quicker than almost anything else. Just cupping myself with my boxers on livens me up when I'm alone, self foreplay, and if I had a woman doing this daily to me we would have even more orgasms together.

I love it when a ...

3 Comments, 113 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_litmike75 50 C
47  Articles
Things that women do wrong in the bedroom   9/19/2010

Things that women do wrong in the bedroom

1.Women who refuse to give head

2.Women who fake orgasms

3.Women who have excessive pubic hair

4.Women who hate going on top

5.Women who only know one position

6.Women who refuse when you ask to go down on them

7.Women who suck too quickly or too slowly - watch the Keeley Hazell video and ...

20 Comments, 808 Views, 58 Votes ,5.58 Score
The Second time.......................   9/17/2010

It had been a very long time since that first encounter with him, and two or three times since, he had tried making advances towards me. After the last one, I was sure we had put it behind us. What happened, had happened, and I had no real emotions about it. It was just something I tried, and it wasn't for me. I knew that I liked women, and there was nothing about guys that excited me, or ...

5 Comments, 636 Views, 22 Votes ,6.37 Score
chopper6921 55 M
11  Articles
Those yummy areas on you women   9/16/2010

Well, I am still learning the names of all these yummy tasting spots and areas that I love to touch with my fingers, lips and tongue before my naked cock even gets to those areas of pleasure.

I didn't even know about all those spots until I was probably almost lets say almost 20 years old, or at least 18 or 19. I still don't even know if I am correctly naming the spots ...

3 Comments, 152 Views, 6 Votes ,2.23 Score
nvrgetsenuf 50 F
11  Articles
Why Would Anyone Fake?   9/15/2010

I read an advice line question recently which was asking how many have faked an orgasm. It immediately reminded me of a bumper sticker I saw & fell in love with. The sticker said...I fake so he will buy me things. I thought to myself, he would probably buy you more things if he knew the climaxes were real.

But it leads me to ask why anyone would fake a climax. Certainly sex can be fun, ...

6 Comments, 328 Views, 24 Votes ,5.86 Score
nvrgetsenuf 50 F
11  Articles
Educating Ralph   9/15/2010

Aw come on! You have to admit it's a catchy title. How many have seen the film "Educating Rita" with Michael Caine? Ok, so I'm gonna educate the Ralphs of this world today, & maybe some Ritas inexperienced in their own orgasms.

Did you know there are 3 types of orgasms a woman can experience? The three are...clitoral, vaginal & anal. Any combination is enough to take your breath away. ...

3 Comments, 219 Views, 6 Votes ,4.79 Score
chopper6921 55 M
11  Articles
Anally entry   9/13/2010

Personally I have just found out how much fun it can be to slide my hard-on into a woman's derriere hole. I have only done this with her and that was a couple years ago now. She had more than one orgasm that soaked my cock and partially my balls before I did her anally.

Start up it was an awesome feeling sliding into her that way on purposely. I had accidently slid ...

2 Comments, 223 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
chopper6921 55 M
11  Articles
Orgasms ?   9/13/2010

I've read or learned through the internet that only about 27% of women have had an orgasm, which I find hard to believe. I have felt most of the women I've been with have at least one orgasm, some of them multiple orgasms which I love to happen.

Anyhow, I personally have had two back to back once in my life, which was great to have them so close together. I came ...

3 Comments, 107 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
CamelDoc7 56 M
2  Articles
Who has found the key to lasting longer.   9/12/2010

Okay this might be more for the men, but maybe some women have some great suggestions also. More often then not I don't last as long I would like. Seems the more I think about trying to hold back the quicker I cum. It's all good if the woman I'm with is willing to suck me hard and I'm good to go again. So any suggestion on lasting longer or better skills at holding back.

10 Comments, 409 Views, 13 Votes ,4.15 Score
The First Time it Happened...................   9/7/2010

It was getting late in the afternoon, and me and the guys had been sitting at the outside patio of the bar, putting down a few too many cold ones while watching both the boats and the babes go by. I was feeling pretty good, but I was also ready to leave. I didn't want to over do the drinking, as I wanted to still be able to go out later that night. So, I took the opportunity and offered to drive ...

1 Comments, 998 Views, 18 Votes ,4.49 Score
mudkips12 33 M
1  Article
The girl from school..   9/6/2010

About 3 years ago on a Friday after school had ended I got on Myspace. To my surprise I had a new friend request from a girl I used to go to school with. Keep in mind that I was about 17 and wasn't as experienced as I am now. After some pretty pointless conversations and some mild flirting I was ready to throw in the towel, but something pretty amazing happened in that one instance. I had ...

1 Comments, 392 Views, 12 Votes ,4.21 Score
rm_johnnccc2 43 M
4  Articles
OK   9/6/2010

Ok as a man eith a average cock. I tend to eat pussy for hours and then Fuck with my average cock. Women I been with cum alot with my tongue and sometimes with my 7 inch cock... Women Is that ok???

3 Comments, 234 Views, 4 Votes ,1.69 Score
The Best Orgasms   9/6/2010

I was wondering what you ladies enjoyed the most and what gave the best orgasms. Is it oral or penetration. Let us guys know. We do care.

6 Comments, 264 Views, 9 Votes ,5.56 Score
TravelingMan524 71 M
17  Articles
A better way for guys to masterbate   9/1/2010

Guys next time you are having to "do it yourself" try putting some lube in a condom and then jerking off.

Wow! What a difference in feeling.

It sounds crazy but it really works.

0 Comments, 228 Views, 4 Votes ,0.92 Score
female orgasm   8/31/2010

Question for the ladies... Will you describe how it feels when you have a orgasm?

1 Comments, 271 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
HornySlut4You22 36 F
1  Article
He doesnt know   8/26/2010

Ok so he knows I like females, but he has no idea that I have made this profile! I made this profile to meet other women in my situation, looking to hook up and please one another!

I love my man to death and this has been killing me to talk to him about it, because I don't want to make him feel bad!

So am I wrong?

26 Comments, 847 Views, 43 Votes ,6.18 Score
nagnag42 49 G
12  Articles
kamasutra positions   8/26/2010

Positions - Face to face Position classic and universal, but not for that reason boring, the face to face allows a infinity of variants to make it more attractive and exciting. The mobility of the hands, the proximity of the faces and the comfort of the bodies are the advantages that made it famous. It is not necessary to fear to prove new types of contact during the sex.It is a position that ...

0 Comments, 139 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
rm_abilove22 31 F
10  Articles
A hug from you.   8/25/2010

Dear Men: sex for love, and affection feels different than sex for conquest or aggression. trust me. are you making love with her or......... are you dicking her? the female will sometimes respond better to the sex with you when she is made to feel loved or liked. what about a hug from you? where are the roses? did we kiss? romance counts for a lot in the bedroom! take advantage of the ...

3 Comments, 212 Views, 20 Votes ,6.32 Score
Making a women Squirm :)   8/21/2010

I have found that most women like to be teased and touched and kissed lots and lots before they actually get to the point of almost tearing your clothes of LOL. Foreplay seems to be the answer. What does everyone else think?

1 Comments, 167 Views, 7 Votes ,5.33 Score
sindrishorny 49 M
1  Article
Hairy or shaved mans bodies   8/21/2010

Would like to know what you ladies think about hair on certain parts of a mans body.

Is kissing a bearded mouth sexy or disturbing? You like lots of hair on breast and back or you prefer them shaved.

And what's about the pubic hair? Prefer it long, short, or shaven?

And if there's some hair on the cock? Is that a turn-off when blow-jobing?

Hair on arms and ...

1 Comments, 157 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
nonprobbwtranny 32 T
15  Articles

So, this is an ever-lasting debate among the Trans community. It is something that is the great divider among us.

That is, sexual position (top, bottom, vers) among Transgendered women of varied types.

One thing I get tired of is when men try to disrespect that I am a TOTAL, COMPLETE, 100% BOTTOM!

They come at me with all kinds of silly stories: "Well, don't you like to ...

2 Comments, 339 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
hot24790 29 M
10  Articles
!!! se x desire!!!   8/16/2010

First Time Sex "I handed her my penis and asked her to take it in"

This happened when my girlfriend and I were still teenagers. One day my girlfriend told me to go to her house at night because her dad and sisters were going to attend a marriage, and she was there alone with her mom. I went to her room that night and she was watching a movie. I softly knocked on the bedroom door and she ...

1 Comments, 474 Views, 8 Votes ,1.39 Score
hot24790 29 M
10  Articles
!!!!!!!!!! sex with neighbour!!!!!!!!!!!   8/15/2010

Sex With Neighbours "I shall call my wife and you fuck her"

My wife had left for her parents'. The other couple living in the same apartment made out a plan to tease me. One night they fucked, making loud noises which I could hear well. This made me excited very much and sick next morning when the husband came to me and found me very much excited. He told me that you are very much ...

2 Comments, 792 Views, 12 Votes ,1.56 Score
creampieeater50 78 M
3  Articles
Threesome part four   8/14/2010

Threesome Part four

In about two week the 21 year old who name is Sissy called me and said if i wanted to come up and bring my friend we could meet this Thursday nite. I ask her if she could have her mother there and she said she just wanted us two guy to her self. My friend is a co-worker who is the manger of or Lexington, Ky office who is 45 years old and very handsome black guy who ...

0 Comments, 261 Views, 12 Votes ,5.45 Score
creampieeater50 78 M
3  Articles
A foursome part 3   8/13/2010

Part three

Three woman a 56, 38 and 21 year old What a dream cum true.

I didn't hear from my main gal the 58 year old about meeting with the three of them in about six weeks so i was wondering if the four of us was going to really meet. Then one nite I got a call, the 38 year old said that the three of them are ready for me. She said that all three husbands were going to a ...

0 Comments, 206 Views, 8 Votes ,5.10 Score
jake7snake 49 C
7  Articles
give him the best head   8/11/2010

the key for the best blow job is to suck on his balls while you slowly stroke his cock and then when he is hard as a rock go back and forth between cock and balls till he explodes

9 Comments, 438 Views, 27 Votes ,5.98 Score
creampieeater50 78 M
3  Articles
A great threesome   8/11/2010

You can read part one and hear is part two

As i was walking to my car the 38 year old came up to me and started to chat with me. For the past five years she was always very cold to me I felt. She said to me how much she enjoyed me and said she always wanted to be with me for the past five years but she was to shy to ask me. I said I felt the same way about her so I was so glad that ...

0 Comments, 346 Views, 12 Votes ,6.51 Score
creampieeater50 78 M
3  Articles
grandmother   8/11/2010

I give up they denied all my artics

2 Comments, 416 Views, 3 Votes ,4.41 Score
clean up   8/6/2010

Years ago I had a job where I had to stand charge of quarters once every two weeks and had a CQ room with bed etc. Since it was overnight we all thought of it as a pain in the ass. We had inmates to clean and care for everything during the day but we also had a cleaning lady in the evenings for the admn. and offices for security reasons.She was married to a guy who seemed a moron and she brought ...

1 Comments, 575 Views, 18 Votes ,4.22 Score
Adventurer333 56 M
18  Articles
rev cowgirl with a twist   8/5/2010

One of my fav positions isn't terribly common and I enjoy sharing it with new people.

It is a reverse cowgirl (woman on top but facing away) but with the man's legs on the outside. This is fantastic for vaginal and anal sex, allowing deep penetration with either person involved able to set a pace for hard and fast or deep and slow.

One date completely soaked the bed with her cum ...

0 Comments, 250 Views, 10 Votes ,3.98 Score
tanukua 49 M
2  Articles
while your spouse is near you   8/5/2010


9 Comments, 578 Views, 10 Votes ,5.18 Score
bow wow   8/4/2010

A friend of mine heard about my GF and her fucking me and especially my big black lab. He wanted to visit for a weekend and bring his wife who was interested in the lab part. She didn't believe it she said , so I had them down for the weekend. They arrived on Friday evening so we all went for dinner and drinks. After a bottle of wine she asked if it was for real or were we pulling her chain. My ...

10 Comments, 1708 Views, 55 Votes ,7.61 Score
rm_larenman08 54 M
1  Article
Maintaining the "straight card" when a longtime "straight friend comes out as "bi"   8/4/2010

I know even the title of this article sounds too confusing to grasp, so you can imagine the interesting twist of fate I recently encountered.

I've been secretly bi since my early twenties though only "regularly practicing" since my early forties. Since I had no experience nor desire for guys for twenty years, I established myself as straight among family, friends, and co-workers. I ...

1 Comments, 668 Views, 9 Votes ,5.99 Score
biwifeynevada 56 C
6  Articles
bi sexual   8/3/2010

its seems to me that more women on here are bi then it that women are more honest or is it that woman just tend to be bi more often than men.i have a bi wife and it is a real turn on seeing how exited she gets from other woman.i do not consider my self bi as i have never been with a man but to be honest the only real fantasy i have is to be with a transsexual.

6 Comments, 376 Views, 9 Votes ,4.92 Score
sirius_for_fun 48 M
8  Articles
The Dutch Drawbridge   8/2/2010

Here's a terrific position that heightens the stimulation of the top portion of your woman's vagina. Here's What You Need: Just the two of you. Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. You, too. Sit up in the bed with your legs extended in front of you. Have your woman kneel above you, straddling your lap. Then, lower her down until you are inside of her. Now have your woman lean all the way ...

4 Comments, 354 Views, 8 Votes ,5.10 Score
sirius_for_fun 48 M
8  Articles
The Sensual Summons   8/2/2010

Here's a great way to stimulate a sensitive, but often neglected, area of your woman's vagina. You may even run across the elusive and controversial "G-spot." Here's What You Need: One bottle of water-based lubricant. Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. Have her lie on her back with her knees bent and legs slightly apart. Apply a small amount of lubricant to your hands. Gently caress your ...

1 Comments, 193 Views, 9 Votes ,5.78 Score
sirius_for_fun 48 M
8  Articles
Walking The Wall   8/2/2010

This is a great way to find find just the right angle to stimulate her G-spot (yes, it does exist). Here's What You Need: Just the two of you. Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. You, too. Have her sit on the edge of the bed with her legs apart. With you standing, enter your woman. Have her bend her knees, letting her feet rest on your stomach. As you continue thrusting, tell your woman ...

0 Comments, 109 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
sirius_for_fun 48 M
8  Articles
The Standing Wrap   8/2/2010

If you can manage it, this is a position she'll never forget. Here's What You Need: Just the two of you. Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. You, too. Sit on the edge of the bed and have your woman stand in front of you. Tell your woman to place one leg on the bed, then the other, and sit on your lap as your enter her. Now that she's sitting on your lap with you inside of her, have her ...

1 Comments, 132 Views, 3 Votes ,4.41 Score
sirius_for_fun 48 M
8  Articles
Ladies, Here is One For Men -- The Hummingbird   8/1/2010

Here's a classic technique that will have your man whistling a happy tune all week long. Here's What You Need: Just the two of you. Here's How You Do It: Get your man naked. Begin to pleasure him orally. As you do, start to hum. The lower the notes you're humming, the better. The vibration from your lips will make him crazy. Continue until he has one "humdinger" of an orgasm.

0 Comments, 206 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
sirius_for_fun 48 M
8  Articles
The Indian Rocking    8/1/2010

Here's a great position that allows for extra-deep penetration. Here's What You Need: Just the two of you. Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. You, too. Enter your woman in the standard missionary position. Now, both of you sit up while you're still joined together. Have her put her arms around your neck. Put both of your arms between her legs, positioning your elbows under her knees. ...

2 Comments, 278 Views, 4 Votes ,5.57 Score
sirius_for_fun 48 M
8  Articles
The Seltzer-Gasm   8/1/2010

This is a fun way to let your woman experience something she never has before: thousands of tiny bubbles swirling around her most sensitive area. Be sure to use the "Gold" variety of the world's most popular tablet. It's had the medicinal ingredients removed. Here's What You Need: One glass of water. One effervescent bicarbonate tablet without aspirin. Here's How You Do It: Get your woman naked. ...

1 Comments, 171 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
horny   8/1/2010

just cum

0 Comments, 34 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
the amazing amish handwarmer !   7/31/2010

An amish woman and her were riding in an old buggy one cold blustery day. The said to her mother, "My hands are freezing cold." the mother replied "Put them between your legs. Your body heat will warm them up." The did and her hands warmed up.

The next day the was riding with her boyfriend who said, "My hands are freezing cold." The girl replied, "Put them between my legs. The ...

2 Comments, 484 Views, 14 Votes ,5.86 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
communication is key   7/31/2010

What a woman says...

This place is a mess! C'mon! You and I need to clean up! Your stuff is lying on the floor and You'll have no clothes to wear if we don't do laundry right now!

What a man hears...

blah blah blah blah blah C'MON! YOU AND I blah blah blah blah! blah blah blah blah ON THE FLOOR blah blah blah NO CLOTHES blah blah blah blah blah blah blah RIGHT NOW!

0 Comments, 43 Views, 4 Votes ,4.02 Score
Morning sex   7/30/2010

Question for the ladies... my partner just informed me that she does like/want morning sex. I asked why and she said she just doesn't like it. She is a fantastic lover in the PM.

Anyone have any idea of what's going on???

5 Comments, 168 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
creampieeater50 78 M
3  Articles
Grandma, and Grand Part "1"   7/27/2010

I worked for this company that had a contract with a small family owned company in eastern Kentucky. The grandfather and his wife ran the company, the grandma was 56. There was 38 and her was 21 and they all worked together in this family business. There husbands all worked at the company also and they had around 50 other employees. I had worked with the grandfather and his wife before on ...

4 Comments, 1124 Views, 36 Votes ,7.29 Score
bradyb85 38 M
4  Articles
positions positions   7/26/2010

well she loves missionary and we both like doggy. but its time for something new in the mix. so lets hear it, whats your fav.

2 Comments, 78 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
hot24790 29 M
10  Articles
!!!!!!!!!!!sex desire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   7/23/2010


2 Comments, 66 Views, 0 Votes
creampieeater50 78 M
3  Articles
, mon and grandma A true story   7/22/2010

This is a true story about How i fucked all three the same nite together. Let me know if you want to hear about it

4 Comments, 824 Views, 21 Votes ,1.76 Score
jake7snake 49 C
7  Articles
swallowing   7/20/2010

is it just me or does a blow job just seem twice as good when you watch her swallow a mouth full of cum

24 Comments, 722 Views, 60 Votes ,8.54 Score
rm_abidins 42 M
1  Article
with my friend wifes   7/20/2010

im fucked my friends wife tight ass in hotel room this summer, she is counting down its first ass fucked, so i was surprised of me, now I'm waiting for my friends to go on a trip

3 Comments, 1012 Views, 24 Votes
JohnHolmes9inch 53 M
2  Articles
kinky but no opne knows   7/14/2010

help plz , how do i inform the world that i kinky , x dress and love sex with strangers..

none of my friends have a clue

1 Comments, 270 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
jake7snake 49 C
7  Articles
sex   7/14/2010

the key to good sex is make sure you stimulate the g-spot at the smae time you are licking her clit it will drive her crazy

5 Comments, 221 Views, 18 Votes ,5.17 Score
bradyb85 38 M
4  Articles
tip on oral sex   7/12/2010

my wife and i have been together for 5 years and can only "stomach" doing oral. would anyone have some tips to help her out?

2 Comments, 196 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
Open door   7/6/2010

One weekend there were football parties going all over and before crashing my girlfriend , my roomate and his cousin and some chick partied until we crashed. The next morning around daylight I went to the bathroom and while there heard my roomate's cousin leaving while telling his date he had to get home to his wife before she woke up. I heard a "fuck you" and him leaving. I had heard them ...

4 Comments, 1193 Views, 27 Votes ,7.03 Score
Enlargement   6/25/2010

I take everything I hear about enlargement with skeptical view, even the parts that say it doesn't work. Now the truth is size does matter, anybody got any input?

3 Comments, 348 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
hot24790 29 M
10  Articles
SEX DESIRE   6/24/2010

AS the! an woman living next to my aPARTMENT! AS SHE is staring DAY by day! with her grazzy! eyes anD MAKING MEE HOT!~when her husband out!im looking forward toO!!!!!!

3 Comments, 190 Views, 5 Votes ,0.21 Score
yungcoc 39 M
6  Articles
??????   6/20/2010

What are your favorite moves that you use while having sex? What works the most when making your partner orgasm?

0 Comments, 50 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
fuckdart 50 M
1  Article
Your Sign   6/15/2010

I was thinking about the Zodiac and the 12 signs in astrology. The day you were born, you fell under a certain sign and during your lifetime you are destined to become what your sign says. I read a page article in a book about your exact birthdate. The month day and birth year. It described my life to a perfect description . It had my ups and accomplishments with precisely the person i had been ...

4 Comments, 103 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
eroshypno 54 M
1  Article
Music For Sex   6/11/2010

I like to listen to many different types of music for sex. It really depends on my mood and what I am looking for at the time. If I want to take it slow I like good slow music to grind to or if I am in the mood for some really hot sex, I will usually go for something up tempo. The best music that I like though is trance. The rhythm of trance really seems to go well with sex for me. It also helps ...

1 Comments, 48 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
sonofdirt 48 M
1  Article
Oversized, Cave Pussies   6/10/2010

In my years, here on this planet, I have heard a lot of talk about dick too little or pussy too big. I wanna explore "Pussy too Big". It would seem to me that a lot of women ruin their holy grail by (1)doing it too often (2) only doing it with guys who seem to be hung like Ron Jeremy(3) a combination of 1 and 2, and chronic mastubation(oftentimes exacerbated by the use of artificial stimuli, i.e. ...

8 Comments, 510 Views, 12 Votes ,4.57 Score
__A_J__ 47 F
9  Articles
My sex secret   6/7/2010

My sex secret is I'm not seeing anyone right now. lol ...

14 Comments, 580 Views, 40 Votes ,3.64 Score
Girlfriend cumming too quickly   6/4/2010

My girlfriend has the most sensitive pussy I've ever seen. I can make her cum in about 30 seconds, either with penetration, oral or just fingering. The problem is that my girlfriend says that after she cums, her pussy becomes too sensitive to continue, so I have to cum quickly or else it starts to hurt for her. This is really annoying since she doesn't appear to be enjoying sex after she cums. ...

0 Comments, 413 Views, 10 Votes ,3.58 Score
hey   6/3/2010

would love to know all your sex secrets fill in below

1 Comments, 31 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
ladyj_1957 62 F
2  Articles
Where have you had sex?   6/1/2010

What is the weirdest place that you have had sex?

73 Comments, 1464 Views, 63 Votes ,4.74 Score
Old Guys... Better lovers???   5/29/2010

This questions for the ladies... Why don't you think old guys wouldn't be good lovers? What we lack in stamina we make up for the technique and attention. Why wouldn't ladies want a "slow hand" to stimulate every "nerve" in their body?

Any comments??

2 Comments, 311 Views, 6 Votes ,5.07 Score
1thickstick 37 M
9  Articles
Best tongue techniques   5/25/2010

Just curious what the guys and girls find to be their favorite tongue usage on the nipples and clit?

I've always found the figure eight to be enjoyable and get good reviews.

1 Comments, 111 Views, 9 Votes ,3.00 Score
Clit rock and roll   5/21/2010

My man will blow on my clit making sure not to blow in the pussy but he blows it very hard and it vibrates so much I scream. He blows about 15 5-10 second bursts WOW WoW

It will get noisy and be carefull not to blow air in side her

5 Comments, 264 Views, 15 Votes ,2.98 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Eager to find out !   5/21/2010

You shouldn't be so eager to find out a sex secret about someone near you. It could change your life forever....

2 Comments, 123 Views, 13 Votes ,1.13 Score
rm_jwash77 34 M
1  Article
anyone know?   5/18/2010

looking to learn some new secrets! new is good

0 Comments, 77 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
Hungry4mouthfull 59 M
5  Articles
Splish Splash   5/16/2010

Ever find that one woman who didn't just get a little damp. You know the one who didn't get just a little wet. Well there is a very highly kept secret in making a woman squirt uncontrolibly. I met this woman who didnt just squirt once or twice but never stopped. Every time she would visit I had to change all the bedding but it was great sex. Every time we had sex it would last for hours and for ...

8 Comments, 476 Views, 11 Votes ,2.05 Score
Hungry4mouthfull 59 M
5  Articles
MFM and FMF Sex   5/15/2010

Many people wonder what's so great about MFM or FMF sex because the have never tried or maybe only thought about it with two people of the other sex. Truth be known either way it can only be really great if everyone lets loose and enjoys both other people. Give it a try with a totally open mind and enjoy it.

3 Comments, 443 Views, 10 Votes ,5.38 Score
rm_camila51000 64 M
13  Articles
Secrets of the Opposite sex   5/11/2010

Many jokes, problems, and conversation revolve around communications differences between men and woman.Woman are often teased forgabbing and chattering on about nothing.Men are often accused of not listening , not paying attention, or dominating the conversation.When conversing whit a woman.These problems occur because each gender routinely misinterprets the other's nonverbal and verbal litening ...

0 Comments, 62 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
aussieteninch 48 M
1  Article
How to make come taste sweeter   5/8/2010

A hour before hand

Make a milkshake containing ice cream tsp honey 1 cup milk 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground nutmeg, ground cloves 1 raw egg

Try it for yourself and post the results !

11 Comments, 503 Views, 16 Votes ,3.86 Score
rajashaker5 36 M
8  Articles
SRUTHI night   5/6/2010

SRUTHI----Oka roju ratri Boathrooom Ki Vellanu.Nidralo Thalupu ala Dhagaraga Vesi kurchoni Poyadom Modhalu pettanu.sadan ga vadu vachi thalupu thosi dhagaraga vesi kallumusukone vadidhi Bayataku Thisadu.Nenu chusi Ha Annanu.Vadu Kallu therichi Chuse sariki toilet na Meedha Padidhi.Vadu Ala Chudadom Modhati sari.Kindha Clean Ga undatom Valla Vadiki Clear ga kanipinchindi NADHI.Naku VAdidhi ...

0 Comments, 23 Views, 0 Votes
rajashaker5 36 M
8  Articles
SRUTHI PAKKINTI abbai   5/6/2010

SRUTHI----Oka roju ratri Boathrooom Ki Vellanu.Nidralo Thalupu ala Dhagaraga Vesi kurchoni Poyadom Modhalu pettanu.sadan ga vadu vachi thalupu thosi dhagaraga vesi kallumusukone vadidhi Bayataku Thisadu.Nenu chusi Ha Annanu.Vadu Kallu therichi Chuse sariki toilet na Meedha Padidhi.Vadu Ala Chudadom Modhati sari.Kindha Clean Ga undatom Valla Vadiki Clear ga kanipinchindi NADHI.Naku VAdidhi ...

1 Comments, 18 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
ALways remember !   5/5/2010

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away....

1 Comments, 43 Views, 18 Votes ,1.90 Score
THE BEST SECRET   5/3/2010

THE lORD Jesus Christ LOVES YOU MY dear. he does not what to see you perish in the lake of fire. his arms are wide open for you. you don't have to live this way. I know him because i talk to him face to face.i am a real person and i have more than 100 encounters that prove that he is LORD. ask him to forgive you. let him take total control of your life.if you do that and you pray to him he will ...

3 Comments, 87 Views, 7 Votes ,1.00 Score
Chocolate lovers   5/3/2010

I am curious... What makes a black lover so much better???

Anyone care to share their experiences?

6 Comments, 353 Views, 7 Votes ,1.77 Score
Who are you ?   5/2/2010

A few years ago my parents ask me if I would do them a big favor, and stop their house and pick up the mail, water the lawn shit like that. Most important make sure your dumbass younger brother does'nt have a party and burn the freakin'house down. "Yea sure no problem" I said, you can trust me, that they handed over the key to city. Well i had stopped by a couple of times during the week only to ...

4 Comments, 905 Views, 15 Votes ,5.73 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
How to Get Caught Cheating Without Really Trying   5/2/2010

My spouse knows I am a member of HornyWife, he thinks I am here for the adult chat, you know...politics, religion and economics.

Recently he has become somewhat suspicious about my chats and I found him checking my text messages.

I had recently met a lovely man from HornyWife, who found me quite lovely too, in that he left several flattering text messages on my phone.

"you have a ...

6 Comments, 925 Views, 20 Votes ,5.42 Score
rm_ghotboy 40 M
4  Articles
experiance advice   4/30/2010

woman likes the man who patiently listen her, and know what she want, dont show hury when ur with a woman or girl, enjoy little-2 movement,

in end remember one thing

slow sex give more plasure to both


0 Comments, 43 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
lock the door   4/29/2010

My wife had called me from work that evening saying she was going to be a few hours late for our usuall fuck session, when asked why she tells me a friend of hers needs a ride home. So be ready, i'll be home soon.It seemed like a lifetime i drank verything in the house around mid-nite i was feeling no pain, that term will come in very handy later on for sure.Watching porn really started to get me ...

4 Comments, 1184 Views, 22 Votes ,6.25 Score
rm_ImpureSaint 32 M
1  Article
A fun little trick.   4/28/2010

A fun little trick I've discovered:

In one hand, small ice cube.

Next to the other, a cup full of water - preferably hot enough that you don't want to touch the water for longer than to dip your fingers in.

Apply ice cube lightly to nipples/hands/wherever.

Dip fingers in hot water and apply to same place(The water will cool quick enough that it won't burn your ...

1 Comments, 217 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_vamshiraj2 41 M
7  Articles
How to Reveal ladie's Sexy Secrets for Fantastic, Screaming Orgasms   4/27/2010

The secret to being a great lover is to reveal all her sexy secrets. Then use them to fulfill her. All women have similar needs, wants and desires. But your lover is an individual. Once you know her unique preferences, you can easily satisfy her.

1. Work smart, not hard. You don’t have to be an expert, or a professional. Just learn enough to be effective and efficient. You’ll please ...

0 Comments, 70 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_vamshiraj2 41 M
7  Articles
how often copules should hav sex   4/27/2010

How Often Should We Have Sex? Seven Factors that Can Impact Your Sex LifeMany people ask the question, how often do couples have sex, on average? Iif this question has been on your mind, welcome to the club! The quick answer to this question is, it depends! Every person has a different level of sexual need.There is no right or wrong answer for frequency for a person or a couple. How often you ...

0 Comments, 45 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
mfriendly2 42 M
9  Articles
Tantrik Sex - Yoga - Spiritual Energy   4/27/2010


Real vajroli is not only about retaining semen during ejaculation, though this is what gets all the press coverage. With inner silence and ecstatic conductivity (kundalini) coming up in the nervous system, there is a constant release of semen at the root, and constant absorption up into ...

1 Comments, 55 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_angelxyz123 30 M
1  Article
Sex Secrets?   4/26/2010

Anyone got any?

2 Comments, 235 Views, 5 Votes ,3.47 Score
I won't tell   4/26/2010

Well she came home that acting just a little funny. She undressed and got in the shower.My curiocity got the better of me she left her panties on floor so I picked them up and wow the full of cum I mean full of cum. No wonder my horny wife needs a shower. As we lay in bed i started to caress her back she told me stop it i'm tired. Yea i would be to if i spent all fucking, you fucked him tonite ...

3 Comments, 799 Views, 12 Votes ,0.33 Score
mzsunnyclit69 49 F
3  Articles
me and the landlord   4/24/2010

I was in total shock when i got to my new apartment in the heart of downtown of won of the most amazing cities in the world. It was a beautiful building from the design to the maintanance. As i entered the lobby I saw this beautiful and well built lady walking toward me. She held out her hand and said hello I am Toni the landlord I said OH kind of in shock see when i read the ad and said contact ...

3 Comments, 651 Views, 18 Votes ,5.58 Score
rm_camila51000 64 M
13  Articles
Love&sex secrets whit Astrology   4/23/2010

We can learn a lot about ourselves and others through an exploration of positions, placements, and aspect in astrology birt charts.Love and sex are areas of our lives that intrigue us all.There are specific things to look for in astrology that will help shed light on individual temperaments, preferences, and styles.

1 Comments, 35 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
bisexualgurl2010 43 F
3  Articles
Women Probably Think About Sex Equal To or More Then Men   4/21/2010

I really believe that men are not horn-dogs by themselves women are too. There is not a day, hour, min or second that I don't think about sex. Whether or not I'm making love to my husband, or here online looking for a playmate sex is on my mind all the time. Sometimes I be thinking really naughty thoughts and sometimes I be thinking playful thoughts but no matter what I'm doing I'm thinking bout ...

4 Comments, 123 Views, 13 Votes ,3.98 Score
passionlove1 57 M
3  Articles
Do Women Really Want Big Cocks?   4/19/2010

This question comes up frequently with many websites are devoted to "Big Cocks." The implication is that every woman wants to experience a big cock inside her body. Lots of women and couples at this website advertise 'her' so she can find a stud with a huge cock to enjoy.

But is this really accurate? "Size matters" became a catchphrase of the last decade.

But during the CA. gold ...

13 Comments, 679 Views, 18 Votes ,4.35 Score
christopher___25 39 M
12  Articles
head jobs   4/17/2010

this is for the ladies get the mans pre cum and coat the back of your throat and you should be able to slide it down your throat if it is lubed properly.

1 Comments, 72 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
thirdwheel1979 44 M
3  Articles
my cock and her toy   4/16/2010

the best sex we have is when she brings out her toy and let sme put my cock in her pussy

1 Comments, 148 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
soccer1304 35 M
1  Article
50 Mistakes Women Make When Having Sex.   4/16/2010

1. Assuming he can get a raging hard on when it suits you. Contrary to popular belief, men can't just flip a switch and get it up because you decided to stop being a frigid bitch. Getting it hard is your job. I suggest you figure it out.

2. Thinking that kissing needs to be this sweet romantic thing all the time. Sometimes pressing your lips against your partners mouth while you get off ...

2 Comments, 393 Views, 19 Votes ,4.84 Score
rm_leio1234 51 M
9  Articles
masturbation   4/9/2010

do you get death if you masturbate a lot's lol

2 Comments, 224 Views, 5 Votes ,1.51 Score
EasyGoer430 67 M
1  Article
Making it feel sooooo good   4/9/2010

Having recently gotten divorced I spend a fair amount of time alone. I enjoy my solitude... I also love being naked and playin with my average sized dick and my fine set of low hanging balls. Camming to the world on HornyWife has opened me up to new pleasures which previuosly I never even imagined.

Having an audience watch as I slap my little dick into a fine hard cock is such a turn on. The ...

0 Comments, 358 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
youngfunguyIL 39 M
6  Articles
oral sex   4/7/2010

so this thread is for anybody how thinks they are good at sex. Now i know im young but one thing i really took a liking to was giving oral. NOT GUYS!!! LMAO.

I consinder myself probablly just at a " good " level. I can make a girl cum pretty easily but better depending on the person.

Lets trade techniques! i mainly go strictly at working the clit fast with my tounge and then of ...

3 Comments, 353 Views, 18 Votes ,3.67 Score
rm_Sweetaste23 43 F
1  Article
A great Erotic Tantra Massage   4/7/2010

I saw this ad and decided to have it. I always wanted to have a G-Spot tantra massage so I could get relax.

He said.. Come in !! Please lay down on your back with this pillows under your head. A pillow, covered with a towel, was placed under my hips. then he spread my legs apart with my knees slightly bent (pillows or cushions under the knees ) and my pussy clearly exposed for the ...

0 Comments, 43 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
manwhore695 37 M
2  Articles
Trying new things   4/6/2010

I know that a lot of women don't like to try new things when they are having sex or even just fooling around. If you want to keep your man satisfied and keep your sex life exciting you have to be able to try new things. Sex gets boring after a while and you have to keep it spiced up. So if your man or lover wants you to try something different just go for it! Who knows, you might actually enjoy ...

1 Comments, 27 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
boo84 39 M
4  Articles
Sex Fantasies   4/4/2010

What gives you the inspiration to have great sex, besides of course your partner .

What I mean is do you get inspired by movies, stories, or thinking of famous people?

I personally think that porn is healthy and my girlfriend shares my opinion. Yet, I'd love to hear yours.

3 Comments, 173 Views, 14 Votes ,2.50 Score
boo84 39 M
4  Articles
Questtions!   4/4/2010

Why so many people post questions and never read other posts? People, read what others have written before you! I really do not need an answer ... Just think about it!



1 Comments, 46 Views, 7 Votes ,2.28 Score
work place   4/2/2010

fucking an employee in the office

2 Comments, 469 Views, 10 Votes ,1.59 Score
secrets   4/2/2010

does everyone have sex secrets

1 Comments, 144 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
latincplinsocal 55 C
2  Articles
Love to watch my wife get FUCKED!   3/29/2010

Wow what is it about me that I love to watch my wife get fucked by 2-3 guys at a time. >>! I'm not gay or bi I just like to watch her come over and over again.happyf; We have been together a long time now more than most. I love to fuck her and make her squirt, but I really get off by video taping her with a few guys with 8+ size cocks \8b \8 just ...

13 Comments, 1335 Views, 39 Votes ,6.57 Score
redddeliciousone 47 F
1  Article
To squirt or not to squirt   3/28/2010

Many woman have the ability to make their pussy squirt. While other women get extremely wet and cum so much it runs down your thighs.

As a bisexual woman I would enjoy my woman cumming as much as my man!! However, I have to wonder why I do not squirt?

Some women say it's mental, some say it's physical, some say it's a combination of both, but whatever it is I want that skill. ...

14 Comments, 495 Views, 28 Votes ,6.01 Score
rm_camila51000 64 M
13  Articles
Oral sex   3/28/2010

Oral sex, when performed masterfully on a woman, makes her feel loved, admired, sexy, and horny as hell whit the potential to give her an exceptional orgasm.Many women prefer it to intercourse, and for the babes who require a large amount of clitoral stimulation, it is the easiest way orgasm.

0 Comments, 76 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
rm_ranchoddass 30 M
4  Articles
oral sex   3/23/2010

The following oral sex techniques are a simple guide to teaching all of you the basics of "eating out, " and I'm not talking about fine dining.

If you're not much of a vaginal vacuum and are hesitant to try oral sex because of odors or whatever other preconceived notions that you have, ensuring that she has just come out of the shower will ease your tension and you'll be able to let ...

2 Comments, 260 Views, 12 Votes ,2.98 Score
Super Sensative following getting cut   3/15/2010

Ok here's the deal,

I got cut about 10 yrs ago and have never been the same since. The tem 2 pump cchump, thats me. I need to tips on drawing out the experience for myself and my wife.



4 Comments, 200 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
needsexbadly4 70 M
0  Articles
What a joke   3/13/2010

Everytime I come here I am hoping to find a story that is a true secret that someone wants to share. But as usual it almost never happens. It is usually something that is is to inform us about how to make sex more pleasueable. Give me a fucking break. Most of us have been there and done that. All you young things can't tell us anything we haven't done or tried. What we want to read is things that ...

2 Comments, 156 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
hotbookauthor 61 M
0  Articles
The 4 Secrets Of How To Be A Great Lover   3/9/2010

What makes a good lover? Here are 4 requirements …

What makes a good lover? Based on extensive and successful experience and as stated in my 7th book, Soul Sex: The Ultimate Pleasure (, what makes a good lover is: interest. And passion. And a few other things.

To be a good lover requires a combination of interest, passion, focus and developing love making ...

4 Comments, 207 Views, 15 Votes ,4.82 Score
itsallgood8769 36 M
6  Articles
sex positions   3/8/2010

you can work off so many calories during sex, just find the right positions. look on the net for help

1 Comments, 121 Views, 8 Votes ,2.32 Score
eager2please882 33 M
0  Articles
Lovely Strokes   3/6/2010

My 's Friend Natalia Introduction: Lovely Strokes I laid on the bed with a still raging hard-on, even though Natalia had just massaged my dick and had given me a great

explosive ejaculation. I thought for sure I was going to go limp, but watching her smell and lick her fingers clean of my hot come, and clean her pussy come out of her own panties brought my dick right back to life. Just ...

6 Comments, 983 Views, 37 Votes ,4.76 Score
Redfaux 67 F
1  Article
MEN! This may help you out (and some poor female)   3/3/2010

Hi, since I’ve noticed that 99.9% of the peeps looking at my Blog are guys, I figured I’d help you guys out (and maybe some poor female) with one of the biggest problems known to man…going down on a woman. First things first, Fore play. You men ever heard of that? Fore play starts the minute you pick her up for your date. Let’s say you’re going to take a woman out for the evening. From ...

27 Comments, 1411 Views, 70 Votes ,7.17 Score
Pick up lines #1 mostly for the ladies to use   2/27/2010

Even if you are already a couple, a good sense of humor and flirting with your partner are fun and get things going. So, here are ten "pick up lines" that you might like to try sometime.

1.If I could have you in bed, I wouldn't need the cover to keep warm.

2.You're just the way I like my coffee. Tall, dark, and strong.

3.You've been a bad ...

6 Comments, 588 Views, 28 Votes ,4.99 Score
stallion4earth 38 M
6  Articles
ass licking   2/19/2010

there are lot of stuff on about anal sex but not much about ass i am to explore the possibility that is it possible to give her orgasm through ass licking. experience of ladies will be great help. what are tips which make them feel really heavenly. what exactly do they like during ass licking. it may be gross to few people but at i wanna try ot to see how it feels for her as well as ...

4 Comments, 400 Views, 17 Votes ,2.84 Score
rm_hot_egy_man2 45 M
10  Articles
Sex secrets of married men: want to keep things sizzling between the sheets? Learn from the guys who   2/18/2010

Sex secrets of married men: want to keep things sizzling between the sheets? Learn from the guys who've learned from experience - Relationships

Q: How do you get a woman to stop having sex with you? A: Marry her.

If only because of the sheer number of jokes on the subject, like the moldy one above, it's clear that married couples can find it difficult to have a healthy ...

1 Comments, 408 Views, 9 Votes ,0.43 Score
rm_tandjplayers 46 C
1  Article
on the way home.   2/13/2010

One sunday afternoon on our way home from laguana beach we driveing j mustang on hwy 133, when we played this game I like to play called Concentration:Rules are I play with her sweet sexy pussy while she is driving.Then after she cums we switch Drivers and she jack me off or gives me head.And the 1 who drives the longest is the winner.well anyway we start and I an finger her and licking her as ...

10 Comments, 707 Views, 31 Votes ,5.54 Score
widowed43yrold 44 M
1  Article
Frank, Monica and Me Part One   2/10/2010

I am a standard member on HornyWife.Com and was viewing profiles of who was on line one day. To my surprise I had an email on the site from a couple I had viewed. Since I can’t read anyone’s profile, all I knew is they were looking for men and other couples. There email was polite and we started to correspond for a few days. We decided to meet up for drinks and get to know each ...

3 Comments, 858 Views, 32 Votes ,6.62 Score
porn star   2/9/2010

Who is the best brittish porn star ever!!

Think Dani O'neal gets my vote

0 Comments, 45 Views, 0 Votes
rm_zoogoa 43 M
2  Articles
Eager to Explore & Enhance Joys of Sex-Yoga!   2/5/2010

Friends solutions of many world-wide social problems is "Sex-Yoga" today. Many people have forgetton this ancient art of generating and preserving energy in body. I shall write my experiences in two para here. The Ist para of social problems and the IInd para of encouraging results. In Singles almost all boys masturbate by dreaming of a hot and sexy girl wasting precious semen and females too ...

1 Comments, 90 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
Top 20 sex tips and secrets   1/29/2010


1 Men aren’t irresistible and not all women are desperate for sex. Good lovemaking starts long before you reach the bedroom, so before any date, have a bath. Everyone smells: some women like the smell of male sweat, others don’t, but no one likes the smell of stale sweat.

2 Teeth are as important as the groin and armpits. Don’t forget to brush them ...

2 Comments, 264 Views, 7 Votes ,2.02 Score
His Back Door   1/26/2010

Many men enjoy anal stimulation while enjoying oral sex. When your mouth is busy licking and sucking his cock, gently touch his anus with the tip of your finger. If he is agreeable, insert a lubed finger in his anus. If you get a positive response, push your finger further into his rectum until you feel the prostate, which is the size and shape of a chestnut, and massage it ...

31 Comments, 1452 Views, 111 Votes ,8.68 Score
Question to females about 3somes   1/26/2010

So we all know that 99% of men's fantasies include a MFF threesome. Just out of curiosity, do women fantasize about MMF threesomes? If so, do they include bi guys or would you want to be the center of attention?

19 Comments, 872 Views, 26 Votes ,4.54 Score
my wifes dreams   1/23/2010

my wife say she has these dreams of us sitting around with my friends watching football we are all drinking and feeling good my wife gos up stairs and changes in to a all lethersuit withher tits hanging out i mean hanging out and pussy too it was a thong in the back my wife is a big girl . so she comes down while the game is on and sits next to my ...

7 Comments, 664 Views, 14 Votes ,2.98 Score
egdiscreetdesire 47 M
6  Articles
how to convince your wife?   1/22/2010

i always wanted to sk this question , why majority of wifes think if her husband ask her for 3 or 4 some MMFF or similar then he doesn't love her or thinking she is a bitch to watch her playing with others !

1 Comments, 136 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
mysteriousman43 36 M
10  Articles
women sometime share   1/20/2010

well i believe & have experience also that sometimes women share their sex secets i mean their depennds on your behaviour & thier mood also.

0 Comments, 59 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
cahttome 52 M
2  Articles
Going down   1/18/2010

I suppose it's no secret that most women love it when a man goes down on her.The intensity of the climax is so great when a man knows how to satisfy a woman by licking and sucking her vagina and clit.The scret is that the man must also enjoy doing it and if it's a man that wants to satisfy his partner as well as himself, he will definately enjoy it.I do.

16 Comments, 450 Views, 27 Votes ,4.61 Score
uniquecheekzmana 67 C
4  Articles
wanna learn to squirt   1/16/2010

contact us

6 Comments, 478 Views, 13 Votes ,1.47 Score
invincible_tarun 36 M
9  Articles
disclosing secrets   1/15/2010

what would you do if you find that your partner is disclosing those intimate moments to his/her friends?

Be it a verbal communication or video of your intimate moments....

0 Comments, 90 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
How to eat Pussy   1/11/2010

Take your time, it will increases arousal tenfold. Start with her neck, shoulders, and ears. Caress, kiss and lick your way down her chest, lingering on her breasts. I can not overstate how sensitive nipples are. When you circle the aureoles with your lips or fingers, then lightly (or not so lightly) squeeze the nipples and tug on them, she can feel the vibration right down to her crotch. Not ...

12 Comments, 663 Views, 57 Votes ,9.03 Score
The Beauty of Touching Yourself   1/11/2010

How many ladies have ever experienced having thier partner disinterested in sex when they were so hot you could fry an egg on thier ass? What do you do when he just wants to roll over and sleep or go watch TV and you are finding it hard to concentrate because you keep getting urges? One thing you can try is masturbating and if your partner is not to distracted, have him watch. Even if all you do ...

2 Comments, 159 Views, 8 Votes ,5.33 Score
18764930560SEX 30 M
10  Articles
HORNY GOAT WEED   1/10/2010


3 Comments, 644 Views, 8 Votes ,3.01 Score
rm_krisshh81 33 M
14  Articles
Secret sex - Letters   1/7/2010

As I read the title "Married Guys' Surprising Sex Secrets" on the cover of the May issue, I thought: Here they are with some juicy, down-to-earth article about sex!

I expected a thorough report about all those married men who. cheat on their wives, sleep around with their secretaries and co-workers, haunt massage parlors, pick up hookers on the street, hire male , have gay ...

2 Comments, 329 Views, 12 Votes ,0.33 Score
rm_skilledman32 52 M
5  Articles
Women who squirt   1/6/2010

What sexual position works best for you to get to this point, And is g spot stimulation the most important part to have this happen.

6 Comments, 383 Views, 7 Votes ,4.06 Score
rm_skilledman32 52 M
5  Articles
The elusive G SPOT   1/6/2010

Ladies , what position works best when a man penetrates you to stimulate you're g spot. I have a couple of positions that seem to work the best for me when i am with my love, what are yours?

0 Comments, 151 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
dedalus616 44 M
1  Article
The Elusive Erogenous Zone   1/4/2010

A recent BBC article claims that the largest scientific research went into the validity of the G-Spot. Research summed up that the G-spot is subjective, found no proof of it, and that it is a figment of women's imaginations.

What? Seriously?

Has anyone else read or heard about this article? I can't say that it is a figment of imagination, but I would like to know what other's ...

2 Comments, 76 Views, 0 Votes
weluv2play1975 50 C
1  Article
do u think sex gets better the longer u have been with ur partner   1/4/2010

hi i just wondered if everyone else had the same active sex life as me and my hubby. we have been married 10yrs and 2gether 3 b4 that and boy does that guy know what buttons 2 push. we have tried everything from food play 2 having a ffm 3sums we luv playing with eachothers asses. now i b4 would have personally found that disgusting but there is absolutley nothing i wouldnt try ...

8 Comments, 197 Views, 14 Votes ,5.54 Score
DiamondRose212 26 F
0  Articles

When fantasies are concerned we all carry some sort of false bliefs both about men and woman. For example for many of you it may be very difficult to understand the number one fantasy of woman is being . But do not misundersand. No woman really likes to be . When it really happens it is very hurting and very traumatic. But as a fantasy it is very arousing. Think of Universal studios. ...

5 Comments, 580 Views, 19 Votes ,6.82 Score
frenchtouch_uk 43 M
1  Article
why women like it rough??   12/26/2009

Hi, i've come across many women liking it rough on HornyWife... Is that just this site, or women just like having their hair pulled, slaps on the bum, face fuck etc? think my perception is somehow blurred...

tks for your replies

2 Comments, 252 Views, 7 Votes ,2.02 Score
wetlicker37 57 M
3  Articles
Ladies your opinion?   12/21/2009

Ladies your opinion what is your ideal size for a good romp? small med. or lrg. I have a 7 1/2 inch. and what place do I fall in?

2 Comments, 269 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
wetlicker37 57 M
3  Articles
Ladies what is your favorite?   12/21/2009

Ladies what is your favorite posssition, and is it moe enjoyable to have your pussy eaten till you cum before a good romp?

0 Comments, 93 Views, 0 Votes
whitesexyhung 39 M
5  Articles
whats the secret to long eventful sex lives   12/19/2009

I am just curious about people tip and ideas on how to keep your women happy over a long period of time so that even after being married for years you still have great sex on an often basis

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MICKEY4947 45 M
1  Article





0 Comments, 50 Views, 5 Votes ,4.45 Score
rm_3u1s4a 42 M
2  Articles
what is considerd large size penise ?   12/9/2009

help me out here

7 Comments, 523 Views, 9 Votes ,1.29 Score
tightjuicypussy2 37 F
6  Articles
bicurious/bisexual   12/8/2009

I know alot of people on this site are in the closet sexual orientation wise. Are you scared that your mate wont accept that side of you??

7 Comments, 590 Views, 23 Votes ,2.89 Score
trudy910 51 T
5  Articles
The first gay guy i met   12/3/2009

When i was 15 i was walking in the woods when i came across a man who was naked from the waist down. He was walking about wanking on his big hard cock. I was following him about when he invited me to come and have a closer look if i liked. I got to him and looked down at his very hard long cock and i did like it, it was the first erection i had seen. He said that i could get mine out too, i ...

19 Comments, 1740 Views, 42 Votes ,7.85 Score
rm_palkb 38 M
1  Article
Do women like being Fucked in their ass   11/30/2009

Do women really like being fucked in their ass.

12 Comments, 744 Views, 16 Votes ,2.98 Score
wildwiccan2007 44 F
3  Articles
got a question for the guys   11/26/2009

Ok guys.....I'm about to sound like an ass but what better way to find out than going to the source, right?

What to you makes the best blowjob? Be honest and include details.....

31 Comments, 962 Views, 40 Votes ,6.43 Score
LukN4Tush 56 C
3  Articles
Strap On   11/25/2009

For my b-day my usually quite conservative wife gave me a very sexy massage. And as she was rubbing my back she was grinding herself against my ass. Pretty quickly my whole ass was soaked. I had never considered letting her do anything in my ass before. We didn't talk about it at all but I couldn't stop thinking about how turned on she was. I found myself fantasizing about her penetrating me ...

14 Comments, 1333 Views, 37 Votes ,4.68 Score
rm_noguat3 35 M
8  Articles
pussy per day   11/21/2009

i am addicted to pussy. more specifically different pussy.

cant get enough, its like im at the world's largest buffet and i want to try EVERYTHING.

of course Asian is at the top of the list, ive tried china, hk, taiwan, korean, malaysian, indonesia (and all the sub-ethnicities), thai, japan.. and recently ive developed a taste for indian.

but i also love caucasian, yet ...

4 Comments, 267 Views, 8 Votes ,1.62 Score
erotik_411 44 M
2  Articles
Awesome Blowjob Move   11/19/2009

OK ladies, this might be old news to you and it might be what you try out tonight, but either way this is one of the most favorite things I love to have done to me so why not share, right?

Step 1.) Grab the dick with your hand far enough down so that you have some leeway to stroke it up and down as you suck.

Step 2.) Pivot your wrist as you go up and down so that it's like a ...

2 Comments, 512 Views, 16 Votes ,4.16 Score
imagognotataff 25 M
6  Articles
Is there anyone out there not comfartable with there sexuality?   11/13/2009

I'm only just starting to relax about my sexuality (i'm bisexual). I used to worry and worry what people would think (my family especially in the early years i used to think i was gay because i had those thoughts) my step dad now knows but my mum doesnt if i was to tell her it would break her heart but it literally drives me to the point of insanity having to conceal it all of the time when i ...

2 Comments, 337 Views, 7 Votes ,4.57 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
celebrity sex   11/11/2009

Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake whole relationships." -- Sharon Stone

"My girlfriend always laughs during sex---no matter what she's reading." -- Steve Jobs (Founder: Apple Computers)

"I saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt with "Guess" on it. I said, "Thyroid problem?" -- Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport ...

0 Comments, 77 Views, 6 Votes ,2.80 Score
HorseCoxGentlMan 39 M
1  Article
That Pure Gold Of Ectasy   11/9/2009

Needless to say, a very focused man can everlastingly blow her fuse{tongue flickering not yet included}.If you possess the exquisite skills , you can make her cum non-yieldingly with an unhard penis or with one dive-bursting plunge.It is all according to your aim and calculation{+, - and =}.It has to be precise and in a timely fashion , in order to deliver a magnetic blow to her trembling limbs, ...

2 Comments, 147 Views, 16 Votes ,1.66 Score
HandleThisOne19 34 M
15  Articles
Pleasing her   11/8/2009

what are some techniques you use when in the bedroom?

5 Comments, 316 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
1Lickalottapuss8 25 M
1  Article
Your fantazies   11/8/2009

post them up and people would to hear what you have to say

1 Comments, 147 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
giving....   11/8/2009

'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.. So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.'

2 Comments, 124 Views, 14 Votes ,6.82 Score
rm_noguat3 35 M
8  Articles
my fantasy   11/8/2009

its always been a fantasy - but recently ive had an extra strong urges to act on this.

im in bed with 2 girls. 1 black with big tits and 1 asian with small tits. i dip into one, blow my load and dip into the other blow my load again. then come back to the first one and after pumping for what seems an eternity we come hard together.....

0 Comments, 162 Views, 5 Votes ,1.19 Score
rm_yungiahawk 28 M
2  Articles
What to do the first time trying anal sex as a male.   11/7/2009

I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips for the first time that a male tries anal sex? I have never tried it but want to so if any has any pointers it would be appreciated it or if any thinks I shouldnt try it that is appreciated also. Thanks.

2 Comments, 523 Views, 11 Votes ,3.73 Score
rm_yungiahawk 28 M
2  Articles
How to please an older women.   11/7/2009

Does anyone have any tips on what to do when with an older woman? I love older women but they have so much more experience. Any tips?

6 Comments, 314 Views, 9 Votes ,3.00 Score
bicurious41961 62 F
2  Articles
Master's Punishment   11/5/2009

My Master beeps me on my phone and tells me to assume the position. As I get up and go to the door, I kneel down on my knees put my hands behind my back and lower my head. I know I'm not allowed any eye contact. He comes in and shuts and dead bolts the door. I'm nervous at this point because I know I've disappointed him. He is here to disapline me. I had shown my tits to another on my web cam ...

2 Comments, 409 Views, 18 Votes ,2.31 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
a to z of sex   11/2/2009

ACCOUNTANTS are good with figures.

ACTORS do it on cue.

ADVERTISERS use the "new, improved" method.


ANSI does it in the standard way

ARCHEOLOGISTS like it old.

ARCHITECTS have great plans.

ARTISTS are exhibitionists.

ASSEMBLY LINE WORKERS do it over and over.

ASTRONOMERS do it with ...

0 Comments, 55 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
fuckmywifeinsc 25 C
1  Article
Guys who like to suck pussy juice off of cock   11/2/2009

I am just wondering, how many Bi guys out their like to pull a cock out of their girls pussy and suck their girls juices off of the cock? I love when a Bi guy is fucking my wife and I can stop them for a minute and suck my wifes juices off of his cock. It is an extreme turn on, especially when I am leaning over to do it while fucking another woman.

14 Comments, 1080 Views, 41 Votes ,8.65 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
secret to a happy cock   11/1/2009

A cat and a rooster are walking down the street and come to this huge puddle... Rooster: I bet you couldn't jump over that puddle if your life depended on it!

Cat: Oh yeah? I could do it on my worst day.

* The cat takes a huge run and lands in the middle of the puddle... the rooster laughs his head off *

What's the moral of this story you ask? For every wet pussy ...

2 Comments, 256 Views, 16 Votes ,5.77 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
a few "tips"   11/1/2009

this was sent to me by a friend....i thought it was cute so i will share....(been guilty of a few of these myself) 1) NOT KISSING FIRST. Avoiding her lips and diving straight for the erogenous zones makes her feel like you're paying by the hour and trying to get your money's worth by cutting out nonessentials. A properly passionate kiss is the ultimate form of ...

1 Comments, 372 Views, 24 Votes ,7.56 Score
my fantasy in the woods   10/30/2009

Hi, i am 47 and depsite having had a few sexual partners I have never had the courage to ask a man to make my fantasy reality.

I imagine myself taking a walk in the woods, it isa lovely summers day, and the woods are very quiet. I need to take a pee, so checking that no one is around, I pull my knickers down and squat. I start to pee but hear a noise and look uo to see an old man ...

2 Comments, 442 Views, 14 Votes ,3.14 Score
rasta_soj 53 M
11  Articles
How old is too old to have sex   10/30/2009

I have always hope that I will stay sexual active for the rest of my life here on earth, if I found a right partner. At mid forty, I am still enjoying sex.

7 Comments, 334 Views, 11 Votes ,5.41 Score
beachbound1000 30 M
1  Article
oops!   10/28/2009

recently i had sex with a girl and called her the by the wrong name, i couldnt believe it! needless to say, it didnt go down to well, but ive never felt so bad in my life. has anyone ever had a similar experience??

3 Comments, 108 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
taz2140 45 M
3  Articles
spouse   10/26/2009

do you think it's ok to keep secrets from your spouse if there is no actual physical contact. Is flirting ok if you're out at a bar? Is it ok to go on cam and watch another woman masturbate or let her watch you?

Are some secrets ok if it doesn't hurt the other person because they are not into that life style?

I say it's ok if they don't know about it and there is no real ...

2 Comments, 164 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
blackcaligirl 52 F
2  Articles
Great Sex!!!   10/24/2009

I think that to have great sex you have to communicate with your partner what it is that you like BEFORE you actually have sex. Most women don't mind a little direction (at least I don't. Think I'm slightly submissive in the bedroom) but most men think they're the best and don't want to be told that something they're doing is not arousing you. I love erotic conversation. When a ...

5 Comments, 250 Views, 20 Votes ,6.44 Score
samouri5 50 M
1  Article
Wt r yr sex secrets   10/21/2009

wt r the best sex secret of every one

0 Comments, 89 Views, 0 Votes
lickme05729 29 F
1  Article
My Gangbang fantasy:)   10/20/2009

My ultimate fantasy is to have about four or five men fuck me senseless. I would like for them to be very well endowed and not afraid to let loss. Ill even except bisexual men. Nothing hotter than a guy sucking on my pussy while another man.... well you know. I know it sounds weird and kind of kinky but hey I don't care

6 Comments, 615 Views, 18 Votes ,5.17 Score
rm_vv20175 48 M
1  Article
Can I really do this?   10/13/2009

I wonder If I can really go through with this? I want too, I just wonder how I will handle the day after. Has any one advise to give.

3 Comments, 409 Views, 10 Votes
SoFloTgirl 60 T
8  Articles
WTF would anyone do that!   10/12/2009

WTF is wrong with this scenario?

8 Comments, 726 Views, 15 Votes ,0.07 Score
SoFloTgirl 60 T
8  Articles
Hey Sexy   10/12/2009

You tell me yours, I'll tell you mine!

2 Comments, 187 Views, 6 Votes ,0.80 Score
SoFloTgirl 60 T
8  Articles
Shhhhhh   10/12/2009

I won't tell yours if you won't tell mine! OK?

1 Comments, 119 Views, 3 Votes ,0.49 Score
licher4hrs 62 M
3  Articles
quick homemade dildos   10/9/2009

You will need a condom and some bubble wrap now theres different sizes of bubble wrap or you can use a combination of large and small one you can make your dildo to what ever size you want long and thin short and fat any way you want to try after rolling it up to length and diameter pull the condom down over it tie it off now you have a soft and pliable dildo enjoy.

3 Comments, 375 Views, 10 Votes ,1.99 Score
YungNHung344 33 M
1  Article
She's not wet enough...   10/7/2009

I have never had to use lube with my girlfriend, she is always wet enough from me playing with her that we simply don't need it. Last night we were fooling around for a while and she never really got wet. I was hard but I could not get it in because she was too dry...why is this? Is there a solution or a reason she wasnt as wet as she usually is? Please help, thanks!

7 Comments, 384 Views, 11 Votes ,2.61 Score
rm_akki3378 35 M
2  Articles
going down   10/5/2009

pussy licking in itself is a great experience, even for men. the aroma of a pussy just makes me go wild. i never miss out on the pussy juice that flows down continuously. any woman or girl who had an experience of a flickering tongue on her pussy does not need foreplay to get wet. just give her a hint that you are about to go down on her. some woman could not bear that much pleasure and are ...

9 Comments, 237 Views, 9 Votes ,4.07 Score
dirtysexysailor8 28 M
3  Articles
thumb up the bum!   9/29/2009

the prostate gland is the most sensual part of a mans body! i love the feeling of mine being touched while im taking a girl hard it increases ejaculation and makes the euphoric feeling last longer!

3 Comments, 276 Views, 9 Votes ,4.71 Score
looknforfunn760 41 M
4  Articles
Can u squirt?   9/28/2009

For all the ladies....who knows they can actually squirt when they cum?

2 Comments, 317 Views, 9 Votes ,1.29 Score
dirkdig1988 35 M
2  Articles
squirting   9/28/2009

many guys love to see agirl squirt i know i do when i see agirl squirt it makes me so hard its a turn on and it can be easily done if you hit the right spot make it a goal to do this i know you enjoy the fruits if you know what i mean.

2 Comments, 298 Views, 7 Votes ,4.06 Score
ilv4evr 57 C
2  Articles
My Cruise!   9/27/2009

Having been asked many times to have sex with another man by my husband I thought it was just a reason for him to have sex with another woman. But i did always feel a strange and urge to check out other men and found myself being aroused from my sleep in the wee hours of the morning allmost out of breath with the thought of a young Black Man buried deep in my white pussy all tensed up and his ...

15 Comments, 1870 Views, 44 Votes ,7.32 Score
it's not like im not sexually attracted to women   9/26/2009

i dated many women in my 20's. i thoroughly enjoyed sex with women. luved their tits, ass, long smooth legs ... but, i just like sex with men while dressing in women's linger better. it's soooo much more intense for me ... i feel more complete afterwords. so, i crossdress ...

5 Comments, 492 Views, 14 Votes ,5.06 Score
WHAT IS THAT   9/26/2009

Well , I went over my neighbors house to go swimming for a few and there he was naked in the pool. I did'nt care so i jumped in to cool off. Joe said' jump up on the lounge and drink a beer.So up on the lounge i go once laying naked with my cool beer. Joe asked me feels pretty good don't it. I must admitt it did feel nice and cool laying there. Then i noticed Joe and i were laying with our feet ...

2 Comments, 802 Views, 18 Votes ,5.17 Score
secrets   9/22/2009

if you are seeing somebody why would u discuss it with your friend and co worker.i see that all the time it suppose to be between u and your parter.not cool to tell everything it could come back to hunt you in the long run.

2 Comments, 86 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
britjag 73 M
27  Articles
Bath nights   9/21/2009

When I was young used to go to my nan's for a bath. Would spend some time with her helping with garden and shopping. Occassionaly got to an aunt who lived nearby. Sadly nan passed away and went to aunty regularly. Started staying over. She sometimes saw me naked but nothing was ever said. Was about fourteen, on a stopover. Spent day helping her in garden. I bathed first and went to bedroom to get ...

3 Comments, 1150 Views, 29 Votes ,7.05 Score
3way4fun87 31 C
10  Articles
for guys   9/13/2009

when i girl is on top riding, massage her clit with your thumb and she will be having orgasm after orgasm

15 Comments, 625 Views, 45 Votes ,7.17 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
Screaming out Another Man's Name during Sex   9/13/2009

While chatting with some male HornyWife members, I have heard stories of romantic encounters gone bad because their partner called out another man's name during sex.

I have to admit guilt on this topic too.

Many times during sex, I have cried out "OH GOD!", but that doesnt seem to worry my partner.

On occasion, I have also called out "JESUS!", which only raised eyebrows from ...

1 Comments, 292 Views, 17 Votes ,2.70 Score
bgcocklover69 74 C
6  Articles
Lyn   9/12/2009

When I first met Lyn, it was through a regular online dating site and our first date was a drink together by the beach. For the date, Lyn had worn a nice little outfit that looked sexy without being in your face and from my point of view there was an instant attraction. She looked hot. I learnt very quickly that Lyn is a very honest lady and answered all my questions, even the sexual ones. She ...

0 Comments, 953 Views, 16 Votes ,4.89 Score
SexmachinexTr 38 M
1  Article
SexMachine   9/8/2009

Sex is LiFE

0 Comments, 115 Views, 6 Votes ,1.37 Score
nippleman1945 70 M
6  Articles
Swinfing with my soul mate   9/7/2009

A real true storie

I have always been blessed with beautiful woman in my life with nice body's. Don't ask me why I have been so lucky, I just have. I also loved playing on the side and I had a add on HornyWife for a play mate. I found this lady and we started to chat by e-mail. She sent me some photo's but I wasn't impressed at all. Then saw her on her web cam I was less ...

1 Comments, 259 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
dhak_dhak_dil 49 C
8  Articles
Cross dressing   9/6/2009

Hi Guys,

Now a days i am feeling the urge of crossdressing. One day i asked my wife to cross dress. She was just amazed to hear such thing from me. After persuation ahe agreed and on saturday night we cross dressed. She put on a jeans , shirt & tie along with the gents under garment. I dressed in a saree and blowse and put two balloon inside my blowse to pretend for the breast. I asked ...

3 Comments, 871 Views, 18 Votes ,3.81 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
My sex life !   9/4/2009

My sex life isn't quite dead, but the buzzards are circling and getting lower.

Then what?

7 Comments, 149 Views, 40 Votes
wesucku2 61 C
10  Articles
Should wife and I share ?   9/3/2009

We are a married couple and being the male half i have been wanting to have sex with a transexual male. My wife has agreed to let me have some type of sexual encounter with a ts, tv, or a cd. I am wanting to do this soon as I can.I am willing to let my wife take part in this sexual fun. I am doing this in trade for letting me have this long awaited sex encounter. I have had this craving for ...

10 Comments, 868 Views, 24 Votes ,4.72 Score
Being shaved or unshaved...what is your preference?   8/31/2009

Being shaved or unshaved...what is your preference?

Well for more hygiene reason its prefered for both sex to be shaved, as its more attractive and look soft.

But why it mostly important on woman to be shaved or at least being shaved in lips areas?

Well coz the female sex is an introvert sex, oppositly to the male sex wich is embossed.

Male sex can easily be ...

19 Comments, 424 Views, 22 Votes ,3.61 Score
female orgasm   8/31/2009

All women are different and respond to different things. while being able to find and caress the G-spot or the clit is good and can be used to bring your lady friend to orgasm there are many other factors that go into it. yes gentlemen that means foreplay and if you're like me lots of it! but befeore that being able to talk about your experiences helps. everyone says to watch and listen to your ...

0 Comments, 148 Views, 6 Votes ,2.23 Score
What are the keys thats lead to sex?   8/30/2009

Sex is an wonderful art...more you share it more you become expert in it. As its like AIR nobody cant live without it...its a kind of food for life. Many people are shy to express them feeling or them needs, specialy ladies, why? We must find out what are those missing keys that help each to reach to our need easily. To make life simple and easier...enough complication, no? Human being are ...

0 Comments, 88 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
7 Traits Of IRRESISTABLE Men   8/29/2009

1. He Has Mastered The Wink.

We don't know how they learn the technique but some guys really have the Richard Gere wink down pat. There's an art to this wink and getting it right can be tricky. It's more suave and smoky than cheeky and laughable. He's comfortable giving this signal and has the timing to the tee. Done right, this move is pure s*xy. Caveat: The wink can be tricky ...

5 Comments, 342 Views, 14 Votes ,5.38 Score
DIAL A DICK   8/28/2009

Well after finally getting her way, a three some with a god friend whom just her luck had sexy huge cock and some of the most lickable balls i've ever seen. His cock is way bigger than mine, even when his cock was soft wow!!! Once my horny wife got a taste of his cum that's all she wanted. Sure she would let me fuck her too just to shut me up. All that big cock is what she craved. One weekday ...

3 Comments, 627 Views, 23 Votes ,4.06 Score
group sex at the toilets 12 gangbanged   8/27/2009

The next day I got up had a bath then I heard my mother downstairs, she had got a couple of days off work. I felt relieved, I thought I can, t go round Mr Balls house now my moms here. He had not hurt me when he pushed his cock that far into my mouth that it went down my throat but it had scared me, so had his threats, then I had an idea, I took a banana from the bowl and went upstairs and ...

1 Comments, 979 Views, 26 Votes ,6.48 Score
Would love my wife to try anal...suggestions?   8/23/2009

I've been happily married to my wife for more than a decade. She remains hot as ever, but one thing I've never done with her is anal. We're fairly adventurous otherwise - - toys, ben wa balls, light bondage, some exhibitionism sex and just about any position that's ever been tried.

But then there's anal...I've knocked on the door a few times with my cock and have had a finger in there ...

5 Comments, 207 Views, 7 Votes ,3.55 Score
rm_Freakkiness 35 M
3  Articles
?   8/12/2009

whats your dirtiest sex secret?

1 Comments, 298 Views, 5 Votes ,4.45 Score
group sex at the toilets 11 gangbanged   8/12/2009

Mr Ball pulled his cock out of my arse after he had filled it with spunk, I went to move. He said "Don, t move", I stayed where I was, my arse up on the arm of the settee and my head on the middle cushion. I watched as he took his dentures out and positioned himself over me, he pulled my legs right back pinning them behind his arms then held my cock up and began sucking it with his toothless ...

4 Comments, 581 Views, 15 Votes ,3.44 Score
group sex at the toilets 10 gangbanged   8/10/2009

The next day my mom shouted something to me as she went to work but I did, nt hear her then I heard the front door slam as she left. I was in the bath I dried myself off and put my shorts on again and went in the back garden. Mr Ball was, nt there so I walked down to the shed pretending I was looking for something, I saw him come out of his back door, I walked up onto our patio area and went to ...

0 Comments, 367 Views, 9 Votes ,2.78 Score
group sex at the toilets 9 gangbanged   8/10/2009

Going to Keiths was hopeless he fucked me and it was great feeling his fat cock up me but then he fell asleep, so I woke him and he took me back to Bilston. A lot of things happened around that time, I got the sack from my job in the week, and because I was at home all week I began to notice old Mr Ball who lived next door watching me when I was in the garden. I had cut some old jeans up and ...

0 Comments, 247 Views, 6 Votes ,4.79 Score
1guyneed2girl 36 C
11  Articles
what are yours?   8/10/2009

come on we have all been here at some point where you think you havee landed the best person in the world then it comes to the sex side and uh oh... she/he has just pissed on for fun. ok now ido know that some of you enjoy this kind of play and i always say dont know it till you have tryed it but it is just one of those things you just dont want to go down the pub and tell your mates about. i ...

0 Comments, 89 Views, 6 Votes ,2.23 Score
drmagic2010 45 M
2  Articles
the key to an intense male orgasm   8/9/2009

i've found that when i refrain from masturbating for a week or more, i have more intense orgasms. messy, but highly pleasurable.

i have a fascination with women who enjoy watching a man cum. so my question to those who want to respond is this: do you prefer a man who shoots out huge loads or does it not even matter?

this inquring minds wants to know.

0 Comments, 134 Views, 8 Votes ,4.17 Score
freand in austria   8/9/2009

we have been writeing to a freand in austria .he is very cool i would love to see him fuce my wife. he has wrote in here too i would love to see him fuck my wife while i eat her pussy i would suck his cock too. she love two cock in her at the sametime...8...8>>! she is so hott big 38 dds and loves dphappyf; i would love to see her suck his big cock and fuck her she loves that and pulling her ...

0 Comments, 142 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
Men in Uniform   8/8/2009

I have had the honor and privilege of chatting with a number of men in uniform.

They might be policemen, firefighters or military personnel.

I always greet them the same way...

"You know what they say about Men in Uniform? Men in Uniform are to woman as strippers are to men."

One young man stationed in Germany, he was Army, wanted to know why women felt that ...

5 Comments, 266 Views, 11 Votes ,5.97 Score
rjcd1974 44 C
2  Articles
Older gay guy   8/7/2009

Myself and my wife have been fantasizing for long to have bi experiences. We have been watching bi/gay/lesbian movies to the point that now we prefer them than straight. We would like to meet an older guy possibly over 60 to give him the ride of a lifetime. We would suck him all over including his asshole. My wife would fuck him like there's no tomorrow while i lick his balls and ashole. ...

2 Comments, 851 Views, 26 Votes ,4.97 Score
Great ride ladies, Guaranteed!   8/6/2009

If I am in the mood for multiple orgasms this is how I start the night... I set up my massage table or bed so that there are very nice cotton sheets, light incense in the air and low light. I ask my partner if he/she would like a back rub. I then make them comfortable face down. I then take the time to strip down as well. I start with a nice warm oil that smells and tastes good (I don't like ...

4 Comments, 269 Views, 15 Votes ,4.51 Score
girlzeena 65 F
39  Articles
I Ain't Your Momma   8/4/2009

More than once when I have had a younger man contact me, they have called me "Momma".

This isn't the same "Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Momma!" I might have gotten when I was is a distinctly different "Momma", a maternal thing.

It doesn't really bother me much when a 21yr old man says it because, I could be his Momma.

It does, however, concern me when a 38yr old man refers ...

0 Comments, 193 Views, 9 Votes ,4.07 Score
Foreplay   7/31/2009

Thats what makes it exciting foreplay and be opened minded about it all toys no holes barred so to speak.LOL

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our secound threesome   7/24/2009

it was great we were wrighting on adult friend finder we said lets meet he said ok his house so away we go to our friends we went in he was watching porn he asked if we would like to go to bedroom we said yes away we went i pulled my wifes shirt off he seen her big 38s and went nuts we started sucking her titsand playing with her pussy she got so hot she started sucking his cock it was great ...

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bestforeplay 49 M
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I am 34 years old divorced , well cultured well educated European gentleman who is from Egyptian roots .

I am currently living in Cairo. I have been living all my adult life as a dominant master .

I am looking for a well cultured discreet submissive woman who want to explore the dark side of her desire.I know many woman scared to try bdsm and they think it is sadistic but ...

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girlzeena 65 F
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Are you female?   7/24/2009

I have been exchanging emails from an HornyWife member for several weeks.

He has been trying to hook up with me almost from our first email.

He has asked me many questions about self to ensure compatibility, one question was

"Are you female?"

He explained he had no interest in men, transgender men or men who dress as women.

Now, I have been mistaken for a ...

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callme9491772271 38 M
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Five Things That Women Hate in Bed   7/23/2009

I believe that none of men could possibly be proud of being called “boring lover”, and none of the women would like spend their lives or even just one night with a “stallion” with such a reputation. Therefore, we are here to help you with a several tips on how avoid such a “label” on your back. Here are five things that women really hate in their sex ...

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girlzeena 65 F
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The Fine Art of Manscaping ala HornyWife   7/21/2009

or....Who doesn't want more and better blowjobs??

Anyone who has opened up the Magazine Section of HornyWife, has seen the woman unzipping the gent;s pants to perform, per HornyWife, oral on him.

Has any one thought that either party looks "exicited" or "heated" in any way?

It seems to me that a business transaction is taking place. Ok, Ok...the lady looks more worthy than a $30 , ...

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our first   7/19/2009

last night me and wife met someone we have been talking to it was great i loved watching my wife suck his big dick it was great then they got in 69 god that was hot i got down and sucked his big dick it was unreal we all went nutts

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Shayne91edge2 32 M
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secrets for sex   7/17/2009

does anyone have any secrets they have that they use to make sex better? or longer?

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mosound 57 M
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cute indian girl most sexy class " 83"   7/17/2009

Most my life I'm usually in a committed relationship. Like most people I have my circle of friends and for the most part we are pretty close. My closest buddy introduced me to my first girl and to his surprise the relationship although we didn't marry was very strong and lasted for a number of years. In our circle of friends was this cute indian girl I had a serious crush on; Her name was ...

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girlzeena 65 F
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Milf's;Filt's;dirty old men and cougars.   7/16/2009

I am guessing that on account of my advanced age of 50, when the younger opposite sex contact me, they refer to be as "MILF".

I readily explain that I am not a "Mother I would like to fuck" since I have never bore a or adopted one.

Ergo, no Mother.

I have been in X-rated video shops and have seen a wide selection of "MILF" tapes, cateorgized under "MILF"

I ...

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britjag 73 M
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Summers past   7/14/2009

When I was thirteen I went to stay with a second cousin, Geoff, in the summer hols. His father, my mum's cousin, had died about two years earlier and his wife, Carole, was still on her own. Geoff was a year older than me and we got on alright. It was a small house on the edge of a village so I had to share a bedroom with him. Didn't mind but had not long started masturbating so didn't know if I ...

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