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WHY can't some people understand when you tell them not interested   3/31/2004

We don't understand why some people continue to write and ask the same thing over and over after you tell them politely that you don't think you are compatible, are to far, not what you are looking for...etc.We try to be as polite as we can and some people have written us up to 5 or 6 times.Is anyone else having a problem with this.If so let us know, so that we don't think we are replying ...

0 Comments, 55 Views, 9 Votes ,5.35 Score
Who cares   3/25/2004

You people shouldn't take it so personally when you don't get a response back. If you don't get a response back withing 72 hours, forget that person because they are either not interested in you or something happened that they cannot answer you. Really, it's not that big a deal. Stop wasting your precious time harping on someone who doesn't care what you think/feel or say and move on to ...

0 Comments, 15 Views, 20 Votes ,4.40 Score
kinkycouplesc 56 C
2  Articles
Just state the facts.....   3/24/2004

Whne T and i <her> get a mail, or whatever from an unwanted, , married "single" guy , we @ least return a reply. If it even say thanx, but no thanx, or Im not into what your into, its nice to hear something back. Dont leave open air out there, It makes this WHOLE thing pointless for those of us searching for REAL PEOPLE. Remember, a bad reply is better then no reply.

0 Comments, 3 Views, 8 Votes ,6.03 Score
Legz_N_Ass_Man 64 M
1  Article
RE: Why can't people learn to take "no" for an answer??   3/18/2004

I can't speak for everyone, but sometimes you read a profile, and everything is a perfect match, but then they say no for no apparent reason. Sometimes you just can't help but wonder why...

0 Comments, 80 Views, 75 Votes ,9.79 Score
Starrblaster41 75 M
7  Articles
Why be ignorant?   3/17/2004

I was going through the lsit of people online today, trying to find a feamle who might be interested in some cyber fun to pass the time. It's winter, and many people are on the HornyWife site just to pass some time and have some fun. I paged a few people in instant messaging, and when someone finally responded, I immediately and very politely asked if they "had a few minutes, " then asked if ...

0 Comments, 25 Views, 17 Votes ,6.52 Score
rm_Jesebelle 46 F
1  Article
Read the profile please!   3/16/2004

Is it me or is my profile so very difficult to read? I'm not interested in older men or women. Women or men that are even close to my parents' ages is just a general turn OFF. I'm not trying to be offensive, just honest. So if you read a profile and it has an age limit, respect that. I try to respect everyone on this site, I expect to be respected in return.

0 Comments, 14 Views, 2 Votes ,5.20 Score
That Damn Skunk   3/15/2004

This isn't for the women saying no thanks as it's for the ones who does understand "NO". Now I respect a woman with the courage to say no but some men take it the wrong way and bad shit happens. I've learned our culture has an important role in our upbringing and what comes to my mind is "that damn skunk"! PePe is his name and for years young impressionable minds have watched this ...

0 Comments, 14 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
Just be honest, but polite   3/15/2004

The best thing to do when saying "No Thanks" is to be honest. Tell the person that you are not interested. Be nice about it, but be honest. You don't have to give a lot of details, just say "Thanks, but you are not interested." If they write back you can always block them. That way you don't get into a back and forth email war.

0 Comments, 12 Views, 0 Votes
bigthunder2002 73,1961 C
4  Articles
Enough already   3/7/2004

Enough Already <br> When we ladies are at the swingers clubs and politely say "no thanks" It doesn't mean we are bitches...simply that your not our type...or maybe were just not in the mood. Try not to take it personal!!

0 Comments, 1 Views, 34 Votes ,8.63 Score
Have a little courtesy please!   3/6/2004

Don't you hate it when you wink, get one back, but then never get a response from the other party after senging messages? <br> If all you want is to look at pictures on the profiles, fine. At least let the other parties know that's all you want. If not interested, at least have the courtesy to say "No thanks". No hard feelings, but at least respond. For some of us, this is a ...

0 Comments, 2 Views, 15 Votes ,6.96 Score
Reply to "NO THANKS"   3/5/2004

Fairly new here, but already noticed severe lack of "No Thanks", or any other response to attempted contacts. <br> Common courtesy is a lost art.

0 Comments, 1 Views, 29 Votes ,6.85 Score
have a little common sense   3/2/2004

The main thing I get when a guy contacts me is "call my cell" or "give me your phone number." If I wanted to induce a conversation via phone, I'll call my mother. If you really want us ladies to reply, try actually saying something when you send us messages. I automatically delete anyone who only says "contact me for sex at xxx-xxx-xxxx." This may be an adult meeting site, but it's not a ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 51 Votes ,8.83 Score
Spring Break 2004, the guest   3/1/2004

(Continued) As the elevator started to move, I noticed that he had noticed my swimsuit sticking out beneath the towel that I had wrapped around it. Smiling at him, I watched as he examined me closer, taking note of my erect nipples and full breasts straining against the slightly wet robe that I had around me. Hearing the elevator ding again, I watched as the door opened behind him. ...

0 Comments, 76 Views, 30 Votes ,6.67 Score
rm_mace107_2003 40 M
6  Articles
Sick of lil teens being used.   2/28/2004

Hey i know alot of girls growing up and im only 22 now and i have heard at least 5 or 6 times where they were basiclly by an older guy about my age. I hate that i cant stand it. If a woman says no even in a small faint no.... she deserves the respect for you to back up a minute and talk about whats going on, instead of her. They try and play it off as not but it is. She might say ...

0 Comments, 20 Views, 43 Votes ,7.92 Score
rm_ThkWhytGrl74 49 F
1  Article
Did you not read my profile???   2/27/2004

OK let me make this clear...I am not tryin to be rude by stating what type of guy I am interested in. I personally simply choose to date, sleep, or talk to a certain race of men. It doesn't mean I have limited myself. Also, when I say I want dealings with someone my age, I'm sorry if your 30 years older...that's not my fault. Take that up with your mom and dad. I will respond to all ...

1 Comments, 45 Views, 43 Votes ,7.39 Score
How do you say no thanks??   2/25/2004

How do you tell someone who has emailed you about getting together no thanks without hurting there feelings? I mean say you chat a while and you meet and decide no this isn't what I want.

0 Comments, 5 Views, 8 Votes ,6.26 Score
Dont do it   2/21/2004

I see and understand the point all you ladies make about not being able to respond to all the emails you get from us guys, as I know there are many more guys on this site than ladies. And I will agree with you that you are probably getting many emails from guys that are not a match to you, hundreds or even thousands of miles away, or are not at all what you are looking for. Maybe I am an ...

0 Comments, 36 Views, 43 Votes ,7.09 Score

my first day on HornyWife i recieved an email from a very scarey subhuman. he lives close by. he is subliterate. it scared me badly. i immediately blocked all further emails, but i was shaken. guys be careful what you say to the girls, start slowly, some of us have had bad experiences. in real life we are always on display, it can be fun, it can be a drag; if a situation gets out of hand we deal ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 47 Votes ,8.45 Score
Let someone know....   2/16/2004

I only have a few complaints about the people on this site, and I hope that it is a small percent of people on here that I speak of. I get a little anoyed by the people who say that they are looking for something and then when someone takes the time to write to them they never reply back even if ti is to say no thanks, please have some consideration for the other people who take the time ...

0 Comments, 1 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
I have tried but it doesnt work   2/15/2004

I have tried many times to be nice to those I am not intreasted in, by sending back a message saying "Thank you but I am not intreastred" ....but some men(and woman) are soooo rude and send back an email cussing you out calling you all out your name because you said you where not intrested.........So someone please tell me why be nice and send a reply, when you get that reaction from men, ...

0 Comments, 4 Views, 5 Votes ,4.12 Score
How can people say no without being mean   2/13/2004

Sorry to say this but it's not easy. With today's online world and the fact that you probably won't see the person or even hear from them makes for a very rude awakening at times.

0 Comments, 3 Views, 3 Votes ,4.41 Score
zippy_mcfeely 42 M
9  Articles
Very Simple   2/13/2004

Guys know when a chick is into them, and when the chick is into them 'no' usually means 'yes', and in the case when she actually means 'no', just wait for some sudden use of painful physical violence from her, and that'll be the real sign, and girls dont be bashful about hitting a dude as hard as you want if he's not getting the idea

0 Comments, 4 Views, 3 Votes ,5.39 Score
rm_johnph11 56 M
3  Articles
How it should be done   2/12/2004

I don't know why it is so hard for people to write a note and say "no thanks". Although I have met a lot of very nice people on here, there a quite a number of unresponded emails. I realize the women get a huge number of replies from men but it isn't difficult to say Thanks but no thanks in a return note. I try to make a point of responding to people whether it is a yes or a no.

0 Comments, 1 Views, 4 Votes ,5.57 Score
why do women make such a big deal about casual sex??   2/11/2004

Why do women make such a big deal about sex?? Most studies have shown that they even enjoy sex much more than men yet most of them dont want to just have casual sex and have all the fun they can. i wonder why

0 Comments, 9 Views, 12 Votes ,2.62 Score
rm_rapunzel4u 52 F
1  Article
men are at a disadvantage here (woman's perspective)   2/6/2004

after being on HornyWife for just one month, i can see that men are at a great disadvantage...the number of women (at least women who are not trying to redirect you to a pay site) must be outnumbered by the men by a huge ratio. i think women that appear to be "real" from their profiles probably get an enormous amount of mail...i know i do. for me, part of the reason for being a member here is ...

0 Comments, 35 Views, 57 Votes ,8.43 Score
Rugger44Mag 68 M
1  Article
Just Say No Thanks   1/31/2004

I have had a few women, and couples respond to my ad on HornyWife. I always, as most men do, respond almost immediatly. Only to NOT get any furthur e-mails or reply's. What is with that? If you are just players, why not just sit back and masterbate to the pics or something rather than giving someone a possible hope of hooking up and then just let them hang, in wonderment if the reply's got ...

0 Comments, 14 Views, 17 Votes ,6.38 Score
What's wrong with just telling a person " No Thanks!"   1/31/2004

I get so tired of writing to people on here, only to never get a response back. I'm a big girl, so I realise that not everyone I'm interested in is going to be interested in me, but can't you at least have the common couteousy to say, "no thaks!?" At least then, I'm not left wondering if your lack of response may have been due to a glich in this site ( it does happen, you know!), and you ...

0 Comments, 3 Views, 20 Votes ,6.95 Score
rm_bmwgoddess 62 F
1  Article
Let's Examine All Sides of This Issue   1/24/2004

I understand the frustration about not getting replies to email from all the articles, primarily from men or couples. However, there is honestly another side to the issue. Many of us females receive numerous emails per day, and cannot possibly reply to all of them. As standard members, we only get so many replies per day, also. Not to mention that there are a number of men who have a ...

8 Comments, 505 Views, 45 Votes ,7.98 Score
rm_Dachong 53 M
3  Articles
A womans choice   1/21/2004

On behalf of the "decent" men and yes ladies most are I would like to say in my life I have never slept with a woman I felt would regret it later. Saying no never came into it, a man knows if he is forcing the issue. If a woman will regret it then even if she consents its a lousy thing to do.

0 Comments, 11 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
sexlovers2266 46 C
6  Articles
Older couples, with unattractive men   1/18/2004

Hey there.... I'm just wondering if everyone else has trouble finding couples in which both people are attractive. My boyfriend and I are both attractive and would like to find the same. We are both young, but are open to older couples. The problem is, that the females in the couples are usually fine, but the males are not. It is the main reason we end up not going ahead with most of the ...

0 Comments, 27 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
FriendWantedNow 58 C
10  Articles
Common Courtesy   1/17/2004

If someone takes the time and shows the interest in you to send you an email or a network invitation, it is only 'common courtesy' to reply. A yes, a no thank you, a response of any kind is fine, so long as it is a polite response. Unfortunately, common courtesy seems to be quite uncommon these days. ps. Please note that this does not apply to emails or invites from people who can not seem ...

0 Comments, 22 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
Tia53 68 F
1  Article
Saying no thanks isn't always easy.   1/16/2004

I don't think a lot of women are being snobbish. It seems so rude to say no thanks, not interested. It would seem that if a woman doesn't reply, that is her answer. Sometimes, when I have replied in such a way, men will get angry, so I think it depends on the man and there is no way of knowing which type he is.

0 Comments, 90 Views, 10 Votes ,5.97 Score
ramjeter5 54 C
70  Articles
i'll pass   1/15/2004

i went to a party, one time, i met a really hot guy.We chatted for some time, and one thing led to another.Oh, yea and the party so happened to be at his place.Well, there we were in his room have awesome sex, when the door opened , and there stood a big guy with his cock hanging out.the guy i was in bed with went on to tell me he shares the best things with his bestfriend.well i was turned ...

0 Comments, 33 Views, 108 Votes ,7.28 Score
rm_hotlips710 52 C
5  Articles
its webcams too   1/12/2004

re the article on the lady who says that men leave there cell phones numbers on emails, well it also happens if they know that you have a web cam here in the uk.many times my msn has flashed to say that a contact wants to speak to me and when i click on to them they always invite themselfs to view my me this is damm right rude and pushy you should never invite yourself to view a ...

0 Comments, 26 Views, 53 Votes ,6.29 Score
hotcplnsj 69 C
1  Article
A Simple "No Thank You" Will Do!   1/8/2004

We don't know how other people feel about this but, the one thing that agravates the hell out of both of us are the countless number of couples and single women especially who don't answer their mail. If you have a profile or personal ad posted seeking the company of others, the polite thing to do is respond to mail you get in response to your profile or ad. <br> We get a lot ...

0 Comments, 120 Views, 67 Votes ,8.90 Score
newagerseeksame 68 F
1  Article
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you??   1/6/2004

OK...having read the many articles relative to common courtesy, in saying "no thank you", I have to add the above title. <br> It is called the "Golden Rule." And it works! Most the time. <br> Having said that, I do agree with the people who have had the negative experience of tying to be polite, only having the recipient come back to argue the point, or worse, use ...

0 Comments, 60 Views, 27 Votes ,7.45 Score
Adventurer333 56 M
18  Articles
Politeness both ways   1/3/2004

I have chatting with several people on HornyWife. Most are very nice. Some, however, are really nasty once they find out you aren't exactly what they want. <br> My profile clearly states that I am married and looking for a discrete affair and I am up front with anyone with whom I chat. But more then once, a woman has decided to berate me for it. To lecture me on immorality seems odd, ...

0 Comments, 21 Views, 24 Votes ,7.56 Score
Know how to say No NICELY   1/2/2004

Hi all. Maybe I'm just a softie at heart, but I have a really hard time saying "no" to requests I get. A lot of people just ignore requests they don't like. Or they string people along, thinking they are being "nice". <br> The best thing, absolutely the nicest thing you can do, is to tell people the truth. We are all adults here. We know that all of us have different wants, needs ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 45 Votes ,8.34 Score
justbill46 70 C
1  Article
Please Be Honest   1/2/2004

I have taken out three people I met on HornyWife. After each date all three said they would like to go out again. Two of them ask me out again, I ask the other. Then the same responce, nothing. Why cant you just be honest and say "No Thank You". The pain of being ask out and stood up is worse than being told no thank you.

2 Comments, 49 Views, 22 Votes ,7.21 Score
Reply to No Manners   12/30/2003

I agree that not to respond to an email when someone has made the effort to write one is rude, I don't care if you are a person who gets 100 emails a day, or 2 emails. I do understand that if that person doesn't match your criteria, then fine, maybe a response is not justified, but when the person actually does match your profile, and you still don't respond, that is just being lazy. The ...

0 Comments, 3 Views, 8 Votes ,6.03 Score
AllKindsOfFun4U 42 M
1  Article
Lack of honesty   12/29/2003

This is just a friendly bit of advice to all the women and couples who are barraged on here by single men -- Please be upfront --- Saying no is better than no reply.

0 Comments, 12 Views, 18 Votes ,6.54 Score
Ann192002 40 F
3  Articles
Re: Rude People   12/29/2003

I understand what your saying. I made it pretty clear in my profile that I'm a virgin and all the guys who read it automaticly assume that i'm looking to lose it. I've been known to not respond to some messages sent to me too. With a site like this, a lot of guys on here just assume that the women on here also want just sex and even more than that. I feel if you tell a guy "No Thanks" ...

2 Comments, 67 Views, 17 Votes ,6.66 Score
rm_shycouple97 55 C
2  Articles
Replying in a timely manner   12/26/2003

Is it necessary to reply the same day when we receive an email? Sometimes we dont check our email for a few days, and some couples get annoyed when we dont respond right away. Is there any written rules on this? Probably not

0 Comments, 11 Views, 43 Votes ,4.82 Score
Why do some swingers feel like being assholes?   12/25/2003

Why can some swingers not just say no thank you or some other responce...heck sitting around trying to see if someone might be would be much nicer had the couple just said no..and the worst thing I want to say about is single men...I am sorry, but damn it it is nothing thanks means just that...the wife aand I can find a single stud anytime of the day or night ...

0 Comments, 3 Views, 52 Votes ,6.47 Score
rm_hotredturbo 43 M
9  Articles
how do I say no   12/25/2003

I keep running into the problem of saying no to girls. I had girlfriends that I really liked and wanted more than sex but that's all they wanted and I couldn't find myself saying no to them. What are good ways for me to do that?

0 Comments, 1 Views, 31 Votes ,3.14 Score
builtforlickin 56 F
1  Article

I've chatted with both men and women on this site (I'm a female) and I must say, there are some extremely rude people here. Just because this is a site focused on sexual relations does not give one the license to be rude. Of course there are those who just don't "get it", (no need for the list). I am refering to the basic, "Thank you, Good-nite, Bye, etc... In CyberSex we are still ...

0 Comments, 6 Views, 41 Votes ,7.55 Score
a_sierra 66 F
2  Articles
respect   12/15/2003

Please guys, read profiles first. Those women who are not just out for sex don't want horney emails before they get to know you!

0 Comments, 15 Views, 56 Votes ,8.58 Score
SweetSurprise3 67 F
16  Articles
Why is it   12/11/2003

Why is it that some people can not take no for an answer. After all aren't we all adults here? I come across this all the time. Call me picky if you want to but, this is a free country and we all have the choice of who we want to be with. It just irks me when someone writes to me and I very nicely tell them I don't feel there is any spark or chemistry and many times I have gotten very nasty ...

0 Comments, 21 Views, 45 Votes ,8.27 Score
Try to be considerate   12/9/2003

I have attempted some contacts on HornyWife but only a couple have replied. I realize that the ladies here probably get more email than most of the guys and it is hard to answer all of them but would it hurt you ladies to try to at least send a real message (not auto-reply) response even if you aren't interested? I'ld like to think I'm considerate and not crude in my contacts, it would be nice to ...

0 Comments, 1 Views, 14 Votes ,6.66 Score
vwz69atyahoo 63 M
3  Articles
how to tell a woman no thanks   11/28/2003

If you meet a woman and find out it is'ent there. Just be a gentalman and finish the date and take her back to her car or home, and tell her thank you for the date but I just don't think it was there what we are both looking for but i did have a good time and hope we still can chat and be friends, i don't want you to think it's you it's just i don't feel that spark. do you know what i'm ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 35 Votes ,6.41 Score
Anyone else have problems saying "No" when presented w/fine opportunities?   11/23/2003

I mean, when a woman you KNOW is bad for you wants you and she is really fine....does anyone else have a problem saying "no" when you know you should?

0 Comments, 4 Views, 10 Votes ,4.38 Score
Just another one liner????   11/19/2003

When you men send a response to a female and all it says is Great tits! lets fuck! With no pic and then on YOUR profile nothing filled out! Well I guess we should just allll jump on that one right girls! We women at HornyWife DO get to pick and choose who we consider to be OUR hottest choices! I admit it I sure do! MY fuck friends are in my book of HOTTIES! Sooooooo maybe when you ...

0 Comments, 25 Views, 136 Votes ,8.76 Score
how do you say no and be nice   11/13/2003

sometime i am looking to hook up w/ someone over the internet, and then they send me their picture and it makes me want to hurl! i'm not trying to be mean but that's the truth. in any case, how do you say "no thanks" without being a complete jerk?

0 Comments, 26 Views, 1 Votes
rm_lozloz72 51 F
1  Article
Just say no   11/11/2003

When someone say's No, they must, and do mean it. If it's you out there, wanting to say no, and you can't because you are scared to hurt there feelings, just say no.

0 Comments, 177 Views, 12 Votes ,4.92 Score
NiceGuy69_ 51 M
1  Article
How to react when a lady say "no thanks"?   11/9/2003

I meet a lady friday. During weeks she send me e-mails saying she was very intersted to meet me. A lot of teezing, you know. We could pass the night together, make love all night, ... I meet her at the restaurant, I pay everything. And then she says "no thanks". It is really an abuse. A lot of manipulation. And then she goes at an other get together and she tell me! I mean... ...

0 Comments, 24 Views, 2 Votes ,5.20 Score
How to say no thanks online   11/9/2003

Let's say that you've been talking to someone online for a few weeks. You are really getting to know each other and the way she described herself really makes you think that she is attractive. Then when she finally sends you a picture you find that she is extremely unattractive. How do you let her down. Do you just stop talking to her, do you tell her that she is ugly. What do you do?

0 Comments, 14 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
rm_phoenix74000 49 F
1  Article
Why would you ignore an Auto-Reply?   10/30/2003

I have auto reply set up and it clearly states that if you don't get a reply... then you probably won't get one, so thanx, but no thanx. <br> Being a (really hot) single woman on this site means that I get lots of emails every day. I don't spend all my free time on the internet and I'm here because I don't really have the time nor inclination to go out and meet people and ...

0 Comments, 22 Views, 7 Votes ,0.49 Score
Sex site   10/30/2003

this is the HornyWife site. If all you are looking for is friends and NOT sex...then try the regular site I really hate getting responses saying..."lets be friends"...I want to fuck!

0 Comments, 1 Views, 10 Votes ,6.57 Score
Single Girl meeting Couples   10/26/2003

I am a single hot girl with a passion for men and women. I have met with several couples on HornyWife. Some experiences were great, some left a bad taste in my mouth. I've finally learned how to leave feeling great. <br> Here's the dilemma: once all three of you have ackgnowledged you find each other attractive and you are all horny, how do you say no after meeting on a sex website? ...

0 Comments, 41 Views, 206 Votes ,8.56 Score
Reality check for guys from a guy.........   10/23/2003

To all the guys who are complaining about the lack of responces from women I have one suggestion for you.... Go to the browse page and checkout the numbers of women vs men in your state.... I'm thinkin you're gonna find that men out number the women by a large margin... As much as 10 to 1 in some cases.... It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.... They get more responces ...

0 Comments, 17 Views, 210 Votes ,9.12 Score
Why does it have to be so difficult?   10/13/2003

In everyday life, it's easy for someone to say "No", or "No Thank You" in just about any given situation. Why, then, is it so difficult for someone to respect those words when you're behind closed doors. In personal experience(s), we've run into a few pushy people. I think it's a common thing really. However, those people have completely respected our wishes. Out at a club, it takes a ...

0 Comments, 19 Views, 68 Votes ,8.25 Score
Response to Be Nice Take The Time.........   10/13/2003

Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?! Saying that anyone on this site must be responsible and to respond to someone is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! We respond to everyone that takes the time to send us something, it's called courtesy, but we're not obligated or responsible for making sure someone doesn't get their feelings or pride hurt on a swinger's site. While your article may not pertain directly ...

0 Comments, 15 Views, 51 Votes ,7.31 Score
Adventurer333 56 M
18  Articles
Polite in the reply   10/12/2003

Some ladies do have the curtesy to reply even with a "not interested" note. Thank you; I do appreciate it. I reply to everyone who writes to me, eventually. <br> Now and then, the reply is... rude. Such as "F*** off!!!" or "You are swinging without your wife? That's how people die!" One lady berated me for sending a fantasy based on the interests she listed combined with my own ...

0 Comments, 19 Views, 38 Votes ,6.31 Score
rm_sexyhuge 47 M
4  Articles
My Boss' Sex Deflowered   10/12/2003

I was deflowered by my boss the third month I joined this company. I was 20 then, with no sex experience at all because my family was very strict with me. I remembered working very late that night, when my boss called me into the conference room. He locked the door behind my back and I was surprised. Then he come up to me, and hold me around my waist. He whispered in my ears that my ...

0 Comments, 159 Views, 96 Votes ,4.75 Score
rm_HungryP 64 M
3  Articles
Re: I wish I could say "no thanks"without losing him!!...   10/10/2003

If your partner can’t see what swinging is doing to you, he must be either remarkably unperceptive or just pretending he hasn’t noticed. He sounds very insensitive to me. I appreciate that you just don’t want to lose him. However the hard truth is that you must let him know how you feel. If he fails to respond in a suitably sensitive manner, then I’m afraid you should dump him. ...

0 Comments, 29 Views, 31 Votes ,6.31 Score
If two is company.....Is three a crowd?   9/26/2003

I am writing this in response to some articles regarding whether or not to allow a third person into the relationship, whether it be for a one time thing or an occassional repeat and how to tell your significant other no if your not interested. <br> First of all, I can only speak through my experience and would like to state that it's going to be different for everyone. With ...

0 Comments, 30 Views, 53 Votes ,7.44 Score
rm_Sexforfun690 53 C
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Re: Move out and draw fire   9/24/2003

I suggest meeting in person ahead of time to mutually agree that all parties are satisfied. If not, we should be able to enjoy a couple of drinks and politely part ways. I feel that this is much more respectful to everyone involved and you probably won't even have to block them out. Perhaps you may have made a real friend that you'd like to hear from, from time to time.

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Don't judge too fast   9/20/2003

There is this article in this category about replying. I strongly agree on that one, only I am not so naief to think they didn't get the message in the first place. <br> What is the use of putting and add here and not responding? If you get to many, block yourself, otherwise be friendly and reply. <br> Also don't forget you can't judge a book by the cover. You never ...

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Please be honest with people...   9/18/2003

I know that there are many out there that need not read this, but there are too many that should read it and learn something from it. I would like to make an observation and interject my opinion about how people respond or more so do not respond to emails on this site and many others like it. If a person takes time to write an email to someone is it not polite to say no thank you if there ...

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rm_lgliang 41 M
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Ladies, be assertive!   9/15/2003

... Oft times do I find myself making moves that cause discomfort to a lady friend, but I would learn to not do such things around her were she not afraid to tell me that is bothers her. ... I know, I heard it all before, a lady is afraid to tell her guy friend what she doesn't like because she's scared she'll drive him away or make him angry. But listen up, if such minor things can send ...

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Ganjarome 52 M
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What's the big deal?   6/30/2003

Who cares if someone doesn't get back to you. In principle it should be their loss. If you use your imagination in your mail and try to be noticed and try to be human and speak to them like they are a person it may warrant a response. What woman wants to respond to a picture of a nine inch dick? Maybe some do but I doubt it. Bear in mind most men will send something to almost any woman ...

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RE: this is funny to me   4/23/2003

Your argument about "immorality" is total nonsense. <br> Let me get this right, you meet with people after only veiwing one pic? <br> We answer all mail unless it is obvious that the sender was completely inapropriate in that they are way, way to heavy or it is otherwise really apparent they didn't read or profile. (Like if the wife is 200 lbs, or the mail is from a ...

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rm_bazarov19 50 M
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Move out and draw fire   4/17/2003

I have on several occasions been "deceived" by women on this site. By deception I mean that their photos were taken in positions which made them look fairly comely. When meeting the ploy was obvious. What to do? You take care of business (Whatever you discussed) and then move out and draw fire. That is to say: Don't insult her, Endure the evening, Never contact her again, Put her on all of ...

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I ask for a reason   3/31/2003

Online etiquette is absolutely ridiculous, people are rude and obnoxious anyway, let alone self centered, Ive been online for a very long time, the chat rooms are "issue rooms" people that sit in front of a machine to talk to other people are simply ridiculous with very serious issues about communication and life in general. I grew tired of it years ago and found myself sucked back into it ...

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Response to   2/19/2003

It would be nice if we women could respond with a "no thanks" and have that be it. BUT, I know in my experience, that lots of guys don't take that as the end. They write back, saying things like "Why don't you think we are compatible" or "Give me another chance, you won't be sorry", etc...etc... It is especially annoying when it is apparent the guy has not even READ your profile first. ...

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direption69 54 F
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in response to 'not only women'   2/9/2003

I believe the 'secret code' is she didn't have sex on the first date. <br> It's the old addage, slut in the bedroom; mom in the kitchen. If you don't agree to sex on the first date you are a prude. If you DO agree to sex on the first date you are a slut, they think (yes, i did see wheels turning once) if she's 'putting out to me' who else is she putting out with? and then they ...

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LoveKMFDM 57 F
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Women need to decline more respectfully   1/15/2003

I've just been on this site a few months and I must say that in such a consolidated amount of time, I have learned how to respectfully say 'thanks but no thanks'. It's great to get so much response to my profile, but can be too overwhelming at times. I feel it is important to check in with my HornyWife email every day so that it doesn't pile up and get out of control. I look at it like ...

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