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Reel Bum-er   1/13/2005

I recently met a female on this site who gave me something to think about and I wonder what others might think. She had been in a relationship with a man until recently for over two years. During that time she says he is the only man she had sex with as they were supposed to be exclusive. She learned he had on several swinger's sites and was running around so she broke up with him. ...

4 Comments, 845 Views, 40 Votes ,6.59 Score
getdown1st 68 C
213  Articles
TEST RESULTS?   1/12/2005


3 Comments, 378 Views, 26 Votes ,5.07 Score
rm_havoc_022 43 F
5  Articles
how can u be sure   1/4/2005

how often can u realy be sure our partiner is clean...even after they tell you or you go to get a check up with them...your not in the dr office with them??? or can you go in?

4 Comments, 529 Views, 47 Votes ,3.23 Score
First Oral Sex Male with Male   1/1/2005

Ok, tonight i got an offer. I have always fanasized about oral sex with a guy. Well tonight i got an offer from a bi-guy to meet him tomorow. I am a tad nervous tho. I know nothing about how to give good oral sex or anything about him except what we talked about on the internet. Do you think this is a safe thing to do? Is there any type of caution i should take before "meeting" with this ...

3 Comments, 492 Views, 11 Votes ,3.35 Score
Condoms a must   12/31/2004

Any woman who has unprotected sex is a bimbo. If you feel like living disease and certain death free please protect yourself.

1 Comments, 627 Views, 81 Votes ,6.45 Score
SplitTailLuvr 71 M
10  Articles
Cuckold husbands, safe or not?   12/31/2004

Men what has been your experience with cuckold husbands? I've seen a number of profiles where women or couples are asking for men to have sex with the women while the husband is watching, participating or just around. I'm not to sure about something like this, as I don't want some husband going ape shit on me while I was doing his woman. What's the scoop?

1 Comments, 707 Views, 10 Votes ,1.79 Score
Condoms   12/31/2004

I feel there must be something better that interupting that special moment than having to whip one out. Someone could make a fortune.

0 Comments, 146 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
scorpion696978 45 M
9  Articles
always needed   12/31/2004

with todays people u can never be to safe or can you? what are some way to protect urself 100%

1 Comments, 221 Views, 11 Votes ,3.54 Score
chillen405 41 M
21  Articles
dental dam   12/30/2004

where can you find them, because i havent been able.

1 Comments, 238 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
SuaveTallBlack 34 M
3  Articles
Condoms   12/29/2004

I find it difficult getting a condom NOT to split during sex, someone suggested they might be too small. How would I know if they were too small or not as they are suppose to be tight anyway, right?

2 Comments, 138 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
lubbockdick4fun 50 M
2  Articles
safe sex   12/28/2004

When meeting someone from this site, why would you not have safe sex with them???

4 Comments, 156 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
Squilo1000 41 M
1  Article
Safe oral sex   12/27/2004

Now I always practice safe sex with my new partners, with that said, in your opinion, can a woman still be pleased orally with plastic wrap or should I just skip the whole oral experience until I get to know her.

2 Comments, 282 Views, 11 Votes ,3.54 Score
SplitTailLuvr 71 M
10  Articles
Anal sex with a female   12/23/2004

Ladies when having anal sex with your partners do you prefer: Lube or no lube? Bareback or condom? I've only had anal sex with three different partners on a fairly regular basis an each one was different. One was condom and lube; another was bareback and lube and the other was bareback and no lube.

4 Comments, 629 Views, 44 Votes ,3.31 Score
bare back naked people...   12/19/2004

Hey everyone how many people out there like to walk around there house naked and how many of you have ever really let someone touch you in public for all the world to see...

8 Comments, 336 Views, 42 Votes ,4.70 Score
How careful are you?   12/19/2004

So, you find a girl on the site. You meet at your designated location. Then the sex begins. After a certain period of time, you become seconds away from "spilling" inside of her. What do you do? <br> A: She's on birth control, let it flow! B: Pull out, it's too risky. C: Let her decide.

16 Comments, 691 Views, 51 Votes ,2.70 Score
safe sex   12/15/2004

have safe sex everyone.

0 Comments, 50 Views, 14 Votes ,1.54 Score
amatuer6923 45 F
1  Article
Women playing with women   12/13/2004

How do women have safe sex, besides testing. At least a guy you can put a condom on his cock but when you are really hot for a women what do you do? I am very clean and wont take stupid chances with my life or others. any sugestions??????????WOMEN

2 Comments, 164 Views, 34 Votes ,5.22 Score
going bareback..   12/13/2004

well i have to say that when i am with a lady, especially at home or some place where they are easlily accessible and she wants to just go at with no condom it can almost be a turn-off. now don't get me wrong, sex with a condom can not compare with sex without a condom in terms of the sensation, but all i can think is that if you do not make me wear one, you don't make anyone else wear one ...

3 Comments, 191 Views, 30 Votes ,3.63 Score
oral with condoms?   12/13/2004

I know you are supposed to use condoms for oral sex just as much as with intercourse, but I was curious as to how many and women...actually do always use a condom when performing or receiving oral.

13 Comments, 552 Views, 59 Votes ,2.98 Score
Birth control methods   12/13/2004

Hi-- <br> Can the ladies tell of experiences with newer birth control methods (low hormone pills, patch, shot, etc.). Also, does anyone have an IUD and have there been complications from this?

5 Comments, 152 Views, 42 Votes ,2.93 Score
rm_WhiteonBrown 57 M
2  Articles
condoms   12/13/2004

Would anybody have sex with a person, they knew had AIDS or HIV+, if they wore a condom..? Surely not. Therefore what is the point of condoms...

4 Comments, 108 Views, 48 Votes
deadcoad 46 M
2  Articles
Is there anything to be shared with u 2 share about anal sex in a safe way?   12/11/2004

I am new to anal and affraid that it will not be a pleasure experience.Please share ur experiences.

5 Comments, 109 Views, 30 Votes ,2.26 Score
TwistInsanity 37 M
4  Articles
100% Effective   12/8/2004

I have been using this tried and true method of safe sex for a long time now. The only true safe sex is ONESOMES. Trust me on this.

1 Comments, 47 Views, 19 Votes ,2.60 Score
chillen405 41 M
21  Articles
Ladies what condoms do u prefer?   12/1/2004

This question is for the ladies, what condoms do u prefer for your parter to use and tell why.

3 Comments, 116 Views, 36 Votes ,7.04 Score
BostonNineInch69 53 M
1  Article
Fantasies and Masterbation   11/29/2004

Fantasies can provide a stimulating relief. But masterbation is more fun when it's mutual with a similarly-interested woman!

1 Comments, 52 Views, 26 Votes ,6.37 Score
What is more deadly?   11/27/2004

HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis? These three STD's, amongst many others, cause life long problems. The interesting thing to note is this: Hep B is more contagious than HIV. It can kill you quicker than HIV, and leave you more unwell, more quickly than HIV. It is also transmitted the same way. Syphilis is one you might not know you have until it is in its final stages, and you are dementing, ...

1 Comments, 51 Views, 24 Votes ,5.97 Score
poppy20 44 M
1  Article
Unprotected Sex   11/25/2004

I seriously doubt that the majority of people are having safe sex. Oh sure people say they are, but they are probably lying. My experience has shown me this. Most women I sleep with the first time are ready to mount me with no condom. It is always when I suggest it that they agree. Haven't we seen enough pictures of people here on HornyWife that are obviously having unprotected sex?

1 Comments, 77 Views, 23 Votes ,7.22 Score
Pleasing even with condoms   11/25/2004

Safe sex is the best thing always one has to remember they have so many specialty condoms now that most of the time both parties are pleased with them there are some exceptions but the specialty condoms are out there to please.

3 Comments, 60 Views, 70 Votes ,7.77 Score
Where can I get tested for STD's?   11/23/2004

I was seperated for about 6 months and had some sexual encounters. Of course I think the partners were clean and d/free but to be safe I want to get tested but also do not want my wife to know I'm getting tested. Does anyone recommend a private place to do this?

0 Comments, 30 Views, 9 Votes ,3.00 Score
pulkis 37 M
1  Article
How many of you are using protection while dating someone from HornyWife??   11/22/2004

How many of you are using protection while dating someone from HornyWife??

2 Comments, 39 Views, 13 Votes ,6.33 Score
lucky6914_ 37 M
14  Articles
Male birth control shot?   11/22/2004

Is there such thing as a male birth control shot? also if there is, is it affective and how can i get it?

0 Comments, 52 Views, 10 Votes ,4.38 Score
mrlesta 44 M
1  Article
anal   11/22/2004

is anal sex safe? what about the muscles inside?

3 Comments, 93 Views, 25 Votes ,2.80 Score
heycometalktome 44 M
10  Articles
Condom use   11/21/2004

The best condoms for anal and vaginal intercourse are lubricated latex condoms. I do not recommend lambskin condoms because they don’t block HIV and STDs. Polyurethane condoms are good, but may not protect as well as latex (they are still being tested). If you're allergic to latex, please see "Trouble Shooting." Using lubricant will make things go smoother and give you added ...

1 Comments, 16 Views, 10 Votes ,6.17 Score
edmstiffler1978 37 M
2  Articles
How do you get used to wearing rubbers?   11/19/2004

I have been having unprotected sex since I was 14. Since I had a few long-term relationships as a I had loads of sex, but we never used a condom. Now I am older and single and horny. I have had few one-nighters but ussually the night ends up spoiled because I cant finish because there is no sensation. Is there some kind of secret to getting off with a condom on?

4 Comments, 51 Views, 17 Votes ,1.57 Score
absinthe_boy 44 M
1  Article
Not just protecting myself...   11/19/2004

I am in an open marriage, and one of the rules we have is that when either my wife or myself is with another partner we always use condoms. In my case I am not only protecting myself (and my sex partner of the night) but also my wife. <br> However I think in general anybody indulging in sex with more than one regular partner should practise safe(er) sex. Ask yourself, is that ...

2 Comments, 33 Views, 10 Votes ,3.78 Score
lucky6914_ 37 M
14  Articles
pull out or not   11/16/2004

Hey everybody I have a question. When having sex do you pull out when you are cuming or not if you are wearing a condom? and ladies what do you prefer?

5 Comments, 84 Views, 10 Votes ,6.17 Score
What is safe sex?   11/16/2004

Back in the 1970s, many people, both straight and gay, enjoyed sex with a variety of partners assuming that there was very little danger. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. It is only sensible to practise safe sex. <br> What is safe sex? The only totally safe form of sex is masturbation. All sexual activity with a partner carries some risk, though the danger of ...

0 Comments, 14 Views, 12 Votes ,5.45 Score
sex   11/15/2004


0 Comments, 10 Views, 10 Votes ,6.57 Score
FunTexans 59 C
1  Article
Bi-Sexual Female Safety, is it possible?   11/11/2004

My question to you ladies out there, is it possible for two females to praxtice safe sex? If so how? I'm very interested in hearing how this can be done if thier is to be any sexual contact between the ladies involed. My spouse and I are strongly considering hooking up with a lady we've chated with here on HornyWife, but I'm very concerned with protecting us both from disease. <br> ...

4 Comments, 67 Views, 34 Votes ,7.10 Score
For Human Rights   11/10/2004

Attention to all Men, watch out for the Gays! There are too many Gays over all the sites claim that they are females in their profiles and upload with those sexy / naked photos of others and describe how much they need Men, SEX, cock to satisfy them, in order to get the attraction from straight Men. Boys, When you “shoot” your precious sperm in a chat room, through Webcam or ...

1 Comments, 15 Views, 20 Votes ,5.17 Score
kimmy69695 32 F
1  Article
sex   11/9/2004

why such a word like sex turn some ones head/

2 Comments, 52 Views, 37 Votes ,4.51 Score
rm_vikings_suck 36 M
2  Articles
How   11/8/2004

I have often wondering, usually after the act. What is the best way for anal sex with a woman? And what the chances are of contracting any diseaes from it....

1 Comments, 53 Views, 16 Votes ,4.30 Score
rm_vikings_suck 36 M
2  Articles
How   11/8/2004

I have often wondering, usually after the act. What is the best way for anal sex with a woman? And what the chances are of contracting any diseaes from it....

7 Comments, 172 Views, 18 Votes ,5.17 Score
wetcock79 41 M
7  Articles
Condoms and anal sex   11/5/2004

Most of the porns we watch these days do not practice safe sex especially in anal actions. I havent tried anal sex without any condoms. I wonder how it feels. Is it really safe??

4 Comments, 39 Views, 33 Votes ,4.34 Score
2  Articles
not using anything   11/2/2004

I had this guy i meet for one night he he didn't use anyhting i told him to use but i was so into it that i thought he did.

1 Comments, 141 Views, 30 Votes ,2.55 Score
My husband hates condoms   11/2/2004

It is harder for my husband to cum or even enjoy sex when he is wearing a condom. Now he wants to swing with other couples and I don't want him doing anything without one. Is there any other way?

1 Comments, 50 Views, 15 Votes ,5.43 Score
Condoms   11/1/2004

Condoms are safe and excellent. I prefer bareback however because its more fun.

0 Comments, 28 Views, 16 Votes ,4.16 Score
urplaything69 32 F
0  Articles
CONDOMS.....YES PLEASE!!!!   10/29/2004

I thought I would write a little something pertaining towards safe sex so hear it is. I'm sure we are all agreed here that protection during sex is a key factor in anybody's life. I know for a fact it is in my own. Generally speaking, whether it's a condom, the pill, or the shot measures must be taken. HOWEVER, I believe that the condom is most effective in the areas of STDs and such where ...

4 Comments, 112 Views, 62 Votes ,8.83 Score
pls help   10/29/2004

Im a novice at this and to most of you it may be regarded as a rather stupid question but here goes anyway. How is it possible to have safe sex when a man goes down on women???

0 Comments, 27 Views, 17 Votes ,4.26 Score
seaboy1984 40 M
139  Articles
The Safest Sex   10/29/2004

Ah, sexual fantasy. It has one big advantage over sexual reality: You have total control over everything that happens. You won't be humiliated or suffer at the hands of a brutish lover unless, of course, that's what you want. <br> Consider the possibilities. Your fantasy partner can be a celebrity, the guy who works down the hall, or your best friend's mate. You enjoy complete ...

0 Comments, 20 Views, 15 Votes ,3.28 Score
have you partner wear a condum   10/29/2004

why do some guy refuse to wear codums? and why do some girls let them get away with it? i have a friend who is going to have a baby at the age of 18 just because her boyfriend didn't want to wear a condum. i know of other girls who do the same thing. they never keep the baby. it has happened 3 times to one girl. that is just wrong to me. if u want a baby, go ahead and dont wear one. i ...

0 Comments, 28 Views, 21 Votes ,5.97 Score
seaboy1984 40 M
139  Articles
Sexual Surrogate Or ?   10/28/2004

There are several major differences between what a surrogate does and what we typically think of a doing. Frequently a provides only the sexual experiences that are asked of her. In many cases her job is simply to provide instant gratification. She may never see the again. <br> A sex surrogate's main purpose, rather than just to provide sexual pleasure, is to educate the in how ...

1 Comments, 40 Views, 14 Votes ,4.26 Score
seaboy1984 40 M
139  Articles
Being Safe Together   10/28/2004

Partners sometimes try so hard to protect each other's tender feelings. Their protective defenses become cumbersome. They cannot connect, draw close, or touch each other emotionally because of these defenses. The object of truth-telling is to break down these defenses -- to stop the protection and tell the truth. <br> But there is a catch. Before telling the truth to your partner, ...

0 Comments, 13 Views, 7 Votes ,4.57 Score
seaboy1984 40 M
139  Articles
Importance of Sex   10/28/2004

Sexual intercourse can be a very creative act. It is capable of stimulating energies of a very high positive and fulfilling nature. <br> On having entered the physical realms through incarnation on Earth, each human spirit becomes a personality to gain certain understandings, to accomplish certain deeds, to develop certain thought patterns, and to react and to participate in the ...

0 Comments, 15 Views, 7 Votes ,4.06 Score
seaboy1984 40 M
139  Articles
The Passionate Partnership   10/28/2004

A passionate partnership not only needs the nourishment sexual energy provides, it also needs maintenance. Conscious maintenance. We believe that as much care, thoughtfulness, and attention should be paid to a relationship as to a career, a family, or a cause. Unfortunately, this is not a popular concept. <br> More popular, but less realistic, is the theory that love, having ...

0 Comments, 10 Views, 4 Votes ,4.02 Score
safe or no?   10/28/2004

is it really that much better w/o a condom?

0 Comments, 22 Views, 6 Votes ,1.37 Score
rm_durdensu3 38 M
3  Articles
fool   10/28/2004

I was a young boy, and my mother gave me the talk, she said don't have sex. My father gave me the talk and said, two minutes of pleasure ain't worth it in life. I've grown up and realized it is worth it. Now I tell my nephews (not old enough to be a dad) don't be a fool, wrap your tool.

0 Comments, 50 Views, 7 Votes ,1.51 Score
scotsrugbyguy 34 M
1  Article
how long.   10/27/2004

At what stage of a reletionship, assuming the female is on the pill, should the question of leaving out the condom be brought up? everyone knows that sex without latex is far better bu at the same time it is never wise to be without one at the start of a relationship. any thoughts?

0 Comments, 15 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
Why?   10/27/2004

Why don't some men like to wear condoms, even if it means saving their lives?

0 Comments, 10 Views, 2 Votes ,5.20 Score
asheville1965 51 M
4  Articles
creampies   10/25/2004

How many ladies really would enjoy having a guy enjoy a creampie after a hard session of fucking, i notice several couples who mention this but yet to see or hear if they have many people respond.

2 Comments, 318 Views, 15 Votes ,6.04 Score
SexVirussss 40 M
139  Articles
Important message...plz don't ignore   10/25/2004

Read it carefully and do not take it light.... <br> A very urgent message. This happened in Paris recently and may happen elsewhere also. A few weeks ago, in a movie theatre, a person felt something poking from her seat. When she got uptosee what it was, she found a needle sticking out of the seat with a note attached saying : "You have just been infected by HIV". The Disease ...

1 Comments, 46 Views, 14 Votes ,6.34 Score
tru safe sex   10/24/2004

the only true safe sex is no sex at all+thats very frustrating other wise its use a condom all the time only big drawback with condoms it means us cum drinkers dont get to guzzle on cum unless u wana drink it out of the condom+then it dont taste the same as when its cumin fresh from the cock or dribbling out of the pussy or ass

0 Comments, 18 Views, 5 Votes ,3.47 Score

I always suggest to have a safe sex...not only in the sense wearing a condom or precautionary measures but sex is a devine performance of love and exibiting it to your lover and when considered men are open but thats not the case with women they will not things out until they like and gain trust on a person, so safe sex is handling that person who is ready to unleash that hidden truth in ...

0 Comments, 9 Views, 3 Votes ,4.90 Score
Dental Dams Are Hard to Use   10/22/2004

I have found that dental dams are hard to remove from the packaging without damaging them, especially when you are as excited as I have been at the time. They are small and very flimsy. A much larger piect of Saran Wrap, about 12 inches square, works better. You can still give a lady a good licking with it covering her whole "Love Triangle"

1 Comments, 23 Views, 9 Votes ,4.71 Score
protect your self   10/20/2004

with all the aids and diseases going around you never no who got smoething so just rememer its just rubber so keep it covered.

0 Comments, 47 Views, 8 Votes ,3.94 Score
saran wrap   10/17/2004

i still think saran wrap is the safest way to protect yourself

1 Comments, 18 Views, 14 Votes
kinkydetroitcpl2 50 C
13  Articles
Condom blues   10/13/2004

My last girlfriend had her tubes tied giving me the luxurary of not having too wear a condom.Since we broke up I have too wrap the racal again.No more wet moist inviting pussy, now I can barely feel anything.When I was a just the thought of a woman letting me stick my cock in her was enough.Now I need the entire mental relationship to go with the physical.If its not there I will go limp while ...

0 Comments, 39 Views, 37 Votes ,6.71 Score
manogirth 57 M
9  Articles
Men: size yourself   10/12/2004

Just a heads up. For a long while, I used condoms and wondered why they hurt when i put them on. Then one lover told me I was well endowed and should use the larger ones. I used Trojan Magnums that afternoon with her and it was much much better. No slippage. At one point, I went on to using Lifestyle large. These fit even better and felt even better. Turns out they are 30% larger than ...

0 Comments, 18 Views, 15 Votes ,5.43 Score
chocolatelvr2 47 F
4  Articles
Dental Dam   10/11/2004

I have another question, although no one has answered my first question about the female condom. What is the opinion on the dental dam? Has anyone ever used it that can give some advice? Is it really effective and how does it feel? I know with a regular comdom the sensation is not the same as without; is it the same with a dental dam? All help and advice is welcomed. Thanks

0 Comments, 39 Views, 10 Votes ,3.58 Score
Prophylatic drug regimen   10/10/2004

Since many STD's are "symptomless" for quite some time after contact, is there a physician out there than can "recommend" a prophylactic drug regimen, that you can take the day after. If you could recommend one for a 180 pound male and a 120 pound female with no known allergies, I am sure a number of folks could benefit.

1 Comments, 69 Views, 4 Votes ,0.53 Score
rm_78mystic78 48 C
4  Articles
guys please use condoms!!   10/10/2004

I am not saying all men but alot of men use the excuse that they losse their erection when they use a condom. Yes i agree this can happen but it just takes a bit of pratice when masterbating to overcome this. Guys please do this for the women you are with they will greatly appriciate it.

0 Comments, 40 Views, 22 Votes ,7.09 Score
rm_AustinBC 44 M
8  Articles
what if?   10/9/2004

So if you want to be safe and the other person doesn' often are you found having unsafe sex? A lot?

0 Comments, 14 Views, 0 Votes
rm_AustinBC 44 M
8  Articles
Sucks!   10/9/2004

Do a lot of people out there use condoms for oral? If so...women...doesn't it just taste nasty?

0 Comments, 15 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
koolcouple30ish 46 C
1  Article
Oral Sex isn't "safe" either   10/7/2004

I am reading a lot of these articles and notice a common theme. A lot of people seem to think that oral sex is Safe. It is NOT. You can still get disease from oral sex. It may be less likely to obtain an STD from the oral route than vaginal, penile, or anal, but it is possible and happens all the time. You can get a disease by providing oral sex and you can get a disease (though not as ...

0 Comments, 19 Views, 65 Votes ,9.44 Score
randyrita 46 F
1  Article
They're doing it   10/7/2004

Do any other girls find that when you are with a couple, and that couple are having raw, unprotected sex, that its too easy to think, "they must be safe if they are doing it"? Sometimes its too easy to think they must be safe so you don't insist on protection when you join in with them. Just remember, they might both have the same stds, so try to always think of your own safety first.

1 Comments, 170 Views, 58 Votes ,9.47 Score
rm_timmor12 35 M
6  Articles
Don't pull out to soon, maybe not soon enough   10/6/2004

If you don't wear condom and decide to just pull out early, i hope you are prepared for the risk you are taking.

0 Comments, 21 Views, 35 Votes ,7.73 Score
rm_BigRay718 40 M
1  Article
Always a smart idea   10/4/2004

Even though it is the smartest thing to use a condom, it really sucks. I always use condoms with someone i just meet or for at least the first few times of intercourse. Once that lady becomes my gf, and i trust her enough the condom comes off.

1 Comments, 66 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
safe   10/2/2004

safe sex... use a condom orr dont use 1 ... better safe then sorry.. haha who cares sex is the best whoever dosnt like it is a fagg.

0 Comments, 9 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rm_boogz1000 45 M
1  Article
whats with safe sex   9/30/2004

does anyone prefer to use condoms or does it bother you.

0 Comments, 11 Views, 4 Votes ,5.19 Score
Re: safety in sex ???   9/29/2004

Safe sex means protecting yourself 100% of the time. Carrying protection in your handbag and not taking one out prior to intimacy doesn’t count. Carry it and strap it on ‒ that is my definition of safe sex!

0 Comments, 28 Views, 7 Votes ,5.08 Score
chocolatelvr2 47 F
4  Articles
The Female Condem   9/28/2004

I was wondering; has anyone ever used the female condom? If so, how easy/difficult is it to use? My guy and I are thinking of a threesome with another woman and although we are tested and come back clear every time we know that we can’t necessarily trust what the other person says about their status. Safety first is our main concern.

1 Comments, 35 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
safety in sex ???   9/27/2004

I thought this applied to using condoms regularily and faithfully? Seems like unless I supplied them and even put them on for him there wouldnt be any condoms used .... <br> Maybe safe sex means something else? if so .. what?

0 Comments, 10 Views, 37 Votes ,7.13 Score
rm_badprince06 30 M
17  Articles
Trust me... It's for the best!   9/24/2004

I meet this cool, freaky white girl. We knew each other for a few months, got close, and planned a freaky weekend of hot sex! Well, we talked and talked about it, and she said she's been on the shot for a long time; she liked feeling the nut inside her, and everything, so she said we didn't need protection, plus she hadn't been with anyone for months and months. So we fucked, and fucked, ...

0 Comments, 59 Views, 36 Votes ,4.19 Score
rm_araytec 36 M
1  Article
What is the rate of becoming pregnant when using condoms?   9/20/2004

High quality condoms, when used consistently and correctly, provide an excellent barrier against pregnancy. Clinical trials have shown that correct and consistent use of condoms can have between 95% and 98% contraceptive efficacy rate. The success of any form of contraception depends not only on the method, but also the consistency of use.

0 Comments, 7 Views, 8 Votes ,4.41 Score
Rythm Method   9/18/2004

for how many days is a woman safe from getting pregnant after her last day of menstrual period?

0 Comments, 20 Views, 12 Votes ,2.62 Score
condems can give you piece of mind   9/17/2004

sometimes its hard to have safe sex , it feels so diferant with a condem i was wandering if anyone else feels the same way about wearing condems i feel like it takes away from the feeling but it also gives you a piece of mind .because you dont know were that person has been and what they have done i think wearing a condem is a good thing

0 Comments, 26 Views, 25 Votes ,6.12 Score
rm_forty870 57 C
7  Articles
Playing a game.   9/16/2004

Safe sex is like a crap shot. You can keep having unprotected sex, but sooner or later you will crap out!

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TrackStud14 38 M
15  Articles
Be safe   9/15/2004

Don't be a fool wrap your tool. Sex is good but its not worth it to take a chance with your life.

0 Comments, 14 Views, 14 Votes ,5.06 Score
be safe!   9/12/2004

Be all safe, especially if you belong to this ite and meet lots of nice people... It is most important to be in good health!

0 Comments, 59 Views, 9 Votes ,5.56 Score
safe sex woes-asking a partner to do it   9/9/2004

Why is it, In this day and time, Everyone, (men)thinks a condom is a comicle thing to ask for? We swing, Yes, But so does countless others, and they are with others.We get tested for STD's and AIDES, However, We know that it may be there is early stages and not show up right away, Not that we do anything high risk, It's a personal thing, Just wanting to be sure.But we get together with ...

0 Comments, 15 Views, 36 Votes ,8.59 Score
STD carrier   9/5/2004

I am curious if a person can carry a STD with out ever having symptoms themselves. I know this can and does happen with the HIV virus, but what about other diseases, like gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, genital warts, etc. Can a person contract a disease from another person, that has never actually had the disease, but could be a carrier and not even know it? Would a STD test discover a ...

0 Comments, 20 Views, 10 Votes ,6.17 Score
Guarding against    8/28/2004

One night a date picked me up and we went out for a little party. He went and got me a drink. Soon after I drank it I began feeling a little woozie but I didn't think anything because I hadn't felt very good that day. When we left the party he took me to a motel where he got us a room and carried me inside. I didn't try to fight him off because I didn't really realize what was going on. ...

0 Comments, 155 Views, 22 Votes ,6.97 Score
safe sex?listen up lads its easy.   8/25/2004

safe sex starts with finding out if she has a boyfriend/husband and if so how big is he? when that is sorted out, let lust the important parts:make sure your light dimmer switch works, that you tie one foot to the bedroom door and just for good measure strap a surf-board to your if all that fails lads, stop drinking so much and you will know who you pulled last ...

0 Comments, 13 Views, 48 Votes ,6.21 Score
hot_IN_male30 43 M
1  Article
Damn Condoms...   8/24/2004

I completely understand you poor souls who can't keep it up with a condom on! After being in a serious (and committed) relationship for many years...then going to casual and safe sex...using condoms just isn't the same, for me at least. I can be 100% pointed soon as the condom goes on, the dick gets angry and goes down in protest. I hate advocating drugs other than for 100% ...

0 Comments, 13 Views, 60 Votes ,6.65 Score
Mmmmmmmmm   8/23/2004

I remember it well The Moon rose as the Sun fell Oh how she tasted and that wonderful smell Down below the flesh it swelled My beating heart, her rapid breath Softly with my hands caressed And kissed my name upon her breast As I lifted up her summer dress Along the small of her back like a Moon crest Down to the place her secret is kept The air was still and dry but yet I ...

0 Comments, 10 Views, 43 Votes ,4.90 Score
rm_paukenplayer 59 M
1  Article
Re: no condom when She's not ovulating   8/23/2004

to respond further....The Catholic church promotes the rhythm method because of their doctrinal stance against "artificial" birth control methods. Thus the nickname of "Vatican Roulette" for this method.

0 Comments, 29 Views, 27 Votes ,6.29 Score
Re:I can't keep it up with a condom! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP   8/21/2004

Anyone who's reading this and read my previous article " i cant keep it up with a condom" may remember i said i was told it may be the lubricant or spermicide causing the loss of erection. Well, good news for anyone else that may have the same problem for the same reasons. After hunting the net i have found a mail order firm that sells larger condoms without spermicide OR lubricant, so you ...

0 Comments, 68 Views, 49 Votes ,8.48 Score
manogirth 57 M
9  Articles
Condoms and the uncircumcised man   8/18/2004

Just a tip for uncircumcised men. If you are so blessed wth having kept your foreskin (you know what its advantages are) the method to put on a condom is to start with pulling your foreskin back, roll on the condom just until it covers the glans (head), then push the foreskin back before rollong on the condom all the way down the shaft. That way, your foreskin gets to move around.

0 Comments, 15 Views, 34 Votes ,7.10 Score
manogirth 57 M
9  Articles
Condom sizing tip for uncircumcised men   8/18/2004

I used to think I was a "small" man so tried to make up in other ways. I am also uncircumcised. What I found when having sex was that the condom would slowly slip off. You'd think I have a super skinny dick (rather expected as I am asian). As it turns out, I am too big for standard condoms. it seems with an uncircumsied penis and the elasticity of latex, the condom will try to contract ...

0 Comments, 14 Views, 37 Votes ,7.30 Score
RE: Is Pre-cum dangerous   8/17/2004

Honestly.. I'm amazed at how uninformed some people are. "Pre-cum" from a man is simply a little fluid (with sperm) that seeps out before a full orgasm. As a matter of fact the studies (from masters and Johnson) indicatate it's very fertile (loaded with sperm). There is more sperm ppm in pre-cum than there is in a regular orgasm. Can you get AIDS? No. You can only contract aids by an ...

0 Comments, 20 Views, 59 Votes ,6.41 Score
I can't keep it up with a condom! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!   8/16/2004

I've been having sex now for almost 16 years now and have NEVER managed to maintain an erection whilst wearing a condom. I have tried different types and sizes, yet always the same effect, mr floppy comes out to play. I will always try with a new partner, but always the same thing happens, usually at this point its a case of , oh just do it anyway. However, with quite a few STD's under ...

0 Comments, 41 Views, 41 Votes ,6.61 Score
RE : Getting your partner ready for anal sex   8/15/2004

One thing I have learned is if you let the woman push back at her pace it makes it less painful. I just barely push my dick against her ass and slowly push. When she clenches I stop and start to rub her ass aas she rubs her clit. When she is relaxed again she begins to push against my dick and in short order she is pushing harder wanting to take it. It takes time but is weel worth it,

0 Comments, 10 Views, 37 Votes ,7.13 Score
Skindyvr 45 M
1  Article
Whatever happened to just sex?   8/15/2004

I've often wondered what happened to the "one night stand". Seems these days, that everyone is looking for a relationship, or some deep spiritual meaning to sex, or something to that effect. In plain, no uncertain terms, whatever happened to just plain old sex for the sake of having sex? I know that today's society abounds in sexually transmitted diseases of all sorts, but with the ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 44 Votes ,6.80 Score
Ways to enjoy   8/10/2004

Me and my wife always like the idea of someone else either watching or touching while we are having sex. One we found that is very erotic to us and safe is going to the adult stores, and going in the booths. Usually their will be holes in the walls , well I think everybody knows what they are for. We will go p to a booth next to where somebody is in and go in locking ourselves in their. We ...

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LicksKittysplit 39 M
30  Articles
Extra Large Condoms   8/9/2004

A woman walks into a drugstore and asks the pharmacist if he sells size extra large condoms. <br> The pharmacist replies, "Yes, we do. Would you like to buy some?" <br> She responds, "No, but do you mind if I wait around here until someone does?"

0 Comments, 19 Views, 24 Votes ,6.88 Score
Whether it's safe or not.   8/9/2004

This wasn't very long ago, I waas assigned to pick up a gourp of tourists intown, while waitting at the cruise center for the arrival of the tourists, I decided to had my meal at the food center, As I was about to place my order and was interrupted by a fair prettier lady who introduce herself as seow may came from china and keep telling me she lost her job and couldn't afford her meal, By ...

0 Comments, 20 Views, 13 Votes ,4.65 Score
WHY   8/7/2004

Why is it that men really dont want to use condoms even when they dont really know a person you would think that people do not watch the news these days.Help me out men.

0 Comments, 14 Views, 24 Votes ,6.99 Score
role reversal reply   8/4/2004

I know from experience that role reversal is something that some women have a hang up with because a lot of women enjoy the man being dominant in the relationship. I found the best way to try this is to find a strap-on that gets the woman off. If she's fucking your ass, and she's enjoying it and cums from it, then she'll love it. The best position for the woman to fuck you is doggy ...

0 Comments, 33 Views, 14 Votes ,4.74 Score
how safe is oral?   8/3/2004

Does anyone know particular diseases that pass on by oral sex?

0 Comments, 9 Views, 37 Votes ,3.66 Score
Safe Sex?   8/3/2004

Sure, the safest sex is no sex... but who wants that!? That's why I demand wearing a condom every time. Even better... if the women is on birth control. You can't control everything, but you can try!

0 Comments, 9 Views, 16 Votes ,5.92 Score
Pain and the Magnum   8/2/2004

I have spent the last 10 years looking for a condom that didn't hurt when I put it on. I tried lubricated, non-lubricated, every different *respectable* brand that I could find. <br> A good friend recommended Magnum and the pain is gone....ahhhh. So, for those men who know what I mean, when a condom is PAINFUL to put on (which means the erection will probably be lost), try ...

0 Comments, 16 Views, 43 Votes ,7.85 Score
rm_mcphwv 40 M
1  Article
Is Oral Sex dangerous?   8/2/2004

Is it possible to get pregnant through oral sex? Thanks for your replies.

0 Comments, 15 Views, 52 Votes
rm_TracyGlyn 53 C
2  Articles
Role Reversal, my opinion.   7/30/2004

Just because someone wants to experiment with the anal area wether it be doing it yourself or your other half doing it for you in my opinion does not make you gay, even if someone would like a male & female to have play with them then this would make them bi. <br> I think the only time someone could be classed as gay is if they were only interested in their own gender. ...

0 Comments, 19 Views, 27 Votes ,4.92 Score
role reversal   7/27/2004

I want my wife to do me with a strap-on an i gay? How should i approach her about this?

0 Comments, 25 Views, 12 Votes ,3.51 Score
foreplaymaster69 46 M
1  Article
forefilling   7/25/2004

I like to cum when I jack off, it's forefilling.

0 Comments, 40 Views, 7 Votes ,2.28 Score
RE: Swinging   7/20/2004

The only way to prove another partner is HIV negative, or disease free is to go to the clinic and get the test together. It is up to each party to share the results with the group member.

0 Comments, 10 Views, 20 Votes ,5.55 Score
How many dates until sex?   7/18/2004

SO if you meet someone youre interested in, how soon is the right time to get to the sex act? 2 dates, 4 dates, a month or longer?

0 Comments, 6 Views, 39 Votes ,5.19 Score
rm_irockonly1 38 M
2  Articles
re: mutual masterbation   7/15/2004

How does that really work. And by that I mean does it make the sex life even better? Or does it prove to your partner that you can get off by yourself?

0 Comments, 15 Views, 19 Votes ,2.86 Score
Swinging   7/10/2004

My wife and I are interested in trying out a swinging lifestlye. We are concerned about the partners we choose, how can you be sure that they are disease free?

0 Comments, 35 Views, 30 Votes ,7.46 Score
Is sex really safe if you use a condom and have oral sex.   7/8/2004

Some men insist on using a condom when having sex. Most of these men are married but they also ask for oral sex. So how is this safe? If you exchange body fluids then you increase you risk of getting STD's. This is not to say that condoms are completely 100% safe but condoms will decrease the risk as long as it stays intact. I understand that being sexually active puts you at risk but these ...

0 Comments, 22 Views, 42 Votes ,6.70 Score
rm_JasonPSU20 40 M
3  Articles
There is only one way   7/8/2004

Lets face it, no matter what you have, what you use, or which position, you can contract a disease. You can make it burn and hurt by using certain lubes. The only safe thing is to not touch yourself. But that would suck. So go on and have sex but get tested. If you come up positive for somethign, dont lie, that just spreads the sickness.

0 Comments, 5 Views, 15 Votes ,6.96 Score
rm_cutetraveler 63 C
55  Articles
new toys   7/6/2004

Oh my god- this weekend I went away for the holiday. I was driving through a small town and stopped at a light. I looked to my right and there was a small “adult shop” with only one car in front. I have always wanted to go into one and so I did. To my delight the person who worked there was also a girl. I have a vibrator and a small dildo that a boyfriend bought for me. But I ...

0 Comments, 438 Views, 40 Votes ,7.79 Score
StopN9Condoms   7/1/2004

Recently I attended an adult industry hearing in the California assembly as part of the disucssions about recent HIV oubreaks within the industry. In the course of the hearing, California Assemblyman Paul Koretz, who was charing the hearing brought up his endorcement of which outlines the dangers of condoms that use the chemical spermicide nonoxynol-9 (N-9). <br> ...

0 Comments, 7 Views, 29 Votes ,7.25 Score
aquamarine99 44 M
2  Articles
is the female condom safe   6/25/2004

just wondering guys is the female condom considered safe?

0 Comments, 10 Views, 26 Votes ,6.05 Score
Anal intercourse   6/18/2004

This method is for all of you who kept asking about anal intercourse. I finally got busy and put something together. I am hoping this will help you out on your sexual journey and that the information I provide for you here will prove useful. Those of you who have been here before will notice that this article doesn’t look the same as it once did. I was on a roll and decided that it needed ...

0 Comments, 31 Views, 3553 Votes ,7.15 Score
What does it take?   6/15/2004

When a woman wants to be with you how do you know? Even when you know how do you act on it without pushing to hard?

0 Comments, 7 Views, 11 Votes ,1.11 Score
How to use a condom properly - How to Rip n Roll   6/14/2004

1. Don't store condoms in a glove box or in your wallet, condoms hate heat! Also, don't use condoms past the expiration date and don't open condoms with your teeth. <br> 2. If you're using a Latex condom, don't use oil based lubrication such as skin lotions, baby oil, Vaseline® or cold cream - the oil in these products weakens the Latex. Always use water based or latex compatible ...

0 Comments, 13 Views, 53 Votes ,8.84 Score
Is condom safe enough?   6/14/2004

Researchs point out that the rubber comprising latex condoms has intrinsic voids about 5 microns (0.0002 inches) in size. Since this is roughly 10 times smaller than sperm, the latter we effectively blocked in ideal circumstances. <br> The 12 percent failure rate of condoms in preventing pregnancy is attributable to in situ cracking, removal. ozone deterioration from improper ...

0 Comments, 16 Views, 32 Votes ,6.90 Score
Advise on Condom   6/14/2004

If you're going to suck your partner's dick (blowjob), put a condom on it first. Try non-lubricated or flavored condoms for this. Whatever you do, don't get semen (cum) in your mouth, because you could get an STD or HIV that way. If you have a sore throat or small cuts on your gums (say from brushing your teeth), there's a risk of HIV going from the semen into your blood stream. ...

0 Comments, 13 Views, 17 Votes ,6.10 Score
Hung_Black_dick 44 M
1  Article
Have you?   6/13/2004

some people who use condoms can't keep their penis hard. has this happened to you?

0 Comments, 5 Views, 20 Votes ,4.91 Score

Of course, we all know that condoms help prevent the transmission of STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) and also helps with HIV transmission, but I teach high school and recently learned (from one of my students) about the dangers of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). This is another STD that is often a silent virus. There are many different "garden" varietes of this virus....but all of them ...

0 Comments, 42 Views, 47 Votes ,7.95 Score
lucy811 62 C
4  Articles
Mutual Mastrabation   6/8/2004

A very erotic way to have the absolute safest sex, is with mutual mastrabation on a web cam. There is no way you can transmit any kind of disease, even the common cold!! HA!! Get a web cam and find out the newest, erotic way to have SAFE SEX!! No need to worry about meeting someone for the first time either. Meet them visually on the web first, see if there's a connection, and if ...

0 Comments, 48 Views, 42 Votes ,5.39 Score
KinkyCandyLicker 45 M
4  Articles

Every one talks about safe sex. Is there really safe with other person. Just because you use a condom doesn't really mean your safe. Unless you mean safe from certain things. Even condoms aren't safe. The only safe sex you'll have now a days is none at all or with yourself.

1 Comments, 45 Views, 57 Votes ,7.65 Score
STD'S ask first   6/2/2004

A few years ago I was with someone for the first time and I questioned her about STD's in a kind manner. This someone blew her top accusing me of calling her trash and everything else under the sun. Is there an easy way to ask without offending someone

1 Comments, 42 Views, 27 Votes ,5.13 Score
Watch your prick   5/27/2004

K guys, can't tell me you haven't been with a drunkin sleeze from the bar and your all stiff and hard then you think, do I trust this bitch. Gotta admitt, you look at their mouths and pussy, maybe catch a little spot in the dark "what the fuck is that girl"?. But why the fuck do we all do it anyway, even with out a condom, lmao. <br> Just lettin ya girls know what sleeziz guys ...

0 Comments, 11 Views, 31 Votes ,1.71 Score
noproblemsolver 49 M
1  Article
HERPES & BAREBACK   5/27/2004

Be very, very careful out there ladies and gentlemen. I had the opportunity to meet up with someone from this site for a little "playtime" and it was very nice. There was only one thing. She had herpes and didn't know. Now I had the sense to wrap old jimmy up. I did not find out about it until probably five or six weeks after we hooked up. Turns out she went to the doctor and decided to ...

0 Comments, 113 Views, 85 Votes ,9.50 Score

I don't think so! It might be safer ONCE for your first partner (other than your wife / S, but it will NEVER be safe for you. Aren't you concerned about getting a STD from your latest "strange"? People who have STD's hardly ever look sick. How would you protect yourself? <br> Be smart. Wear a raincoat!

0 Comments, 5 Views, 30 Votes ,5.89 Score
UofG_Girl 39 F
2  Articles
How to bring up using condoms!   5/23/2004

Now i like to have sex, but I have just recently broken up with my boyfriend of three years who was the first and only person i have ever slept with. Because I am on the pill and we were eachothers first and only partners, using condoms was never an issue. My plan is to now experience sex with other partners (hence why I am on this site), but i find the topic of condoms difficult to bring ...

0 Comments, 65 Views, 25 Votes ,6.23 Score
Wear it   5/21/2004

Just a reminder to all those on this site..use a condom!

0 Comments, 9 Views, 32 Votes ,7.65 Score
Oral sex a safe alternative to intercourse?   5/19/2004

I heard that if you had unprotected oral sex with a woman and she was the giver, you have less of a chance of contracting some diseases than being pricked with a needle. Is this true?

0 Comments, 5 Views, 97 Votes ,6.36 Score
Having Intercourse and Safe Sex   5/9/2004

Having Intercourse and Safe Sex The person seeking fun asks a logical question, "What about love making with persons of the opposite sex?" Maybe that is the way to drain off his energies, especially if he maintains a monogamous relationship. <br> However, the danger exists that without the permanent commitment of marriage, a person has no guarantee that the relationship will ...

0 Comments, 33 Views, 60 Votes ,8.31 Score
God's Love and Safe Sex   5/9/2004

God's Love and Safe Sex The person, who chooses to ignore God, must examine a tremendous amount of scientific and psychological evidence and draw on the experiences of life to learn how to get the most out of the sexual relationship. Even then, such a person might be fooled into thinking an activity is safe when, in fact, it is not. Maybe he hasn't heard that the former surgeon general ...

0 Comments, 124 Views, 40 Votes ,3.88 Score
Living Together and Safe Sex   5/9/2004

Living Together and Safe Sex Escaping the Trap of Sexual Impurity (Multnomah Press), talks about how living together doesn't bring sexual happiness, but actually prevents it as he explains "The Fetish of Sexual Arousal": <br> The third reason for premarital sexual abstinence may be the most significant. It happens that the sexual arousal of most of us can be conditioned very ...

0 Comments, 10 Views, 12 Votes ,5.80 Score
Love Making with Persons of the Same Sex and Safe Sex   5/9/2004

Love Making with Persons of the Same Sex and Safe Sex <br> If a person wants to enjoy the most fun in life, wants to delight in the sexual relationship, will he find true love with a member of the same sex? A person may think, "Maybe homosexuals are happy and don't care. Maybe I would be happy this way. It really wouldn't make any difference." <br> Except gays are ...

0 Comments, 80 Views, 35 Votes ,2.97 Score
Masturbation and Safe Sex   5/9/2004

Masturbation and Safe Sex The next question a person, who just wants to have fun, might consider is, "At what age should a student start to masturbate?" Some educators advocate, "Masturbation is a safe way to drain off your sexual energies without risk of disease. Masturbation won't harm you or anyone else." <br> Sex-education classes make fun of Victorian teaching about ...

0 Comments, 29 Views, 53 Votes ,2.59 Score
What They Don't Tell You   5/9/2004

Safe Sex: What They Don't Tell You <br> <br> <br> Ever since sex education was introduced into the public school system about thirty years ago, many people have had their sexual lives and values molded by these classes. In the last few years, instead of just encouraging casual heterosexual conduct, these classes have begun to promote homosexual and bisexual ...

0 Comments, 18 Views, 34 Votes
French Kissing and Safe Sex   5/9/2004

French Kissing and Safe Sex The first item to consider is, "At what age should you start French kissing?" New medical evidence affects the answer to this question since saliva is one of the body fluids found to contain the AIDS virus. The danger of contracting AIDS through saliva is frequently downplayed because the virus is not as concentrated in saliva as it is in blood, semen, and ...

0 Comments, 11 Views, 47 Votes ,7.11 Score
Petting and Safe Sex   5/9/2004

Petting and Safe Sex The person, who just wants to have fun, may think, "There is more to do than French kissing. Maybe I can have fun petting." The person may not care what God says. He wants to know, is petting harmful to someone who just wants to get the most out of the sexual relationship? <br> I don't know about the physical or emotional danger involved in petting for ...

0 Comments, 14 Views, 17 Votes ,4.26 Score
play safe   5/9/2004

The increases suggested that safe sex messages were often forgotten in the heat of the moment, said Steve Wesselingh, director of Melbourne's Burnet Institute. <br> INFECTIONS ON THE RISE Some of the diseases that unsafe sex can lead to: Chlamydia - 6485 new Victorian cases in 2003, compared with 4846 in 2002. - A bacterial infection of the genitals, anus or throat. - Can ...

0 Comments, 20 Views, 9 Votes ,3.00 Score
Safe sex fun   5/9/2004

We are a couple and are into safe sex fun. We are always looking to meet beautiful young women in Northeastern USA. So far we haven't met too many. The women in this part of the country are very prim and proper, they would rather stay at home and cry themselves to sleep than to try and have a good night with a couple, let alone a single young man. They seem to forget they need to take a ...

0 Comments, 4 Views, 18 Votes
rm_dannyinu 46 M
28  Articles
extra large condoms   5/6/2004

A woman walks into a drugstore and asks the pharmacist if he sells size extra large condoms. He replies, "Yes we do. Would you like to buy some?" She responds, "No, but do you mind if I wait around here until someone does

0 Comments, 18 Views, 20 Votes ,6.32 Score
gacpl1971 46 C
8  Articles
condoms or not?   5/4/2004

How many people use codoms while swappin, we do until we get to know the cpls while then we stop, is there any other cpls out there, the same way?

0 Comments, 68 Views, 20 Votes ,3.25 Score
RE: Safe sex with a condom? Nope!   5/3/2004

Is there anyone else out there that can validate this claim? "STD viruses can penetrate condomns"

0 Comments, 16 Views, 19 Votes ,5.10 Score
Christian_Andie 45 C
2  Articles
Wrap That Weasle!   5/2/2004

For years people (Chruch, Parents, Teachers) have been preaching that the safest sex is no sex. Okay who can argue that fact? Here is the truth of it though. Most of them have taken there turns flirting with disaster. How many of us under 35 can honestly say that there parents waited until they had taken their vows to get their groove on. I personally can think of very few. Now in no ...

0 Comments, 15 Views, 29 Votes ,7.75 Score
Chrisabella 41 C
6  Articles
Making sure someone is safe   5/2/2004

How do you know someone isn't lieing about thier health? It would be nice to be able to trust everyone

0 Comments, 14 Views, 15 Votes ,6.35 Score
blow jobs   4/24/2004

is there any risk of std's from blow jobs? is it safer to use condoms when you've got different girls sucking you're cock every day? what risks are there?

0 Comments, 13 Views, 79 Votes ,8.04 Score
Practicing Safe Sex   4/21/2004

We always practice safe sex. Between the two of us, we never use protection as we are both only with each other, but when we have another person join us, we all use protection. We don't want any problems or issues especially since our activities are just between the two of us and the third person. Neither of us are going with anyone alone. It is a joint effort between the two of us. We want ...

0 Comments, 20 Views, 14 Votes ,6.50 Score
sevenlong2000 50 M
4  Articles
use condom and avoid anal penetration   4/20/2004

Good safe sex is to carry condom every where you go. You dont know when you may need it. Dont leave home without it.

0 Comments, 14 Views, 36 Votes ,5.91 Score
casey383 56 C
1  Article
Well no luck on our part so we are out of here   4/19/2004

Hi, all well just to update every one we have had no luck and find the waste of money a real pain but no money back deals so we will be put and off the air and net so you all have fun and good luck with your hunts because are was was not good oh well so long every one have fun keep it safe. <br> <br> <br> Casey & Terry

0 Comments, 8 Views, 21 Votes ,3.50 Score
Guide to safer sex....   4/18/2004

Use a condom unless she has a hymen and is on birth control. Shave your balls and take a shower immediately after having safe sex with a skank, just in case. If you get crabs, I hear its a good idea to just shave your balls and ass and rinse off with chlorine, but thats word from someone elses mouth. Do the scratch and sniff test, if she smells kind of like cheese basking int he sun for a ...

0 Comments, 9 Views, 23 Votes ,5.23 Score
kaoschild 42 F
2  Articles
medeval virgins   4/17/2004

I don't know if this was true or mot but i thought it was cute... <br> i read somewhere about the old days where the only way a woman had to not lose their virginity besides chastity belts when aroused was to stick a coin between their knees and keep it there... <br> obviously i dont think it worked all the time but like i said i only wrote it because i thought it ...

0 Comments, 66 Views, 25 Votes ,3.68 Score
RE: Sex with toys   4/14/2004

As a scene player I'm fond of a mild solution of bleach and water... throughly rinsed afterwards so there's no irritation caused

0 Comments, 15 Views, 39 Votes ,8.04 Score
What about a webcam category   4/8/2004

I'd love to meet women who want to interact via webcam. Maybe a webcam category should be added under the interests section ?

0 Comments, 6 Views, 48 Votes ,8.77 Score
How to get max satisfaction safe sex with multiple partners?   4/7/2004

Can anyone tell me how to have sex with muiltiple partners and at the same time it is safe?

0 Comments, 35 Views, 44 Votes ,7.39 Score
rm_CleveGuy03 40 M
1  Article
Sex with toys...   4/6/2004

What are some good ways to clean toys?? My girl always uses soap & water but I figure there has to be something better to disinfect them (we use them for anal & vaginal)

0 Comments, 21 Views, 32 Votes ,3.71 Score
rm_ravenfoxcpl 57 C
20  Articles
Add to your "safer sex"   4/6/2004

Just some words of advice as there are STDs that can be passed even when using condoms. HPV and Herpes are passed when contacted is made with the infected area and there are those viruses present. However, the way the viruses enter your body is through compromised skin. Razor rash, ingrown hairs, pimple, minor tears from sex etc are all types of compromised skin. To limit these, I ...

0 Comments, 15 Views, 36 Votes ,8.85 Score
Safe Anal   4/5/2004

I am a 22/m. I was just wondering if anybody really knew if there is a way to have safe anal sex. I really want to try it but im afraid it isn't safe to do. I would like some suggestions on how to do it..thanks

0 Comments, 18 Views, 71 Votes ,8.64 Score
condoms..   4/3/2004

condoms do not always provide protection, i recently found out.some guys carry a wart virus, this you can catch thru anal, oral, and sex.its not detectable in men, buit it shows up in women as abnormal cells in side.or warts on outside.i caught this wart virus off mark4u355 , then he dumps me, and then i have to have laser and radiotherapy to erase condoms do not protect you against ...

0 Comments, 18 Views, 35 Votes ,7.82 Score
Safe Sex is doing it on webcam   3/29/2004

Safe sex can not be more safe than on webcam. I have done this for years and it is very giving and you hurt no one. It fun and you meet a lot of naked people, so don't be shy try. And Enjoy

0 Comments, 4 Views, 73 Votes ,6.58 Score
re: safe oral   3/27/2004

Concerning safe oral sex on a woman, you can purchase something called a dental dam. its like a square piece of condom that u stretch over the area. personally i dont like it, you dont get the same sensations, but i guess its teh same as a condom. that is the only safe way that i know of.

0 Comments, 16 Views, 34 Votes ,8.45 Score
SoldierofRoses 35 M
1  Article
Condom Cock Block?   3/27/2004

Okay, I've had sex quite a bit, but I've worn a condom every time. And every time I have sex, I have to fake cumming because I'm just NOT getting that stimulation. What's the deal? I'll admit that I'm best at missionary, and I know that might be a problem, but when I try something else, I totally fuck it up, and go back to missionary. Any ideas?

0 Comments, 31 Views, 20 Votes ,4.27 Score
shoey000 56 M
1  Article
Why don't they say what they like?   3/25/2004

I love to please women, really! I like nothing better than a shaven pussy coming on my face! So why don't women ever tell us what they like? If i ask them they always say "what would you like to do?" whereas I just want to know what they want! Some come on ladies, tell the men what you want, and lie back and enjoy it!

0 Comments, 7 Views, 61 Votes ,8.40 Score
jluv40006 43 M
1  Article
YOU WANTA DIE   3/24/2004

Haveing saft sex isnt hard. I know you dick is, but death is hardin then your dick could ever be. So to all you dumb asses that dont strap up , see ya in hell lol. strap up yall PEACE

0 Comments, 7 Views, 51 Votes ,3.62 Score
rm_shygirlAries 38 F
1  Article
re: safe sex   3/19/2004

the only time it is safe to have sex without a condom is if you and your partner are in a monogamous relationship AND you have both been tested for std/AIDS!!!

0 Comments, 11 Views, 34 Votes ,8.81 Score
Condoms...who hates them?   3/18/2004

Never had to use them...hate to wear them now. How do you deal with this? Do most women insist their partners use them?

1 Comments, 28 Views, 27 Votes ,5.03 Score
Gotta Play It Safe   3/15/2004

Safety Rules: If you're cheating on your girl with her sister don't fuck her in her house and don't call her house asking for the sister.....Don't fuck sisters of friends or ex's because that is the leading cause of bleed loss....last but not least don't have a one nighter with an ugly girl and give it your all because if she comes..then she's coming back for more.

0 Comments, 14 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
re:first time anal sex   3/14/2004

My first time with anal I was on top that way I could control the thrusting and how deep the penetration was. I've also done it side by side both ways are better if your man has a huge cock. Just remember to use alot of lube you can never have too much, and condomns if your having sex with more than one partner.

0 Comments, 171 Views, 114 Votes ,8.13 Score
safe than sorry...   3/11/2004

recently i caught a virus from a man on HornyWife had known him 2/3 years, he told me he had tests done , but i never saw results, so i trusted him, he told me he only had 3 girl friends and that he was clean, i trusted him, and we had unprotected sex for 2/3 years, last march after my smear test(pap) abnormal cells were found after a 6 month wait i had them burnt out and radio therapy to make ...

0 Comments, 30 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
It's easy!   3/10/2004

Come on people! Safe sex can be easy to acheave, you just have to "make love" to one person and be sure that the other person is doing the same. (HA HA HA HA)

0 Comments, 8 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
bigthunder2002 73,1961 C
4  Articles
Do You??   3/8/2004

Do you practise safe sex? We have found alot of people really don't....and we were wondering just how many people do?

0 Comments, 7 Views, 45 Votes ,7.25 Score
best type of condom?   3/8/2004

What's your opinion on the best condom. I have tried a bunch, from trojan's (ok, but not great), to kimono (great feeling, but a bit on the small side) to my new favorite Sensations (slidey pouch on the end, cool metal case) Anyone else try out something good?

0 Comments, 30 Views, 64 Votes ,7.91 Score
cutecouplehere2 49,1949 C
1  Article
re: making sure its safe   3/6/2004

use condoms and have your sex partner show you recent aids test results.

0 Comments, 49 Views, 21 Votes ,6.71 Score
RE: Condoms are because men are not careful where they stick it   3/5/2004

While I agree that safe sex is the only way to go, to blame it on just the men is truly wrong. We wash and keep ourselves just as clean as most women. And you can not at the same time blame just the women. It is both men and womens fault for the spread of these nasty little diseases. We both have to accept the fact that they are out there and need to use whatever means is necessary to stop ...

0 Comments, 6 Views, 46 Votes ,8.04 Score
RE: Making sure its safe...   3/5/2004

Yes, you should ask and if it still is a possible problem, ask if they have been tested and do they have the results. And always use protection. Better to be safe then dead or wishing you were dead. Bruce

0 Comments, 27 Views, 19 Votes ,7.74 Score
Norfolk_NGood 52 M
1  Article
Swallowing Cum   3/4/2004

Ive had ladies tell me that they dont want to swallow my load. How can I get them to accept that its safe?

0 Comments, 27 Views, 70 Votes ,4.49 Score
rm_wetncurious3 38 F
1  Article
Safe Sex is the best sex   2/28/2004

I truly do believe that safe sex is the best sex, especially dealing with this site, where people like myself are only looking for a great time, and nothing more. You never know who on HornyWife has what. There are probably people on here with diseases that you never even heard of. So, what I'm trying to say is when you do decide to hook up with someone just for fun, fellas you better strap it up ...

1 Comments, 49 Views, 63 Votes ,8.36 Score
mtgluver 36 M
2  Articles
safe sex   2/27/2004

safe sex is only safe if you trust the person you are having sex with

0 Comments, 12 Views, 25 Votes ,5.23 Score
les couple -ups and down   2/24/2004

had an experience where a lesbian couple actually agreed to have sex with me. it was a night to remember but i found out i was infected with herpes even though i had protection on, only thing i can think of- skin contact when i change condoms...darn- dont think you've landed a great deal, cos you might not know what you're getting out of the deal, safe sex- stick with one partner.

0 Comments, 33 Views, 22 Votes ,6.73 Score
Ladies watch how you hand job your man   2/24/2004

Just a little bit of advice. I was having sex the other day with my woman and we were getting into it. She was doing her thing right to mean and I was giving her what she wanted. Well we were getting a little creative (well she was) and she started to give me a hand job while sitting close to my dick facing away from me. It was feeling good and then really good and then I came nicely. ...

0 Comments, 29 Views, 71 Votes ,7.02 Score
Stop   2/21/2004

Health organisations have been doing a particularly good job at educating the public on the importance of safe sex practices. Yes condoms do stop a majority of sexual transmitted diseases, however to some extent the effectiveness of condoms is reduced for two viral STD's, venereal warts and herpes. Both of which are contracted through the exchange of blood products and fluids, but as well ...

0 Comments, 14 Views, 21 Votes ,7.09 Score
Enjoy sex if it's safe   2/20/2004

Please use condom in your sexual life.I am a medical student.So to give advise to people is my job.because AIDS and all sexual diseases can be danger in oral, vaginal, anal and also kissing.Select your partners carefully.Be careful.Know that if you have Hıv, you cant understand it until 6 mounths later.Be safe and be happy!Good luck.

0 Comments, 7 Views, 35 Votes ,7.64 Score
disco192 39 M
2  Articles
Trojan Supra Condoms   2/19/2004

I was just wondering what all you guys thought about trojan Supra condoms and if you liked them. <br> Thx

0 Comments, 27 Views, 18 Votes ,3.94 Score
Anal Lube or Saliva?   2/17/2004

Which is better for you? I like a my hole well luubed with vaseline before I take a cock in it.

0 Comments, 38 Views, 10 Votes ,5.97 Score
shougen 47 M
7  Articles
protect yourself   2/10/2004

whenever i have sex i always do enough protection. check your partner body, take a shower and i meant with soap all over. lastly always use a condom. <br> happy fucking around.

0 Comments, 6 Views, 29 Votes ,6.45 Score
69iwannafuku69 38 F
6  Articles
do it ur self   2/4/2004

lol this is just a funny one cause i was bored.... whats any safer form os sex then sex by ones self, i do it all the time and never got any kind of stds from it. its safe from abuse( mostly ) and no one gets hurt. its a good time killer and releaves stress so who needs the other person just whip it out and have a wank or a lil rub depending on who u r. and cyber sex helps alot

0 Comments, 10 Views, 37 Votes ,5.78 Score
genital warts   1/31/2004

How can anyone be sure that they are having safe sex, when a STD like genital warts can go completely undetected for years if not ever? It's estimated that a LARGE percentage of adults have the virus. It can be distributed by touch, so that means you don't even have to have intercourse to become infected. All a girl has to do is play with a man's penis and then touch herself in order to ...

0 Comments, 19 Views, 54 Votes ,7.81 Score
handsomenhappy 50 M
1  Article
Smallpox Vacination and sex   1/30/2004

This is a safe sex reminder to those who just got or are going to have a smallpox vacination. You can not have unprotected sex for at least 30 days. If a pregnacy occurrs while in the 30 day period, the fetus will either miscarriage or come out messed up. SO be safe and wrap it up or just rub it out for a month. Girls, do not have unprotected sex, your will be really messed up if ...

0 Comments, 13 Views, 21 Votes ,6.71 Score
AngelEyesInMo 46 F
11  Articles
Always Be On Alert !   1/24/2004

It is my suggestion to all to always be on alert to the dangers and reality of STD's. I've noticed so many people claiming to be DD free but hope that everyone realizes that their claim could often be incorrect. Unless they have been routinely tested and have practiced safe sex themselves, then the risk of disease is great. It doesn't take much to peel on a condom, and definitely is ...

0 Comments, 8 Views, 16 Votes ,7.39 Score
ramjeter5 54 C
70  Articles

1. COVER YOUR STUMP BEFORE U HUMP <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> 2. BEFORE U ATTACK HER, WRAP YOUR WHACKER <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> 3. DON'T BE SILLY, PROTECT YOUR WILLY <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> ...

0 Comments, 10 Views, 15 Votes ,6.96 Score
rm_Cryderman 41 M
18  Articles
need save sex   1/20/2004

i have heard my buddys tell me about how they used a plastic bag for protection but thier is nothing that beats good old condoms

0 Comments, 34 Views, 15 Votes ,4.82 Score
yourself   1/16/2004

the safest way to have sex is to do yourself!!! <br> seriously though, never double up condomes wit spermicide because the bottom one will make holes in both.

0 Comments, 3 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
rm_sexyruffryda 39 M
10  Articles
lamb skin condoms   1/13/2004

I recently got a packet of lamb skin condoms, and think they are the sickest things ever..who agrees

0 Comments, 7 Views, 99 Votes ,6.57 Score
rm_sexyruffryda 39 M
10  Articles
which type of condom   1/13/2004

aight, well theres a shitload of types and brands of condoms, do ya think that ribbed are the best, or are extra thin...talkin bout trojans...

0 Comments, 4 Views, 55 Votes ,5.82 Score
emoticonisdead 29 C
6  Articles
Threesome partners   1/6/2004

How can you truly know someone you are inviting into your relationship is truly clean? especially if it's a one time thing?

0 Comments, 13 Views, 94 Votes ,8.21 Score
Uh Oh. Unprotected Anal Sex   1/2/2004

A STUPID male friend of mine had sex with some fat chick. <br> He said he gave her oral, had anal unprotected, but did vaginal protected. He said he slipped out during anal and accidentally went into the vagina, but pulled out, so he got in one stroke. Of course, he should have strapped up during the anal. He said it was a new years thing for him and he was just plain ...

0 Comments, 34 Views, 89 Votes ,3.90 Score
i speak no english   12/31/2003

I speak no english but i say i fuck her every way there is and she like it so much and go for too long. i think show how good quality people here to meet. good luck

0 Comments, 6 Views, 30 Votes
Free Condoms   12/30/2003

Did you know that condoms are out there and they are for free? Some condom manufacturer websites actually give away free samples of their condoms. Just check them out. Also students in college can go to their health center and usually condoms are free there. The health department also distributes them for free. So next time you don’t have an excuse to why you don’t have ...

0 Comments, 7 Views, 51 Votes ,9.36 Score
does HornyWife make safe sex?   12/29/2003

HornyWife, with all it's fake people, makes safe sex... with fake "partners" to drag guys in at 25 bucks a month, you pay your money and there is no bang for your buck... unless you count the anticipation when reading fake profiles with great, sensual or sexual photos... somebody elses photos

0 Comments, 10 Views, 38 Votes ,7.64 Score
Say no to saying no to condoms   12/28/2003

I met this girl on HornyWife. We were making love for some time that evening. I ran out of condoms. She wanted to keep going. I put clothes on, went across the street and picked up another box. she also asked me to take off the condom while we were having anal sex. Not good. On a 10 scale, how much of a freak was this girl? She barely knew me and she is willing to put her safety adn mine ...

0 Comments, 41 Views, 143 Votes ,8.90 Score
Don't be dumb use a condom   12/27/2003

How many tymes do you hear "it couldn't happen to me" you never know who has what these dayz... It's not something you see on the surface... it's something that can last a life tyme, and can cause you to suffer beyond your wildest dreams... and if you don't get something, maybe someone you know will, Spread not only your legs but the word, it's up to us women Make Men use a Condom

0 Comments, 3 Views, 88 Votes ,8.17 Score
why does it hurt her?   12/15/2003

i'm not sure if i have this in the right section buthere goes any way. i have been with my g/f for 2 years now and we have a baby girl. that is a year old...ever since she had our she has become very sensitive to sex...normal sex is ok but when i go deep it really hurts i'm not hung like a i consider myself average..i have never had this problem before with any other female just ...

0 Comments, 16 Views, 62 Votes ,6.60 Score
Re: Bareback   12/15/2003

Unfortunately, no sure way of being safe. Wish it were me you found - vasectomy, clean, no diseases. Look for me on your favorite street corner. BigBluePhrog

0 Comments, 6 Views, 64 Votes ,3.37 Score
rm_Hard_Guy7 59 M
2  Articles
Always Use A Condom   12/13/2003

It is just not safe out there anymore. I don't care if you are straigh, bi or gay - USE A CONDOM. None of us is indestructable and no matter how much you want ot belive hte other person is not "carrying" something - and they may be even if recently tested - use a condom. Be safe, not dead.

0 Comments, 24 Views, 16 Votes ,6.66 Score
tequilatwister2 47 F
1  Article
Do You Use Condoms When Having Anal Sex With Your Husband??   12/11/2003

I was just wondering how many women out there use a condom when they have anal sex with their husbands. And how dangerous it is if you do not use a condom but are very clean and safe.

0 Comments, 9 Views, 63 Votes ,7.65 Score
JollyD 46 C
1  Article
The new "female condom"   12/5/2003

I was curious who of you have used it, and for those of you that have, what were your experiences like? Would you recommend them, etc? I have read a bit about it on some websites, but mostly the technical aspect of it. I know it is supposed to be hypo-allergenic, so those with latex allergies, can practice safer sex. <br> Thanks.

0 Comments, 20 Views, 65 Votes ,7.36 Score
toledo420 31 M
5  Articles
birth control work or not?   12/1/2003

if my girl goes on birth control will she be ok to fuck without a condom always?or is there risk of getting pregnant?

0 Comments, 13 Views, 13 Votes ,1.47 Score
rm_bountifulbbw 53 F
2  Articles
Tit-Fucking 101   11/28/2003

I know I was a little embarrassed when I first decided to let my boyfriend fuck my huge tits. After a few times, I became pretty good at it - after some problems were ironed out. <br> 1. Slippage - put a little lube in between your breasts, deep in the cleavage, right on your chest. DO NOT lube more than an inch out. This will help keep his cock nicely lubed for the job but ...

0 Comments, 94 Views, 114 Votes ,9.45 Score
vwz69atyahoo 63 M
3  Articles
is there such think as safe sex   11/28/2003

i have found out that there is no such thing as safe sex.. you would have to wear a body rubber to be truly safe.. our just don't have sex at all!!!! if you are into oral sex you have the same chance, as just having sex. so throw the diece and see were it lands!!

0 Comments, 4 Views, 16 Votes ,1.66 Score
M2M oral   11/23/2003

I'm a 45yo guy who wants to suck cock for the first time.I would also like to taste his cum, and have him blow his load over my face.Is there a safe way to do this?

0 Comments, 84 Views, 11 Votes ,3.92 Score
i want to try but afraid of unsafeness   11/22/2003

I am a married male who has never experianced the thrill of exploding in another womens mouth. Ive had alot of oral but no women has ever been able to releave me in that way. But i know a man could do it. I know a man could teach me alot about my own pleasure, and just the thought of a guys hot lips around my cock turns me on. But I dont want to bring anything i cant wash away back to ...

0 Comments, 8 Views, 2 Votes
Honesty   11/22/2003

Should a person be banned from HornyWife for being "honest" in his/her profile? and when i say honest i mean admit that he/she has an STD. Why do people have to be so ignorant when it comes to learning about STDs

0 Comments, 16 Views, 4 Votes ,5.19 Score
YoungFemMelb 41 F
1  Article
Do's and Do Not's of Oral   11/18/2003

This is a follow up on the article "is oral sex safe?" <br> Understand NO IT ISN'T. And to anyone who thinks it is think about this. STD's are mainly passed via body fluids, and saliva is just another. It is harder for a man to get many of these but that is not to say you should take the risk. When females perform blowjobs a condom should be used! Why do you think they come ...

0 Comments, 31 Views, 165 Votes ,7.73 Score
shaft2003isback 48 M
4  Articles
Oral sex is not safe sex   11/17/2003

Some people think that so long as they use a condom during intercourse, then they are protected from diseases. More people contract herpes from unprotected oral to gential contact than through intercourse. Guys are notorious for going down town on women without protection. Its awkward and it does not have the same feeling, but it is important to use some form of protection when you have ...

0 Comments, 9 Views, 11 Votes ,5.04 Score
TonyL_1967 56 M
1  Article
Where's your sensitive spots   11/16/2003

I love to experiment as much as possible and try new things in order to find the most sensual and errogenous zones on the body. <br> Mine is around the tops of my thighs and just below the base of my balls, and I love that area to be teased with either the finger tips, tongue or anything soft and fluffy. <br> Where is your most sensual and errogenous zone and how do ...

0 Comments, 4 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
snowmanhot 90 M
31  Articles
RE: Foams   11/3/2003

The foam comes as a tablet that is inserted into a vagina (which needs to be moist). The chamicals in the tablet cause it to make a foam. Another component of the tablet is a spermicide which is distributed throughout the vagina - so in theory if you come inside your sperms will die. It is not as safe as a condom and depends on how it is used. In 6 years of using a foam I did not have any ...

0 Comments, 11 Views, 0 Votes
VaCpl_69 43 C
6  Articles
flavored condoms   11/2/2003

where is a good place to find flavored condoms? i have found scented and colored, but not flavored...any suggestions?

0 Comments, 6 Views, 84 Votes ,6.04 Score
VaCpl_69 43 C
6  Articles
has anyone else experienced this   11/2/2003

my boyfriend and i have had sex both with and without them and i find that while they take away from his sensation, they add to mine by creating more friction and making it harder for him to cum

0 Comments, 16 Views, 149 Votes ,7.86 Score
VaCpl_69 43 C
6  Articles
condoms & spermicide   11/2/2003

when are they going to make a condom with flavored spermicide? and it is even possible, does anyone else hate the taste of this as much as i do, do flavored condoms get rid of that taste

0 Comments, 15 Views, 59 Votes ,8.39 Score
VaCpl_69 43 C
6  Articles
foams   11/2/2003

can someone please explain to me how contraceptive foams work, i have heard of them and seen them, by I just don't get it

0 Comments, 7 Views, 27 Votes ,3.56 Score
The Sex Spectrum from Virgin Brides to Open Door Sex .   10/31/2003

I just recently arrived to this website and this morning as I was lying in bed I got to thinking about how wide a spectrum human behavior is when it comes to the ritual of sex. <br> Some people either through cultural custom or for religious reasons save themselves for the day they are married which depending on what culture you came from, can be as early as 12 years of age. ...

0 Comments, 10 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
WhiteKnightHere 51 C
1  Article
Need Help Regarding Safe Oral   10/29/2003

I am a HUGE fan of oral sex. I actually enjoy giving rather than receiving, which is perhaps an unorthodox thing for a man. However, I am exploring the idea of putting together a small group of strangers for a "sex club" where we can all explore our desires in a relationship-consequence-free environment. <br> I, however, have concerns about oral sex w/ females. Oral sex w/ a ...

0 Comments, 34 Views, 133 Votes ,8.16 Score
Safesex   10/27/2003

Hello and I'll like to talk about this Jealous Bull that goes on know you are called out your name because you love to fuck.(Shit don't everybody)if I want to play with my pussy in a room..I say ..and SO WHAT!...if I choose to fuck a stranger...SO WHAT!!...if me and my baby wants to cuddle and kiss and then go to yahoo....SO WHAT!!and BTW I'm bi so if I want to suck a girls pussy ...

0 Comments, 16 Views, 114 Votes ,1.74 Score
non-latex   10/22/2003

there are some polypropolene(sp?) condoms out there. The female condom is latex free.

0 Comments, 17 Views, 53 Votes ,6.93 Score
RE:Protection for guys performing oral sex   10/20/2003

Dental dams come in different flavors just like condoms. I have been told by some men including hubby that yes its an adjustment but not all bad. Of course don't breath in while your face is flat up against it and the vagina while doing your pleasurable business. Overall, its up to you but better to play it safe. A friend of mine has learned this the hard way and I don't think he will be ...

0 Comments, 42 Views, 179 Votes ,8.20 Score
Re:Re: Ladies, need your help here!   10/19/2003

There is nothing weird about it. Get flavored condoms. If you are going to have so called safe sex then go all the way! Also, buy flavored dental dams. After reading so many articles and replies it is true to ask why use condoms for sex but nothing for oral. And its not like you can't get a STD in your mouth. And women, don't feel like you have to be a *itch to bring up, suggest or ...

0 Comments, 38 Views, 76 Votes ,9.43 Score
rm_DrFunPress 53 M
4  Articles
Safe Sex Does Not Exist!   10/17/2003

I hate to be the beare of bad knows. When you are having sex it's almost like playing Russian Rulet. YOu just never know until you get it. There is a little more solis if you are trying to avoid pregnacy. Oral, inserts, inplants and condoms do work, when used properly. On the other hand if you are trying to avoid STDs; don't put you money on the condom. It is medically proven the infections ...

0 Comments, 7 Views, 164 Votes ,5.56 Score
Safe Sex Is The Best Sex   10/14/2003

Alot of people are on this site and I know some people have been to a gangbang. It is very important for everyone to get check before going and making sure that you bring your own condoms. Wash up after each encounter and never sleep with someone who doesn't. Well that's it for now.

0 Comments, 22 Views, 76 Votes ,8.65 Score
rm_up4itallri1 52 M
1  Article
keep it covered   10/11/2003

With sites like this it is easy to get involved with someone you dont know. Always remember to keep it clean and safe and all is good. In the heat of the moment it is hard to keep focused on keeping sex safe but all lives are worth saving especially yours!

0 Comments, 20 Views, 61 Votes ,8.97 Score
SassyJo28 49 F
1  Article
I refuse to be the *itch because I demand a condom   10/10/2003

I had this meeting with one guy on here a couple of months ago, it was my first time meeting someone from the internet. We get into the bed, and are getting ready, and he tries to go in without a condom. I stopped him and told him he needed one, and if he didn't have one, I did in my purse. He grumbles, but put it on, then lost his erection, and after 30 minutes of trying to get it back, ...

1 Comments, 211 Views, 108 Votes ,9.22 Score
rm_need4sexand 47 M
1  Article
the "safe" sex   10/8/2003

you have two ways of having safe sex: 1 not to have it and 2 masturbate. that is the real safe sex everything else isn't safe but if you if you want to have sex just use a comdom, the comdom make you last longer and you feel the same, once you use it you'll see the diference, you will feel relax because you don't have to worry about catching anything specially if you are married and don't ...

0 Comments, 29 Views, 31 Votes ,7.55 Score
Hispanic   10/3/2003

Safe sex confused Hispanics. To us, safe sex is locking the doors.

0 Comments, 7 Views, 79 Votes ,4.06 Score
rm_rjh1708 45 M
1  Article
Leaking Condoms & all that.......   9/26/2003

I've noticed several opinions upon the effectivness of the condom so I felt the urge to have my say too <br> I am a scientist, and I work with plastics. Latex (and polyurethane) are both plastics with very small pores. Consider a plastic membrane (such as a condom) as a chain link fence but on a much smaller scale. Every plastic has holes (or pores) in it, but the size of the ...

0 Comments, 22 Views, 36 Votes ,8.76 Score
rm_fastedyy 56 M
1  Article
SLOWER is BETTER   8/12/2003

ALL I know is after years of experimenting in sex I find that very slow almost a stand still gives you a great if not the best orgasiums! I dunno maybe it's me but whenever I've just gone slow you can feel her insides and your shaft sliding in and out and then you can feel your heart pumping in her or throbbing. Then you face gets hott as hell, just before the end and ...

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pharmd98 49 M
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Jerk yourself to health   8/6/2003

The safest form of sex is masturbation. We all know that, nothing new or exciting there. However, did you know that frequent masturbation can lower the risk of prostate cancer in men? I recent study published in a leading medical journal found that men who ejaculate more frequently, had a significantly lower incidence of prosrstate cancer, than men who did it less often. Think about that ...

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sazlou 35 F
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RE:Safe sex   8/6/2003

The arguement that water molecules are bonded together is a little off the mark. I am a chemist, studying at the University of Exeter in UK and water molecules are WEAKLY bonded together but this is not the reason they cannot get through a condom. (In truth, I don't know why they cant!) A condom is only 96% effective at stopping pregnancy (friends episodes-check the back of a pack if ...

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RE: Condoms don't leak?   7/31/2003

Alright. Now I will admit I'm not a "scientist", but just because water cannot get through a condom does not mean molecules can't. Water as a substance has a bonding that causes it to be a liquid, and not just a whole bunch of free floating molecules. Also, this bonding take a large amount of heat to break. Wouldn't it seem more likely that a condom does not have large enough holes for ...

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Swing Clubs   6/1/2003

Well. I wanted to add an article relating to the practice of safe sex in swinger clubs. I understand that most go to jump in the sack without even knowing the other person's name, but as a member I would like to spread the word that you should all carry and use condoms. Safe sex is so important. My partner & I really do enjoy sex and sexual interludes, but protection is a must.

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Re: K-Y JELLY and a BAGGY   4/30/2003

Wow...this really works.Its like the best doggie-style sex you have ever had, with no stupid conversation afterwards. I suggest rolling back the mouth of the baggy, the zip-lock part can poke you in a pretty sensative area.

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K-Y jelly and a baggie...   4/22/2003

Put some K-Y jelly in a baggie and put it in between the mattress and the box spring. Kneel on the floor and put your cock in the lubed up baggie. You can fuck the baggie(pressing down on the mattress will allow you to get the "tightness just right). Clean-up is as easy as throwing away the baggie. ENJOY!!!

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Scorpio_a1NY 64 M
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Re:Best Hand Job   4/10/2003

, if your hard cock fits inside the cardboard roll from a package of toilet paper, then you have a bigger problem (or actually a smaller problem) than trying to create the best handjob for yourself.

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Condoms   3/25/2003

If you knew that there was a 20% chance that you could die a long painfull death by using a tooth brush, would you brush your teeth? This is the same risk you take by using a condom. The only difference between these two examples is, the condom one is true, you could die from using one. (pain can mean physical, mental, emotional or spiritual)

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topical microbicides soon an alternative to condoms   3/6/2003

I've been using a topical microbicide for 3 years now, after reading about one used with monkeys having a 100% effective rating (based on 6 pairs of monkeys). It uses a polymer as a bioadesive gel, and sodium lauryl sulfate, carragean and chlorhexidin as active ingredients. effective against chlamydia , herpes, hiv, gonorhea, hpv.this one being old has no monetary value, so will never be ...

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sexyak339 46 M
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best hand job!!   2/25/2003

Try This!!When you are done with a tissue paper keep the hard roll and insert into it a bag(grocery bag) with some luby!!Then place your member into the roll with the bag and luby instead of your hand, till you cum !!You really gonna feel it!!

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Pussy 'n Cock -To Die For?!   11/24/2002

Sexual adventures are fun. Seuxality is a part of life. Is it worth dying for, or giving up your state of health? What can we do? LOTS! It IS POSSIBLE to have sexual adventures and reduce your risks. Want to enjoy your sex life & protect your health? Here's some suggestions to help you make informed choices suited for your lifestyle and preferences. <br> 1. ...

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rm_wonnut143 66 M
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No Sex for 5yrs   6/9/2002

Since 1998 due to an injury caused by my spouse and a doctor, I did not have any sex with anyone (even my self) for five years because of pain. Now that the doctor (a new doctor) removed the problems and did some other changes. I am hoping to find someone for discrete relationship. I am separated from the one who gave me pain and took a part of me. And hoping to find someone just for ...

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Response to anal sex   6/6/2002

Very good article, though I wanted to correct you on one aspect. HIV is more easily transmitted via anal sex not because of tearing, but because the rectum absorbs fluid more easily than vaginal sex.

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rm_charmed4life 44 M
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You wont believe it- Bunny and Spice!   1/20/2002

My girlfriend (Bunny) and I actually met when she was a cute little 16-year-old; her and her best friend (Spice) were both cheerleaders at the local high school. They both had tight bodies, cute little asses and breasts that stood strait out. I was 24 though and they were off limits, besides, my girlfriend at the time wouldn't have liked it much. It wasn't until 8 years later that me and ...

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Making Daniel Cum   9/17/2001

"You've got to be joking." I hissed at my boss, dropping my briefcase on the desk with a sneer.. I was in no mood for this. <br> "No, I wish I were, " he lowered his eyes, sighing. "But apparently we need, it, we need his semen. That's where it's hidden." <br> "Take a blood sample, " I snapped, pacing, hands on my hips. "I'm sure that will give you what you want." ...

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TRULY SAFE SEX   5/24/2001

The most effective way to guarantee that you will not contract a sexually transmitted disease is NOT to "abstain" from sex...... but rather, take things into your own hands and masturbate!!!!!!!

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a tip for safe sex   11/1/2000

I have found in my experience that if you want to have disease free sex, you must have a blood test done just to be sure.

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Safe oral sex   8/28/2000

To have safe oral sex, all you have to do is get some Glad's plastic wrap. To perform on a man, wrap the plastic wrap on his penis. To perform on a woman, you can either put some plastic wrap on your tongue or place some plastic wrap over her vagina.

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Masterbation   8/22/2000

I can feel with you when it comes to masterbating. I am a married man whose wife has no more desire for sex. I don't want to leave her, but I am extremely horny, and not wanting to jeopardize my health, I masterbate at least twice a day. I have had one liason with a widow who I got to know personally before we had sex. She was an older woman but she could put anyone to shame when it came to ...

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plastic wrap, in a pinch   8/14/2000

hey fella's this one's for you: if your ever in a hot situation but the woman you're with won't let you bang her cause you don't got a rubber, this is for you. rip off three to five sheets of plastic wrap(the sheets should all be big enough to wrap all the way around your dick) and wrap them all the way around your dick. use a rubberband at the base of your cock to secure the sheets and ...

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Condoms for people with Latex allergies   8/3/2000

Since most condoms are made of latex, those people who have a sensitivity or allergy to latex may put themselves at risk by not using a condom during sex. The answer to this dilema is to use a condom that is latex-free. One such brand is Trojan "SUPRAS". They are made of thin poly-urethane and will not cause a reaction for those with latex allergies. They are also said to be ...

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Fuck a Cantelope   6/20/2000

There is no substitute for sliding your stiff rod in and out of a nice warm pussy, but this is close! Buy a cantelope from your local grocery store and try not look too guilty at the check out, especially if the cashier flirts with you! Core a round hole in the side making sure not to poke through to the other side. For the best effect, make sure the hole is just slightly smaller than the ...

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be safe   6/14/2000

to be safe, ensure that you and your partners are using safe method. Always know your partners first, background is good for you leading an healthy lifestlye. Check out in the market for birth control methods. That way you can almost guaranteed of safe and healthy lifestyle

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How safe can you be.   6/6/2000

Everybody talks about safe sex. Almost everybody knows about condoms and its usefulness. BUT, how safe can you be, when at the spur of the moment you forget to put the damn thing on. Girls always insists that you have it on because you put your dick in but beware, there are those girls who doesn't enjoy having the condon on you because they feel that its the rubber that goes into them and ...

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It was awesome!!!! but careless   5/5/2000

I met her on a rave, you know this crazy parties, and I got her phone number. The next day I juct couldn't stop thinking in her, god she was tall, with dirty blond hair, blue eyes and of course big, enormous, huge teets. She was an angel, well the next day I invited her out and it was so fast that 2 hours after we went out of her house, we were having sex. Yeah, we started it in the car ...

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Thailand TransSexual   3/18/2000

A group of friends and I headed on vacation throughout the Asian countries when we ended up in Thailand. As guys we have been having great sex all over the place, but this was original. One of my friends and I were waiting in a hotel bar for the others when we were approached by this beutiful women. I mean she had a great ass and nice tits. She was fine. Well, we got to talking and we ...

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