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reply to 150lb guy who says he's pudgy   8/11/2004

I myself am 5'10" and weight about 145 and my body fat is 6.7 percent, that is pretty lean. If you are eating right and workin out that pudge will turn into muscle. If you have the beer belly, well, that is probably a good place to start to get rid of it. You must have a high metabolism like I do. Instead of losing it, you should turn it into muscle mass. But I am a pretty lean guy and it ...

0 Comments, 3 Views, 27 Votes ,5.87 Score
Simple Weight Loss Idea   8/10/2004

This has been a pet peeve of mine for a while... when people order soda, or even diet soda, when they're trying to lose weight. <br> Pop is just empty crap that you put in your body... no nutritional value. So the first thing to eliminate when trying to shed some pounds is often the one no one thinks about.

0 Comments, 18 Views, 33 Votes ,6.91 Score
rm_wja2004 40 M
1  Article
Get in shape!   8/7/2004

The best way to get into shape and shed the excess baggage you're carrying is basically to exercise. Forget dieting and all that, because if you stop eating certain foods or starve yourself, your body will lose weight to begin with, but then it will hold onto the fat stores that you have because your body doesn't know when it will be next fed! <br> Ideally you should exercise at ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 49 Votes ,8.68 Score
the time factor for fitness   8/6/2004

it is said that your body start burning and accepting the real effects of exercise only after 30 minutes. For example, running and spinning, both high action sports, you start sweating after the first 5 to 10 minutes, your body then swings into a "action comfort zone", after about 30 minutes your body exit the "acz" and then begins to react to the physical input and starts copensating for ...

0 Comments, 8 Views, 14 Votes ,6.34 Score
Swiss ball ab workout   8/4/2004

After a period of time just doing crunches to build the abs does'nt get any results. Just as in training any other part of the body, you have to increase the resistance after the body becomes adjusted to the workout. For an excellant way to train the abs, use a swiss ball with a 5, 10, or 25 pound weight plate. Heres how... <br> Lie on your lower back on the swiss ball. Hold ...

0 Comments, 3 Views, 23 Votes ,6.05 Score
cellochick 42 C
1  Article
Quick/Easy stomach workout   8/2/2004

For those that are looking for a quick stomach workout and don't have a lot of free time, this is the quick stomach workout for you. <br> 1. Crunches: Do at least 20 2. Side Crunches: Do at least 15 each side 3. 6 in.: Hold for at least 20 sec 3x 4. Leg lifts: at least 20 <br> Repeat as much as needed. Most people do at least 2-3 times, which shouldn't take that ...

0 Comments, 20 Views, 35 Votes ,6.41 Score
imtocute2000 40 F
6  Articles
guys you to!   7/18/2004

I ate it when guys talk about girls flabby body yet they look like crap. YOu to need to keep it tight.

0 Comments, 42 Views, 49 Votes ,6.91 Score
northeaster223 38 M
1  Article
easy to get fit   7/18/2004

you only need a couple things to get fit. <br> 1. diet - dont overeat. eat balanced, dont go overboard on the red meat, be sure to get enough vegetables and fruit, along with vitamins minerals, ect. <br> 2. run/jog/walk - low impact cardio-vascular activity is great to burn off calories. forget the car once in a while, hoof it. try to keep the heart rate up for a full ...

0 Comments, 33 Views, 21 Votes ,4.98 Score
RedHotNSensual 59 F
3  Articles
Re:How to stay fit>question   7/17/2004

One can anyone who is a regular participant in physical exercise and dancing, be so familiar with Pilates and not know how to spell the word correctly?????? I do Pilates as well, but it seems to me that you have to really be familiar with it to know how to spell it.....Be Real....Get Real. ?????? RedHotNSensual

0 Comments, 19 Views, 19 Votes ,6.29 Score
RE: Hiring a personal trainer is more than a motivator   7/14/2004

Dear "Certified Trainer"...I'm sorry to have to do this to you in front of all of these cool people on HornyWife, but after reading your outright solicitation for business on your post, and checking out your site, you've really asked for this! I'm not sure who you went and got certified through, or what your formal fitness education is, but the blatant lack of understanding of human movement ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 18 Votes ,2.31 Score
moresexnfun 58 C
1  Article
Getting down in weight and getting in shape   7/14/2004

Both my wife and I have been doing the Body for Life program and have found it to be very good and very sensible. <br> The jist of the program <br> Eat smaller portions 5 to 6 times a day - the goal is to avoid feeling really hungry. <br> Reduce the amount of fat you eat significantly and to increase the amount of protien - carbs are fine and frankly needed ...

1 Comments, 47 Views, 24 Votes ,6.54 Score
Over/Under-Rated   7/12/2004

Throughout this whole dating process, I have found that men often over-rate themselves and women tend to under-rate themselves. As I know that women can be superficial, men are by far more so. On my profile I have written that I have "a little extra padding." For many men that have viewed my profile, my body type is not what they are looking for (the only mismatch)...although their body ...

0 Comments, 16 Views, 18 Votes ,6.81 Score
Fitness Pickup?   7/7/2004

I went back to the gym the other day after I hadn't been in for a while. When I got there I noticed this girl. She was really petite (but of age, of that I'm sure). Breasts too small to wear a bra, so she was only wearing a T and I could see her firm little nipples protrude through the fabric. That alone was enough to make my balls itch. If that wasn't enough, she began to work out on the ...

0 Comments, 45 Views, 32 Votes ,5.02 Score
redhotfireman2 47 M
11  Articles
great workout plan   7/5/2004

If your looking to build cardio, chest and abbs then do a search for "maximise your apft" its a army workout program my a master sergeant and it works wonders if you stick to the plan that is laid out.

0 Comments, 3 Views, 20 Votes ,4.53 Score
RE: getting great abs   7/5/2004

Since I have no clue how to reply to an already posted article I'm doing it this way. The solution to your 'problem' (baby fat) is: stop wanting to get rid of it! I like baby fat (and lots of other men with me). Baby fat is yummy. Gives a man something to squeeze...

0 Comments, 3 Views, 16 Votes ,0.78 Score
rm_hitchcock410 44 M
8  Articles
Every woman needs to...   7/4/2004

just do so squats or lunges please, they are easy. <br> Even skinny girls, it just makes that butt round and stand up and say hello, very nice.

0 Comments, 23 Views, 36 Votes ,7.29 Score
getting great abs   6/30/2004

I have had a little baby fat since I was 14 y.o why is it so hard to work off? Any suggestions?

0 Comments, 80 Views, 23 Votes ,4.76 Score
rm_darkangel66 49 M
7  Articles
LAST LONGER IN BED   6/28/2004

LAST LONGER IN BED There’s nothing more frustrating for a female than getting all worked up into a heated frenzy while having sex, coming “this close” to orgasm… only to have the man cum before she gets there.We guys, we can’t help it!Sometimes it feels TOO good.But in order to enhance your lovemaking skills (as well as your partner’s ...

0 Comments, 19 Views, 65 Votes ,7.20 Score
rm_jester422 58 M
12  Articles
You dont need the gym   6/27/2004

I have begun spending lots of time at Wreck Beach of late, the trails are killer to climb, great cardio, #4 is my fave, there's the ocean for swimming, long flat beaches to jog on, at low tide anyways, and you're surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, a great balm for one's soul. All in all, I recommend it.

0 Comments, 7 Views, 11 Votes ,6.16 Score
rm_two4fun1962 51 F
115  Articles
Re: overweight   6/24/2004

It's more than likely due to the fact that men are stimulated by sight first. I'm am sure there are many passionate bigger women, but that does not necessarily mean they treat men better than us skinny minnies. I have always treated the men I have been with very well, sometimes better than they deserved, but thats just my nature.

0 Comments, 15 Views, 18 Votes ,5.31 Score
NYCBiHottie 51 F
1  Article
Meaning of "Fit "on HornyWife?   6/22/2004

Just wondering why some people responding to a profile, claim to be fit when not.If someone actually plans to meet, why would they lie about thier body type? People need to be truthful.NO picture is the first sign someone is being less then truthful....

1 Comments, 36 Views, 61 Votes ,7.56 Score
overweight   6/21/2004

Why do men make fun of overweight women. Did they ever look at theirself? Men can be fat, a beard not trimed properly. They can have dirty nails and so on. Does a women look at that? I feel it is what the mans made of, if he is a truthful person. There are heavy women out here, does the man always have to judge women by her body? Just because they are heavy does not mean they are not ...

0 Comments, 21 Views, 43 Votes ,8.07 Score
rockinsockincock 39 M
1  Article
Body builder beginner's guide   6/17/2004

Below are some tips on shrinking body fat and building up muscle. For guys that want to beef up, this is good info. Most of the tips are from my brother who is a certified personal trainer and body builder. <br> Exercise: <br> Work out every day if possible. Keep in mind that whatever muscle you work takes 48 hours to heal before it is ready to be worked again. Don't ...

0 Comments, 56 Views, 39 Votes ,6.49 Score
please read this   6/17/2004

look, ladies, if you are fat, please either a) go to the gym or b) wear lots of deodorant or c)clothes. There is nothing worse than a chubber that wears half shirts showing her nasty stretchmarks, and please if your ass looks like a golf ball, do something about it! If your gut is bigger than your tits, do some sit ups and not sit up to the buffet, sit ups at the gym, have pride in ...

0 Comments, 25 Views, 38 Votes ,2.24 Score
bigguns45601 43 M
4  Articles
live life to its fullest   6/16/2004

I cant sit here and preach to you about how good it is for your body to be healthy. But I am going to give my opinon. Lifting weights and taking vitamins is a good start. YOu dont have to sit in a jym all day every day, but at least 3 times a week is good. YOu should also get with a dietion to get the information on what vitamins are good for you.

0 Comments, 11 Views, 12 Votes ,3.15 Score
RE: Strip Aerobics---Great Video Selection   6/15/2004

"Learn the art of exotic dance for Real Women! Learn to strip your way to a better body image, higher confidence and feel like a sex goddess in casual wear, business attire or Hips and Curves lingerie. The Art of Sensual Dance Video goes beyond cardio strip tease and makes the art of moving sexy accessible to all. The slow sensual dance moves, holistic body approach, and romantic seductive ...

0 Comments, 16 Views, 15 Votes ,4.97 Score
talonicuscotez1 41 M
3  Articles
try to saty in good shape   6/13/2004

i think too many people let themselves go as they go on in a relationship ? <br> wake up people

0 Comments, 1 Views, 19 Votes ,4.97 Score


0 Comments, 10 Views, 35 Votes ,4.82 Score
Stamina   6/8/2004

A little FYI: cross-training helps improve stamina. <br> No, it won't help those guys who have trouble keeping it up keep it up, BUT... <br> If you're goin' all fast and hard and wild and you're finding that you poop out before, well, before you WANTED might want to consider shadow boxing, kickboxing, fast aerobic workouts, and the like...jogging helps but -- ...

0 Comments, 14 Views, 25 Votes ,6.45 Score
Not Yogurt   6/7/2004

I just thought I'd point out a couple of things about yogurt that MANY people seem unaware of... <br> regular yogurt's not good for you. It's got PLENTY of fat, sugars and carbs. <br> Flavored yogurts, especially those that come with cookies or granola or ceral...are even worse. <br> While Fat Free yogurt is MUCH better, don't go crazy with fat free ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 17 Votes ,5.53 Score
lucy811 62 C
4  Articles
If you need to lose just a little   5/28/2004

Hey, if you need to lose just a little, cut back on just a little.... I quit drinking soda pop and have slowly lost a little at a time. What is it that you "over do" and can you cut back to get in shape?

0 Comments, 15 Views, 24 Votes ,6.65 Score
Calories   5/26/2004

For those trying to lose weight, maintain or gain some weight this you may already know. But if you don’t know this it may come in handy in keeping track of your diet. Also remember that people have different metabolism rate. Experiment until you know your body. <br> Cut - 10-13 cals per lb of bodyweight Maintain: 13-15 cals per lb of bodyweight Bulk: 15-18 cals per lb ...

0 Comments, 4 Views, 13 Votes ,6.33 Score
Re: Low carb diet   5/26/2004

This is just me speaking, but you might agree. The low carb diet "fad" is not really a good thing if you think about it. Your body needs carbohydrates for energy, body fat as well. If you deprive your body of these carbs, you may as well start throwing up after every meal. The only reason that the low carb lifestyle is so popular right now is because it appears to be a simple solution to a ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 13 Votes ,6.00 Score
kamas4u 68 F
4  Articles
needs male buddy to workout   5/24/2004

i know i have to workout if i want my tummy to get flatter and more appealing...but would prefer a male buddy to work women thanks...i prefer somebody who goes out of the house to to hear from you

0 Comments, 27 Views, 17 Votes ,4.82 Score
octobob99 66 M
1  Article
RE:how many times   5/22/2004

I have found that you can't jack off too much.I am 46 and I do it at least oncea day most days twice.It promotes good prostate health good for your cardio vascular system and it feels damn good.The only thing you have to worry about is going at it too fast You don't want to encourage premature take your time go slow it will improve your performance with the ladies.think ...

0 Comments, 6 Views, 21 Votes ,5.97 Score
Sex is good fittness!   5/19/2004

If you are looking fir a "quickie" workout, then why not have some fun and exercise at the same time? Have MORE SEX! When getting ready to do the "deed" have your man lay on the bed on his back. Instead of just riding him, Squat over him and balance yourself in a squatting position over his dick. Then do Squats! It really is fun for the guys as they can see more, and also it is more of an ...

0 Comments, 59 Views, 50 Votes ,8.92 Score
rm_two4fun1962 51 F
115  Articles
Re: For the women   5/16/2004

Nope!!!!! It all really depends on whether or not they click. Sometimes it's just a physical chemistry thing, and other times its a combination of many things, either way, most women don't know if they are going to give it up on the first date until it happens.

0 Comments, 1 Views, 24 Votes ,6.42 Score
rm_two4fun1962 51 F
115  Articles
Re: I just cant gain wieght   5/13/2004

Have you tried banana milkshakes? They do help some people gain weight. A football coach my brother had told him about this remedy, it worked for my brother, but it didn't work for me. I know how you feel not being able to gain weight. I weighed 94lbs for 20 yrs, only time I gained weight is when I was pregnant, and within 3 weeks of giving birth I was back to 94lbs. Good Luck in ...

0 Comments, 23 Views, 9 Votes ,3.64 Score
rm_two4fun1962 51 F
115  Articles
Re: Ample or extra padding????   5/8/2004

Ample or extra padding means that the person is a little heavier than the medical standards for their height.

0 Comments, 5 Views, 25 Votes ,3.46 Score
rm_two4fun1962 51 F
115  Articles
Re: Heavy weights   5/8/2004

Every person has their own idea of what is average and what is fat. I have seen profiles where people are listed as 5'3 and 145lbs. and they say "average", which to them they may seem to be. To me though, that's not necessarily fat, but it does constitute "extra padding" in my book. Just my opinion : )

1 Comments, 10 Views, 30 Votes ,6.18 Score
rm_KatieLynn3 42 F
1  Article
RE: A question for the ladies   5/8/2004

Personally, I hate people bugging me WHILE I work out, but if I'm not doing anything I don't mind. If she tells you no, just drop it and leave her alone. The best time to hit on her would be either while she is entering or exiting the gym.

0 Comments, 6 Views, 19 Votes ,5.50 Score
northparkbi 58 M
7  Articles
Do you want to be healthy?   5/1/2004

If you want to be healthy, the first thing you have to decide is "healthy by what measure?" For some folks, flab is fine as long as you can get up and move around; for others, "healthy" is only achieved when you're always ready to run an obstacle course. Most of the rest of us (me, included) are somewhere in between. The second thing you have to decide is how much it's worth to you. ...

0 Comments, 20 Views, 8 Votes ,5.33 Score
rm_blakcpl 50 C
2  Articles
Complete Fitness Tips   5/1/2004

Getting into shape not just for the looks, but also for a better and longer life! <br> Exercise ‒ typically one can safely exercise 3-5 times a week, but you must be inclusive of the following components: resistance (weight barring), aerobic (brisk walking or faster), and stretching (helps reduce injury). This is a sample exercise regimen; please consult a physician ...

0 Comments, 18 Views, 28 Votes ,7.25 Score
workout tips   4/27/2004

I'm playing softball a lot more than I used to lately, and I'm noticing that by the end of the game, I'm having trouble keeping my bat level where it needs to be. Is there a workout that will help me work on that part of my arms?

0 Comments, 4 Views, 5 Votes
I just cant gain wieght   4/22/2004

I have wieghed within 10lbs of my curent wieght for the last 15 years I would like to get to 190lbs (I'm 6'6") but I just cant seem to do it. Yes I know that some people would consider it a blessing but I can assure you that sometimes it really sucks

0 Comments, 1 Views, 31 Votes ,6.12 Score
Why Is It???   4/19/2004

Why is it???? <br> Everytime a weight-loss tablet arrives in the Uk the government are quick to see it's banned an it's liscence removed (for exapmle tenuate dospan) <br> These drugs are still available in the US and other places so why not here?? <br> So much money is spent on heart suregry and weight related issues on the NHS. And the British goverment is ...

0 Comments, 39 Views, 23 Votes ,5.11 Score
northparkbi 58 M
7  Articles
General suggestions   4/17/2004

I've been browsing through the articles here, and have noticed that many of them are not so much articles as questions on how to get or stay fit. <br> General fitness is comprised of several elements which must all be present: Exercise, proper diet and proper attitude. Miss any of these three, and you won't really get healthy. <br> 30 minutes of good exercise a day ...

0 Comments, 34 Views, 16 Votes ,6.66 Score
alcombs 40 M
1  Article
Weight and Aerobic training in one.   4/15/2004

A good way to get both Weight and Aerobic training at the same time is by doing weight training without resting. This is the concept behind circuit training. If you are working your arms and finish a set. Work your legs and then back to your arms. This system was used by Bruce Lee!

0 Comments, 1 Views, 22 Votes ,6.37 Score
rm_mina_ken 58 C
1  Article
Natural Viagra   4/15/2004

At the risk of bringing out the herb-cures-cancer ranters, I have to share a discovery. Back in Canada, my Chinese friends talked about ginseng as a way to increase general well-being. I always put that in the cultural myth category and moved on. But, in Korea when I am now, ginseng stores are in every mall, and you can buy the stuff at any market, and newstand. So I decided to try ...

0 Comments, 28 Views, 53 Votes ,7.37 Score
DrCristoff 37 M
3  Articles
Re: back pain   4/13/2004

Well, the seated row does work your upper back, thats what its there for. I've found that if you really are working at it you're going to be sore anyway but there are some stretches you can do to help out. The first thing that works quite well is to warm up first, not just the back but get your body ready for a workout, I'll walk around the track for a bit and swing my arms back and forth ...

0 Comments, 7 Views, 12 Votes ,5.27 Score
slow down for better strength gains   4/10/2004

Many people who weight train do not realize the importance of the eccentric, also known as "negative", portion of the lift. For achieving your fitness goals through weight training key variables are: exercise selection, sets, reps, order of exercises, rest between sets, days of recovery, tempo or speed of exercise. <br> Be sure to use all these factors in designing a ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 24 Votes ,6.77 Score
gym yellers   4/7/2004

Is it just me or are people that yell in the gym annoying? You know who I'm talking about. The guy that grunts and yells every time he lifts a weight. He might as well be yelling, "Look at me!!!!! I'm an idiot!!" I don't know about you but I hate that. I just want to tell them to shut the hell up!

0 Comments, 1 Views, 51 Votes ,5.20 Score
rm_bman_nv 33 M
2  Articles
Response to: How to tell someone... (to lose weight)   3/28/2004

Weight is a touchy spot with people and if you broach the subject without making sure your partner understands you still love her the way she is, she won't forget it for a long time. <br> Depending on how you think she'd react, you might have to be subtle, or you might be able to be direct. If you'd also like to get into significantly better shape, you should make it a team ...

0 Comments, 9 Views, 21 Votes ,5.72 Score
rm_tx23mf 43 C
2  Articles
Strip-aerobics   3/28/2004

Carmen Electra has a "strip-aerobics" set of tapes out. And they are GREAT! Good way to stay in shape and turn on your man.

0 Comments, 10 Views, 29 Votes ,7.35 Score
In Better Shape = Better Sex   3/25/2004

Let's face it, a couple where both members are physically fit is going to have better sex! First, there is the issue of stamina, which comes with fitness. Regular weight training addicts and bodybuilders tend to have stronger erections, that last longer, and are able to recover much more quickly. Then there is the question of sensitivity . . . the more you exercise, the more sensitive ...

0 Comments, 31 Views, 64 Votes ,8.18 Score
try bellydancing   3/24/2004

ladies, it's a great way to tone the tummy, and men love to watch us practice!

0 Comments, 3 Views, 26 Votes ,6.15 Score
Re:Martial Artists   3/24/2004

You asked if women are turned on by Martial Artists? Answer: Who the Fuck knows. but they have made sex symbols out of some Martial Artists Men and Women so in my opinion: some find it a turn on and some dont the rest are propably undecided.

0 Comments, 2 Views, 21 Votes ,3.13 Score
Mind Body Spirit for beginers   3/23/2004

MIND: get a couple of DVDs on meditating, get up 20min early in the morning and go for a walk around the block, join a local tia chi class. BODY: Take the for a walk, start jogging, stretch, have a game of tennis(with your freinds) Have fun doing some sort of physical exercise. SPIRIT: Like yourself, Be happy who you are: when you get up in the morning tell yourself that you are a great ...

0 Comments, 2 Views, 24 Votes ,7.22 Score
Healthy living   3/15/2004

The 5 foods you should not eat 1.) Meat 2.) Milk 3.) Flour 4.) Sugar 5.) Drugs <br> They are all white!!!

0 Comments, 55 Views, 2 Votes
Need some help buffing up!   3/13/2004

Need some advice guys, or ladies. I want to get built, not huge just nice and some what muscular and sexy. Right now, I have a lean build I think, but I need to add some muscles on. I try to work out but all I do is lose weight, never gain muscle. I have tried eating more, and I can't eat anymore, I think my metabolism is kinda fast. What do I need to do? I am just starting back weight ...

0 Comments, 8 Views, 0 Votes
The only good way to lose weight   3/11/2004

There is really only one good way to lose weight safely and effectively, and keep it off. Eat less ( not less often ) and move more. As a certified personal trainer and someone who has a degree ( B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science ). I deal with people All the time wanting to know how to lose weight. The first thing a person needs to do is find out what their caloric maintainance level is. ...

0 Comments, 3 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
back pain   3/6/2004

I like to use the seated row machine when I work out. It works many different muscles at one time and it feels great. The only problem is that I'm always sore between and just below my shoulder blades. My muscles are sore and really tight. Can somebdoy recommend some stretches that I can do for my back?

0 Comments, 6 Views, 18 Votes ,4.49 Score
rm_ceedee60 60 M
3  Articles
Ultimate ab workout   3/4/2004

The thing I find most boring at the gym is doing ab workout's, but the other night I found an amazing ab workout in my front room ! Dawn and i had a few glasses of wine and were dancing to my 12inches !!! and getting into some pretty erotic moves. I lifted her up and carried her to our low coffee table, ripped her pants off and got out of my clothes P.D.Q. As the table is low it is ...

0 Comments, 7 Views, 45 Votes ,4.84 Score
rm_mopie 41 M
1  Article
Sex in the fitness   3/3/2004

Together with a girl fucking. Fucked her on the armliftmachine. Me sitting down and she standing right before me. Shaking her ass in front of me. Slowly going up and down on my penis. And then hard, hitting her bum very hard. Gives a beautifull sound. <br> kiss

0 Comments, 4 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
tomlikestofuck 38 M
2  Articles
get bigger   3/3/2004

i go to the gym all the time and i dont get any bigger how can i get bigger

0 Comments, 4 Views, 3 Votes ,4.90 Score
rm_mace107_2003 40 M
6  Articles
right work out.   2/28/2004

Most people who want to loose weight and sculpt their body do it in the complet wrong order. I did to untill a health trainer with a degree in this feild helped me out. If you are wanting to loose weight and tone up the muscel you have. You have to do cardio first. More cardio so much that you just cant go anymore that work out. Eat slightly less fattening foods and no carbonated drinks you ...

0 Comments, 22 Views, 26 Votes ,6.37 Score
Easy Weight Loss   2/27/2004

If you are looking to lose weight and don't want to live in the gym, try the Release Program. It is available at many GNC's. My wife lost 35 lbs. and did not work out. She has a lot more energy and is in a better mood. The best thing is that it is all natural. Not loaded with a lot of stuff that can cause side effects.

0 Comments, 6 Views, 45 Votes ,7.39 Score
women like all types of men   2/26/2004

i used to be about 30 lbs over weight, now i am ripped. i can honestly say that i was having more sex when i was pudgy than i am now. i find this very interesting. could it be that less women are interested in me now or is it just that i also appealed to women with a little (just being nice to myself) weight. im not sure, and i am sure as hell not putting it back on. But... it sure makes ...

0 Comments, 1 Views, 56 Votes ,7.48 Score
Just a quickie...   2/25/2004

A strong torso is important, but good legs to match are important too. One of my favorite excersizes is to put my back to the wall and then slump down until my knees are at a 90 degree angle (thighs parallel to the floor). Hold that there for 10 minutes and I can guarantee you'll feel the burn. Not recommended if you have knee probs .

0 Comments, 4 Views, 40 Votes ,4.75 Score
How important.   2/24/2004

How important is being totally fit to a woman? I would consider myself healthy and with the exception of my gut have very little fat on me, and have pretty good muscle tone. Is it really important to women for a guy to be in shape?

0 Comments, 1 Views, 14 Votes ,4.90 Score
duracell   2/24/2004

recently i've noticed i can go for like 2 hours during intercourse without cumming, anyone else find this?

0 Comments, 12 Views, 18 Votes ,3.40 Score
rm_OverSized 46 M
6  Articles
Find a workout "partner"   2/23/2004

While on here, try to find a workout partner. Do a gym workout together and then cap it off with another. If you get too busy to do the first one sometimes, you can always find the time and motivation for the second. Compliment each other on the progress too.

0 Comments, 1 Views, 18 Votes ,6.40 Score
Good abs   2/21/2004

A curious thing?, women love a good set of abs, hence nice abs more sex. Well with all these gimmicks and gadgets about to give you good abs, people forget that one of the best ways to a good six pack is sex, lots of it, particularly doggy style. When you have sex doggie style you should not support yourself with your arms, but rather use your hands for something more useful. This way you ...

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rm_hardburton 33 M
1  Article
fitness   2/20/2004

fitness is the best relaxing method.but you must be patient while you are building should be careful about your food.don't forget fitness causes good health but if you want to make a body for dating with agirl don't be so hopeful because it looks like masturbate yourself

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zippy_mcfeely 42 M
9  Articles
Ideal Workout   2/13/2004

I dont excercise much at all actually, and yet I am naturally stronger than a surprising amount of guys, of all shapes and sizes, Im not in shape though, by any means, my favorite work out is fucking, next to that I get good workouts at jobs that require some kind of physical activity, but yeah, fucking, that would be my ideal

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Losing the spare tire   2/2/2004

I'm wondering what some on HornyWife are doing to stay in shape and lose their bellys. What kind of diets are sticking (or trying) to. Are you doing situps? Running? I only need to lose about 10 pounds but am having a really difficult time staying focused on my nutrition.

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theworldisround 44 M
2  Articles
Gaining Weight   1/30/2004

If you are trying to gain weight, you must eat more calories than you burn. It is that simple. You must eat foods that are high in carbohydrates and proteins... Examples of such foods are Quaker Oatmeal and Eggs for Breakfast. For lunch, a weight gainer or something high in calories will do. Try to stay away from foods with high concentrations of fat. You should eat about 6 meals a day, ...

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theworldisround 44 M
2  Articles
Weight Gain 2   1/30/2004

You can still have fats and maintain a healthy diet. In order to gain weight, you will undoubtedly gain fat. This can be burned off with proper exercise, leaving you with the physique that you desire. I eat a lot of peanut butter...this is alright and nothing to go crazy over. Fat can be easy to get rid of, depending on whether it is saturated or unsaturated Watch out for the new ...

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rm_milkman1872 46 M
1  Article
arm workout   1/24/2004

military press is ok, as long as you don't do behind the neck. that puts stress on the rotator cuff.

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sexlovers2266 46 C
6  Articles
The gym helping your lower back pain!!!!!!   1/22/2004

Hey there..... <br> I've suffered from lower back pain for quite some time, and i'm only 20 years old!! I've had numerous problems, and many trips to the chiropractor. It is most likely due to a very slight and not even noticeable curve in my spine, and also my breast size on my frame. I'm a 38largeD... The nerves in my lower back were becoming pinched, causing pain, and ...

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carmelking518 48 M
1  Article
Fitness Booty   1/21/2004

Listen, I have heard and seen some lame excuses in my life when it comes down to physical fitness and SOME women. Yes, I know you all witnessed that I said some. I think the myth of women becoming steroid dick hungry women is a false one. I enjoy watching a woman exercise and work out. Why? because this means she cares enough about her body and will not be ashame to have sex with the lights ...

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abs exercise   1/21/2004

What kind of ab exercise that does everyone find is most beneficial?

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rm_OverSized 46 M
6  Articles
trainer in IN   1/20/2004

If any women out there are looking for a hot personal trainer in Indiana, check me out at oversized. We can work up a sweat, and then another.

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rm_waterman444 39 M
2  Articles
RE:Strength   1/17/2004

To the author, First off please learn how to spell and put together sentences.Second by the looks of your profile pic, I seriously doubt you have competed on any "World Level", so with that I doubt anyone will take your comments seriously.No to reiterate the more correct way of increasing strength safely, I say safely because your low weight and low reps can do damage to individuels not ...

0 Comments, 18 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
tongue_skillz 49 M
1  Article
Re:Hydroxycut   1/15/2004

I have also experimented with hydroxycut. It gave me an abundant about of energy. Personally, it didnt make me lose weight. It gave me the energy to work out harder and longer. Thats how i cut up. It definitely makes you go to the bathroom more so drink lots of water to limit dehydration. Remember, with every supplement you take, cycle. For those that do not know what that means. It ...

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rm_shycouple97 55 C
2  Articles
Roman chair situps   1/15/2004

I just started using the roman chair at a local gym. No one seems to have a str8 answer about how far back to go down, all the way (perpendicular to the floor) or halfway so I'm perfectly flat. Anybody here know for sure?

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rm_sexyruffryda 39 M
10  Articles
penis size   1/13/2004

I have a general question, do u think working on your abs and lower abdominal region affects the size of ure dick?

0 Comments, 39 Views, 70 Votes ,1.20 Score
rm_waterman444 39 M
2  Articles
Fitness + excercise,common misconceptions and truths and information   1/6/2004

Fitness is something easily achieved once you have applied yourself, that in itself is the hardest part.The mind is the hardest to overcome in the fitness battle.Some misconceptions that are in the news repeatadly are the low carb diets.Carbs are essential to make your body fuction and operate, they help with protein sysnthisis(which means when taken with protein, either suppliment drinks ...

0 Comments, 1 Views, 20 Votes ,7.46 Score
rm_tuguy1044 44 M
2  Articles
Re: Hydroxicut   1/2/2004

This is a product I would not suggest for a long term solution. All it does is eleminate some of the water from your body (Makes you pee alot). A much better idea is to eat a balanced diet along with exercies (Eat less calories than your body uses.) And just for those who think im wrong, I have a degree in exercise science so I know a little about this stuff.

0 Comments, 8 Views, 13 Votes ,6.00 Score
Working out...more stamina??   12/29/2003

I've heard that working out gives a person more it true?? they end up wanting it more and can go longer? Why or why not?

0 Comments, 2 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
sex is the best workout!   12/28/2003

the best way to stay in shape is sex! sex burns more calories then running a standard mile. The longer and hotter the sex, the better you will feel and look!

0 Comments, 12 Views, 90 Votes ,7.98 Score
Laura92776 52 C
1  Article
re: stetch marks are nasty   12/26/2003

Yes stretch marks are nasty and most of us who have them agree, but there is nothing that can be done about it. It is dependant on the genetically predetermined amount of collagen in your skin. Odds are if your mother had them you will too. No amount of lotion helped me. It's a sacrifice of motherhood.

0 Comments, 5 Views, 24 Votes ,7.11 Score
about the stretchmarks   12/21/2003

I imagine that the stretchmarks remark was submitted by a man! Go figure- imagine that!! (sorry to those of you men, that do not think like that) I know plenty of men (yes I said MEN) and women that have stretchmarks and they did not gain weight for them to appear, they had a major growth spurt in their youth/ years. Alot of people can't help the fact that they do get them (as noted ...

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Sex is better when you're fit   12/19/2003

I work out 5 times a week. Three days I lift weights and two days I either run or some other cardio exercise. Since I have started doing this, my sexual encounters have been a lot better. Not just me, but some of my partners who I had sex with before exercising, noticed as well. I was able to screw longer, harder, and more often. I also can do more positions now without getting tired ...

0 Comments, 4 Views, 100 Votes ,8.49 Score
rm_lurker_below 46 M
1  Article
Physical Fitness... It's not hard - and it's worth it!   12/19/2003

Being physically fit (not muscle-bound, just reasonable) isn't really all that hard, ladies and gents. You simply have to take certain steps, EVERY DAY: - get some exercise - at least half an hour, hard enough to make you sweat - walking doesn't really cut it unless it's a FAST walk - eat right - follow the "food pyramid", cut out crap like deep-fried foods and white flour, switch to ...

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rico572 57 M
1  Article
Aktins, Sears, Caveman, this, that...   12/17/2003

To you people that have had success with any of the aforementioned "diets", good for you! I mean it! I think that you gave it a shot and [apparently] stuck with it and the discipline has paid off. <br> Now, my problem with these diets is that they all seem to do the same thing by a different means. Unfortunately, they ALL had a downside as well. Too little carbs promotes ...

1 Comments, 23 Views, 13 Votes ,5.66 Score
rico572 57 M
1  Article
The Marketing Ploys of the Supplement Industry...   12/17/2003

I constantly study nutrition and exercise fads and have come up with a single concept that seems to encompass all of these trends and advice about weight loss: They're mostly half-truths!!! <br> You see, many people are so concerned about what they eat, that in order for them to shed excess "mass", they either eat like a bird or attempt to eat only so-called healthy foods. ...

1 Comments, 17 Views, 8 Votes ,5.56 Score
rm_slippery4fun 54 M
1  Article
Easy remedy for a sloppy belly   12/4/2003

While this won't cure all, it's real easy and costs nothing but a little work. Do you drive 10 to 30 min./day in your vehicle? You can do stomach crunches as you drive.....tighten up your stomach muscles the best you can and hold for 10 seconds or so. Repeat this as often as you can and you will be on your way to a tight gut soon. Don't get discouraged because in a couple weeks you'll ...

0 Comments, 2 Views, 74 Votes ,8.09 Score
rm_bountifulbbw 53 F
2  Articles
Power of 10?   11/30/2003

I've been looking into the Power of 10 program - has anyone out there tried it? I want to get my body in firmer shape - I'm a BBW, 40DDDD. Fortunately, even after I lose the weight, I'll keep the size due to a past investment. But I'm curious. Any advice?

0 Comments, 21 Views, 16 Votes ,3.42 Score
Abs   11/24/2003

From my experience best abs can be achevied through the basic exercise and correct dieting. I have found a exercise routine that fits me best. This invloves standing up and twisting your torso. I do it in a mirror to see where i should move and try to include some form a strech that covers my whole stomach. i Do this for about 15 to 20 minutes a day. This done correctly and with a healthy ...

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Ways to shed pounds quick?   11/21/2003

Over the last 2 years I have been having surgery after surgery to rebuild my shoulder, which was basically turned into mush in a car accident. Because I haven't been able to really work out in that period and as a result have gained my fair share of weight. I am finally 100% and have been trying the same things that kept me in shape in the first place; i.e. running, sit-ups, crunches, some ...

0 Comments, 2 Views, 68 Votes ,5.45 Score
rm_jazzpoetsoul 52 M
1  Article
Develop a Full and Firm Butt (a cure for the Flat Ass blues!)   11/21/2003

The most Erotic apects of a woman to me are first and foremost are her mind, how she thinks, expresses herself, communicates and the words she uses all refer to this quality of sexiness. <br> Her eyes, the way she observes and if she sees into my inner self with a deep look are second in terms of sexuality. Does she allow me to look deep within her self? <br> Full or ...

0 Comments, 22 Views, 47 Votes ,7.67 Score
rm_kemp4 48 M
3  Articles
Diabetic health   11/20/2003

Being a diabetic forces a person to have an extremely healthy lifesyle if they want to survive very long. Working out regularly is necessary to keep the heart healthy and promote good circulation. A regular regimen including both resistence training and cardio will do wonders. I should kow, I am the healtiest I have ever been and in the greatest shape of my life all because I became ...

0 Comments, 13 Views, 10 Votes ,5.97 Score
rm_romytalwar 53 M
2  Articles

Vitamin D Deficiency is Being Called, "The Silent Epidemic" The main function of Vitamin D is to maintain blood calcium in the normal range, largely by regulating intestinal absorption from the food we eat (Chandra, Ranjit Kumar, M.D., et al, Canadian Medical Association Journal, 1991;145:11:1475- 1487). In a issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter (October, 1997, p. 3), Michael F. Holick, ...

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rm_romytalwar 53 M
2  Articles
Don’t take any Medicine for Temporary Sexual Enhancement   11/19/2003

In today’s age mostly young generation male and female are taking lots of medicine for Sexual Enhancement. This kind of medicine generally makes body to immune for more and more requirement for such kind of medicine. As per various studies done these medicine are useful only for a short period may be for few minutes to few hours. <br> Generally a person who is taking these ...

0 Comments, 12 Views, 31 Votes ,4.68 Score
Curves   11/19/2003

Hello! I was wondering if any of you ladies out there have had any experiences with Curves, Fitness Express, or any of the other plethora of women-oriented fitness clubs popping up. I am tempted to join. Would love to hear your thoughts, both good and bad. Thanks

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Websex 52 M
4  Articles
Keeping fit through Sex   11/10/2003

Is it true that being sexually active can keep you from having to do other exercise daily and thus keep away heart disease, etc. I will now explore this angle.

1 Comments, 26 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
hotbodvt 42 M
15  Articles
Fitness   11/10/2003

For all of you fitness buffs ill let you in on a little secret. To achieve that perfect definition in your body you must use less amount of weight and more repetitions. This gives you a a more defined and toned muscle.

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Here is a little quiz/survey on fitness   11/9/2003

Do you find that fitness puts you more in the mood. I know it does for me but I can't figure out why. I don't know if it because there are so many good looking women in the gym or the fact that the testosterone levels are so high or is it that breaking a sweat always make people horny. So what is it about working out that puts you in the mood.

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cycling   11/4/2003

Cycling between three to five times a week over a distance of three miles a time will get you very fit.A little often will see your weight drop and your whole body tone up.Whilst eating within reason of course.

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A long road   11/2/2003

The best form of exercise is walking.At a resonable pace 4times a week over a distance that feels within your limits, you can lose a lot of weight.

0 Comments, 38 Views, 40 Votes ,4.51 Score
rm_Ginac106 39 F
0  Articles
anyone know how to do the splits?   10/27/2003

lol this may sound "little ish" but that's my new goal.. the splits.. and if anyone knows how to get started it'd be great if you'd let me know!

1 Comments, 18 Views, 24 Votes ,4.61 Score
Important   10/26/2003

Keep up your fitness levels to help maintain your drive.

0 Comments, 29 Views, 34 Votes ,5.22 Score
Standing in shape   10/26/2003

It is very important for me to stay in shape for the ladys. I beleive in every day working out. I work out for about 2 hours a day. I think that it is important to at least get 30mins of working out. <br> Jon

0 Comments, 8 Views, 28 Votes ,3.34 Score
slt4blks2 49 F
3  Articles

My name is Candi. Almost a year ago, I met with a black man from this site and he has since been known as my BLACKMASTER. He has always told me that when I serve him to his satisfaction he would bring a friend with him for my first threesome. I was beginning to think this was never going to happen. Then the time came when my BLACKMASTER said that I was a "good white slut" to also ...

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The proper workout   10/19/2003

Just drink lots of beer, and have lots of sex

0 Comments, 3 Views, 54 Votes ,2.34 Score
Losing Gut   10/16/2003

It is definately a catch 22. Sex will get rid of your gut, but who wants your fat ass when you got one. I have the same problem. However, the Atkins diet really works fast, and even without the sex, or exercise, my gut is fading away. Average a pound a day. Check it out. They have a free web site. Of course they are trying to sell you something, but you can get the diet going with ...

0 Comments, 7 Views, 67 Votes ,2.37 Score
TeddyBear511265 57 M
1  Article
Re: DIETS DONT WORK   10/14/2003

Excellent article! I must say that I've been on an 1, 800 calorie a day regular food (no funky shakes, pills, etc. - but does include the foods you enjoy like red meat) diet and have lost 50 pounds since January 2003. Along with regular exercise 3 times a week at least it has worked wonders for me! To keep from going nuts, I cheat about once or twice a month and I'm still able to keep the ...

0 Comments, 7 Views, 18 Votes ,6.26 Score
Cant get rid of my gut   10/9/2003

I have been dieting and doing exercises every day now for 4 years. I have eliminated fatty foos and red meat from my diet aned take a multivitim supplement and extra iron and zinc(keep vitimin leves safe--no overages) to keep me healthy. I have already lost over 80 lbs and kept it off without the fluctuations I used to go thru before I got serios about my fitness. The only problem I have ...

0 Comments, 5 Views, 21 Votes ,3.37 Score
babygirl232 54 C
3  Articles
Staying fit on top!   10/6/2003

Today's fitness has become an issue for many of us today. What can we do to stay fit and have fun at the same time? Hmmmm... How about sex! Yes, sex is a good way to get your work out on and have extreme pleasure at the same time.This is mainly targeted at the women. Next time you have sex, ladies go for it doggy-style. Try holding yourself up a little on top of him as you bouce up and down ...

0 Comments, 21 Views, 62 Votes ,8.88 Score
freak_nasty_boy 45 M
1  Article
DIETS DONT WORK   10/1/2003

I am tired of all the fads out there, many of these so called diets dont work. Diets are going to be broken, its a simple fact, i know i have broken many. I think many people set themselves up trying diets. Diets make you cut out certian foods then you are pretty much starving yourself form your normal diet. You will eventually want that food you cut out( this is where we see the breaking ...

0 Comments, 3 Views, 31 Votes ,6.79 Score
InPursuitOfFun 39 M
0  Articles
No carb diet- myth or miracle?   9/29/2003

It's neither. <br> I'm writing this article because I've had enough. I'm sick and tired of the new-age health and fitness freaks running around saying "Carbs will make you fat!!" and I'm equally as fed up with the old-school conservatives telling people "It doesn't work, it's unhealthy." <br> They're both wrong. Here is the hard fact: <br> ***FAT LOSS or ...

0 Comments, 7 Views, 37 Votes ,5.35 Score
InPursuitOfFun 39 M
0  Articles
The Beginners' Guide To Bodybuilding   9/29/2003

So, you want to gain muscle? You want to be bigger and stronger and look better naked? Perhaps you've never set foot inside a gym before, or perhaps you've been working out for years but never see any change. You're not alone. The vast, VAST majority of people in a gym really have no clue what they're doing. I'm not saying this to put anyone down, or be patronising or condescending. I'm ...

0 Comments, 35 Views, 48 Votes ,9.19 Score
rm_rookies03 39 C
2  Articles
carbs, exercise and fat loss   9/14/2003

There are 5 main hormones that play in metabolism. Those hormones include: insulin and glucagon from the pancreas, epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol from the adrenals, and growth hormone from the pituitary. Insulin and glucagon levels can be controlled through your diet. High blood sugar causes insulin levels to elevate and causes glucagon levels to fall. Low blood sugar causes the ...

1 Comments, 19 Views, 60 Votes ,7.74 Score
For all you Mothers!!   8/14/2003

Us Woman with know that finding the energy to do anything but being a Mom is very difficult sometimes. Putting the energy levels aside, it is hard to find time in the day to be good to yourself. I have found two all natural substances that have improved my energy levels and my fat burning ability. First of all, taking a capsule 3 times daily with Bee Pollen and Siberian Ginseng has ...

0 Comments, 73 Views, 55 Votes ,7.55 Score
Yoga.........the secret to Longevity!!   8/14/2003

For months now, I have worked 20 minutes of Yoga into my daily routine. Many belittle the effects of Yoga. Some say it can't get you in shape like running or weights can. This is completely wrong. Yoga is much more difficult than it looks, and it takes time to develop the coordination and balance. It isn't just simple stretching, it tones your body. You know how good it feels to reach ...

0 Comments, 6 Views, 67 Votes ,7.55 Score
Adkin's Diet does work   7/2/2003

I've been on the Adkin's diet for about 4 months now and I would like to say that it works. I have been into fitness for a long time (working out 5 days a week), but I couldn't get rid of my gut. After reading Dr. Adkin's books, I realized why. I was eating way too many carbs. I have have cut out potatoes, bread, starchy vegetables, and rice. I have taken off 35 pounds and gone from a ...

0 Comments, 8 Views, 62 Votes ,7.16 Score
real way to loose weight; a response   3/8/2003

Just a thought on one comment in "The Real Way to Loose Weight." <br> Yes, exercise is necessary. But making comments about "willpower" leads me to believe the author of that article was never fat. I know a heavy woman who went to the gym for one hour a day, five days a week, for over a year, and never lost an ounce. True. <br> Not everyone who is fat is a lazy ...

1 Comments, 36 Views, 39 Votes ,7.06 Score
Sidney69 61 M
9  Articles
Manbreasts...How to Get Rid of Them??   3/6/2003

Does anyone out there know of an exercise program to help get rid of manbreasts? I've tried bench presses and flyes. They've built quality muscle, but the manbreasts still sit on top of the muscle, they just won't go away!!! Forget liposuction, that doesn't fit into my budget. Any tips??

0 Comments, 3 Views, 29 Votes ,7.25 Score
privatetimes2 66 C
3  Articles
Summer Lust Part 5   2/5/2002

My uncle came home for a month he was in the air force. Ever since his divorce when he came home he stayed with my grandmother. He was her youngest brother they were 9 of them all together. My grandmother was the oldest and he was the youngest. Me and tammy were comming back from the park and my uncle met us at the door. Who is this fine lady he asked. I told him she was the of the new ...

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umsureudlikeit 40 M
1  Article
masturbation scene   2/2/2002

i'm guy who practice nudism much and i like gals seeing my thing... which they need. Once in a moonlight i started removing my shirt, pant, and the innnerwear..and i saw around when i was going to be really nude, , there was none and i thought i am free to enhoy my hobby.and when i was totally nude, i went strolling around on the top of my building swinging my cock in the cool breeeze.i ...

0 Comments, 20 Views, 310 Votes
ZootieBear 51 M
2  Articles
Martial Arts   6/26/2000

After years of being too big for my own good, I found martial arts. Friends, exercise, and a valuable lessons on how to defend myself have started cutting the weight. I won't give an ad for what martial art I'm doing (unless you want to ask via email of course) because I've found that different arts are for different people. Just go and explore a school and if you feel good about what ...

0 Comments, 21 Views, 5 Votes ,4.12 Score
rm_blakcpl 50 C
2  Articles
Run or walk how do U go?   3/30/2000

Being an Exercise Science major, I am constantly reminded of the correct protocol for exercise prescription and program adherence. Have i lost some of you so far? Sorry... What i am getting at is this, a few articles that i have read in reference to running and so forth or only partly true. Because what these folks are focusing on are those that can or are fit enough to run or jog. For ...

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