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stronghardcock64 31 M
3  Articles
hump to fitness   12/3/2012

so am sua everybody has hear that sex is tha best way to stay fit yes or no?? ofcourse yes not just the best but the funnest i'd ratha b on a pusyy pushng my body to the limit ratha than pushn up dumb bells at the gym so conclusion humping is very good for your body and your body needs the best

0 Comments, 10 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
rm_marine24mike 26 M
3  Articles
staying fit   11/30/2012

the best way to lose stomach weight is to work out first thing in the moring before you eat anything.

3 Comments, 37 Views, 6 Votes ,2.23 Score
dcrel123 42 M
10  Articles
Importance   11/24/2012

What you think, fitness play its importance in any relationship?

2 Comments, 16 Views, 4 Votes ,1.69 Score
prod1013 35 M
11  Articles
Working out makes sex better   11/23/2012

Everyone should know that working out not only increased sexual appetite and stamina, but also increases the pleasure felt during sex and orgasm. Also, not to mention that when you are more fit and flexible you can enjoy many more positions.

4 Comments, 42 Views, 6 Votes ,1.09 Score
9998788666 32 M
9  Articles
fitness is very good   11/21/2012

fitness is very good , , i like my cock fitness

1 Comments, 31 Views, 12 Votes
umaineplay 36 M
2  Articles
how to get fit?   10/20/2012

get in the gym everyday all day, no slacking at all.

1 Comments, 21 Views, 5 Votes ,2.82 Score
LioldyfrPasedena 86 F
13  Articles
oh hell   10/19/2012

A long as you can suck and fuck is all that matters.

1 Comments, 6 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
Marine Corp DEP Workout   10/14/2012

I'm about to start a new workout program based on the Marines' Delayed Entry Program, takes about 6 months to complete, but I had a couple of trainers look it over and they thought it would go well. Has anyone else tried a program like this before?

4 Comments, 34 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
rm_vladsdad 34 M
2  Articles
Losing weight   9/30/2012

While most people wouldn't consider me obese by any means I had grown frustrated with my weight. This week I started making some lifestyle changes and I'm super excited because I'm already down 5 pounds (2.2 kilos for the international crowd)! I love being tall because it helps me spread the weight, but I have missed being so athletic. Time for me to get back in shape! I'm sure my future dates ...

5 Comments, 67 Views, 7 Votes ,3.55 Score
rm_maybehottie6 27 M
10  Articles
fitness   9/23/2012

haha good read here

1 Comments, 14 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_maybehottie6 27 M
10  Articles
keep fit   9/23/2012

always good to keep fit to make sure you are still in the market

1 Comments, 12 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
How to quickly lose weight   9/19/2012

Eat less, have more sex, and throw in some vegetables and fiber. Guaranteed to work.

2 Comments, 31 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
Gross   9/13/2012

If you go to the gym because you feel uncomfortable in your spandex pants then why the hell are you wearing them to the gym and getting in the front row of tread mills? I understand that some people love bigger women or believe that they carry their weight well but obviously if you are at the gym trying to fix it you arnt one of them. If you dont wanna see yourself in the mirror in the morning I ...

0 Comments, 36 Views, 9 Votes ,0.86 Score
yeszen2 23 M
11  Articles
Fiber?   9/11/2012

It's good for?

1 Comments, 11 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
Iamthewarlock201 43 M
9  Articles
Bad knee's   9/1/2012

Anyone know of a good cardio workout which doesn't put any pressure on the knee??

10 Comments, 75 Views, 11 Votes ,4.29 Score
TwantSex2 33 M
4  Articles
Ladies...Getting hit on at the gym   8/31/2012

Just would like to ask females.. When you go to the gym to workout, does it bother you when you get hit on? Or do you Like it/ Feel Good? Or something else???...

4 Comments, 94 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
joshie04101991 32 M
10  Articles
Body by vi   8/23/2012

Has anyone heard or used body by vi? i would like to hear peoples opinions.

1 Comments, 12 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
impress32 19 C
2  Articles
Fat vs Fit   8/15/2012

Some dont think it's necessary to stay physically fit. Many people on this site are overweight or not in shape at all. Which do u prefer? Someone who is fit or someone who is out of shape and lazy?

19 Comments, 166 Views, 37 Votes ,3.15 Score
rm_josephcool2 35 M
11  Articles
milk   8/13/2012

did you know that milk is the cheapest protein source, it also contains big amounts of calcium

4 Comments, 32 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
rm_haied2012 36 M
3  Articles
erotic chat/email discreet relationships 1-on-1 sex bondage & discipline cross dressing miscellaneou   8/8/2012

erotic chat/email discreet relationships 1-on-1 sex bondage & discipline cross dressing miscellaneous fetishes exhibitionism & voyeurism sadism & masochism other "alternative" activities group sex (3 or more) fun

1 Comments, 27 Views, 4 Votes
rm_bearsof12 60 M
1  Article
workout feelings   7/21/2012

within recent times I have started working out again and try and find time each and everyday (holidays, sick, hungover, weekeends, etc) to find time to workout here at home 35-40 minutes each day. I belive it has helped in my sexual performance , not just in the lasting phase but also the throwing myself all in during sex feelings too and wanted to see if others had same results?

0 Comments, 6 Views, 0 Votes
LOVE BBW   7/13/2012

I feel you can realy get lots of satisfaction with a full figured woman

4 Comments, 57 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
c6love 32 M
26  Articles
gym   7/11/2012

what is your reasoning for taking time out of your busy life to work out and diet? everyone has different reasons, what is yours

4 Comments, 25 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
GeekBoy 27 M
2  Articles
Wanting to lose wieght   7/4/2012

Any sexy trainers on here that could help me with that? lol

1 Comments, 30 Views, 2 Votes ,0.34 Score
c6love 32 M
26  Articles
goals.   6/29/2012

when picking your partner, do you more look at their body'd fitness level, private parts, or face? u cant train a face or sex organ to be sexy, but u can control how your body looks

2 Comments, 26 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
MDman2580 36 M
10  Articles
gym time flirting   6/24/2012

I want everyones opinion on this. There are tons of good looking girls at my gym and I have always been big on not hiiting on someone while they are working out but there is one in the gym who is absolutely gorgeous and I wanna flirt with her. Any idea on if I should.

1 Comments, 53 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
fit is witty   6/14/2012

every girl dream of a boy who is smart witty and rich.

0 Comments, 5 Views, 0 Votes
rm_Seam8122 30 M
10  Articles
How to achieve a six pack in 6 weeks. Step 1   6/8/2012

Do cardio workouts. Important step to get six pack abs: There is no way to target fat loss in any area of your body. You need to lose some of that extra fat over your abs. Even if you work out and get gigantic ab muscles, if there is still a layer of fat over them no one will ever get to see them. Cardio workouts are workouts that raise your heart rate for a given set of time. Some examples would ...

0 Comments, 31 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
nobody328 26 M
23  Articles


0 Comments, 7 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
Why do obese women want fit men?   5/23/2012

I like a lot of different types of women. I have been with big women who still have some sort of shape. Thee are sooooo many out here who ask a man to take time and be healthy as can be while they do not. Is that fair at all? I say no it is not. It seems that desperate men ruin it for the rest of us. Just because some men will fuck anything doesn't mean all men will. Why can't a ...

2 Comments, 40 Views, 4 Votes ,4.80 Score
SteelPassion23 48 M
7  Articles
Kettle Bells   5/5/2012

I have several friends that are Fitness Gurus, Bodybuilders, and Personal Trainers. Most of them, except for the bodybuilder fiends, say that this Kettle Bell craze is legit and is AWESOME. The personal trainers have been advocates for years. Especially for their that aren't training professionally. They say it is perfect for the average person that simply wants a thorough ...

6 Comments, 64 Views, 5 Votes ,4.12 Score
lonelycasahotfr 37 M
8  Articles
Stamina   5/3/2012

Running improves cardio and your effort endurance. You should always try to run with fractionnated methods


and so on during an hour

it improves speed and stamina

3 Comments, 29 Views, 6 Votes ,1.94 Score
lonelycasahotfr 37 M
8  Articles
Pecs   5/3/2012

A good routine for pecs:

30 push ups 30 bench press 30 burpees with push ups

you can do it 4 or 5 times in a row with a 2 min break between each series

2 Comments, 18 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
Rock4u91 26 M
10  Articles
Just do it....   4/25/2012

Physical fitness comprises two related concepts: general fitness (a state of health and well-being), and specific fitness (a task-oriented definition based on the ability to perform specific aspects of sports or occupations). Physical fitness is generally achieved through correct nutrition, exercise, and enough rest.

Fitness is nothing but a happy living....A one who can lift heavy ...

2 Comments, 39 Views, 4 Votes ,1.30 Score
dfw2148102639 52 M
9  Articles
Fitness or Firmness?   4/19/2012

Share your fantasies you have played out while out on Fitness at your local gym.

3 Comments, 28 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rokprincess 43 F
4  Articles
Is weight lifting really that good for women?   4/15/2012

I want to start weight training, but I have no clue what to do. Can anyone give me some advice about how to start?

17 Comments, 124 Views, 18 Votes ,2.99 Score
1923xXx23 30 M
1  Article
Chicks with abs   4/12/2012

I have a thing for chicks with abs. Does anybody agrees with me that women with abs especially obliques are hot!!

0 Comments, 7 Views, 0 Votes
lickdatpuzzzzzz 52 M
9  Articles
fit partners   4/11/2012

do you think it's unfair to want your partner to be more fit? especially if you yourself are fit?? we're not talking kill yourself in gym all day, but just not letting yourself go. there are all kinda reasons to wanna be fit. i honestly think it's something that can help build your relationship, while building your bodies. any opinions??

2 Comments, 10 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
coreecan 40 M
1  Article
fitness for everyone   3/21/2012

great amazing good feeling burning calories

3 Comments, 15 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
limber up   3/5/2012

stretching good enough or is yoga whats up?

0 Comments, 1 Views, 0 Votes
is it good or bad for me?   2/18/2012

Everytime you open the fridge to see what you gonna eat, ask your self this question. Is it good or bad for me. It doesn't matter if we run 10 miles a day and hit the gym super hard. If we eat junk, we gonna look like junk.

What are your opinions?

1 Comments, 4 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
almost__handsome 38 M
3  Articles
mass gain diets?   2/12/2012

what are the best mass gain diets? am looking to bulk up but seem to have hit a plateau with my current diet.

8 Comments, 60 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
Most Effective Ab Exercise: Bicycle   2/12/2012

Most Effective Ab Exercise: Bicycle

Lie face up on your mat and place your hands behind your head, lightly supporting it with your fingers. Bring the knees in to the chest and lift the shoulder blades off the floor without pulling on the neck. Rotate to the left, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee as you straighten the other leg. Switch sides, bringing the left elbow towards ...

5 Comments, 53 Views, 10 Votes ,4.18 Score
almost__handsome 38 M
3  Articles
Best exercise for biceps?   2/10/2012

curious to know which bicep curl exercise is the best for mass gain ?

6 Comments, 66 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
JAFOOLY2010 36 M
1  Article
Six Pac Abs   2/3/2012

Getting good abs is not just about crunches. Good diet and cardio are key to keeping that layer of fat away, allowing your abs to be visible!

5 Comments, 45 Views, 11 Votes ,2.79 Score
Sex in our home gym?   1/29/2012

Any single females have the same fantasy, of working out with a fit couple, and it turning into sex?

0 Comments, 109 Views, 6 Votes ,4.79 Score
ARomanticHero 30 M
11  Articles
Sexual Encounter!   1/23/2012

Ever had a sexual encounter with a Bodybuilder Woman that uses steroids?

3 Comments, 99 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
rm_stan1423 24 M
12  Articles
fitness   12/27/2011

good work outs

3 Comments, 31 Views, 7 Votes ,2.28 Score
Hardone905 47 M
6  Articles
beer belly v big dick   12/27/2011

is a big dick great

1 Comments, 89 Views, 7 Votes
Bullman2500 51 M
3  Articles
Another Workout Routine   12/21/2011

This one adds pullups to the workout I previously posted. Pullups are good for the core of the body and will give your upper body that V look.

5 pullups 10 pushups 15 crunches 100-200 meter sprints

do this 10 times consecutively, miminal to no rest in between sets. Again, do it at least 3 times a week and you will see results!!

0 Comments, 46 Views, 7 Votes ,2.79 Score
Bullman2500 51 M
3  Articles
Work Out routines   12/19/2011

If anyone is interested I will post routines here.

3 Comments, 38 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
johnlcooper76 35 M
10  Articles
sex is exercise   12/18/2011

u burn lots of calories doin it. i think sex is the only exercise u need. just do it twice a day.

0 Comments, 23 Views, 6 Votes ,0.23 Score
6 Exercises for Flatter Abs   12/11/2011

The plan Take five minutes (even two minutes here, three there) most days to perform your fave combo of the chiselers. Try one set of 8 reps of all 10 moves, or pick a few and do two sets of 12 reps.

Trimming Tap

works abs, obliques, shoulders, butt, thighs

Start in side plank, left palm on floor, right arm extended to ceiling, hips lifted, feet stacked. Hold plank as ...

1 Comments, 45 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
What do I need to change?   12/1/2011

Okay, so I have been running five miles everyday. I also lift weights. I don't focus on one area when I lift weights. (I have no idea what I am doing in the weight room. I just read the directions on the machine and follow)

I was losing my baby weight, and starting to tone up...However after I got onto birth control I gained eleven pounds, and it isn't budging. I can feel a difference. I ...

3 Comments, 35 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
Got2GetMeSum4 51 M
3  Articles
*FITNESS* Like a... Drug ..Sex..Gambling !   11/29/2011

I cant get enough I get up everyday 4:30 coffee made my workout wear is in my kitchen hanging I have spent over $1000.on my outfits summer and fall winter wear.. under armour expensive anyway going on 6 years now 7 days a week very bad weather inside at the Mall they open 6:45 every day for people to go in and walk all ages and form of people like a family and its a program no lost 50 lbs. 6" of ...

0 Comments, 22 Views, 5 Votes ,0.53 Score
rm_Toyboyj624 26 M
11  Articles
Fitness the fun way   11/16/2011

Well here is the thing most people tend to ask me which is the easiest way to become fit like me or atleast an easier way to loose weight..well there is no easy way to loose weight or to become fit because it requires you to work your body which not many people are up to, but there is a fun way to work out and also maintain ua body fitness and also loose weight and that is having great ...

0 Comments, 11 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
question for woman   11/15/2011

would a hot yoga class be an ok idea for a date? we aren't talking first or second date either.

3 Comments, 48 Views, 7 Votes ,2.28 Score
Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle   11/11/2011

I think the most important thing is to at least stay somewhat active. Try to go out for a nice brisk walk three to five times a week. Just stay active a few days a week and you will notice a difference instead of eating and sitting on the recliner!

2 Comments, 20 Views, 5 Votes ,3.47 Score
rm_purebbc1 32 M
10  Articles
fit n sex   11/10/2011

Does fitness really effect sex? I'm fit but I think sex gives me extra extra energy. lol

4 Comments, 49 Views, 8 Votes ,2.55 Score
hang ups   10/30/2011

why do break ups end up beeing hang ups?

4 Comments, 64 Views, 7 Votes ,2.79 Score
Exercise   10/26/2011

How much time should someone spend exercising per week? I do 10 hours or more...

4 Comments, 33 Views, 5 Votes ,2.82 Score
erections   10/25/2011

Can anyone tell me how to get a stronger erection, i have been on a diet and lost 2 stone but lost the strength in my erection. please help me

3 Comments, 90 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
demonio741990 33 M
1  Article
Tone and get noticed   10/18/2011

Everyone thinks if you just lift weights or run you will get the body. Well your wrong. Here are tips to help you. 1. You have to think positive. The more you want it the harder your drive for it. Your body feels negative thoughts. Thats why if you think theres no results you wont see any. 2. Run. Running tones legs, butts, and helps your lungs for longer workouts. It also helps burn fat on arms ...

0 Comments, 14 Views, 1 Votes
sthdubcuriou 42 M
1  Article
What's the best work out you've ever had?   10/14/2011

Is it hitting the weights, the run, the swim, the cycle maybe it's sex? Serious calorie burner lol

0 Comments, 11 Views, 0 Votes
First lady targets world record for jumping jacks   10/14/2011

WASHINGTON — Michelle Obama wants to jump into the Guinness World Records book next week by helping break the title for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period. More from Michelle Obama chooses Korean-American designer Rick Perry: ‘I don’t worry too much about polls’ Dig into the White House state dinner menu Clashes as Occupy protesters march on Wall Street ...

0 Comments, 9 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
dickmia 33 M
1  Article
Eat Properly after sex   9/22/2011

After having sex, eat properly to recover your sperm. However, both male and female drink lot of water everyday. Thank you.

4 Comments, 95 Views, 9 Votes ,3.00 Score
rm_702Beelzboss 33 M
8  Articles
lazy but motivated   9/21/2011

I was curious who else out there is motivated to exercise / lift weights but is lazy about starting up again. Maybe procrastination is a better description than lazy but really they are close to the same. Perhaps my problem is I don't have a spotter.

1 Comments, 20 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
Sex after workout   9/18/2011

How does it feel? or you dont feel like doing it? or it feels better and longer after workout?

3 Comments, 17 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
WolfGrey87 36 M
5  Articles
Fat Burning   9/10/2011

Seems like different people burns fat at a diff rate and some are much tougher at certain area on your body. More weight training on that area or just more cardio?

3 Comments, 84 Views, 9 Votes ,1.50 Score
WolfGrey87 36 M
5  Articles
Lower back for performance   9/8/2011

Lower back extensions will help real good in bed action. Weights for increase difficulty(both hands cross on chest or behind the head) and a good stretch after.

Stay safe.

2 Comments, 68 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
knight_rider747 31 M
10  Articles
Main Article   9/1/2011

fitness is the key to sex life ?

5 Comments, 82 Views, 12 Votes ,2.80 Score
sexyingardner 41 M
12  Articles
hello   8/31/2011

Where etc. in a naturally healthy and safe way for the one true creator would be at least, note at least a little effective and honestly the more effective the better, to mention etc., associate etc. this and other communications’ making things safest etc. for the one true creator and as to defined intents etc. doing the best to stop that are not the 3 asap of all kinds etc. and not only making ...

0 Comments, 9 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
fitness or masterbate   8/31/2011

fitness is good for health. however, it is not enough for a man. a man should masterbate so the thing belongs to them become strong, and erotic.

0 Comments, 30 Views, 1 Votes
Devonprovidesfun 34 M
10  Articles
P90X   8/30/2011

Does anybody other than myself thoroughly enjoy this workout program?

4 Comments, 50 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
Rubyrosette2011 57 F
4  Articles
Hiking as Fitness   8/30/2011

Summer time brings hot weather but it also brings great opportunities for hiking when the sun sets. Before darkness turns the rocky hillsides into silhouette and everything falls into shadow. When the temperature drops below 100, everyone comes to the hiking trails singly, or in groups with other people.

It’s great exercise without knowing that’s what you’re doing like a few ...

3 Comments, 67 Views, 5 Votes ,5.43 Score
Ready2cum4y0u 27 M
4  Articles
I am very fit.   8/24/2011

My body must have a seriously high metabolism because I can eat alot when I want ( I dont eat alot very often). I am very skinny, I weight about 125 pounds and i am 5'8. I just turned 18.

4 Comments, 30 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
sex work outs   8/19/2011

After not having sex regularly anymore, and only getting lucky once every few months, i have noticed i am very sore the next day. for the guy, it can be quite a work out, i think it would be great to do that every day.

2 Comments, 91 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
fitness   8/19/2011

donot do heavy excercise. just do light one with more counts. this will make ur muscles and stamina more powerful.

0 Comments, 34 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
zokash22 29 M
11  Articles
healthy   8/17/2011

jog every moring and eat ur fruits

1 Comments, 23 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
zokash22 29 M
11  Articles
getting strong bones   8/17/2011

drinking milk and also eating ur vitamins

0 Comments, 8 Views, 0 Votes
zokash22 29 M
11  Articles
good protein   8/17/2011

eat raw eggs and a peanut butter n jelly sandwich everynight before bed

0 Comments, 10 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
takemeasiam74 50 M
10  Articles
why stop   8/11/2011

why do people stop enjoying each other over silly issues

1 Comments, 29 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
JJMD1991 32 M
12  Articles
Best way to workout   8/4/2011

Should you do a full body workout or just separate body parts on different days?

2 Comments, 12 Views, 0 Votes
s3xluvinkid 31 M
1  Article
Abs just like that!!!   7/25/2011

Hey guys did you know abs can be produced just by running up the stairs? and plus they look pretty athletic as compared to the ones we get by pumping iron.

0 Comments, 13 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
how regulalry   7/21/2011

how regularly do i work out. Well that is 4 times a week. Is that enough. I dunno but i still look good so must be!

0 Comments, 16 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
My routine (partial upper body-strength training)   7/19/2011

You want to get muscle failure on every set to gaurantee maximum effect. So choose a higher weight that you can lift and push to the ma

Bench press- 4 sets of 6

Incline dumbell press- 6 sets of 4

Incline pullover- 3 sets of 6

incline dumbell curl- 4 sets of 5

weighted tricep dip- 3 sets of 6

I'll elaborate on any questions given. Thaks

2 Comments, 21 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
rm_golfer198421 37 M
1  Article
My favorite chest workout.   7/18/2011

My favorite chest work out is the barbell bench press. I think its the best way to build strength and add mass to the upper body. And also its one of the coolest looking workout to do in the gym.

2 Comments, 47 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
pipelayer882 49 M
8  Articles
Athletic chicks   7/13/2011

I think that chicks with stamina makes for the best fucks! Chicks that regularly exercise are very good in the sack!

1 Comments, 26 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
ExoticLoves4Real 31 M
1  Article
Good long Sex better than Fitness Studio   7/5/2011

I think that good long Sex in all various position is better than goin to the fitness Club, instead of gettin too big muscles you train your stamina and have more love and fun to give!! so lets make love not war

0 Comments, 28 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
passionfu1986 49 M
6  Articles
obesity   7/5/2011

Because these drugs are intended to alter one of the fundamental processes of the human body, anti-obesity drugs are medically prescribed only in cases of morbid obesity, where weight loss is life-saving. Anti-obesity drugs operate through one or more of the following mechanisms: Suppression of the appetite. Epilepsy medications and catecholamines and their derivatives (such as amphetamine-based ...

2 Comments, 24 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
fit   6/29/2011

doyou look for the same type of person as you ? If you are fit and sporty, is that the type of person you look for?

1 Comments, 19 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
Viviansexybi 48 F
2  Articles
BBW likes lean men   6/23/2011

I'm a BBW. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite, because I am not attracted to big men. Obviously I'm not talking about height or penis size. I mean I like a man with a lean body. In fact, I tend to be most attracted to men who are, by some, considered TOO lean. A guy would have to be underweight to the point of unhealthy for me to be turned off by his thinness.

I also find muscular men ...

20 Comments, 201 Views, 29 Votes ,3.44 Score
rm_RTD1974 43 M
9  Articles
Burning calories   6/14/2011

Wish 1h of sex would have the same result than 1h at the gym. Then for sure, we would have no more excuses not to be fit

2 Comments, 21 Views, 4 Votes ,1.69 Score
AnitaBlakes 48 F
1  Article
Women who lift   6/6/2011

ok, so I've been an athlete nearly myy entire life. I am a total gym rat by choice. I love running, stairs, rowing, biking, but recently have really gotten into lifting. There is something about lifting that makes a lady feel oh so good. Plus I love how I am changing my body. I don't go to the gym to talk, flirt or pick up new ass...that is what this site is for after all, right??? lol.


19 Comments, 200 Views, 35 Votes ,5.00 Score
jhernan327 40 M
2  Articles
hives from running   6/1/2011

So I'm headed to the doctor today to figure out what is wrong with me. I exercise regularly, and for the last week, every time I exercise I break out in hives when I start to sweat.

I thought it might have been an allergic reaction to pollen levels, or something of that sort. So, yesterday I ran on the treadmill for an hour indoors. To no avail, I broke out in hives again. It is very ...

6 Comments, 33 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_crazibs 45 M
11  Articles
Workout   5/31/2011

How many people actually workout lets see

0 Comments, 19 Views, 2 Votes
Pharaohdik2345 31 M
10  Articles
is egg a meat or diary product   5/12/2011

i believe egg is a meat cuz it comes from chicken and chicken is a meat so there we have it

3 Comments, 34 Views, 3 Votes ,0.98 Score
longandhard589 42 M
14  Articles
are fit ppl more attractive?   5/4/2011

are ppl who stay in shape and take care of themselves more attractive than some1 who isnt, or is it just all a preference thing?

7 Comments, 70 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
cycling?   4/29/2011

I enjoy cycling both on the road and mtn biking. I have read many articles concerning the dangers of cycling to the genitalia - especially for men.

I'm wondering if any cyclists male or female have had personal experience with how real the dangers are or are not.

3 Comments, 53 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
rm_Tee_and_A 32 C
6  Articles
Tabata follow up   4/28/2011

About a month ago I discovered and began a new training method called Tabata training. It is a high intensity interval training method in which you alternate between 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise and 10 seconds of low intensity exercise or rest for a total of 4 minutes. It is said to be the best fat burning exercise method there is, much better than long periods of cardio. I've applied ...

2 Comments, 61 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
tboner15 38 M
1  Article
How does physical fitness contribute to sex?   4/22/2011

Fitness has always been a big deal to me. I've always lived an active lifestyle and when I do it gives me more energy. I am a virgin and I've heard that if you're physically active you're better in bed. Not only do you look better but you also have more energy. I believe that the fitter you're the better you'll be in bed, but I don't know because I haven't tested it out. Could anyone shed some ...

1 Comments, 25 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
P90X   4/18/2011

Starting P90X this sunday. If you have or are doing the program what do you think? Do you like/enjoy it more then other programs (working out/ running/ insanity/ etc) let me know what you think

7 Comments, 70 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
lovelyladies11 26 M
10  Articles
gettn it in..   4/14/2011

since ive been very sexually active ive started to notice a six pack.can you get a six pack from sex or is it just from running

2 Comments, 26 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
cocothickdick77 45 M
1  Article
the benefits   4/9/2011

fitness is important to mantain a healthy this totally true?

0 Comments, 26 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
8inshape47 55 M
13  Articles
fitness over 45   4/8/2011

how many people over 45 include sex as a regular fitness activity?

3 Comments, 41 Views, 5 Votes ,2.82 Score
rm_Tee_and_A 32 C
6  Articles
Premature Tabata Follow Up   3/27/2011

It's obviously far too early to see any results, but I'd still like to share my first experience with Tabata training. Since the weather here is still not ideal for running, I opted to apply the Tabata method to my favorite workout, the heavy bag. I wailed on the bag as hard and as fast as I could for twenty seconds, lightly jogged in place for ten, and repeated for a total of eight sets. I ...

1 Comments, 57 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
rm_Tee_and_A 32 C
6  Articles
Tabata Training   3/26/2011

I've been looking into new training techniques, to see if there was something I could add into my current routine to speed up the results. Since I'm already satisfied with my build, I specifically researched fat burning exercises, and I came across something called Tabata training. Tabata is a type of interval training developed by Japanese scientists back in '96. It entails a four minute ...

0 Comments, 28 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rokprincess 43 F
4  Articles
Workout shoes...   3/23/2011

I need to get a good pair of workout shoes. I have flat feet and horrible ankles from playing soccer for 20+ years. I will find a pair that seem comfortable, but when I start working out in them, they kill my feet. Any suggestions?

5 Comments, 66 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
jeffreyyo 36 M
3  Articles
Are keggle Excersices Good for men   3/19/2011

I heard this somewhere...wondering if it was true...

1 Comments, 68 Views, 4 Votes ,4.02 Score
Water for fat loss   3/8/2011

Nothing has proven more useful and effective for me regarding weight loss than water.

In the last month I have lost about 7% body fat (8 lbs of fat) - the most I've ever lost in a month.

I didn't change my workouts much, my diet remained pretty much the same.

My secret?

I started drinking about a gallon of water (a little extra to counteract 3 cups of coffee) a ...

0 Comments, 4 Views, 0 Votes
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
Theology of Fat   3/7/2011

And God populated the earth with broccoli and cauliflower and spinach, green and yellow vegetable of all kinds, so Man and Woman would live long and healthy lives.

And Satan created McDonald's. And McDonald's brought forth the 99-cent double-cheeseburger. And Satan said to Man, "You want fries with that?"

And Man said, "Super size them." And Man gained pounds.

And God ...

2 Comments, 27 Views, 4 Votes ,4.02 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
Jogging   3/7/2011

It is well documented that for every mile that you jog, you add one minute to your life. This enables you at 85 years old to spend an additional 5 months in a nursing home at $5000 per month.

2 Comments, 29 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
Super_Tongue_3 67 M
10  Articles
Staying Fit   3/7/2011

Staying fit is not easy. It requires daily workouts even when you dont want to or have the motivation. You just do it. You push through and you keep working hard at it each day. Its hardest to get started and continuing is difficult when your wore out but the benefits of good health last for a life time.

3 Comments, 25 Views, 4 Votes ,1.30 Score
kiwitrainer 41 M
1  Article
running   3/6/2011

Does anyone know a fool proof way of breaking the 6km sticking point in running. No matter how hard i try I just can't run further much more comfily?

6 Comments, 86 Views, 7 Votes ,1.51 Score
tetondude2011 56 M
10  Articles
Yoga.....   3/6/2011

I recently started doing Yoga again to stay in shape and to stay limber. I like the fact that you don't need equipment, just a mat and a block and a strap to start with. I find it very erotic as well and tend to practice at home in the nude. Not too many classes available where I live but I still have a VCR and have found plenty of workout tapes for very cheap. Plus, classes are a great place ...

1 Comments, 21 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
Bodies in great shape   2/28/2011

Does everyone get turned on automatically by a great body, or , does it still take a mental attraction to get you interested?

3 Comments, 25 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
rm_Hurricano82 36 M
10  Articles
Endurance or Power?   2/27/2011

So what do you think it's more important sex wise: endurance or power; stamina or impact?

What do you think it's the most appropriate fitness?

In my opinion I'd go with mostly power and impact with just the necessary stamina. On the other hand I've had some real long experiences that made me think if longer sex sessions wouldn't be a nicer alternative. What are your thoughts on ...

6 Comments, 65 Views, 8 Votes ,2.55 Score
rm_Hurricano82 36 M
10  Articles
Endurance or Power?   2/27/2011

So what do you think it's more important sex wise: endurance or power; stamina or impact?

What do you think it's the most appropriate fitness?

In my opinion I'd go with mostly power and impact with just the necessary stamina. On the other hand I've had some real long experiences that made me think if longer sex sessions wouldn't be a nicer alternative. What are yoiur thoughs on ...

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swagsurfin24 30 M
4  Articles
Importance?   2/26/2011

What is more important to a woman.....being in shape, or having a large cock?

8 Comments, 67 Views, 3 Votes ,0.98 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
Taking a Walk   2/18/2011

Grandpa Cartmell was celebrating his 100th birthday and Everybody complimented him on how athletic and well- preserved he appeared. "I will tell you the secret of my success, " he cackled. "My wife and I were married 75 years ago. On our wedding night, we made a solemn pledge. Whenever we had a fight, the one who was proved wrong would go outside and take a walk. Gentlemen, I have been in the ...

0 Comments, 33 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
exercise   2/15/2011

it sure feels good to exercise....what better way to do so than here on HornyWife....find a cute lady to get in shape with

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rm_jsncstvb 35 M
2  Articles
Most attractive   2/13/2011

What do women find most attractive on a male?

0 Comments, 21 Views, 1 Votes ,1.10 Score
BBWmissyswallows 34 F
1  Article
Cute young small BBW needs a sexy male workout buddy :)   2/11/2011

Hey I had gastric bypass surgery in July 2010 (for weight loss) and I've lost 165 lbs becaue I work out daily and what little food I do eat now is healty. So when I first started working out I had this friend Jed who came with me every time...we'd smoke before, make out a little, and go work our asses off. Watching him push himself right in front of me always made me so hot...when ...

6 Comments, 147 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
digolbickwaco 34 M
3  Articles
Muscles   1/25/2011

Most girls dig muscles, but alot of women could care less about macho man. where do they stand???

6 Comments, 63 Views, 4 Votes ,2.08 Score
rm_hungboi69210 24 M
11  Articles
everyday things   1/22/2011

its the everyday activities that you do that help make your fitness so strt to change one day at a time

0 Comments, 10 Views, 0 Votes
sex and energy   1/12/2011

I wonder if people realize that the more you excercise the better the sex, it increase your metabolism which increase blood flow, which makes you harder and lasts longer...guys, your girls will love it...not to mention a fit body is always a big turn on!

1 Comments, 32 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
sexycouple7659 41 C
5  Articles

It is easy to lay around and get out of shape, but if you for only one hour per day take a nice walk you will lose that weight so go for a walk ty.

9 Comments, 110 Views, 24 Votes ,3.70 Score
rm_manz634 36 M
5  Articles
working out!   12/27/2010

We all have hobbies and passions! I know i have a few my top one is working out at the gym. I have always been an outgoing, energetic and driven person since childhood. I am a long term member of a well known gym and attend more then three times a week. In my workouts is included cardio for a minimum of 30 minutes per day! usually followed by a upper body or lower body work out depending on what ...

3 Comments, 83 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
ahappycpl 54 C
24  Articles
doing your part   12/27/2010

I try to keep in shape by having lots of sex but my wife is doing it more than me and I love it

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ahappycpl 54 C
24  Articles
new years resolution   12/27/2010

New years resolution I will try to be a sharing person I will start with my wife

1 Comments, 24 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
Resolution for Fitness   12/26/2010

Dieting - New Year Resolutions 2007: I will get my weight down below 180 pounds. 2008: I will follow my new diet religiously until I get below 200 pounds. 2009: I will develop a realistic attitude about my weight. 2010: I will work out 3 days a week. 2011: I will try to drive past a gym at least once a week.

0 Comments, 10 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
chad3192 33 M
2  Articles
Ripped or jacked? Is flexibility bad?   12/26/2010

Hey there, I have a very high activity job. I like to take care of myself and I also try to have alot of sex. (it can be a good workout) I am posting because I had a topic to bring up. I personally am not very muscularly large but I am rather cut. I am wondering do women prefer a man who is super cut or super built without the definition? I personally love it when I can see a womans abs and ...

5 Comments, 66 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
sex   12/21/2010

its the best way to stay fit

1 Comments, 37 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
HOLIDAY DIET TIP's   12/16/2010

1. If no one sees you eat it, it has no calories 2. If you drink a diet soda with a candy bar, they cancel each other out

3. If you eat standing up, it doesn't count!

4. STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backwards

5. If you eat the food off someone else's plate, it doesn't count

6, Cookie pieces contain no calories because the process of breakage cause calorie ...

0 Comments, 8 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
90 years old.!   12/15/2010

Arthur is 90 years old. He's played golf every day since his retirement 25 years ago. One day he arrives home looking downcast. "That's it, " he tells his wife. "I'm giving up golf. My eyesight has got so bad. Once I've hit the ball, I can't see where it went."

His wife sympathizes. As they sit down, she has a suggestion: "Why don't you take my brother with you, and give it one more ...

4 Comments, 63 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
new exercise regimen......try it   12/13/2010

You know how important exercise is, as we grow older. Here are a few suggestions. I start by standing outside behind the house and, with a five pound potato sack in each hand, extend my arms straight out to my sides and hold them there as long as I can.

After a few weeks I moved up to 10 pound potato sacks, then 50 pound potato sacks and finally I got to where I could lift a 100 pound ...

1 Comments, 25 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Weight problem !   12/2/2010

My weight problem is hereditary. It was passed from my mouth to my stomach. ...

3 Comments, 25 Views, 5 Votes ,1.19 Score
who has sex for health?   12/2/2010

I always that the cheapest and best way to stay in shape is to have sex..we burn sooo many calories during sex its stop just doing the basic on your back moves and switch it up..burn those buns and have some fun...who agrees?

0 Comments, 12 Views, 0 Votes
hi friends   11/28/2010

hi to all i m writing here about fitness its a most importent thing in human life ne fit and live long

1 Comments, 11 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
Ababix3 35 M
8  Articles
Slim guy asks: Will protein formulas give me huge muscles?   11/28/2010

Can slim guys do body building and get abs and biceps? I've always wanted to have huge muscles on my arms and biceps but as much as I exercise I always remain the same. Can slim guys do body building and get abs and biceps? Will proteins formulas and supplements help?

4 Comments, 52 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
supplements   11/27/2010

what are the best out there that can help me put muscle on please help

7 Comments, 60 Views, 7 Votes ,3.80 Score
rm_azatazy 21 M
1  Article
Eating   11/21/2010

eat healthy and the occasional tuna.. if you know what i mean.. joking haha

0 Comments, 30 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
carlos_grafen 32 M
10  Articles
Which one is better   11/20/2010

IF one wanted to exercise wisely then which method is better and more efficient? Exercising by sprinting and high intensity workout or exercising by jogging and endurance aeorobic exercise

3 Comments, 45 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rm_trcl9891 28 M
4  Articles
working out   11/15/2010

how much cardio for a week is appropriate.. trying to get in shape

0 Comments, 20 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
Worthalook5 41 M
2  Articles
Bodybuilding   11/12/2010

I can't believe how many people I see going to the gym and then eating as normal for the rest of the day. Guys - newsflash! You need to eat twice as much as normal on a workout day to feed your muscles so they can grow!

1 Comments, 35 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
MinnDoc 56 M
1  Article
Tips For Getting In Shape   11/5/2010

Let's see who has the best suggestions!

2 Comments, 62 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
hiking   11/4/2010

A father came home from a long business trip to find his riding a very fancy new 10 speed bike. "Where did you get the money for the bike? It must have cost $300."

"Easy, Dad, " the boy replied. "I earned it hiking."

"Come on, " the father said. "Tell me the truth."

"That is the truth, " the boy replied. "Every night you were gone, Mr. Reynolds from the grocery store ...

1 Comments, 53 Views, 3 Votes ,5.39 Score
Hnovaro55 33 M
10  Articles
What's the longest you've lasted?   11/1/2010

When I lost my virginity, I believe I lasted around 3 hours or so and needed to take breaks every so often. Luckily my cardio is much, much better now haha.

0 Comments, 16 Views, 0 Votes
rm_Arjack44 31 M
2  Articles
Eat first fun later   10/20/2010

We gonna have to eat frst b4 doing anythimg without food we cant do anything even we dont power to push up and its really important for us to control the food we take to ensure you have a healthy life

1 Comments, 19 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
old is.....   10/16/2010

'OLD' IS WHEN... Your sweetie says, 'Let's go upstairs And make love, ' and you answer, 'Pick one; I can't do both!'

'OLD' IS WHEN... Your friends compliment you On your new alligator shoes And you're barefoot.

'OLD' IS WHEN... A sexy babe catches your fancy And your pacemaker opens the garage door,

'OLD' IS WHEN... 'Getting lucky' means you find your ...

1 Comments, 7 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
yuvarajthefucker 31 M
2  Articles
arms   10/16/2010

Grab a dumbbell with one hand and have the palm of your hand facing down. Sit on a flat exercise bench, let your forearm rest on the bench, your wrist should be hanging over the end of the bench. Place your empty hand on your knee to support your body. Using your forearm strength, curl the dumbbell moving only your wrist in a small semicircular arc. Hold the dumbbell at the top position for a ...

0 Comments, 25 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
DonJuan7622 39 M
10  Articles
work out   10/12/2010

whats the best workout for sexual fitness

1 Comments, 33 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
built guys vs guys that are of good health????   10/11/2010

I have wondered for a while now and the older I get and the more I see of things, a guy doesn't have to be a bodybuilder to get a girlfriend. I used to do that and be really into it, but I have noticed that guys that take good care of themselves can do better with the woman. For a guy to get that built its a life style you have to spend many hours a day in the gym working on your muscles and ...

0 Comments, 15 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
yuvarajthefucker 31 M
2  Articles
six packs   10/11/2010

HI guys i have many tips about bodybuilding The reverse crunch comes in 7th place for effective ab exercises, with a focus on the rectus abdominis. You'll feel this move targeting the lower part of the abs, although the entire muscle is working. How to: Lie on the floor and place hands on the floor or behind the head. Bring the knees in towards the chest until they're bent to 90 degrees, with ...

1 Comments, 33 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
4funcrazy1 36 M
2  Articles
Sex for fitness   9/30/2010

My coach told me that having sex was like running a mile...? does anyone agree?

1 Comments, 68 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
bobbyk32 45 M
1  Article
abs   9/26/2010

I want to acknowledge that i have the ab workout for you... Eat right and do 1500 crunches a day and your belly will go away.

1 Comments, 55 Views, 3 Votes ,0.98 Score
bigdawg8388 111 M
0  Articles
Take the Day Off!   9/15/2010

You don't get results from your workouts; you get results by recovering from your workouts. You must give your body a day off each week in order to improve performance and prevent injury or overtraining. Spend today relaxing and eating healthy food. Take a hot bath or Jacuzzi and spend some time stretching and foam rolling

Recovery Tip A foam roller is a long foam cylinder that trainers ...

1 Comments, 33 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
Green tea   9/12/2010

I can't stress this enough drink green tea tons of it

brew a kettle of water add 4 tea bag let sit in water till cool then add to pitcher fill rest with water and drink all day and watch lbs vanish with diet and exercise or stop weight gain if you do noting

0 Comments, 30 Views, 4 Votes ,0.92 Score
rm_kjayer 35 M
2  Articles
Getting in Shape   9/1/2010

So I've been going to the gym for 3 years and just started to hit the heavy bag. For those who hate to run or use the elliptical this is a great cardio workout...just google how to box heavy bag to learn more.

0 Comments, 18 Views, 4 Votes ,4.02 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Getting hard !   8/30/2010

At my age, the only thing getting hard, is my arteries. ...

1 Comments, 33 Views, 11 Votes ,1.11 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
After a certain age !   8/30/2010

After a certain age, if you don't wake up aching somewhere, you may be dead....

1 Comments, 19 Views, 6 Votes ,0.23 Score
is there a fitness group...   8/25/2010

Is there a fitness group on HornyWife ? ... I would like to be able to chat with other like-minded people on HornyWife that are fitness oriented (especially the ladies, lol). Thanks.

2 Comments, 26 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Yep !   8/25/2010

Eat right and exercise.

You still gonna die.

1 Comments, 21 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
bachuss111 48 M
2  Articles
gym rat   8/25/2010

I love being in shape, but really struggle to get motivated to hit the weights sometimes, anyone have any thoughts on this?

1 Comments, 10 Views, 0 Votes
tor_ped_o 59 M
2  Articles
Training on the road   8/24/2010

I travel a lot in my job. It could be an issue with working out but I dont let it be. I always take a set of push up bars and some resistance bands along. At the very least, I can get a decent workout in my room with just that. If weather is decent I can do some running. One of my favorite workout activities though is running stairs. It's a tremendous cardio and leg workout. If you are staying in ...

1 Comments, 28 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
at the dr.'s office   8/24/2010

A woman and a baby were in the doctors examining room, waiting for the doctor to come in. The doctor arrived, examined the baby and determined that it had a fever and was also hungry. The doctor enquired as to whether the baby was breast-fed or bottle-fed. 'Breast-fed' the woman replied. 'Well, strip down to your waist' the doctor ordered. She did. He pressed, kneaded and pinched both breasts ...

1 Comments, 51 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
JordanNAustin 63 M
9  Articles
Exercise keeps you young   8/22/2010

It is interesting how some people as they age seem to develop all these aches and pains. If you want to live a long, healthy life, then go to the gym every day. It is best if you develop the habit in your teens or early twenties. However, if you didn't find it until later in life, good for you. I wish you well. You won't necessarily get all the benefits but enjoy anyway.

0 Comments, 3 Views, 0 Votes
Par_F_87_M_77 46 C
1  Article
EAT WATERMELON   8/22/2010

WATERMELON Is like a natural Cialis.Watermelon contains the chemical citrulline, which naturally triggers the production of the same potent enzymes in the blood that these meds pump into your body to get blood flowing to your privates.So grab a watermelon

9 Comments, 131 Views, 21 Votes ,3.25 Score
JordanNAustin 63 M
9  Articles
Omega 3's   8/20/2010

I found a great product with Omega 3. I mean the good Omega 3 and not the stuff from Soy. I've been using it for about a year steady now. We'll see how much of a difference it makes in being healthy. If you want to learn more about it, post a reply. I'll answer it.

1 Comments, 13 Views, 0 Votes
JordanNAustin 63 M
9  Articles
Daily Workout   8/20/2010

I find that a daily workout gets into your system just like going to bed. If you develop the habit, it is a hard one to break. So, good habits can be just as addicting as the bad ones. You would be surprised on how much those endorphins give you a high.

0 Comments, 7 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
Sex and Fitness   8/13/2010

Researchers at the University of Arkansas have come up with yet another reason for pumping iron. It can make you sexy, and even improve your sexual performance.

That may not seem particularly astonishing, especially since an abundance of research shows that regular exercise improves our physical fitness and makes us feel better about ourselves, but in fact there's not a lot of ...

0 Comments, 21 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
fuckstud92 31 M
3  Articles
do women want athletic or fat or buff men?   8/10/2010

im an athletic build but have been blown off for for people that were either fat or muscular. i jus wanna kno wat womens preference are.

8 Comments, 135 Views, 7 Votes ,3.30 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
secrets for long life   8/8/2010

I recently turned 65 and had to choose a new primary care physician for my Medicare program.

After two visits and exhaustive lab tests, he said I was doing "fairly well" for my age.

A little concerned about that comment, I couldn't resist asking him, "Do you think I will live to be 80?"

He asked: Do you smoke tobacco or drink alcoholic beverages?"

"Oh no, " I ...

1 Comments, 17 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
exercise and longevity   7/31/2010

You have to stay in shape. My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is. Ellen DeGeneris

3 Comments, 48 Views, 3 Votes ,3.92 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
new diet   7/31/2010

I have a great diet. You are allowed to eat anything you want. But you must eat it with naked fat peple. Ed Bluestone

1 Comments, 19 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
world cup winners   7/9/2010

whos gonna win:

octopuss paul predicts big win for spain!

octopussy pauline goes dutch!

1 Comments, 12 Views, 4 Votes ,0.92 Score
JordanNAustin 63 M
9  Articles
Situps   7/8/2010

Situps can be done daily. Your stomach muscles can't be overworked. You can tell if you are effecting a change through the " burn " feeling. My favorite routine is 1 set of crunches and then alternate side crunches. Finally, I do leg raises. Good luck.

1 Comments, 40 Views, 0 Votes
CADDY5678 41 M
3  Articles
Running lifting split   7/6/2010

Does anyone have tips/ideas for trying to lose weight while building muscle?

I am 5-11 about 191 I wanna lose about 10 lbs. but by doing running and cardio I am also burning alot of muscle. I am looking for a way to add some muscle not burn it all.


2 Comments, 84 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
rm_vijay_k33 42 M
7  Articles
fitness   7/2/2010

fitness is very important for every one, one should go for regular exercise and take helthy dite for energitic life

1 Comments, 16 Views, 1 Votes ,5.00 Score
JordanNAustin 63 M
9  Articles
Nutrition   6/30/2010

It is amazing what some people eat with regards to nutrition bars and think that they are eating something healthy. I know that the writing is small and that you really have to know something about nutrition. So, we rely on someone at the gym to tell us what is great for us. Good luck with that. I do have a recommendation for you.

2 Comments, 25 Views, 0 Votes
Rebar07 46 M
1  Article
Don't be a little dude and tell big dudes that you want to get big....   6/24/2010

I am telling you this from nothing but experience. There are simply some things that you should never say when talking to these guys. Mind you, I am not talking about anything violent or disrespectful, just semi-boastful things. You, "I do a lot of pushups at home". All bad! You will find out what a pushup is.They had me on creatine fiend UFC routine that made me swear, at any given ...

0 Comments, 45 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
ektisa 67 M
2  Articles
The 3 pillars   6/23/2010

A low glycemic diet. Moderate exercise. Supplementation.

Today the average person has a diet high in processed foods that serves to first spike the insulin levels, then bring on a glycemic low. Repeating this again and again produces a state called metabolic syndrome, which is a precursor to heart disease and diabetes.

In addition to the obvious processed foods it is important ...

0 Comments, 9 Views, 0 Votes
creed37 54 M
1  Article
Stay fit for better sex..   6/19/2010

Its a known fact that people that work out have a better sex life and a more desire for sex.

Fitness brings confidence.

When you have confidence in your appearance then its easier to explore your sexual desires to your partner.

4 Comments, 61 Views, 14 Votes ,2.66 Score
__A_J__ 47 F
9  Articles
Are you in shape?   6/8/2010

Always stay in shape. It will benefit you in the long run. It has me. ...

11 Comments, 113 Views, 25 Votes ,4.46 Score
Protein Products   6/3/2010

I have a lot of cardio in my workouts. Along with that I do a fat-burn style of lifting free weights (medium weights, high reps). The result is that I don't build enough mass. I get plenty of tone but I'd like to see my muscle mass slightly increased as well.

I recently tried a protein mix called "Raw Meal" hoping it would help build mass but it tasted like crap and I couldn't get ...

5 Comments, 82 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
1thickstick 37 M
9  Articles
Ways to avoid getting burned out on that new fitness program?   5/25/2010

I notice that every summer, many people start new fitness programs in an attempt to get a "beach body." However, about three-to-six weeks into the program, they become burned out and quit.

Personally, I have difficultly sometimes finding motivation to work out. However, I'm fortunate enough to find that voice in my head that makes me do it.

How do you all stay motivated?

1 Comments, 28 Views, 0 Votes
harry0018 36 M
1  Article
easy to stay fitness.   5/22/2010

to get fitness you must have to care of your body you should not make any smoking, drinking must follow some fitness activity to keep your body fit.

0 Comments, 17 Views, 0 Votes
Working Out at Home   5/22/2010

I got frustrated with the gym because other people were always either using the machine I wanted or waiting to use it when I'm done. Out of consideration, I would do a shorter workout on the machine if I knew someone had been waiting for me for quite a while already. I would wind up altering my workout routine to suit the available equipment--all this would cause me to stay in the gym longer ...

0 Comments, 27 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Notice !   5/18/2010

This department requires no physical fitness program.

Everyone gets enough exercise jumping to conclusions, flying off the handle, running down everyone who isn't present, knifing friends in the back, dodging responsibility, and pushing their luck.

3 Comments, 26 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
nvrgetsenuf 50 F
11  Articles
Wanna Know A Secret?   5/7/2010

I've been through cancer twice. The short of it is...I gained 10 pounds a month for 3 months before I found the malignant melanoma the first time, in 2005. I found another melanoma in 2007. From 2005 to 2009, almost exactly month to month, I worked hard to lose those 30lbs, plus 5 or 10 I put on each year, just with age. I was so frustrated. I couldn't lose an ounce & even gained 2 pounds each of ...

2 Comments, 104 Views, 12 Votes ,3.15 Score
christopher___25 39 M
12  Articles
plateu   5/6/2010

if you are stuck on a plateu at the gym try and work the major muscle from different angles and with different exercises

1 Comments, 19 Views, 0 Votes
christopher___25 39 M
12  Articles
a good diet   5/6/2010

i am happy to recommend the low G.I diet to most people who are looking too lose weight

1 Comments, 22 Views, 0 Votes
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
But true !   4/29/2010

How can you increase the heart rate of your 60-plus year old husband?

A: Tell him you're pregnant.

1 Comments, 42 Views, 27 Votes
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Over the hill !   4/28/2010

I don't know how I got over the hill without getting to the top.

1 Comments, 39 Views, 23 Votes
havinfun1101 37 M
7  Articles
sexiest body part   4/20/2010

girls what is the sexiest body part on a guy?

2 Comments, 50 Views, 0 Votes
kumuscott 53 M
13  Articles
Fitness Sex   4/20/2010

This would be a good way to enjoy sex and get a workout at the same time.

3 Comments, 40 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
christopher___25 39 M
12  Articles
leg program   4/17/2010

legpress 20%1RM 15 reps 30sec rest legpress 50%1RM 15 reps 30sec rest legpress 80%1RM 6 reps 90sec rest legpress 80%1RM 6 reps 90sec rest legcurl 80%1RM 6 reps 90sec rest legcurl 80%1RM 6 reps 90sec rest leg extensions 80%1RM 6 reps 90sec rest leg extensions 80%1RM 6 reps 90sec rest calve raises 80%1RM 6 reps 90sec rest calve raises 80%1RM 6 reps 90sec rest

2 Comments, 21 Views, 1 Votes
christopher___25 39 M
12  Articles
back and bicep work out   4/17/2010

seated row 20%1RM 15 reps 30 sec rest seated row 50%1RM 15 reps 30 sec rest seated row 80%1RM 6 reps 90 sec rest lat pull down 80%1RM 90 sec rest up right row 80%1RM 90 secs rest bicep curl 80%1RM 90 secs rest hammer curl 80%1RM 90 secs rest reverse curl 80%1RM 90 secs rest

1 Comments, 7 Views, 0 Votes
rm_GStyle369 33 M
1  Article
What is your favorite girls outfit when she is working out   4/3/2010

So I love when a girl is in a white sports bra, or black... Spandex boy shorts that are white, maroon or black. I like cute sneakers and no showing socks. Her hair in a pony tail or pig tails. And most of all I love seeing them from any angle.

What is your favorite?

13 Comments, 103 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
BullForPlay 41 M
1  Article
Eating   3/16/2010

I've found that 80% of staying in good physical condition is eating well...water, veg, fruits, beans, grains, meats, dairy. I've also found that is twice as hard to stay consistent with than working out. It's hard to keep up with cooking, finding new tastes and recipes, storage and transport.

Feel free to add comments or tips regarding keeping a good diet.

4 Comments, 61 Views, 5 Votes ,4.45 Score
Just Do It   3/13/2010

Like every woman on this site, I get propositioned by many men half my age. I have enjoyed a young cock from time to time, but prefer men closer to my age. It is a fitness thing. I am still in relatively good shape and exercise regularly but just not as supple as I once was, therefore, sexual arobics are somewhat diminished. I can't get into as many positions as I once enjoyed, so have accepted ...

7 Comments, 147 Views, 13 Votes ,5.66 Score
itsallgood8769 36 M
6  Articles
full body exercise   3/10/2010

skipping, jogging and swimming the 3 best exercises u can do to loose weight and tone up. dose anyone agree?

1 Comments, 27 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
itsallgood8769 36 M
6  Articles
fitness training   3/8/2010

what would be the fastest calorie burning exercise you could do? answer fast pace jog

1 Comments, 23 Views, 0 Votes
Bubblyboo3 44 M
10  Articles
will there ever be sex gyms in future   3/5/2010

its good exercise so maybe someone should open the gym and I will become a member.

1 Comments, 14 Views, 1 Votes
rm_zabarti1 57 M
11  Articles
How to keep fit   3/4/2010

I stay about 5 moths each year without fucking and fuck for only two months , then stay other 5 months and so on . How can I keep fit and I'm over 50?

6 Comments, 48 Views, 0 Votes
CADDY5678 41 M
3  Articles
Lifting Routine   2/25/2010

Does anyone else lift in a smiliar routine? 1 day - Chest/Tri 1 day - Back/Bi 1 day - Shoulder/ Tri 1 day - Legs/Bi

6 Comments, 86 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
MEMBER - sizes, problems, experiences with your dick.   2/9/2010

experienses growing up with my Penis.

i was watching ShowGirls (one of the best films ever made!) on my new 37 inch LCDTV, when she's doing that strip tease in front of kyle mcgla-(agent cooper from twin peaks) and she starts gyrating over his lap, goddam! -IT was massive -suprised myself! IT went half way down my trouser leg, no BS.

from OO7'n'1/2 -at least! without using a ...

1 Comments, 85 Views, 9 Votes ,1.72 Score
Bfun2113 38 M
0  Articles
ATOMIC Testicularly Challenged People   2/7/2010

ATOMIC Testicularly Challenged People by TC

I can't fucking believe it.

There are only two power racks in the whole damn gym and both of them are occupied.

Ordinarily, I could deal with that, but one of them's being used by some doughy meatball who thinks it's some kind of sensory deprivation tank.

I mean he's just lying on the floor in the middle of the rack! ...

2 Comments, 41 Views, 4 Votes ,0.92 Score
rm_boofro90 34 M
1  Article
what kind body type   1/31/2010

what kind of body type people prefer most? I prefer athelete

4 Comments, 85 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
JustLookin012 27 M
1  Article
What fitness level?   1/31/2010

Do the women out there Really just want a guy with rock hard ab's... big bicepts.... and pec's of steel? I used to think so, but with age I've learned this isn't really the case... amazing huh? So what do you think ladies reading this... what are your thoughts and preferences?

2 Comments, 48 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
What are your thougths about squirting? Hot or not?   1/29/2010

I didn't discover squirting until about 10 years ago via porn. At first I was totally confused about how I feel about it until noticing the response of the "recipient" really turned me on. Both males and females seemed to really get off from it being on them, forcing them to climax themselves. I was with a woman about 8 months ago and after some intense sex she got up from the table and there was ...

3 Comments, 89 Views, 8 Votes ,3.25 Score
Whats the best answer for fitness? You already know.   1/23/2010

A small awareness in a nutshell.

Understanding there are a-lot of experts out there with lots of great advice on the best of the best. Its great to have people interested in sharing these advances.

This idea is really a simple process, of just changing your mindset on how you look at the picture a little day by day.

Yes sure diet, exercise, rest all play a role in your ...

5 Comments, 35 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
partyfor3ofus 54 C
2  Articles
fitness   1/21/2010

I{the male} have just started zoomba and body pump at the Y center. My wife has been doing this for a while know. I thought yea I can do that but man! it one hell of a cardio workout and really fun but as for body pump, WOW! The lady the ladys that run that are really good because I could not hang at all but going though it for a week or so I'm really shaping up good. So to all yall who read this ...

1 Comments, 36 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
joyrdassasin4 32 M
11  Articles
quick ?   1/16/2010

ok so me and a couple of people i know were debating if sex helps u stay in shape. Some say yes some say no.

I say yes because sex provides good cardio and if u have the right stamina can work up a sweat and burn calories whats ur opinion people?

7 Comments, 45 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
chrisomaha 44 M
11  Articles
still shy about a new body   1/8/2010

i have been working out for just about three months now with really great results. i have lost more than forty pounds, and i have noticed a new eye or two turning my way around the gym. my problem is, i still feel like the overweight guy in a skinny guy's body. i can't seem to find the self-confidence to approach a good looking woman at the gym even after she has said hi first, or i have ...

2 Comments, 68 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
TheGreatOne9001 33 M
2  Articles
no-x nos blast   1/8/2010

any1 take these 2 products , feel any difference? im trying out nos blast

3 Comments, 69 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
Young5Gun 35 M
3  Articles
p 90x   1/7/2010

has any1 used the product or has the product that can give an overview. is it like all the other infomercials that does not yield results, how active is the program. I view myself as a pretty fit guy but with these advertisements i wonder if this could even take me to the next level

2 Comments, 69 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
rm_krisshh81 33 M
14  Articles
Fitness for Health and Wellbeing   1/6/2010

When you think of fitness, you may be thinking of well-toned bodies, rock-hard abs and generally, just a fit and outstanding physique. What if I told you that in order to be truly fit and feel great you don’t need to be a body builder?

Fitness is more than exercise. If you think exercise and weight control are all there is to fitness, you may be surprised! Fitness is a lifelong ...

1 Comments, 37 Views, 8 Votes ,3.01 Score
TxAthlete4811_1 63 M
5  Articles
Eat the right foods   1/5/2010

Fitness takes time and diligence. Also, you have to power your body with the right foods. It is like powering a high performance car with bad gas. You can't find fitness with those bags of potato chips. So, eat healthy and fitness will be your friend.

2 Comments, 28 Views, 4 Votes ,2.86 Score
TxAthlete4811_1 63 M
5  Articles
It's all about what you eat   1/2/2010

A common misperception is that you can lose weight simply through exercise. Unfortunately, unless you exercise 6 or more hours a day, it just isn't true. So, count the calories and eat right.

4 Comments, 59 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
sexydude188 36 M
8  Articles
killer workout   12/30/2009

**Killer 11-minute workout

In case it gives you any ideas, here's a killer high intensity fat burning workout that I did with a friend today... the entire sequence was done in 11 minutes and we were drenched in sweat from the intensity. You can do more or less based on your current fitness level:

a. 1-arm dbell swings (alternate arms every 5 reps) - 3 minutes straight as many ...

2 Comments, 99 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
marathon_luver 44 M
0  Articles
Training Run   12/7/2009

I run regularly with a group of runners. A couple of them are very experienced and we all consider them our "coaches." They give great advice and have trainer and coaching experience. I am slower than most of them and faster than a few of them so I often find myself running alone for much of our runs, but, we all get together before and after. The group runs are always out and back. So everyone ...

1 Comments, 111 Views, 6 Votes ,5.07 Score
rm_gddome70 51 M
1  Article
Body Image.....Its in the eyes of the beholder   11/25/2009

You just finished a 2hr heavy duty workout at your local Bally's which included weights, cardio and swimming. You're in the locker room washing as you look at yourself in the mirror for long periods of time and for whatever reason, you're not satisfied at what your're looking at(your body)even though you've been doing this fitness routine everyday for the past 6 months and everyone tells you, ...

5 Comments, 66 Views, 8 Votes ,2.09 Score
i love working out   11/24/2009

and i got a six pack and i have big arms

6 Comments, 53 Views, 4 Votes ,0.92 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
hiking.....   11/15/2009

......................................................................................................................................... In light of the rising frequency of human - grizzly bear conflicts, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is advising hikers, hunters, and fishermen to take extra precautions and keep alert of bears while in the field. They advise that outdoorsmen wear noisy ...

2 Comments, 20 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
Venom101 48 M
8  Articles
tennis   11/14/2009

It all started inocently enough, a co worker, Eileen , mentioned that her younger sister had moved from new york state and would be staying with she and her husband until she could find an apartment of her own. During the conversation, Eileen told me that her sister, Joann, was a pretty good athelete, especially tennis, but was really shy and was having a hard time finding new friends. Joann, she ...

4 Comments, 308 Views, 14 Votes ,4.26 Score
Bodybuilding   11/13/2009


Does anyone have some tips of getting bigger?

3 Comments, 53 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
A wee joke   11/5/2009

Just been to the gym and there’s a new machine.

I only used it for an hour as I started to feel sick!

It’s damned good though - it does everything .......... KitKats, Mars bars, Snickers, crisps ........

2 Comments, 20 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
NormalDiscrete01 34 M
2  Articles
Work Out   11/3/2009

How often do you work out, and how long on avg. each time? Ever go for extended periods of time with out exercising?

3 Comments, 43 Views, 3 Votes ,1.47 Score
josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
well there it is   11/1/2009

A seaman meets a pirate in a bar, and talk turns to their adventures on the sea. The seaman notes that the pirate has a peg-leg, a hook, and an eye patch. The seaman asks "So, how did you end up with the peg-leg?"

The pirate replies "We were in a storm at sea, and I was swept overboard into a school of sharks. Just as my men were pulling me out, a shark bit my leg off."

"Wow!" ...

0 Comments, 13 Views, 0 Votes
red7524 33 M
10  Articles
how many hours a week should i work out   10/12/2009

title says it all

5 Comments, 57 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
rm_hershe01 64 F
1  Article
Not Just A Luxery...   10/10/2009

Therapeutic Massage... Who would have thought something thought to be for the rich, well off would be so beneficial to everyday living? These days there's a growing awareness in healthy living and overall body maintenance needed just survive. Massage helps the body recover from the stress of strenous excerise, assist in speeding the healing process from injuries, improves blood and lymph ...

1 Comments, 49 Views, 12 Votes ,3.68 Score
Senxx7 34 M
1  Article
Help with body size   9/28/2009

Two questions, one general one for opinions

1. (other than seeing the doctor getting that one covered this week hopefully) I've been very slender for about the past 5-6 years cause of a high metabolism. Any suggestions for adding a little weight (muscle perferably)? 2. Might be me but do women find something wrong with a slender guy? Sounds stupid, but i've had it a few times where it ...

4 Comments, 70 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
working out should help you perform better in bed   9/22/2009

so i suggest all the guys start workin out cuz after i started workin out i had more stamina n was capable of doing much more with the women i have sex with

2 Comments, 19 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Too fucking old, too fucking lazy !   9/19/2009

Just fuck a lot is all I know to do.

I'm too fucking old and way too fucking lazy to do all that exercise shit.


3 Comments, 51 Views, 12 Votes ,1.74 Score
3way4fun87 31 C
10  Articles
anyone?   9/13/2009

anyone have fitness tips for me? im already toned and fit just need to keep it up

28 Comments, 219 Views, 38 Votes ,6.56 Score
38 and on the road to disaster   8/28/2009

That's it, I've had enough! I've neglected my life and body for too long! It's time for change! And NO, I'm not a politician. Depending on what scale I get on, I'm 225-235lbs, outta shape, smoked since I was 18(thanks Joy for starting me on that, you BITCH), lazy(unless it's something I wanna do), overeater(what can I say, they make bad food taste delicious).

Well, it's time to ...

5 Comments, 85 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
gut check   8/18/2009

Gut Check Does your core need more? Take this two-part test to find out. ShareThis| Print Page | Email to Friend

Talk to an average gym rat about "core" training, and he'll name his favorite ab exercises. Talk to Bill Hartman, P.T., C.S.C.S., and the conversation shifts to the strength and endurance of all the muscles that act on the spine, pelvis, and hip joints. That's important, ...

4 Comments, 31 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
Lose weight faster   8/18/2009

Lose Weight Faster Combine weights and cardio into one workout ShareThis| Print Page | Email to Friend

You're probably used to doing cardio and weight workouts separately, and that's fine. But doing both in the same session raises your metabolism and gives you an extra day to recover, since you won't need to go back the next day to do the other workout. Jim Smith, C.S.C.S., a strength ...

4 Comments, 37 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
Deadlift   8/18/2009

Deadlift: Test Your Strength Find out how strong you are and how to get stronger By CJ Murphy

ShareThis| Print Page | Email to Friend

Strength is the foundation of performance. When all else is equal, a strong guy will run faster, hit harder, and last longer than a weakling. Find out how strong you are with the deadlift, which tests your legs, hips, back, and grip.

HOW ...

1 Comments, 16 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
The Pulldown Row   8/18/2009

Two kinds of movements build big backs: vertical pulls (think chinups and pulldowns) and horizontal pulls (bent over and cable rows). And while working each into your routine will get the job done, there's no law that says you can't do both at once for twice the effect in half the time. Meet the pulldown-row, a combination of two great back exercises in one.

HOW TO DO IT Choose a weight ...

2 Comments, 12 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
Man vs. Machine   8/18/2009

Free weights should always be considered your weapon of choice, but machines have their place–particularly if you're training purely for aesthetic results.

Your workouts should begin with compound free-weight lifts, but as you fatigue, you can finish off with machine movements that better isolate the target muscles and allow you to pump them full of nutrient-rich blood. For ...

1 Comments, 13 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
1guyneed2girl 36 C
11  Articles
how fit are u   8/10/2009

i did the 100 meters in 11 second when i was 15 how about you guys and gals what ar eyour sporting feets

1 Comments, 17 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
BRON13 37 M
7  Articles
workouts   8/3/2009

how many times a week and for how long do you workout for

4 Comments, 66 Views, 7 Votes ,3.30 Score
rm_ocdworld20 40 F
4  Articles
Day one wk one of new weightloss and lifestyle change.   8/3/2009

Well groupies, today is my first day of my new diet aka lifestyle change. A friend of mine from here turned me onto the Dr. Abravanels body type diet.

So i read the book (over the weekend, i know i should be out partying what can i say i love to read). I decided to started today. I weighed myself, and you wont get that outta me. I went for a 30 min walk, 1.76 miles ...

5 Comments, 130 Views, 9 Votes ,3.64 Score
important   8/3/2009

very much so

2 Comments, 19 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
stevenjosepht 75 M
11  Articles
Fitness--seriously   7/29/2009

Exercise is good for the heart, the muscles, the mind/spirit. Because I walk around naked a lot, I did not like getting a pot belly. As a single person, I probably eat enough for two people and that's simply from opening a can of Camble's Hearty Soup and a half a cup of rice or two handfulls of noodles. I hope I get the essential minerals and vitamins. Living in the city of San Francisco, ...

4 Comments, 33 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
NJArmySwinger 41 M
6  Articles
Do you really want to loose weight??? FOR REAL!!   7/23/2009

Forget all those pills and crap, the best way to loose weight is listening to me!!


First off, go for a walk, jog or run... It's not going to kill you, its the first step to saying "I wanna fix this problem..." That problem is weight!!

Secondly, I want you to live by this saying!!!

Eat like a King or Queen in the morning!!

Eat like a ...

7 Comments, 86 Views, 9 Votes ,5.99 Score
Shayne91edge2 32 M
15  Articles
do women care if a man has maybe 10 extra pounds on him   7/17/2009

the question is for women,

do any of you care by the fact if a man has maybe an extra 10 lbs on his stomach, he isnt fat, but his stomach does stick out just a bit.

problem or not?

6 Comments, 90 Views, 9 Votes ,2.36 Score
hornyMinktown 24 M
10  Articles
eating right   7/12/2009

I find that when i turned vegan for a year i never got sick once but once i started eating dairy again i got sick. Avoid dairy its bad news.

10 Comments, 59 Views, 5 Votes ,1.51 Score
voyeurs69in2003 73 C
107  Articles

1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth. And don't forget that blush on your cheeks and sparkle in your eyes


2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced ...

2 Comments, 55 Views, 10 Votes ,3.58 Score
neuromuscularjc 41 M
2  Articles
Sexercise   7/6/2009

I believe sex is a great workout. When you focus on certain moves you can strengthen your abs, core, glutes, shoulders and triceps. You name it you can fit all your muscules. Its a great fullbody workout and depending on lenght and pace of having sex you can burn 2-4 calories per minute times that by lenght of your session. Then you get to enjoy all the other health benefits. Now go get some and ...

2 Comments, 41 Views, 4 Votes ,5.19 Score
amberbriz 37 F
3  Articles
Is this what you call advice?   6/20/2009

Why is that the majority of the male "advice" in this section simply them saying that no man would want to have sex with a woman who has curves? I mean it's fine if thats your personal prefrerence but I really wouldn't call it advice or even worth a post.

10 Comments, 184 Views, 10 Votes ,4.98 Score
Exercise,Diet and Tanning   6/12/2009

Since being on ALT, HornyWife and Outpersonal for awhile now, since 2003 off and on, the majority of men, women, couples, TV/TS/CD, s that I have seen on here had neither of the 3 above.The photos, images just keep getting worse and more and more people on here just look bad physically, like a over stuffed Twinkie or an old dried up piece of unwraped Chicken Drum Stick that was left in the freezer for ...

2 Comments, 72 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
male performance   6/10/2009

My question is "does a males fitness improve his sexual performance"

What is womens experience with both guys that are in shape and perhaps not.

Thanks x

10 Comments, 146 Views, 9 Votes ,4.71 Score
rm_donbee86 37 M
9  Articles
which turns you on more ladies   5/27/2009

a guy whos fat with a big dick or... someone whos fit with a small one???

6 Comments, 137 Views, 13 Votes ,1.80 Score
goodluck422 43 M
1  Article
are heavier girls willing to try more in bed   5/23/2009

I have a lot of friends that feel girls that are heavier are more willing to try things in bed then girls who are athletic. I have seen this to be true but i want everyones opinion

6 Comments, 121 Views, 8 Votes ,2.09 Score
rm_6foot5Cam 44 M
1  Article
Healthy Living   5/21/2009

Personally, I think everyone has been blessed with a miraculous life, and therefore should take care of their body. Healthy living ranges from eating habits to excersize to social practices. People should watch how many calories they consume and restrict themselves to about three nicely portioned meals a day and cut down on sugars or sweets. If people can't get in the gym or run, they should ...

1 Comments, 18 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Her firm breasts !   4/24/2009

A man comes home from work and finds his wife admiring her breasts in the mirror.

He asks, “What are you doing?”

She replies, “I went to the doctor today, and he told me I have the breasts of a twenty-five year old. Very firm!”

The husband retorts, “Well, what did he say about your fifty-year old ass?”

She replies, ...

13 Comments, 196 Views, 18 Votes ,4.22 Score
_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Soy beans & Vibrators !   4/15/2009

What do soy beans and vibrators have in common?

They are both meat substitutes.

5 Comments, 67 Views, 24 Votes
Infrared Light Therapy   4/12/2009

Characteristics of Infrared Light

Infrared light is an electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength is longer than visible light and shorter than radio waves. A distinguishing trait of infrared light is that it has all the benefits of natural rays of the sun without any harmful effects of solar radiation. Based on wavelength, infrared light can be divided into three types - short, medium ...

1 Comments, 11 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
RunHardnGeorgia 65 M
13  Articles
Workout for Better Sex   4/11/2009

OK - I know that there are a lot discussions about the value of exercise on your sex life. I think that no one can dispute the fact they they feel like they can perform better when they are fit. If you are in shape to run a 10K race, it makes sense that your sexual performance will improve also. Now there might be exceptions - like a couple of weekends ago when I ran the ING marathon in ...

3 Comments, 61 Views, 10 Votes ,2.79 Score
Poetbyday 34 M
9  Articles
Going to the Gym vs Home Training   4/9/2009

Is there pro's and con's to the two? Thats one thing I'm going to be talking about in this article. I used to think working out at home was better because you don't have the same distractions that you would have if you were going to the gym. But now I've recently joined the gym and it's very encouraging to see other people who have the same passion and dedication for keeping their bodies in ...

5 Comments, 38 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
survivor6969 34 M
1  Article
Working out!   4/4/2009

Start small and do alot of reps for toned muscles, and take a break between for a period of 1-2 min.. The more your can do the less you are able to go. So Heavy=small reps, light=alot of reps.

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secretblklover 34 M
9  Articles
athletic or not   4/4/2009

what are women (ages 25-45) preference of body type? and what body they rather not see

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CaTHriNhA_fuck 37 F
1  Article
vbnvb   3/20/2009


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l0velynic0le31 38 F
11  Articles
hello   3/10/2009

wanna cam to cam with me

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TxAthlete4811_1 63 M
5  Articles
It is all about eating right   3/6/2009

I've found myself exercising 2 or 3 hours most days. It wasn't until I changed my eating habits that I really got results. So, contact one of those local companies, who profess to have a dietician and try their meals and a great workout. It will do you good.

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Abs   3/3/2009

anyone have a good ab workout? need a new one

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rm_MEORYOU2003 28 F
1  Article
Hip hop dance   2/20/2009

Hip hop classes are a great way to loose weight and bulid body tone. Also a great way to learn the newest and happenin' dance moves that are going to get you noticed at the club. If your going to a gym and they don't have this class talk to yor gym's GM and see what they can offer you.

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rm_kilo360z 29 M
12  Articles
Fellas   2/9/2009

how much azz is too much azz, holla back/

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rm_kilo360z 29 M
12  Articles
For the fellas   2/9/2009

Fellas will you date a chick that has bigger arms that you?

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rm_den123me 46 M
11  Articles
be happy   2/9/2009

me and me and me and me ?(

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copulare_73 45 M
2  Articles
Diet pills   1/20/2009

Has anyone ever had any real success with diet pills? If so which ones?

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copulare_73 45 M
2  Articles
Biggest Loser   1/20/2009

Anyone here ever watch the show, I have and after watching a few seasons I find myself asking "Why do the black people do so poorly?" When they get to the camp the food is contolled, from watching the show it seems like there isn't a lot of junk food in the house. The biggest hurdle is getting the motivation to work-out. My wieght goes up and down by about 30 lbs. My biggest hurdle is eating ...

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the fitter the better   1/14/2009

i dont want someone unhealthy, i want someone with stamina, not someone i am going to have to call an ambulance for, do you feel the same?

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exercise   1/14/2009

it is in our conditioning to be well, to keep fit stay healthy, so why is there so many people who are unfit and unwell in our society?

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01717222560 35 M
10  Articles
fitness   1/10/2009

fitness is good thing

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yngstud4lady 31 M
11  Articles
work out buddy   1/7/2009

I love working out with a beautiful woman. Afterwards showering together and working out some more Any ladies looking for a workout buddy?

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malikiah419 36 M
1  Article
Some times it don't matter   1/3/2009

I had 6 surgeries in 18 month so I gained some weight and lost a lot of muscle, so to say the least i did not look so good and felt that I could not get the same kind of girls I was used to being with. I was not to sure of myself on the dating situation. I was still able to hook up with the same girls I tried to get with before I gained weight. Now that I'm getting in shape and have more self ...

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rm_odvh 23 M
4  Articles
Shakes   12/24/2008

Do you think that protein shakes play a role for the succes of training?I have my doubts...

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Tuff2187 37 M
3  Articles
Medicine = Weight Gaim   12/22/2008

I am on a few medications for anxiety and one of them in perticular makes me crave carbs twenty minutes after I take it. I have talked to the doc about it but he says it is the best med. for my cause......So what I am getting at does anyone else take any meds that make you gain weight and what do you do to help control it? ...

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RunHardnGeorgia 65 M
13  Articles
Get Fit and perform......   12/12/2008

For the past few years I have really picked up my fitness routine. I lost 40 lbs, toned up in all areas and built up my stamina. I am currently training for my first marathon next year in Atlanta and hopefully my second in Chicago in October.

So, Okay, everyone knows the benefits of being fit - lower cholesterol, stronger heart, better circulation, better appearance. But I have ...

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RunHardnGeorgia 65 M
13  Articles
Want to know the secret to getting into shape ?   11/21/2008

Here it is attention must not be well know because so many are out of shape......ok............................................

........GET OFF THAT ASS AND GET OUTSIDE . Surprised ? No, you're not.

OK - getting started is hard, but do something, anything....walk, run, ride, rake leaves, walk up and down stairs at work. But start with something, if you ...

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_JKH_ 69 M
858  Articles
Getting old !   11/11/2008

Getting old is mandatory; growing up is optional....

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mrfreaakz 44 M
6  Articles
fitness is sexy   11/10/2008

all sexy fit women look gud but a nice thick ass woman is best, woman gatta have sum meat on her body!!

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rm_Grecian7 37 M
1  Article
Simple Gourmet Diet Recipe   11/5/2008

Once again, after an excruciatingly long day I come home and reach out to others in a most convenient way. I'm new to this Network, I hope I can learn as much from you all as I feel you can learn from me.

Here is a easy recipe.

Grecian Salmon and Broccoli

8oz of Atlantic Salmon

Approx 1 Tsp of garlic powder mixed with 10 tsp of virgin oliveoil and 4 fresh ...

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rm_Brax7777 47 M
1  Article
Daily Grind   11/5/2008

Finding the energy to work out on a weekly basis can be a daunting task. When we are younger it is easier to find the time and willpower to get it done. But age has a funny way of changing all of that. Age has a way of putting things into perspective. At some point in your ones life, one eventually realizes the need to be in shape, for health and vain reasons. So now is the time to fight through ...

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rm_niyazmoh 46 M
6  Articles
tips   10/24/2008

1. Move More Make it a daily challenge to find ways to move your body. Climb stairs if given a choice between that and escalators or elevators. Walk your dog; chase your ; toss balls with friends, mow the lawn. Anything that moves your limbs is not only a fitness tool, it's a stress buster. Think 'move' in small increments of time. It doesn't have to be an hour in the gym or a 45-minute aerobic ...

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Staying Physically Fit Results In A Healthy Sex Life   10/16/2008

I've always been athletic. Even today, I lift weights 4-5 days per week, mix in some cardio, and eat a healthy diet. The result is an athletic build, increased energy, and better circulation (no ED). All of which make me a better sex partner.

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crazilyhotness 36 M
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Fitness   10/13/2008

are singaporeans getting becoming more fit.?

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rm_Dave7829 34 M
7  Articles
takin too seriously?   10/7/2008

how many of ye women out there dont take jokes to heart in bed like if a guy was to say fat ass or anythin like that?

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rm_Dave7829 34 M
7  Articles
pulling   10/7/2008

how many people here have got more than 1 sex buddy tru this?

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rm_Dave7829 34 M
7  Articles
bigger sex drive   10/7/2008

i noticed from smokin that my stamina is ruined in sex any others find the same?

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rm_fazil2rock3 37 M
4  Articles
Aloe Vera Juice   9/26/2008

Aloe Vera is a species of Aloe, native to northern Africa. It is a very short-stemmed succulent plant growing to 80‒100 cm tall The Aloe Vera plant has long, spiked leaves, which are thick-skinned and contain a clear gel-like substance. Aloe Vera is a desert lily and there are more than 200 varieties. Aloe vera (“true aloe” in Latin), is generally the most widely used and ...

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rm_fazil2rock3 37 M
4  Articles
Metabolism Boost for the Middle Aged   9/26/2008

After the ripe old age of 40, our bodies’ metabolism rate slows by 5% each decade thereafter. As you burn less and less calories you start to gain 5-10 pounds each year without even realizing it.

But age is not the only contributing factor to a slow metabolism. Many other things can affect your metabolic rate as you age including: pregnancy, medication, illness, and certain ...

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josmith5 61 M
1466  Articles
living to be 80   9/19/2008

Will I live to be 80?

I recently turned 73 and had to choose a new primary care physician for my Medicare coverage.

After two visits and exhaustive lab tests, he said I was doing 'fairly well' for my age.

A little concerned about that comment, I couldn't resist asking him, 'Do you think I will live to be 80?'

He asked: Do you ...

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hottimetonight80 43 M
3  Articles
Adding endurence to the bedroom   9/14/2008

How do you keep your endurance going strong in the bedroom?

I try and stay active by weight training and pullups/crunches 30 mins 3 times a week.

Once i get back into it, running at least 4 times a week for 45 mins or longer each time.

Also I masturbate daily when i wake up and when I do it I control it and make it last for 12 mins or so.

This way I ...

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hottimetonight80 43 M
3  Articles
Getting Motivated to run again   9/14/2008

Okay so I've been a runner for the past 2 years now. Seems like it was long ago when I gave up smoking cigs and eating meat and started running. Well the past two months I had been preoccupied with work and relationships and put it on the back burner. Energy levels have dropped a bit and now I'm in a spot where I have noticed that I need to run again but the motivation is just lost.


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Sexiest sport?   9/9/2008

I take part in few different sports and have noticed that when mention certain sports you get more attension then others. I know that when i know a women does sports which a high amount of flexiblity i become more interested in them. So which Sport do you think is the sexiest for bot man and woman?

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