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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Posted:Oct 15, 2012 10:23 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2017 10:24 am

Turning my head as I hear Tony and Vito walking through the door, your body draped over Vito's shoulder, "good, tape her to the chair," my head tilts toward a wooden framed chair set off center in the room, "and, take her clothes off too," I remind them. Vito dumps your body into the chair, slumping and still unconscious as they wrap the duct tape around your ankles and wrists, binding you to the frame. Lastly, a swath of tape is slapped over your mouth. Slipping behind the chair, my hand slides in front of you, a broken tube of smelling salts wafting under your nose, startling you back to consciousness, your body struggles and strains, eyes wide as they scan, limbs twitching as they struggle, then I speak, "hello, messenger girl, remember me?" I chuckle sarcastically from behind you. "You can struggle and fight all you want, but, well, let's just say you aren't the first person my boys have tied to a chair," my laughter ceasing, emphasizing the cold truth of my statement. "You see," talking as much to myself as I am to you, "I have a little problem," walking from behind the chair, "I can't be sure what you saw or didn't see from your last visit." Pausing as I stand in front of you, my eyes narrowed as they scan your body, “and in my line of work, it's very bad for business to have loose ends."

Walking to a large club chair placed 10 feet from yours and facing you, I casually sit down, my fingers caressing my chin as I ponder. Titling my head, signaling Vito and Tony to stand at either side of you. "Now, messenger girl, you present quite a problem," leaning forward as I speak, "I am not a barbarian, I can't very well leave a trail of bodies in my wake. Well, let me rephrase, it’s not prudent to leave a trail of bodies without good cause." My head nods as I state "Veet, Tone." With those words, their large hands begin to paw at your body, clutching your firm tits as their coarse palms maul in, their thick fingers pressing between your creamy thighs. "So I've decided to see just how much I can trust you." Looking to the side of the room, "Debbie, come here," with that, a mocha skinned beauty walks in, nude but for her heels that click with each stride of her shapely legs. Without saying a word, she sits at the foot of my chair, my hand to the top of her head, caressing, no, more like petting, her straightened hair.

Watching as Tony and Vito become more brazen, each of them working one half of your body, mouths engulfing your nipples, bathing them in warm saliva as teeth nip and pull. Roughly their fingers pry into your slit, mashing and pulling at your soft folds as their grunts and groans get lost and muffled by your flesh. My eyes locked on yours, watching your reaction. Gently my hand pulls at the back of Debbie's head, knowing her place, her hands crawl up my legs and deftly undo my zipper. On her knees in front of me, her taut ass facing you as her full lips open to wrap around my cock. Guiding her head as her face bobs up and down my length, my shaft swelling as it grows in her wet embrace. Catching Vito's eye, I nod, he rips the tape from your mouth. Both of the burly men now standing at your sides, facing each other with you between them. Reaching in, they unleash their thick cocks, letting them hang in front of your mouth. Letting my gaze focus on you, "you know what to do, messenger girl." Upon the words leaving my lips, each of them fist their turgid poles and push their spongy crowns to your lips.

Sitting back, Debbie's sweet mouth lavishing my throbbing cock, her wanton slurping filling the air as she writhes and loses herself in her worship of my bulging shaft. Vito and Tony turning your face back and forth between them, their hips slamming their fleshy spears deep into your throat, recklessly beating their cocks into your mouth, forcing your jaw open as they growl like two animals to fill your throat. My petting of Debbie's head as she serves my rigid cock in stark contrast to the brutality with which Tony and Vito fuck your face. Their hands smacking each other's as they jostle between your thighs, waggling fingers roughly jockeying to fill your tight cunt, pulling at your petals, twisting and shoving as they pry you open. Debbie's slender fingers ride back up between her thighs, easily gliding through her slit and slipping effortlessly into her soft twat as she engulfs my shaft, her delicate wrist twisting and turning, her glistening juices allowing a second of her fingers to be swallowed by her silky glove.

Breathing in deeply as my hips push from the chair, rhythmically stroking my raging cock into Debbie's velvet throat, eyes never leaving yours, like the lower and upper halves of my body are disconnected. Reaching into my suit jacket and producing a nickel plated pistol, my other hand deftly pulling out the silencer and screwing it to the barrel of the gun. Letting it rest easily in my hand as Tony and Vito continue with their assault. Their fingers soaking in your juices as they fumble through your cunt, two, three, four at a time punching through your hole. Their hips bucking feverishly as they pound their cocks into your mouth. Their bodies convulsing and spasming, their yelps, yips and grunts signaling the firing of their hot, gooey loads of cum, splashing and splattering to the back of your throat.

Looking down, the cold metal silencer dragging along Debbie's head, "make me cum, my little nigger slut, but don't swallow it." Debbie's head bobbing feverishly, slurping and sucking, her face twisting her full lips around my cock as my hips thump from the chair, my face contorting as my teeth grit, "mmmm, that's it, my little cocksucker," howling as my hips launch, spiking my cock to the back of her throat and firing a wave of my smooth and rich creamy load into her mouth. Nodding at her as her cheeks are distended with my cum.

Standing and walking to you, Tony and Vito backing to the side as place my thumb on your chin, pulling open your cum splattered mouth, looking at Debbie, “give it to her." Obediently she leans in, her lips puckering between yours to form a seal as her firm tongue pushes my hot load into your mouth. "Good girl, Debbie, now, sit right down on the floor,” pointing to a spot midway between the two chairs.

Walking back, slowly circling Debbie as she sits with her knees under her, "you see, messenger girl, I value trust." My words directed at all, even though looking at you. "And when that trust is broken, bad things happen." Stopping as I move behind Debbie, her face toward you as I stand behind her. "I am a reasonable man, but when I am crossed…" you see the barrel of the silenced gun leveled at the back of Debbie's head unbeknownst to her, "…bad things happen." Reaching into my pocket, tossing a small recording device on the floor in front of Debbie, I hear her gasp in sheer horror as her eyes widen to huge white orbs and her jaw drops open before your eyes, "bad, bad things, Agent Susan D. Roosevelt." A click and muffled burst splitting through the front of "Debbie's" forehead as her body slumps to the floor with a thud. Stepping over her lifeless form, her scarlet splattering on and staining your skin, my look cold and fixed as I lean toward your face.

"I can trust you, messenger girl, right?"
Don't Shoot the Messenger.....Yet.
Posted:Aug 13, 2012 8:56 am
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2012 6:16 am

Jolted awake, your eyes pop open, searching the dark room, your instinctive scream drowned out by the thick swath of duct tape slapped over your mouth. Movements in the moonlight catch your eye amidst the shuffling and sounds as you feel your limbs being pulled and your body being tugged. "Turna da bitch over," one of the at least two intruders says. In an instant, your ankles are gripped and your body flipped roughly on your bed. The screetch of the tape being pulled is filling the air as your ankles are bound by the man that flipped you. The first smacking the back of your head as you struggle and squirm, "holda da cunt, Vito," he spits. His hand pushing your face to your pillow then jamming his knee to your neck, pinning and suffocating you as he corrals your flapping arms, cinching your wrists behind your back. Bound and gagged, Vito slides off, grabbing your hair as he does so. Standing you up, watching you teeter as your eyes strain to focus on his hand slipping behind his back. The dulled frame of his pistol lifting to your eye level as he speaks, "da bag, Ton." With that, Tony spins your body around and covers your head in a dark sack, cinched closed around your neck as Tony speaks, "let's do it an na bring da boss his present," husky laughter rings through your ears as Vito raises his hand behind you, sharply striking the back of your neck with the butt of his gun. A wicked, searing pain and things go instantly black.

Your limp body hoisted over Tony's thick form as they descend the stairs from your house. Carelessly turning a corner, your head thumping against the wall. "Oops," he says to Vito, then laughs. Trotting to the driveway, your abdomen bouncing over his shoulder before coming to a stop. The turn of a key, a click and then a squeal as the trunk of the black Caddie is lifted. A shrug of his shoulder dumps your body into the trunk with a loud thud. The lid slamming closed as Tony's voice trails off, "lets go."

A dull ache in your head and a sharp pain in your neck welcome you back to consciousness. Completely bound, huddled and confined, hearing and sensation the only senses you can rely on. Your confines shifting and rumbling, the dank scent of gasoline and the burning smell of...acid? filling your nostrils. The sounds of whizzing air and a horn. A horn, suddendly sick as the cold realization that you're in the trunk of a moving car sets in. Fumbling, twisting and turning your body, desperate to free your arms and legs. The hood still cinched tight, the tape still hoding fast as you struggle in vane. The car slowing to a stop, feeling the transmission shift into park. Your mind flooded with scenarios as the doors click open and slam closed. Shit, the key turning in the tumbler as the cool air rushes into the now opened trunk. "C'mon, bitch,' Tony absently comments as he pulls you back to his shoulder. Vito walking behind, holding a hard metal object against your head as it bobs with each step, "do you self a favor and a don't squirm."

The heels of their fine dress shoes click and clack as they walk, a solidly sounding door closes behind you. Echoing footsteps stop at several paces before turning. The sense that you are being taken into another room filling your mind, the faint, dim shimmer of a light source peircing the hood. "Put her over the prep table," I state as my head motions him to the center of the room. A few steps and Tony rolls your body over a cold, stainless steel table, face down, the fridged metal sharply breaking through the thin tank top covering your chest, your toes grazing the floor as your body is bent at the waist. Of all the thoughts racing through your mind, the Hello Kitty panties you decided to wear to sleep is forefront as your ass is propped and exposed.

My footfalls drawing closer as I pull back the forged slide and chamber a round with a loud click. A heavy hand sized object resting in the center of your back. "Did she say anything?" "No, boss, nuttin" Vito states, "but, a, we didnt give her no chance to." Nodding, "good." Grabbing the gun from your back and tapping the barrel against your head, "do you know why you're here, cunt?" Not even waiting for a reply, "it doesnt matter if you do or dont, its the message we're sending." A pause, "and we intend to send it loud and clear, capisci." Walking behind you, stopping at your raised ass, laughing as I see your panties, "still think you're a little girl, huh?'" The hard steel rod tracing the cartoon character adorning your ripe ass, my head turning to Tony and Vito, "I was just going to take a few fingers or maybe an eye," pausing again, "but maybe we can think of a better way to send a message fellas." Pushing the barrel against your flesh, moving it to the hem of your panties and pushing it toward your ass crack, showing more of your taut cheek before absently adding "eh, I can always change my mind and send her home with one of her own fingers in her ass." The three of us laughing, "hear that, cunt?" smacking your ass, "if I were you, I'd be a good tonight, especially if you ever want to hold something with ten fingers again."

"Ton, get over here," motioning him to stand behind you. Peeling back your panties, "goodbye, Kitty," I chuckle as the happy toon is rolled and bunched at mid thigh. "See this cunt?" repeatedly smacking your cinched folds with my hand, "fuck it good." Tony smiles as he unleashes his massive cock, "yeah, boss, no problem, fuck it good," as he fists his girth and steps behind you. "But not her ass, capsisi. I want that." Tony's large hand gripping your duct taped wrists as his body pushes tight to yours, the crown of his swelling cock dragging against your slit, parting your folds. Working his shaft between your petals, his girth expanding and stiffening with each rough swipe. "You ready?" Tony sacrcastically asks, "like I givva da shit," he quickly follows, with a lunge and a grunt, he plunges his rock hard cock deep through your dry cunt. Gritting his teeth as he shreds your hole, pulverizing your sodden twat and jerking your body over the table. Stepping to your face and loosening the cinched hood, raising it just below your eyes before tying it closed again. "Oh, we're going to enjoy this," my words echoing in your ear as your face inches forward and back in time with Tony's pummeling of your cunt. Closing my fingers around the edge of the duct tape covering your mouth and ripping it sharply free. "Vito, spit roast the bitch." No sooner than your mouth instictively stretches open from being freed of the tape, Vito's hard cock thrusts in.

My cock growing rigid as I watch Tony and Vito take you. The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh coupled with their freal moans and growls filling the air. Tony's hips beating against your ass cheeks, causing the taut flesh to shudder and quake with each punching thrust of his cock. Each drive jolting you over the table, forcing your face harder to Vito's impaling length. Hearing you gag and choke around his thick girth only adding to the throbbing bursts trapped in my pants. Vito's hands clutching over your head, keeping the bag securely in place as he stretches your throat and keeps your jaw locked open.

Tony's hips battering in ferociously, his grunts becoming louder and louder as he sinks his cock to your womb. His hand raises and smacks your ass, "fucka dis bitch," an earthy and gutteral roar leaves his throat as his fat crown slams to your far wall. Vito's turgid cock racing between your lips, your spittal ripped from the corners of your lips as he forces his fleshy rod to the flxing hilt of your throat. Almost sensing the pulling sensation as your teeth rake over the veiny length of his hard cock as it races deeper. Leaning close to your ear as both of these greasy, hulking men use your holes, whispering, "I know you like this. I know what a cum craving you are." Stepping back, snapping a few pictures of you being fucked like cum dump slut, the flash sending a wave of bright light into the hooded mask obsuring your vision. Tony starting to grunt loudly and pound your cunt harder, watching as his body spasms and convulses, knowing that he's flooding your depraved pit with his hot load. His shoulders sinking, his hips still moving instinctively as his rod churns his cum deep in your sodden pit.

Tapping him on the shoulder, "take this," handing him my stainless steel Berretta as he pulls his shaft from your puffing twat. Gobs of his hot cream leaking from your hole and rolling down your thigh. As I undo my pants, Vito's pounding hips begin a flurry of relentless thrusts, punching his cock hard to the back of your throat, bruising and beating your walls. Screaming as his fists grip the side of your head, steadying your face as he rears back and launches his shaft in, lifting to his tip toes as his neck snaps back, his twitching form signaling his feverish release as he sprays his seed into your mouth. His cock bouncing and shuddering as his gooey webbing splatters to the back of your throat and spurts from the corners of your lips. Sliding back, dragging his cock from your mouth, his hand lands a blow to the side of your head, "fuckin' cocksucker," he says as his cap falls from your mouth.

"Ton, the gun," I say as I push my smooth cockhead to your tightly puckered asshole, "put it in her mouth, and if she so much as whimpers, blow her fucking brains all over my chest." Tony smiles as he drags the barrel across your cheeks, "you heards da boss, open wide and say da ahhh." He pushes the cold metal to your lips, twisting the unforgiving steel into your cum filled mouth. The room deathly quiet as his thumb pulls back the hammer, a mechanical *click* as it locks into place. "Wait," I suddenly snap, "let me take my shirt off first, I don't want it ruined if you have to open another hole in her head, it's new." The three of us laugh as your mouth is swirling with the metallic taste of the gun and my cap is wedged against your tiny ring.

My hands gripping your hips as mine swivel, slowly and deliberately aligning my thick, hard cock, "there, all set." Pressing in as my fingers grip, the bulbous mushroom forcing against your tight hole. Harder I press, my cock tensing as it strains to break your ring, "I guess your man has a small dick, huh?" I state off the cuff. "Well, that's good for me and bad for you," with a leg bracing lunge, I spike my turgid cock deep into your ass. Immediately I pound my hips in, slamming my body to yours. Hearing your teeth clatter against the steel barrel as my reckless thrusts throw your body into the cold table. Punching and drilling, brutalizing your precious ring with my girthy shaft. Each crash of my pelvis sending my throbbing length deeper into your filthy pit. Fully in and out, numbing and gaping your tender hole. "Yeah, you're a hot little three hole , no wonder he keeps you around," tormenting your innards as my dick through your colon. My voice ragged as your knot cinches tight around my stabbing shaft, "did you hear that? was that a whimper?" Tony holding back a laugh as he twists the barrel further into your throat. "I dunno, boss, but a, I thinka so." Thundering against you, sending my spearing cock hard to your walls, through gritted teeth, I snarl and spit "maybe not, besides, I want to bust a nut before you waste this bitch."

Clawing my fingers to your hips as I batter hard. My nails tearing your flesh as my arms yank, wrenching your ass down on my fanatically pistioning cock. Each powered stroke of my turgid girth sending your bound body shuddering forward. Howling through gritted teeth, my body contorts and spasms, exploding a rush of thick cum into your dank ass. Streams of my hot spunk spurting from my manslit, gumming up and gagging your filthy hole. "Aaaahhhhh, now that's better," pulling my fat dick from your ass and wiping my seed to your scarlet stained cheek. Taking my time getting dressed, you holes leaking cum as your form drapes over the steel table. Reaching for an envelope, tucking the recently snapped photo next to the folded message then sealing it and duct taping it to your forehead. Glancing at Vito and Tony, "that asshole should be home now, dump his bitch on the front porch as she is." My heels click on the concrete floor as I stand beside your body, patting you on your head, "now be a good little messenger girl and make sure he gets my note."

Tony hauls you over his shoulder and walks to the door with Vito as I turn back to my desk.
Posted:Oct 13, 2010 1:19 pm
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2012 7:46 pm

After countless hours of flirting on the phone, we decide to meet. That morning, and through the entire day, my mind was racing and my body was aching for you. Finally, all of my pent up cyber frustration would be released. I manage to make it to 8 pm, I hear my doorbell. My heart jumps with anticipation. I open the door and smile, inviting you in. Standing there looking beautiful, your sparkling eyes, your fluttering lashes, your bright smile—so wonderful. We sit in my living room, a delectable spread of finger foods before us, and chat. Teasing and flirting, as always, the conversation flowing easily. Now, unlike before, I can see you. Watch how the light reflects off of your skin, notice how the silk of your dress hugs your curves, smell the sweet scent of your perfume. I am electrified. My body yearns for yours. Minutes turn to hours, our laughter and talk flow freely. Abruptly, you state that you must leave, and walk toward the door. Shocked, not knowing why, I follow you. Your hand grabs the knob, turns and pulls open the door.

My hand extends, stopping the door and slamming it shut. You look at me, smiling, thinking I’m teasing. “Where are you going?,” I ask. “Home,” you reply, still smiling. “I don’t think so,” I retort. Still assuming I am playing, you pull the door again. My hand does not budge. The look in my eye clearly tells you this is not a joke. Chuckling uneasily, you say “c’mon, quit playing, I need to go.” “The only place you’re going is on your knees.” “ Now.” I say coolly. The blood rushes from your face, pale white, you stare at me. “I said on your knees,” you are frozen. My hand on your shoulder, pushing you down. You don’t move. I reach behind my back, you see the candlelight bouncing off of the stainless steel barrel of my pistol. Your body sinks to the floor. “That’s better, baby. Now open,” blankly you stare at me, your mouth tightly closed in defiance. I press the cold, steel barrel against your cheek, dragging it to your jaw, pushing slightly in and down, your jaw opens. “See, that wasn’t so hard,” I say. “Take out my cock.” Your hands shakily undo my belt and unzip my pants. Reaching in, you pull out my throbbing cock. Barely an inch between my member and your red lips. “Lick it. All of it.” The gun’s barrel lightly circling against your cheek, mimicking what I expect your tongue to do to my hard cock. You get the hint. Slowly, the flat of your wet tongue slides over my length. Licking and savoring every inch as your warm saliva bathes my shaft. Teasing its head, lapping against the vein, I feel sublime. “mmm, that’s my good girl,” I moan.

“Now, blow me.” The barrel of the gun sliding back and forth against your cheek, slowly and deliberately. You stop. Your blue eyes fixed on mine as you look up from your knees. “Perhaps you didn’t hear me. I said blow me,” still, you remain motionless. You feel the barrel of the gun press into your temple, yet you continue to defy me. The *click* of metal against metal is the only sound you hear as I depress the hammer. Your mouth immediately surrounds my cock. “Good baby, just like this,” as the barrel strokes back and forth against your cheek once more. Your suction is fast and hard, my cock bulging in your mouth, filling your throat. “That’s good, my sweet baby. Now, fuck yourself with your fingers,” I command. Feeling the pleasure as your wet mouth envelops my shaft, your head bobs back and forth as I feel your tongue circling and lapping my cock while your lips tightly grip it. “Pound your little cunt with your fingers, I want to hear it.” You comply, as I can hear the sloshing sounds as your delicate fingers thrust hard into your precious little twat. “Get them wet for me and smear your juice on my chest.” “Yes,” I moan as I feel your slick hot wetness slide along my skin. “Good girl, finger fuck your pussy again.”

Loudly now I hear you thrust and pound your own box. I feel your moans as they reverberate around my thick cock as you suck me in. Your body starts to tremble and shake, your cock-sucking now powerful, yet erratic. I hear your juices splash against my hardwood floors as they squirt from your snatch. “Perfect. Now, take your lips off of my dick.” The barrel of the gun traces from your cheek to your forehead. “Open your mouth.” Your stubbornness shows yet again. I press the cold metal circle of the barrel in hard, leaving an indent in the middle of your forehead. You open your mouth. “Jerk me off. Spray my cum all over your pretty face.” Your hands grip my hard shaft and begin to pump. Your fingers like a vice as you fist pump my shaft. Hard and fast, my turgid member fighting against my body as it shudders and shakes. Moaning loudly, my body overwhelmed by torrents of lustful energy, I erupt all over your beautiful face, gob after hot gob splatters against your skin, gooping over your cheeks, your lips and your chin.

Laying the gun on the table, raising you to your feet. I grab you, pull you into my arms and passionately kiss your cum covered lips. Smiling at you, feeling you pull me into you hard, I say, “that was fucking hot, worked out better than we planned.” Grinning back at me, “it sure did,” you coyly reply.
Can't Wait
Posted:Oct 11, 2010 11:45 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2017 10:25 am

After months of chatting, the time to meet was finally here. Giddy, apprehensive, not knowing what to expect when seeing you face to face. We decided to meet at a quaint place for a few drinks, just to hang out, with no expectations. I get there early and grab a corner booth. The bottle of red opened, two glasses filled as I see you enter. I smile, I can’t help it, finally seeing you, my mind races and I stand to greet you. My hands rest comfortably on your hips as we kiss hello, our lips touch each other’s and I offer you a seat. We both begin talking somewhat nervously, exchanging pleasantries, but my eyes can’t help but look into yours. Within a few short moments, our bodies ease into the relaxing comfort we enjoyed when chatting online. Laughing and flirting, our bodies moving closer with each passing second, our hands and fingers teasingly touching while we smile and talk. By now my hand has been caressing the top and side of your thigh while we chat, tighter still our bodies’ creep together.

My fingertips gliding over the hem of your short black skirt, feeling the warmth of your skin. Looking into my eyes, I feel your legs conspicuously part. I grin and whisper “mmm” as my fingers caress your leg and move higher, under your skirt. Feeling the moist warmth, my fingers flutter through your petals, “not wearing panties, I see,” softly leaves my lips. Massaging and rubbing, my hand cups your womanly treasures. “So soft,” I moan, as I slide a finger through your slit and plunge it into your wetness. Curving into you, swirling against your velvet walls, my finger is joined by another. Easily sliding in, yet tightly gripped by your tight cavern. My hand thrusts and pulses in your lap, twisting and turning inside you as they climb. I feel your juices flow around me, so warm and soothing, I need to taste you. Sliding out, turning my head and engulfing my fingers with my mouth, sucking and licking your essence from them, delicious as I feel your wetness slide down my throat.

Smiling, you stand, eyes locked on mine as you walk to the back of the bar, glancing over your shoulder at me, I quickly follow. Ducking into a supply room, you pull me toward you, before the door closes, your lips crash into mine. Deeply and passionately, our mouths melt together, our tongues colliding, licking and thrusting. Our hands all over each other, clutching at clothing and skin, our bodies pressing tightly together. Turning you to the wall, my throbbing cock bursting against my jeans as my teeth nip the back of your neck. Grinding into you, my hands reaching around, trapping you between my arms. Lips and tongue feasting on the soft skin of your neck, my passion and desire unbridled as my mouth captures you.

Deftly my hand undoes my belt and buttons, my pants fall to the floor, hiking up your skirt, my cock slides through your slit, wetting my shaft before my hips press forward, sending my member into your wet pussy. Feeling your wet walls strangle my cock as it drives in, every nuance and contraction reverberating against my length. My hips grind against your ass, my shaft stirring deep inside you before sliding in and out. Full hard strokes as my hips send my member careening through your wetness. My hand slides around, fingers scissoring your hard clit. Rolling and squeezing your nub as I piston through you. My moans muffled by your skin, hearing squishing sounds as my fingers peel back your hood and press. Feeling you tremble and convulse, your walls tensing around me before shuddering as you nectar flows down your leg.

Still pounding into your sweetness, my lips fluttering against your ear as I whisper “I want that fine ass.” I see you bite your bottom lip and feel your hips push back into mine. My cock, sopping with your juices, slowly slides from your pussy, through your t’aint, my head pressing into your tight ring. Leaning into you, my rock hard shaft opening your ass, feeling your rim give way, tightly gripping my cock as I plunge deeper. My left hand on your shoulder, my right gabbing a fistful of your hair, pulling you back into me as I begin to pump. My cock stretching your pink hole, as furiously as I drove into your pussy, my tempo even faster as I bore your tight ass. My chest firm to your back, my teeth sinking into the skin of your neck, my hips bucking wildly against you, driving my shaft through your most forbidden spot.

The palm of my hand rubbing against your clit, two fingers swirling and dancing in your pussy, feeling my cock thrusting into your ass through the thin membrane of skin, hearing your moans, feeling you buck back into me as I drive. My body stiffens as my cock starts to shudder, fucking harder, deeper and faster, my fingers pounding into your box, rubbing your spot. Moaning loudly, unable to hold back, I feel you tense around me, your hot juices squirting through my fingers, shaking feverishly, my cock erupts deep in your tight ass, spewing my white lava into your cavern, pumping and spurting, your pussy gripping my fingers, your ass like a vice squeezes my cock. Rocking into you as you rock back into me, waves of passion rolling through us, our bodies one as we sink into each other. My arms close around you, my lips softly caress your neck, feeling your racing pulse, holding you oh so tight.

Two hot messes, now smiling at each other in a supply closet, assuring ourselves that no one heard or noticed, we haphazardly straighten ourselves out and make a bee line for your house.
Disorder In The Court
Posted:Sep 24, 2010 7:25 pm
Last Updated:May 3, 2012 5:53 pm

Sitting in the courtroom, waiting for you to come in from your chambers. My eyes focused on your clerk, by anyone’s account, a beautiful young woman. Smartly dressed, her blonde hair pulled back, her shimmering eyes barely concealed by her glasses. “Heather” it says on the name plate in front of her desk. She catches my gaze, smiles and looks away. “All rise,” the court officer bellows, “Court is now in session.” You enter, your black robes flow as you take the bench and begin the afternoon’s docket. My eyes not quickly enough averted from Heather’s legs, I catch your glare. Standing upon completing the roll call, looking at me, “my chambers,” is all you say before retiring through the door.

Standing behind your oak desk as I enter, you direct me to the center of your chambers where two sofas face each other, separated by a coffee table. “Sit, counsel,” you command. As I take my seat, you remove your glasses and brush back your dark hair, your green eyes pierce me. “I do NOT appreciate the leering at my staff,” before I can respond, you continue, “I have a good mind to hold you in contempt, but I fear that will only spur your reprehensible conduct,” you finish. “I have no other choice but to use alternative forms of punishment,” holding your hand up, motioning to me not to say a word as you hit the intercom, “Heather, please come in.” Heather sits on the sofa directly across from me, you move and stand next to her. “Was he leering at you, dear?” you say, not taking your gaze from me. “Yes,” she sheepishly replies. “Well, then,” you continue, “time to teach him what leering can do.”

Heather’s shy demeanor quickly changes, her demurring smile turns into a grin as her legs part. Her glistening shaved pussy exposed as she slowly trails her fingers down. Her red nails sparkle as she circles her clit. Rubbing and pressing, slowly pulling back the hood as soft moans escape her lips. My eyes nearly pop from my head, watching Heather’s fingers tease her pussy, blood flowing to my manhood, shifting in my seat. “Don’t even think about it,” you say, standing closer to Heather, your gavel now in your hand. Heather’s fingers part her soft lips, probing her own folds, sliding slowly in. Her wrist turns and presses, a second finger joins the first as her moans increase. You lift your leg, your foot on the sofa’s arm rest. My gaze follows your calf up, your patent leather pump reflecting the light, I barely notice as you unzip your robes, revealing your nude body. My bulging shaft rips against my pants, throbbing as I watch you. Heather, without so much as a word, runs her tongue up your leg. Flicking as she moves, without hesitation, buries her face in your pussy. Her fingers now driving into her snatch, I hear her slurping as she devours you. Your head leaning back, your tongue wraps itself around the handle of your gavel as your hips buck against Heather’s hard tongue. Rubbing my throbbing cock through my suit, amazed by you, my lust exponentially increases with each passing second.

Your saliva drips down the shaft of your gavel, handing it to Heather, whose tongue I clearly see dancing through your folds, she takes it by the head, slides it through your slit and back, pressing it against your tight bud. An audible gasp escapes my lips, pre-cum soaking through the fabric of my pants, shifting uncomfortably, prevented from joining by your look. Distracted, your body slightly jolts as your eyes close and your head leans back. Heather is feeding your pink asshole the gavel. Losing all grip, I watch as her tongue fucks your cunt and her hands twist the smooth wooden handle into your rose bud. Furiously I rub my shaft through my pants, watching your elastic ring slide down the shaft of the gavel, seeing Heather’s body convulse and twitch as her juices flow over her hands, watching you bounce up and down on her face, driving her tongue and your gavel deeper within you.

“Take out your cock and stroke it,” you direct, “I want to see it.” I comply, reaching into my pants, my turgid member springs out. My grip tight as my fist pumps, watching you, watching me, watching Heather fuck herself and you. Pinching your own nipples as you drive your body down, hearing you moan and gush, Heather swallowing all of you as she plies your ass with the gavel. Her fingers furiously ramming into her own snatch, my fist rocketing up and down on the length of my shaft, your body quivers as you cum, moaning loudly, eyes tight, triggering Heather’s release, seeing her squirt her nectar all over your sofa as she writhes. Unable to control it, my trembling cock erupts, gripping and squeezing, my hot load splattering over my suit, rolling down my fingers. A hot mess, I sit there, my own cum covering me. “Put your dick away now,” you say, “I have work to do.” I comply and stand as Heather curls against your leg. “Let’s remember it’s not polite to stare,” your voice trails off, “and I’ll be home at the usual time, so have dinner ready,” you wink as I leave, grinning.

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Welcome Home
Posted:Sep 16, 2010 7:33 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2017 10:24 am

Finally approaching our door after four days of being away, my finely tailored suit looking haggard from the torturous flight. Six hours of delays feeling like six months of longing, its 2 a.m. Quietly I enter, seeing the dining room exquisitely set for two, the candles burned to nubs. I smile and lay the flowers I have for you on the table. Softly climbing the stairs and pushing open the door to our room, my drained body filled with new life as I see your form curled on our bed. Your favorite black cocktail dress is hanging from the hook on the back of your closet door, your silk teddy hugging your curves, the soft moonlight caressing your exposed skin.

Undressing, I walk to you, gently my lips glide across your thigh, fluttering against your sweet skin. Lightly you move, your eyes closed, feigning sleep. My fingertips drawing circles on your firm ass cheeks, my flickering tongue snaking toward your mound. Again your body moves ever so delicately, this time rolling to your back, your legs gently parting. You try to hide the slight smile crossing your lips, maintaining your deception of sleep. Smiling myself, crawling between your thighs, kissing and nipping your skin, your sweet treasure mine for the taking. My lips pressing into your silky panties, my tongue sliding between your skin and the seam, finding your lips, tracing each fold. Breathing in your sweet aroma, pulling your panties to the side, your box shimmers in the moonlight as my mouth engulfs your clit.

Slowly at first, then rapidly my rhythm increases. Licking and sucking your nub, pulling it with my lips and teeth, my tongue sliding into your pussy, lapping at your velvet walls. Your hips shuffle, your legs part wider as your nectar flows into my waiting mouth. My moans lost in your recesses, my fingers digging into your thighs as my face pushes in, sending my fleshy muscle deeper.

Your eyes still closed, but a whisper leaves your lips, "You're late. Now fuck me like you mean it." My cock bulging at the sound of your voice and purpose of your desire. Writhing up your body, my lips crash against your seductive grin, my tongue finding yours, sparing and teasing. The head of my cock parting your slit, sliding easily in, your walls constricting against the length of my shaft. Now not being the time for soft, slow adventures, my pole pistons in. My hips arching up, my thrusting mushroom head pounding your sweet spot.

Pulling your lips from mine briefly, long enough for you to mutter "I said fuck me, bitch" before thrusting your tongue deep down my throat. Curling my arms under your legs, pressing your knees to your chest, your sopping cunt fully exposed, relentlessly I drive my shaft into you. My ball sack smacking your tender skin with each frenzied thrust. My weight against your legs as my body is suspended over you, now fully withdrawing my shaft with each stroke before rocketing it back into your twat. Continually I pound and thrust, my face buried in your neck as your nails rake my back.

Pressing your legs back further, your knees to your chest, tilting your sweet ass up, my slick cock now teasing your rim and then plunging in, causing a yelp as you grit your teeth. My cock held like a vice by your tight ass as I thrust. Again, fully in and out with each stroke, the ridge of my head making a popping sound as it catches the rim of your cinnamon ring. Our breathing heavy, my turgid rod alternating between wrecking your sweet cunt and boring out your precious little asshole. Moaning loudly now, fucking so hard your body is pushed the full length of the bed, lines of torn and shredded skin across my back, my teeth marks visible on your tender neck. Thunderous waves of energy roll though me as I feel both your pussy and ass squeeze my cock. Trembling, feeling your release as your body tremors beneath mine, your warm juices splatter against my skin, unable to hold it back, I withdraw, my fist grips and pounds my shaft, jets of hot cum stream out, covering your quivering cunt, dripping into your gaping ass. Stroke after stroke sends gobs of my load onto your pussy. Smearing my junk through our co-mingled juices, releasing your legs from your chest, rolling next to you, breathless as I softly kiss your lips, "goodnight, sweetheart", I whisper, "welcome home", you reply.
If you like pina coladas
Posted:Sep 15, 2010 7:48 pm
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2011 8:28 pm

The setting sun melting into the sea. Warm island breezes whisper over the sands. Walking back to our longue chairs, my bronzed body glistening in the light, I can't help but smile as my eyes are captured by your form. Watching you lay on your belly, your arms folded under your chin as you face the ocean. Your nude body a perfect compliment to nature's evening show.

My hands chilled from the condensation on the glasses of our frozen drinks. Setting the libations next to us, I devilishly caress your firm ass with my cool, wet hands. Giggling behind your sunglasses as you playfully swat my hands away. Grinning, I lean in and warmly kiss where my chilled fingers were moments before. Looking around, the beach empty but for us. My lips press against your firm cheeks again, this time, you realize, much less whimsically than before. You smile as you wiggle your ass. My hands gliding across your skin, fingers massaging taut flesh, my lips fluttering close behind. Over your firm glutes, tracing my tongue where your cheek meets your thigh, teasingly flickering it up your crack.

My chest presses against the backs of your legs as I lower myself onto you. My face just inches away as my tongue circles and licks your sun-warmed skin. I feel your legs parting beneath me, my hands on each cheek, fingertips resting in your crack as they gently pull apart. Teasing and lapping against your rosebud, letting saliva drip from my tongue and slide over your rim, quickly followed by my mouth muscle. Circling and zagging, probing and darting, tantalizing your sweet ass. Hearing your soft sighs as my mouth pleases you, feeling your hips arch up, pushing your elastic ring against my stiff tongue. My chest feels the moist heat rising from between your legs, my cock stiffens in anticipation.

Snaking up your body, my nipples grazing along your back. Reaching your neck, softly my lips press in, tasting you, I breath deeply as I feast upon your tender neck. My cock's head bulging, now slathered in your juices as it presses into your slit. My knees brace me as I mount you, my body leaning over and tight to yours as my rod feels your wet walls slide down its length like a glove. My legs on the outside of yours, squeezing in, closing your thighs against my member as it pumps your tight snatch. My pelvis pressing in and bouncing off your tight ass as my cock thrusts and drives, my tempo increasing as I feel your hips arching further back, aching for more of my cock, wanting me to fuck you deeper. My body responds to your signals, grinding in, buried to its hilt, my pulsating cock filling your recess completely, stretching your walls as it pistions.

Moaning, you reach back with your hands, gripping my wrists as they support my weight, my own short breaths an indication of my passion. Faster and faster my hips buck, my rod plowing through you as you gasp and moan, feeling your pussy's grip tighten around my member, your walls flutter and spasm as your crecendo is reached, your body convulsing, your girl cum squirting out of your twat, your body overcome with pleasured release as your orgasmic wave rolls over you. Feeling you writhe beneath me, my own body shakes, forces welling deep within me fighting to be freed, my groans carry across the sands, my cock shudders and tenses, my body rocked by an avalanche of passion as jets of my load stream out, ribbons of my cream swirling within you as my shaft continues to spurt.

Slowly our bodies recover, laying on your back, my lips pressed against yours, my cock still buried in your wetness,feeling your rippling walls roll and squeeze against its length. A heavy, pleasured sigh escapes my lips, looking at my reflection in your sunglasses, your bright smile warming me, you ask for your drink.
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En Route
Posted:Sep 13, 2010 8:41 am
Last Updated:Jun 8, 2012 9:27 am

Driving to a cocktail reception, the clear, crisp night sky is full of stars. The hem of your black dress teasingly slides up as you shift in your seat. My eyes catch your stockings, tightly wrapped around your shapely leg. The silky fabric shimmering, drawing my attention from the road. My hand rests comfortably and familiarly on your leg, slowly caressing you. You catch me focused on you, turning your head to me, smiling, then turning back, searching for a song to play. My hand slides up, my fingertips skirting to your inner thighs, subtly at first, then more brazenly as I reach your bare skin at the stockings hem. Shifting in my seat as my cock begins to grow in my pants. My fingers steadily traveling up your leg, feeling the moist warmth of your pussy as they dance over your petals. I notice your eyes close as your body slides down, your legs gently parting.

Adoring you for not wearing panties, my fingers rub and play, teasing your folds, getting wet from your juices. Your soft skin so delightful to touch. Fingertips grazing over and across your lips and thighs, caressing and massaging. Teasing your entrance, then fluttering away, my lips curve in a smile as I see and feel your body’s reaction to my touch. Slick from your nectar, my finger parts your slit and curves up into your sweet twat. Rolling in a circular motion inside you, massaging your velvet walls as it climbs. Your breathing more audible, I notice you biting your bottom lip as my twirling finger is joined by another. Fingers pumped in and out of your wet pussy, the heel of my hand presses your clit to your pelvis, rotating, applying force to your hooded friend. Your hardening clit pushing against the pressure my hand provides sends a feeling of warmth through me.

Your eyes still closed as my fingers wiggle inside you. A grin crosses your lips as you reach for my lap. Slowly, you lower my zipper as I drive. Reaching in, freeing my hard shaft from its cloth confines. Squeezing and stroking its length as my fingers dive deep into your snatch. Twirling and twisting, massaging your spot as you clit is pressed in more firmly. Your delicate fingers molded around my rod, gripping and then fluttering, pumping and stroking, precum oozes from its tip. Deftly your thumb glides over the tip of my shaft, smearing my excitement down its length as you continue to squeeze and stroke.

Your hips now grinding against my fingers, softly you moan as my fingers thrust faster, beginning to writhe against me, feeling your pleasure as your walls tighten around my digits, my cock grows ever harder in your hands. “Oh baby,” you softly squeal, “I’m gonna cum.” My fingers furiously jamming into your cunt, my hand cupping your labia as my fingers thrust you through your orgasm. Your trembling body jolts and jolts again as I feel your nectar squirt into my waiting palm. Riding my fingers as your grip and pounding of my shaft increases, your quim pooled, captured by my hand. Raising my cup to my lips, lapping your juices, gulping them down. Intoxicated by your girl cum, my body begins to shake and shudder, “damn baby, I’m..” is all I can say before I feel your lips wrapping around my head as your stroke me through, just in time to catch the ribbons of my load as they erupt from my spurting cock. Swallowing hard, capturing every drop before tucking my rod back in my pants and sitting up, adjusting your dress. Smiling at each other, not saying a word as we pull into the valet line.
The Drake
Posted:Sep 11, 2010 11:53 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2011 8:25 pm

In the lobby of the Drake hotel, the curve of your lips catches my eye as I see you walking to the lounge. Never having met you, the familiarty I sense while watching you strikes a chord. You sense my gaze, briefly you stop, look quizically but curiously, then turn and head for the elevator. My eyes haven't left you, my mouth opens as if to say something, but no words leave my lips. Your back toward me as you walk, your head turns, showing me the profile of your face as the elevator door opens. Running toward you, not yet knowing why, my arm reaches through just before it closes. Stepping in, waiting as the bell rings and the door all to slowly closes. The instant the car moves, I turn to you, the fire burning as I lunge forward only to be met with your lunge at me. Our arms wrapped tight, our lips melded together, our tongues dancing. The door opens to your floor, our lips locked in passion as we stumble down the hall, bouncing off of the walls, knocking over housekeeping carts until we finally reach your room. Fumbling with the key, refusing to break our kiss, we crash into your room.

The instant we are in, our arms grab and tear at each other's clothing. Pulling and tugging, zippers and buttons, belts and ties, fabric flying and landing crumpled on the floor. Skin to skin, feeling your body heat touch every inch of me, our arms embracing, our hands exploring and clutching at each other's flesh, our kiss more passionate, fueled by lustful desires. Pressing me to the wall, grinning as you lick my face, the flat of your tongue making thick lines of saliva on my skin. Your fingernails digging into my chest, your mouth on my nipples, nipping and biting them, hardening from your attention.

On your knees, eyes locked onto mine as you grip my throbbing cock. Dragging your tongue up and down the shaft before fully engulfing me. My feet firmly planted, bracing my back to the wall, my hands at the side of your face, fingers gripping fistfuls of your hair. My steely rod disappears into your mouth, your wet warmth sending shivers up my back. Rapidly your head bobs, your fingernails running over my sack, moans leaving my lips as I feel every movement of your tongue against me.

My member completely slathered with your spit, the grip on your hair intensifies, pulling your face in, your delicate nose crushed against my abs as the head of my cock pounds against the back of your throat. Holding your head steady as my hips thrust, fucking your pretty face, ramming your delicate throat. My rigid shaft not bending, your teeth scrape along its length as I jam it down. Holding you tight, tears running from your eyes as you gurgle against my meat. Slightly releasing, allowing you to catch your breath before again ramming my cock in. Hungerly you accept it, feeding on my energy, sucking me as hard as I'm fucking your throat, my teeth grit, "that's my good girl" I say as my relentless pounding continues.

Raising you to your feet, pressing you to the wall, my chest to your back as my mouth feeds on your neck, my body grinding into yours, your firm ass jutting into my hips driving me wild. My rock hard cock, dripping with your saliva, trembling to be inside you. Reaching around, my right hand finds your pussy, sopping wet, your juices flowing down your leg. Two fingers slide in, probing and reaching, massaging your inner walls. Writhing against them, your hips swiveling, my desire overwhelming. Pressing my head against your tight rim, pushing in as my fingers explore your recesses, your elastic ring accepts my cock. Determined it climbs, your ever tightening grip sliding down its length, my body bends into you, nipping and biting your neck as my hips meet your ass cheeks and my cock begins to thrust.

The heel of my hand rubbing furiously against your clit as my fingers pound. Your sweet little ass bucking and thrusting back against my torpedoing cock. Moaning loudly as I drive, your ass gripping my member tightly, alomst ripping it from my body. Boring you out, tearing your pink little bud to shreads, fucking that pretty ass as sweat pours from me. Yes, I growl, my tempo frantic as my cock shudders within you. Ramming and jamming, thrusting and pounding, my cock owning your ass as much as your ass owns my cock. Like an avalanche, my body convulses and rumbles, stream after hot stream of my load jets into your ass, splashing and swirling around as your body succumbs to the pleasures, you tense around my fingers, I feel the ripples of your energy and the flow of your quim. Seconds seeming endless as our bodies involuntarily shake, releasing our built up passion in synch.

Turing you, holding you, kissing you, smiling. "Jen?" I ask quizically. Grinning and nodding, "yes, Andy," you reply.
Cool Husband
Posted:Sep 11, 2010 11:43 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2011 8:24 pm

Just before 10:00am, Wednesday morning. A smile crosses my lips when I see your email. It reads simply “On IM now.” Logging on, I send you a message, seconds seems like hours waiting for your reply. “” is the next thing I see. Warmed by your reply, I begin telling you about my day. Knowing you are wearing nothing but your panties as we talk and flirt, my imagination quickly takes over, steering our conversation down a lusty road. My eyes locked on the screen as your words detail your soft, wet treasures and how your fingers are dancing between your petals. Abruptly, I see “1 sec, my husband is calling me to the next room.” I grin from ear to ear as I wait.

Hearing footsteps approach as the door to the room adjoining your computer opens. Your husband standing in front of you, blocking your view, before he moves to the side. Your eyes widen, your jaw drops as you see me laying across the bed, fingers against my laptop. Your husband chuckles, kisses you passionately, then says ‘have fun’, as he winks at me and exits, closing the door behind him. My eyes taking in your frozen form as you stand there, not knowing, not asking, just processing. Laughing now, I stand, naked before you as I take your hand. “It’s cool,” I say, barely able to contain my giddiness. Stepping into you, my body presses against yours as our lips meet. “But I…what…how…” you murmur before realizing your arms are wrapped around my neck and you feel the warmth of my skin against yours. Your head shakes slightly, your eyes focusing back, looking at me, holding me, in the here and now, you passionately return my kiss.

Bodies intertwined, we fall to the bed, our tongues darting and probing while our lips are locked. My hands all over you, squeezing and clutching your soft skin. Rolling, moaning, kissing, licking and nipping, we frolic together. Laying atop you, your soft inner thighs pressing against my hips, my kisses trail down, over your jaw line, your collarbone, across your heaving breasts. Finding your pink nipple, flicking it before sucking into my mouth. Pulling and nipping, the flat of my tongue padding the hardening top of your nub. My rock hard cock grinding against your panty covered twat. Feeling your wetness seeping through the silk, my hips pressing in, pushing cock and fabric through your slit as my mouth feeds on your tits.

Fire burning within me, locked on your eyes as I stretch and pull your nipple. Reaching down, gripping the hem of your silky panties, ripping them from your body as my turgid shaft crashes into your wet snatch. Your tight walls filled, stretched by my cock as it drives deep into you. Leaning in, my body weight shifted to my hips as my arms hook under your knees, driving them into your chest as I ram my member furiously. Feeling your hands clutching my back, your devilish fingernails digging into my skin, moaning as I relentlessly fuck you. Slamming and driving, the head of my cock pummeling your spot as my rod expands and pushes against your sweet cunt’s vice grip.

My pelvis grinds against your clit with each thrust. Your juices freely flowing and pooling. Pinning your legs further back, supporting my weight as we greedily attack each other’s mouths, my rock hard member jack-hammering your box, I feel every squeeze and nuance against my dick’s length as my long, fast, deep strokes build even more momentum. Attuned to your body’s signals, making them my own, matching and carrying the tempo like a Spanish dancer, our furious but fluid tango taking us both to the edge.

Feeling your walls tense and flutter against my cock. My own body reacts, my member shudders inside you as my legs start to quake. Moaning, my teeth gritting, waves of passion crash over me as my cock erupts, my hot load cascading through your cavern, filling you, spurting out from your twat as I continue to thrust. Feeling your body convulse beneath me, writhing as your own release sets your quim flowing, jamming and rocking you through your orgasm.

Breathing heavily as I collapse next you, my hand resting on your tummy as I say “nice to finally meet you,” smiling and sealing my words with a kiss.

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