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Bouncings of a Space Hopper
The Life and Times of a Wayward Space Hopper
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Best made plans...
Posted:Sep 29, 2014 1:47 pm
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2024 5:24 pm

Of course, the call never happened. So after a few days I gave up on that role, and have been applying for something, anything, like mad.

Its been fun - I've been all over the place, one firm even paid to ship me up to Manchester yet realistically I'm no further forward than I was 6 months ago. Apart from emotionally. The Olympic mob have been back in touch... now as I have so much spare time I find myself running a couple of events called "Polar Plunge" - its been a lot of fun distancing myself from the daily job searching and actually getting on with doing something. Along the way I had a major smash in the car - at least that was fixed and no permanent damage done. I actually feel a lot better in myself than I've felt in ages.

So close have I came to getting a job I actually secured a house to move into near London again - its on hold presently although if I don't find something in the next couple of weeks I'll have to say goodbye to it. And everything starts all over again...

I've had a chance to see what everyone else is going through and it puts my precarious situation into perspective - its not worth getting hung up over, just deal with it and move on. Which is what I'm trying to do. Its such a long, uphill struggle but I know if I don't keep at it my inner demons will win the upper hand and I'll be lost.

That will kill me. Literally. I can't let it happen. I'm sorry I've not posted much knee trembling stuff lately, I've not exactly had writers' block but just focused on rebuilding. When its done I'm pretty sure the floodgates will open and I can put down the things in my head. Meantime as I seem once again to only be attractive to the sort of people that don't rock my boat I guess there's nothing lost there. Autumn is coming. I need a break, but I can't allow it until I've earned it.
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Four candles
Posted:Jun 27, 2014 4:38 am
Last Updated:Jun 27, 2014 4:41 am

A darkened room. Candles burrning softly on the shelf, and the coffee table. There were three of them: one blonde, one brunette, and one dark redhead.

The blonde was straddling his face in reverse, her tasty pink pussy perched above his mouth to let him to savor her folds and juices with his lips and tongue. Her back was arched and her knees were planted on the rug on either side of his torso, her feet down past his ears, her luscious bottom pushed out.

She was kissing and canoodling with the brunette, who was impaled upon the entirety of his cock, six inches buried in her hot velvety sheath as she straddled his waist. She was not moving, having just acquired her position and thus content, for the moment, to enjoy the feel of being filled and the sensation of locking lips with another woman.

Of course, she was also enjoying the pleasurable experience of having her back door licked: the dark redhead was curled up between his legs, fingering herself as she lapped alternately at his balls and the brunette's ass.

It was quite the scene and he was enjoying himself thoroughly, even if at the moment his visuals were somewhat impaired by the body of the blonde. Not that he minded in truth: he was happy to gaze point-blank upon the blonde girl's ass, which he would certainly become more acquainted with as the night wore on.

And then the brunette began to move, rocking her hips forward and back, lifting herself up and sliding back down, rolling his shaft around, doing her damndest to give him every conceivable ounce of pleasure.

He moaned into the pussy of the blonde and the vibrations coursed through the girl's body, the shuddering growing more and more pronounced until she exploded with a burst of juice over his face and a squeal into the mouth of the brunette, who shivered herself with pleasure and bucked her hips forcefully back and jammed her ass into the face of the redhead, whose tongue speared straight up that of the brunette, causing her to jump again and squeal back into the mouth of the blonde, who was trembling violently now and mashing her pussy into his face.

It was chaos, pure and simple: a frenzied, beautiful, four-person orgy-chain of fucking.

He could feel the muscles of the brunette milking him and decided he did not care if he lasted that long on this first go-round. There would be plenty more time to sample other delights between the rest of that night and the next morning.

And so as he felt himself coming close to the edge he did three things in succession: first, he stuck his tongue as far up the pussy of the blonde as he could, trying to reach as deep into her crevice as possible; second, he brought his hand up, smacked the blonde on the ass, and drove his pointer finger into her asshole up to the second knuckle; and third, he released himself and exploded into the depths of the brunette, spilling his seed without warning.

The brunette screamed as she realized what was happening, knowing now that he was filling her up. The blonde screamed as well, but for an entirely different reason: never before had anything, anything, ever been inside her ass. The redhead, meanwhile, noticed little of what was happening beyond the sudden screams themselves, and was perfectly with nuzzling his balls.

Several long, luxurious moments later, the blonde and the brunette collapsed beside him in a heap, exhausted after tremendous orgasms, and the redhead quickly followed suit, climbing onto the pile of limbs even though she had not yet reached climax, nor was particularly tired.

Turning his head to the left to see an exquisite pair of breasts and turning his head to the right to find more of the same, he grinned. Ripe and ready for the taking, if only one had the courage to act . . . and he did.
And more thoughts
Posted:May 13, 2014 10:41 am
Last Updated:Jun 8, 2014 8:19 pm

Happy birthday to me.

I gave up on the model. She seemed happy to just sit and wait for me to find her all the time. Meantime her hectic social circle, work, playing golf... I don't mind someone with a life but it would be nice if they let me into it a little sometimes. And a 300 mile round trip every time is a little hard if you spend the next couple of hours waiting in a car park for her to finish whatever she's doing every time. I've always said looks aren't everything.

So I headed back to London. A trip on the cable car, river boat ride into town, followed by a full on Mexican taco feeding frenzy with lashings of tequila cocktails. It's been fun. It certainly beats a brownie in Costa. The job situation is moving albeit slowly... still no offers but I'm getting a feel that they are closer.

So I'm sitting here tonight celebrating alone with a video and popcorn for company. It could be worse. After Eurovision last weekend I could have ended up with Jesus in a dress.
Posted:May 8, 2014 2:40 am
Last Updated:Jun 8, 2014 8:19 pm

So the phone has been going mad the last few days... I dragged myself out of the barn and headed back to London. Pitched into a couple of interviews and then panic set in. Can I still do this?

Its nuts, this self doubt can kill. I had the same thing before, every time I do something memorable. Or perhaps thats why I remember it. I've had the same thing before doing the Olympic thing, even running the awards for Special Olympics last year. Yet now I feel curiously detached from it all despite the words of encouragement from everyone. I feel as if life has decided to take a different path and I'm sitting here on one road watching the traffic turn and go the other way. On the plus side if I believe what I'm told with the opportunity I'll blow it into the next century but its getting it thats killing me.

I've decided dating isn't really my thing. People looking for a spark they can't define, living on coffee and loving to walk on the beach at sunset. Theres a whole bunch of disappointed insomniacs trying to find their way home in the dark.

I read what I just put down and I sound like a grumpy old man. Makes me smile... I am so not that type. I have had dates. One turned out to be a bit of a rottweiler and boasted of all the people shes had chopped from their job, which didn't rest easy with me. Another seemed a little quiet, we agreed to see each other again, then she mixed up my phone number with someone else of the same name and sent me some stuff which clearly demonstrated we weren't going to. One woman said I fascinated her... then tried to set me up with her best friend. Who wasn't in the least bit interested. That conversation was fun, I had to laugh afterwards. On the plus side theres a Polish ex model I've seen a couple of times (although shes more focused on her job - I had to wait an hour and a half for her late at one point) and a Mexican jumping bean semi professional ballet dancer who is bundles of fun... they both live over 150 miles away. We have yet to meet though. I have to laugh. My ex commented that I seem incapable of finding a normal person now, and god knows what my think.

One thing I do know is that with the opportunity I'll be out of the barn and back in circulation. And probably dangerous At least I can foray into the HornyWife chat rooms now with the same level of detachment and mild amusement at the trolls that live there. I'm back in the gym and the figure is coming back. Slowly, but theres time. Theres a little flab over my abs that a couple of weeks will get rid of, then some pec work. The sedentiary lifestyle hasn't helped but by midsummer I'll be in a position to break out the baby oil and do some more pics like the profile one I had taken for my old gym a few years back. Someone will be lucky if they don't turn the other way.

As I write this the phone has gone again. Gadzooks. A role in Wandsworth. Lets see if I can land it before my birthday.
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